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Orientation: Straight
Hometown:south city earth
Body type:Average
Education:Some college
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Cartoon, Custom, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:October 04, 2013


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Aries ( mcrp

Oct 26th 2017 20:51

🍃Pσιsση Ivy

Oct 21st 2017 16:22

Deadly Demons,MCRP(18+)

Mar 28th 2017 10:24

who's her?
Deadly Demons,MCRP(18+)

Feb 28th 2017 14:06

Hey, would love to start discussing a Role Play, just check out my page and my characters and Rules are there.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Krimson Kitty

Jun 12th 2016 18:01

Thanks for the request.=^-^=

Oct 18th 2015 21:16

The full moon rise high above the rain soaked streets of the city far below.

An individual sits motionless on a corner of a roof of a large skyscraper looking down at the city below.

She's holding a blade in her hand that shines in the moonlight.

A cell phone rings she answers it with her free hand and without a sound the voice on the other end "the target has been cleared for termination."

She hangs up the phone; with draws the blade in her sleeve and walk off the edge fell to the dark side alley landed unhurt.

She turns the corner on to a brightly busy street filled with neon signs and people unaware of her.

Now we see how she is dress but not her face because of the coat she is wearing.

She's wearing a black trench coat with a hood covering her face with red and purple hair sticking out. She makes her way threw the streets to an old run down hotel.

She goes up the side of the building, were a muffled scream is heard.

She drags the lifeless body of a heavy armed guard into a dark corner.

Down stairs in the lobby there are heavily armed guards everywhere. A guard on a balcony near a dark doorway stands with his back to it hears something turns.

A hand reaches out grabbing him by the face pulls him into the dark doorway where the sound of a knife cutting flesh.

Down the hall a guard is checking in over the radio "All clear up here, no sign of anyone" voice over the radio crackles "Just keep your f***ing eyes open" In side a large fancy office that looks out of place next to everything else in the hotel is a huge man with fear and worry on his face. Fear is a different feeling for him.

He is used to give out fear not having it. There is the noise of yelling and gunfire outside of the massive doors of his office.

He starts to reach for his gun sitting on his desk, when a knife comes down from behind him into his hand pinned it to the table. He screams in both pain and terror. "I give you what ever you what just don't kill me please!"

The shadowy figure walks out of the darkness behind him and around the desk." I wondering how people have begged for their lives in this office in front of you, just to have it taking away by you." They were nobodies, ants "what do you care about them" "I don't see this business not personal" the man crying in pain "What ever your getting paid I'll Triple it right now, just let me live". The man thinking he's got his attacker thinking about his offer reaches with his free hand under the desk for another gun "looking for something" pulling the gun he was looking for. He laughs "you can't kill me I'm the biggest crime boss in this cit.." The man now choking on his own blood with a dragger sticking out of his throat dies. The figure walks out of the office silently back on to the balcony. She looks down onto the lobby, which now looks like a warzone with bodies of heavy armed guards lying dead. She walks out the front door, the hotel blows up behind her. She is an tool of death, an agent of order and chaos, she is known as Oracle

((OOC Thanks for the add please read my rules))


Oct 15th 2015 23:40

*The skies open as rain fell and the sound thunder roared though the skies, A feminine figure walked down the streets as the rain grows heavier causing the figure's feminine footsteps to echo on the street's wet surface, the figures eyes shine in the light of the moon as she watches the people hurry with their lives* Oh while I was gone the world has gotten busy with it self *The feminine figure's wet red hair shine as her hips swayed side to side as she walked*

(OOC: Thanks for the add)


Feb 25th 2015 20:10

I kinda need to name her. If you would like to suggest a name just let me know.

Feb 24th 2015 13:24

Hello thank you for accepting my friend request. Please read and sign my rules. Characters are in my photos of you want to know more just ask. Hopefully we can discuss a storyline soon.
Ricky Braxton/ Fields ♥s Emily (M)

Dec 3rd 2013 13:44

Occ thanks for the add sorry starter is shit it's 5 30 am

Ariel Lopez wasn't your typical young lady, at the young age of 17 she was sexually assaulted and had fallen pregnant with her now 3 year old daughter aubree. Now at the age of 21 ariel had become more involved in a secret passion of fast cars, having been going through a rough time ariel decided to leave aubree with her sister Santana for a few hours while she headed Down to the race track, noticing there was no one around she got into her car and started to go round the track, forgetting all the worry she was feeling all she was feeling now was adrenalin
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