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Daughter of April Kepner and Jackson Avery.
(Teenager Harriet to RP only)

17 years old
Seattle, Washington
United States

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May 23 2019

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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Not Sure
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Harriet Kepner Avery
Verses: Grey's Anatomy
Playbys: N/A
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Casual, Drama, Human, Medical, Open, Television,
Member Since:November 06, 2013

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About me:
Age:15 to 17 years old (depend on whoever prefer)
Nickname: Ladybug or Nugget or Sweetheart or Hari by her friends

Parents: Jackson Avery and April Kepner
Grandparents: Catherine Fox, Robert Avery, Joe and Karen Kepner
Aunties: Kimmie, Alice and Libby
Step-grandfather: Richard Webber
Brother: Samuel Norbert Avery (RIP)

Friends/Parent's friends: Zola, Sofia, Leo, Derek Bailey, Ellis, Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey, Ben Warren, Owen Hunt, Amelia Shepherd, Arizona Robbins, Callie Torres, others.

Personality: Short temper, cheeky, sarcastic, funny, is very sporty girl, not afraid of everything

Likes: Basketball,Swimming,painting, hang out with her friends, sleeping, watch action movies, strawberry ice cream, watermelon fruit, cheese pizza, caramel latte, watch stars at night and dolphins.

Dislikes: Tennis, her parents arguments, bullies, thunderstorms, alligators,dentist, orange juice and pineapple on pizza
Allergies: Blueberry and bee sting.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Cardio Princess

Feb 28th 2019 16:04

Hi Harriet, do you have any specific idea you want to play out or brain storm. Also I don't mind free style either. 
Trauma Goddess

Feb 25th 2019 11:58

No problem at all I would like that very much.
Trauma Goddess

Feb 25th 2019 09:23

Hello thanks for accepting my request I am Eveyln Shepherd Hunt but people call me Evie.
I am the daughter to Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd. 
Cardio Princess

Feb 22nd 2019 22:33

Related image
Hello there, thank you for the add or accepting. 
I am Nadine Altman-Burton, daughter of Teddy Altman and Henry Burton.
I am med student and studying to be cardio surgeon like my mom.  I am hoping  I would join the army like my mom. 
I 'd love to discuss a storyline or brain storm ideas.

As a writer I Para- Multipara (paragraph up to 10 sentences and 2-4 paragraphs)

Jul 19th 2017 15:43

-laughs- she sounds like Sawyer and Kate's Son and he's only 3 teehee but then again Sawyer is his Dad but yeah Hannah sounds fun

Jul 19th 2017 15:01

Yes!! There's several of us actually because well Sawyer and I started a trend!! But yeah most people tell my I'm in Character because of the Stats I post HAHA I'll let you be the judge

Jul 19th 2017 13:36

AWESOME!! I'm sure we can work something out then. Yeah? wow thanks!! I remade Kate after I did a Lost Rewatch and seriously everyone I've talked has told me that I'm super in character and good at her so hearing you say my Au is good means a lot AWWWW Jules has a kid thats awesome!! I like your SL Haha WELL then sh*t You and I will get along. great

Jul 19th 2017 13:17

Yeah I figured why the Hell not, The Real show ruined my Babies so I fixed it and Why not throw them into the OUAT Verse because same Writers and half of the old Lost characters are in OUAT now anyway so yeah why the Hell not That said tell me more about your Character.. Obviously she's related to Juliet (Which I made her Kate's best friend... loved the character just hated her with Sawyer)

Jul 19th 2017 12:41

Of course I'm ok with that HAHA I made Kate AU, She recently married Sawyer, they have a 3 year old Son (they conceived during Cage Sex) and she's pregnant again, they also moved to Storybrooke Maine after they got rescued LOL cause well Skate Shipper For life

Jul 19th 2017 12:25

Hi there Sweet Heart, Not that you really need introductions because I'm sure you know who I am but -Sticks out hand Kindly- Kate Ford... Though you may have known me as Kate Austen... I would love a SL or Connection with you
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