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The Colony RPG (LINK)

A truly well planned RPG storyline.
In all of my 10+ years of writing, I've never come across a group as creative and dedicated as this one. Running strong since November 2013.

In the future of the zombie apocalypse, long after the fall of Woodbury, there is a colony that exists on the coast of Georgia that the survivors left can inhabit. Richmond Hill was once a military district, now village set in the scenery of a small town with high-rise walls. It was installed by the military for re-population and vaccine efforts, but mainly as protection from the undead outside it's walls. Survivors here play roles in different jobs in order to keep the community going. From Doctors to farmers, each person is required to take part. The Governor runs this small population of people, but it seems his lessons have not been fully learned from that of Woodbury. Here, he still manipulates and blinds the colonists in order for him to stay their reverent leader.

Will you become a functioning member of this newfound society, or fall short of being an appreciated civilian? Will you stand by the Governor in all his treacheries, or turn a blind eye to the injustices before you? Is there a life for you here, or will you be exiled to live amongst the walkers and other outcasts? In Richmond Hill you will rise or you will fall and only so much of this is a fate you can control...
I could hide inside your smile Fade... And curl up around the fang Drained... Wasted away

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Characters: Sophie Lynn Grey
Verses: The Walking Dead, Zombies, Apocalypse, Crime, Crossovers Welcome
Playbys: Kate Mara
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Horror, Open, Undead,
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Zombrian Virus In The Beginning�
Do You Contain the Virus or the Vaccine?

The Zombrian virus has always been there. In every living being, dormant and restrained by our immune system. Through the years, only a few fell prey to it after death, but it was rare. Even-still, precautions had been taken unknown to the general public. In the event of the death of someone whose immune system was incapable of killing any virus, the brainstem would immediately be severed either by the hospital staff or the morgue. However, on occasion, some would be missed in the comfort of their own homes. These were the stories you'd hear on the news; a father killing his wife and children then killing himself. A cannibal tribe. Mass/Serial murderer. All common stories and none were the wiser. Tracks were covered, outbreaks were contained.

But as the population grew, the ability to control the virus without telling the public became nearly impossible. Treatments were created to maintain the symptoms and dormant the cells, putting the patients in remission. They gave it a codename. The public contributed to containing it without even knowing its true form. Funding the science to create a vaccine. Scientists used their own children to test their vaccinations out on. Some were successful. The side effects: high tolerance to pain, immune to any viral and bacterial illnesses, migraines and anemia. But they still did not know if it could be transferred to them once the virus was fully developed, none were willing to try.

No one was prepared for the virus to mutate, becoming a super-virus that infected even the healthiest of immune systems. But even then, the true cause of the outbreak was hidden behind the mass of walking dead, killing and changing others with their bite. In actuality - the second, but most common spread of the virus. The mass of numbers hid the deadliest form of it. The most contagious form for the Zombrian virus was contained within their own bodies, fighting desperately to get out.


Legal Information
NAME: Sophie Lynn Grey
ALIASES: Anya or Jade
BIRTHDATE: October 24

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
WEIGHT: 115lbs
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: Long scar on right hip from dagger, arrowhead puncture scar on right collarbone and shoulder blade, bullet scar on left thigh, multiple needle tracks from her years spent as a lab rat. An odd birthmark on her left wrist.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Deceased
FATHER: Dr. Edwin Grey (MIA)
SISTER(S): Deceased
BROTHER(S): Deceased
Other Family: Cousin (MIA � Looking for Player)

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): James Doyle and Nick Miles

TRAITS: Very guarded, highly sarcastic and paranoid
DISORDERS: Anemic and prone to migraines
LIKES: Suckers, art, sword fighting and sex
DISLIKES: Egotistical pricks and rice
QUIRKS: Not afraid to say it as she sees it. Is comfortable and confident in her own skin. If she's attracted to a guy, she'll let him know but don't expect a commitment out of her.
OOC: Not a smut player. Don't take her likes literally. Unless your writing entertains and inspires me, that play is unlikely to happen. There needs to be a plot and a good storyline going.

EDUCATION Some Medical School
1) First Aid (expert)- Strongest skill from EMT training and several years of experience in the field the apocalypse forced her into
2) Swordsmanship (expert)- A craft she's enjoyed since childhood. One of many perks of being raised in a prominent family.
3) Sharp shooter (moderate)- Years of aiming for the head will do that.
4) Hand to Hand combat (weak) - She's got a mean right hook when she has the surprise factor in her favor but if you come at her with anything stronger she'll likely surrender - she's not stupid.

Serrated blades of your bated breath have made a monster in the house of death... punctured, deflated the snakes in your veins evacuated & slithered away are you sure you still want to play this evil little game?
Living Incubator

Sophie Lynn Grey, born October 24th to the highly renowned Dr. Edwin Grey. A scientist given most credit to a breakthrough in cancer research. Leading a team in the breakdown and study of the Zombrian Virus to find a cure. A confidential study that only the highest security clearances knew about. His youngest daughter Sophie, was one of the first human guinea pigs to be vaccinated. A process that started in the womb and was implemented every three months for the first half of her life. The incubating stage being the most significant level of development.

As Sophie aged, her immune system grew stronger, killing all viral and bacterial infections efficiently before affecting the host. She was no longer capable of becoming ill after her tenth birthday. But with every breakthrough there were setbacks: Sophie developed a high tolerance to physical pain making it difficult for her to even realize she'd been hurt. Only the most intense pain could be felt, which by then could do significant damage. She experienced migraines so severe they caused vertigo and extreme dizziness making it hard for her to focus. Lastly: anemia, when she bled she did so significantly. Her blood is thin and can be difficult to clot.

Sophie always knew she was different but she never realized what her reason for living was. She had been born for only one purpose; as an incubator for the vaccine. There were several more like her but in unknown locations that none were willing to share and never documented for fear of losing funding. The incubators older than her were slowly dying out, losing the battle to the virus when purposely injected with the live cells to test the resilience. She was slowly advancing in the line without even knowing it.

At home, she was the black sheep, the outcast and hellion in an otherwise prestige family. Never quite fitting in. Added only to their family to hide her true identity. When her immunity changed and her abilities became more obvious, she was taken below ground to remain forever with his lab as her home. Given a number, she wasn't given the decency of a name anymore. Never saying no, she tried to be everything her father wanted...until the pain became too much and her will to live overcame her need to always please. No longer telling herself or believing that one day he would love her. Escaping the cruelty of the lab, she now tries to conquer the world above which proves more difficult than ever dreamed. Sometimes the simplicity of her cell seemed an easier option over navigating complicated, human emotions.

(to be continued�)

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Jan 2nd 2020 21:04

Gary "Eggsy" UnwinThe

He heaved a sigh of relief once finally she had shuffled closer to his current position, the shift of her weight initially sending a pang of frustration through weary nerve endings that dreaded the thought of having to chase her any further away from population, and the comfort of travel within the confides of the car he'd left behind in the chase.  "Just one, can't hurt, right?" he replied, the edges of his pallette plucked upward into a playful smirk.  He would agree to the terms, however the back of his mind already began to contemplatre the best possible avenues to ensure she'd follow him away from this place, and hopefully back to the safety which could be provided back at headquarters for the sake of... well everyone he assumed.

"Backpacking?"  His head tilted backward as if to silently draw attention to the fact that the luggage she carried seemed rather scant for someone looking to travel across the world in such manner.  Hearing her further elaborate made him want to tell her of his own travels, fall into comfortable human exchange that he, too lacked on most occasion aside from the idle exchanges between missions with Merlin and Harry.  Though he knew to delve into such was to blow his own cover, leaving him no choice but to play the part of clueless fool- which with the company of the opposite sex, was never an easy task for the young agent known for his beguiling charm.  "Sounds nice," he curtly replied with a small nod, flashing another friendly smile into her direction.

When they'd reached the door of the diner once again, Eggsy was quick to step forward and pry open the door, his free hand gesturing for her to enter into the establishment before him.  Emerald orbs swept the surroundings in a quick scan, searching for anything possibly amiss, cautious with the awareness that if the Statesmen sought this woman, there were undoubtedly other forces with ill intention etching a path toward achieving the same goal.  Once confident the environment was for the moment safe from any perilous circumstance, he took the menu she'd offered and followed her toward a booth in the back corner, seating himself against the worn leather seating, his brow lifted as she grimmaced and plucked at something out of his view on the other side of the table, but he didn't question the motion, not wanting to make it appear as if he'd been gawking in places he shouldn't.

Thankfully the waitress appeared to distract him from the awkward thought process to follow, and he allowed her to make her order before instructing the waitress on another coffee almost too specific, which he followed with an order of french fries.  Once she left the table, he neatly folded the lamenated parchment and placed it at his side, glancing toward the car as she had before immediately maneuvering his focus back toward the crimson haired beauty before him.  She'd cracked at his initial story, leaving him for a moment floundering.  She was observant, and paranoid of her surroundings.  Not at all a good combination to keep up a ruse.  A twinge of guilt rippled through him yet again, wanting to give himself up and confess- Eggsy detested the part of his job which forced him to lie, but would she follow him if he gave in to such notion?  Doubtful.

"Hmm?"  He managed, lifting the tumbler of tap water from the table and taking a generous sip, a nervous gesture to allow himself proper time to find excuse she might believe.  "Oh that old thing?  It's my uncles.  I've been staying with him for a bit now... but I, like you, like to roam freely so, I often wind up out on the open road, seeking destination nowhere, and thankfully he doesn't seem to care about the mileage," he mused, placing the cup back onto the table, his nose wrinkling in disdain from the hinted stale copper taste the backwoods water seemed to produce.

"Listen, Sophie... are you sure you're all right?  ...Out here I mean... it's... a long way from..."  His words fell away with the realization he was ambling ahead of himself.  Emerald orbs quietly flickered over her delicate features once again, sympathetic of the plight of being on the run and all it had entailed.  He couldn't imagine how much food, or sleep she deprived herself in the process.  It had to be grueling, terrifying, and most of all, lonely.  He was certain if he were forced into the same situation he would surely go insane in the process of it all.  How she hadn't cracked under the pressure was baffling, but it showed a measure of strength which bewildered, and terrorized him at the same time.

Realizing far too long a pause of awkward silence had progressed between them he blinked, inhaling a shallow breath as his calloused hand gently rested against her bony digits for a fleeting second.  "I just want you to know I'm here... if you need anything.. is all."

Dec 22nd 2019 21:08

An Awkward Stroll Among the trees

"Others?"  Eggsy's hands were still lifted to indicate he was unarmed and posing no threat once he'd caught sight of the glint of metal confined to her hand when she asked the question, a single brow lifting as his head cautiously pivoted to the side to gauge the scenery at his back.  He was half expectant to find perhaps another group swarming in on their desolate location, but quickly satisfied by the visual reminder that the pair truly were the only two to venture this far away from population on the side of the isolated and abysmal highway.  A faint twitch of a smirk pulled at the corner of his pallette once he regained his bearings, playing into the hand which had been dealt, keeping up the appearance that this was nothing more than casual conversation exchanged between two individuals who had once conversed before.  Though he hadn't a clue how long he could keep up the facade as 'Brian' was nothing more than a name pulled quite literally from his ass, a flicker of knowledge obtained in the file, and nothing at all more to go on than that, at least in the current time and place of things.

"Oh!  You must have meant our friends back from the shelter," he quickly replied, the friendly expression returning to his chiseled features as he shifted in stance, tucking his hands back into the pockets of his jeans as he continued with what he believed to be a proper explanation.  "Well I, like you, have been long gone from that place, so I can't truly be certain where any of them wound up.  Was kind of a shell shock just seeing you.  Is this where you live now?  You seem rather confident with the surroundings, or maybe a bit mad.  Not many women I know willfully stroll out into the dark at garrish hours of the evening," he teased, the faintest chortle passing his pallette, a feeble attempt made to lighten the interaction between them.

Exhaling a winded breath he'd hardly realized he'd been holding in the anticipation of her response to his offering, he gave a curt nod, head canting playfully toward the side as she gestured for him to lead the way.  "I suppose I can live with that... but if I turn, please for the love of all that is holy, or unholy depending on your beliefs don't run off again.  If I'm honest, I'm too tired to chase after you further, and I'm too much a gentleman to allow you to roam freely among what lurks in the shadows," he mused, hesitantly turning on his heel to face the roadway which seperated them from the diner, trudging forward at a slowed pace to allow her to keep up.

It was his hope that perhaps this meal offering would bide him enough time to gather enough trust to get her into the safety of his vehicle by night's end, though he could only imagine how many before him had attempted such coaxing tactics with ill intent hiding beneath sinister smiles and positive compliment.   Her paranoia of being snatched away had been apparent from the moment he'd set out to follow after her, giving clear indication of just how tedious his simple ideals would prove to be.  In the quiet which formed once more between them, his emerald hues drifted over her features barely visible beyond the dimmed light from the moon past the trees.  Her bright hues displayed an equal measure of fight and determination, and exhaustion from the chase, further indicated by the scrawny condition of her delicate form.  Had she not been contained to a hooded jacket he was certain her ribcage would be prominent beneath the thin fabric of her shirt.

A pang of guilt surged through the young agent when she'd paused before repeating the incantation of a name which was not his own.  Though the caution of her close proximity still remained a prominent thought within his mind, he couldn't help but begin to feel sorry for her, silently in wonder if she was even aware just how dangerous she was, and still puzzled by what it was that made her such?  From exterior view, she looked ordinary enough, though if he'd learned anything, it was just how deceptive plain appearances could be.

"So uh, what's been new?  Anything interesting occur since last we met?"  The silence by now had become unnerving, and though the lights of the diner came closer with each passing step, it was still too far for him to remain confined to this awkward stillness.  A single brow lifted as he glanced toward her, searching for something witty and clever to follow up the simple conversation starter with, but for the first time in quite a while he found himself utterly clueless as to what else he could possibly say to make things less peculiar.

Created by Patriot

Nov 16th 2019 10:57

Gary "Eggsy" UnwinPlot In

The further he ran from the quaint little diner in the middle of nowhere, the dimmer his surroundings became.  The vastly spaced lights on the highway cast a long shadow on his movements as emerald orbs narrowed into the void seeking any sign of movement up ahead of him.  His phone had begun the feeble chime and flicker to indicate battery life had been diminished, and before he had proper chance to pull the map back into view, the screen went dark and vibrated in the palm of his hand.  "Bollocks," he muttered under his breath, now no longer left with the vaguest clue as to the target's whereabouts, and the further he raced ahead, the further the distance between he and the certainty of the vehicle he'd left back in the parking lot.

Satisfied with the fact she couldn't have possibly gotten too far, he trudged forward, already trying to form plausible conversation starters that didn't make him appear like some dangerous lurker of the night preying on the naivety of a young woman trying to avoid exchange of any kind.  Tequila's taunting warnings began to slip into the forefront of his thoughts, reminding him just how dangerous the target could actually be, and just how much caution he needed to proceed with, still not entirely certain how literal the ticking time bomb comment truly was.  Rifling through his pockets in search of his glasses for communication and tracking purpose he realized he'd abandoned them when he'd tossed his coat into the back seat of the car.

"This night just keeps getting better and better."  A hand lifted to push through his sweat slickened mane as he exhaled an exhausted breath laced with self frustration.  The vast expanse of trees to either side of the highway seemed only further to isolate the dim illumination of the swollen moon overhead, robbing away the last flecks of light from a starless sky.  His footfalls slowed with a blatant lack of enthusiasm, breath hitched with the acceleration of his heart which hammered through his eardrums.

  Canting his head to the side as he heard the faintest disruption in the bramble at roadside, he forced himself into a quickened walk to gain ground on the source, heaving a sigh of vague relief when another shadow could be seen, the woman's image slowly, but steadily coming into proper view.  Emerald orbs swept over the woman's dainty form, noticing just how tediously scrawny her build.  She walked with obvious intention of escape, obviously aware someone was after her, though Eggsy couldn't readily decipher by now if this was natural reaction by now to being followed by any, or if she'd realized he in particular had chased her down and feared whatever motive he harbored in the hunt.

"Excuse me miss?"

Soft words shattered the silence, and as expected, her reaction indicated a clear disruption of resolve quipped with the necessity to escape.  His usual casual charm and wits would prove completely useless in this scenario, and he posessed no other means in which to force her back toward the car.  Honesty could work, giving reason behind his sudden presence behind her on the side of the highway, though even the most innocuous logic seemed to give him a level of stalker status even he wasn't comfortable with.  As he struggled to keep up with her movements, he began to remember bits a pieces of necessary intel from her file.

"Uh... it's Sophie, right?" Eggsy struggled, but managed for the most part to bite back his prominent British accent, a small, humbled smile shifting at the corners of his pallette to give some form of both normalcy and kindness when the mention of her name seemed to give pause to the escape route.  Tucking his hands into the pockets of his jeans he rocked back on his heels, giving the mirage that he was just another harmless lost soul in travel, and one who vaguely recognized her from somewhere else. 

"I wasn't sure it was you... it's been some time.  It's uh.. Brian.  Remember me?  We stayed at that shelter back in Baton Rouge..  I thought I saw you walkin'."  Unfortunately, now Eggsy had set himself up for future scrutiny which would force him to remember a variety of intricate lies, even if of best intention formed to wile the target into his grip.  There'd be time for the guilt of his actions at a later juncture, for now, he had to find some means to keep both her, and he safe from whatever dangerous tactics she harbored.  Floundering for further awkward responses, one hand lifted to once more rifle through the dampness of his scalp.  "It's awful hot out here, and there's not a rest stop for miles... I thought maybe I could offer you a ride to wherever you're headed.  I've got a car back at the diner," he suggested, glancing back only for a second to be met with the grim realization of just how far back it now was.  Immediately shifting his focus back to the crimson haired young woman before him a single brow lifted while eagerly awaiting her response.

Nov 9th 2019 18:28

Gary "Eggsy" Unwininto the

Target Name: Sophie Grey
Classification: Top Secret
Age: 23
Description: 5'0, petite, brown eyes, red hair - extremely lethal
Last known location: Nashville, TN. Believed to be headed north.

Target is marked by several countries and organizations. She's highly classified and wanted. Statesmen have requested the assistance of the Kingsman to locate but do not engage.

Emerald orbs swept over the briefing notes for the hundredth time, glancing between the brief summary, and a solitaire image which gave just as vague detailing as the typing on parchment.  Well aware that prodding eyes were cast upon him, Eggsy exhaled a shallow breath, his index finger and thumb rubbing vigorously with aggitation at the bridge of his nose.  "So this, says do not engage.  Yet you're expecting me to bring her back to HQ... what is she like a ticking time bomb or something?"  A faint smirk twitched at the corners of his pallette, though it dissolved just as rapidly when met with the smug amusement from Tequila who stood in the aisle of the private jet.

  "Quite literally," Tequila replied with a hint of a snicker to his tone.  "In that case, I find it fascinating they didn't send their overtly charming cowboy to accomplish the task instead," Eggsy retorted, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

"So what, am I to pull off another little music festival scheme?  Because I'm not entertaining the thought of finger condom tracking devices again.  I like foreplay as much as any man, but I'm not about to go kaboom before the task is completed..." 

Tequila laughed and shook his head, rocking back on his heels as he finally passed by just as Eggsy tossed the briefing report onto his lap desk.  "Charlie wasn't lying, you really are a pleb."  Eggsy had just prepared to rise up and confront Tequila for his remark, but was quickly stopped by Whiskey who placed a dainty hand on his chest to gather his focus back to the task at hand.

"No, Eggsy.  That won't be necessary.  We just need you to convince her that you're the safest bet.  She's being hunted by many, and if she falls into the wrong hands..."

"Kaboom..."  Inhaling another sharp breath, Eggsy straightened the hem of his suit coat, green colored optics transfixed to the backing of the leather seat in front of him.  He'd been in these types of situations now, far more often than many could say, however this particular mission left him with far more questions than he was met with answer.  He had no difficulty whatsoever approaching the opposite sex, however he'd learned after dealing with Gazelle just how lethal a woman could possibly be.  The fact that this one harbored something that could bring about the end of days, legitimately filled the young man with addled nerves and disturbing fantasized thought processes that left him at a loss.  "Funny, for such a pleb, I seem always the one tasked with saving the world," he mumbled, glancing up toward Tequila with the same measure of smugness his american counterpart had displayed.


Memphis Tennessee, 12:45 A.M.

The night had been unbearably humid, a moist heat hanging thickly in the surroundings, only combatted by the occasional docile breeze that swept through the surrounding covering of trees.  His index finger and thumb wavered the front of his t-shirt in feeble attempt to fan away some of the dampness which had slickened his muscular form and thick dark mane, a shallow slip of disapproving breath fumbling from vaguely parted lips as he approached the quaint little diner on the side of the highway perched in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  Emerald hues swept over the scenery which provided vast contrast from home, trying to gain some sort of familiarity of the current location and all that encompassed it while searching for any sign of the target who by now, had become an embedded image in his weary mind.

Pulling open the door he was instantly met with the jingling of bells directly overhead, his gaze narrowing upon the disturbance while stepping into the only minimally cooler environment.   The establishment was wan of existance aside from the few waitresses and the graveyard shift cook, and a lone trucker who sat in a corner booth, probably engaged in conversation over his cellular device with a loved one back home.  Heading for an empty booth which gave him ample view of the windows outside, Eggsy seated himself and immediately grabbed for his phone to watch the vacinity of his target, certain that she'd meander into the direction of this location, hopefully providing him enough time to approach without seeming too suspiscious.

"Howdy handsome, what can I get ya?"  Eggsy jolted from the sudden disruption of silence, glancing up toward the young blonde who plucked a pencil from her ear, holding onto a tablet of paper in preparation to take an order.  "Just a coffee, please," he murmured, immediately turning his focus back to the phone in hopes the woman didn't seek to further distract him, though as was always his luck, the woman persisted in attempt to form idle conversation.

"Love the accent, you're not from around here, are you?  I haven't seen you around..."  Inhaling a sharp breath, Eggsy shifted his gaze upward, emerald orbs lifting into darker swirls which looked on with an overly friendly smile provided the garrish hour of the night.  "No, I am not.  I am terribly sorry but I am incredibly busy, and proper jet lagged from the trip here... You know what?    ...Could I possibly get that coffee to go?"  Her lips pursed in obvious aggitation of the dismissal, though she stormed off and completed the task without further question.  Rifling through his pocket for his wallet, Eggsy placed a ten dollar bill onto the table, swiping the coffee quickly from it's surface while mumbling in passing.  "Keep the change."

The target had managed to slip right by him in the pause of the waitress' distraction, and as he forced his way out of the diner he rushed toward his car in an attempt to gain ground to catch up.  However he quickly realized just how much worse it would appear if a man driving a desolate highway were to pull up beside a teenage girl walking along the curb.  "Fock," he grumbled, pulling off his jacket and tossing it into the car before giving the door a disgruntled slam, eyes transfixed ahead as he rushed off into the direction the phone alerted him toward, sprinting through the darkness with only the dim illumination from his cell phone to guide the path.   

Jan 3rd 2018 02:55

I guess our budding romance is over before it could even begin, eh?

That's alright. It was doomed anyway, since I'm going to kill your boyfriend.



Jan 3rd 2018 02:05

why u no write me back? :

Jan 3rd 2018 01:54


I'm not sure whether I should be impressed or angry that you shot Kate before I could get the chance to myself.

I'll let you have that one, since I guess I have no choice. I hope that she cried, or at least screamed.


Swafford x

Nov 12th 2017 02:06

With her snappy response, Louis held his hands half up in a surrender with her actions. Then, they went patiently behind his back in all his setting curiosity.

"Ah, your muses, of course..." He replies after a few tense moments when nothing snarky came to his mind first.

"If only the world had room for art anymore. Or talent, really."

Not sure himself where this is going, Louis found it best to call it quits while he's ahead.

"I'll leave you to your ghosts then."

Oct 26th 2017 02:41

I'm going through your drawings and I can't help but wonder why you haven't drawn me yet?

I'll give it to you, you're rather good.

I just would have thought you would have wanted to pay an homage to me, but I guess you've been a bit busy, haven't you?

It's alright. I will wait. I guess.

- Louis Swafford

PS - If you'd like to draw me naked, I'm free for posing at your convenience.


Oct 6th 2016 00:35

I'll miss you.

Take these glasses to remember me by!
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