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Full Name ZeakAbraham Anderson Pronunciation Ze-k Abe-ra-ham And-er-sonNickname/Alias Mimic Meaning N/A . Origin u>Hebrew , Title None. Pet Name N/A '. Signature His handwriting is quite bad and cursive-like. Gender He is Male. Gender Role He generally acts more masculine. Orientation He is heterosexual: relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward the opposite sex. Real Age 52 (do to time in other dimensions and universes.Age Appearance For his age he looks between 27-35 Birthday April 17th. Status Married
Personality Zeak is a tough man who always refuses to give up on anything, himself, his friends, his family. He is a very caring individual who always wants everyone happy so there wont be any conflict. However he is far from a pacifist. When He fights he is so focused on his fighting he will rarely notice anything else around him but his enemies. Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Zodiac Sign Aries - As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything - from work to social gatherings. Species Human Mutant/ Ancient Ethnicity American Blood Type His blood type is A-positive. Preferred Hand He is right-handed. Facial Type He has a more rounded face Eye Color Green. Hair Color Dark brown. Build He is quite slender and slim, working out his upper body. But is stronger than he looks Height6ft Weight 180lbs of mostly muscles Birthmarks/scars He has no visible birthmarks or scars. Distinguishing FeaturesAllergies None Occupation He is an X-Man. Education Xavier’s School for Giftend Youngsters up to highschool diploma


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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
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Characters: The Mimic
Length: Novella
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Custom, Gore, Supernatural,
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The Creation and Destroyer of the Mutant World

"The creation and Destroyer of the mutant world. The fire that reaches all over the Omniverse, The crowned Goddess of Life an Death. Beware her wrath and watchful eye. She can't be fooled"

-Friendly Admin
-Group and 1x1 friendly
-Here to write not have sex
-Respect me and I respect you

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My family gives me strength

Zeak Abraham Anderson

Zeak Anderson is a mutant born in Louisiana. His power is the same as Rouge's. He dosent take the power away from the person. His power is under control which means he can touch a person without hurting them, although He can if he wants. His father whom was Dark of the Darkiplier family left when he was little and never returned. He was exceptional in school, chemistry and engineering were his best subjects. When he was only 16 his mother became terminally ill and died of cancer. He worked as a full time photographer for the local news to get by. When he was 17 he was assaulted by a group of muggers and nearly killed them since his power was new to him. This was the first time he learned of his powers. He was scared and he ran away to hide but was caught the next day. Although the law found him not guilty due to lack of proof he was still worried. A week latter Professor Charles Xavier approached him and revealed his identity as a mutant to the young man. He brought Zeak to The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. There he learned quickly how to control his powers. Upon becoming one of the X-Men he was given the superhero identity of Mimic. He usually only returns when needed. He spends his free time exploring and tinkering. He's proficient in firearms as well as the sword. In his training he learned how to keep 2 persons powers. One of the 2 can be indefinitely kept but can still be dropped the other lasts 24 hours. He received formal training with Wolverine to help train him in his fighting style. With a new power needs practice lest he hurt himself or others as unlike Rouge he doesn't take memories. Currently unknown to him within his dna is the potential for nearly every mutation, and in times of great anger, stress, and sadness he will snap and inhibit MANY powers. This however puts tremendous strain on him and could potentially kill him should he stay in this state too long. Upon meeting Jean Grey, Zeak had an immediate crush on her. After befriending and going on so many missions together, with them getting to know one another his crush turned to love. Even when the Phoenix Force took her over. He was there every time to help bring Jean back. Regardless of this he kept his feelings hidden to avoid possible rejection. However, when the Phoenix nearly completely destroyed her he challenged the Phoenix and proved and admitted his love for Jean. This caused the Phoenix to hand control back to Jean. As it represented life, love, and passion and was unwilling to destroy the love Zeak and Jean built. Not long after this they began their relationship. Months later Zeak proposed, which Jean accepted. But soon Jean began to lose control of the Phoenix. she left to The White Room for 18 years to work with the Phoenix and eventually gained control. Zeak not knowing this was distraught and refused to move on. His loyalty would pay off when Jean returned. Surprised and touched that he waited for her she used her newfound powers to turn the hands of time back on his age to when they began the relationship. They then went back to planning their wedding while working as X-Men. After visiting the Anti Realm and meeting the Omni Force, granted him the power to control antimatter. Latter after he helped bring Dark back to the light he asked for training with antimatter he learned Dark was his father. A few months after this Jean and Zeak had their wedding, and not long afterm they had a child together Joseph Faris Anderson

Jean Anderson

The love of my life, the fire of my soul

Joeseph Faris Anderson

My son, the most important guy in my life.


My father, the best dad ever


My best friend

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The Heart of Hades

Mar 8th 2019 15:01

Ooc: I RP with you on another account with your other account. Angelic Demon has been cloned. I’ve inboxed you! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dec 25th 2018 00:18

Wherever you lay tonight, you think yourself safe and you think yourself secure
But with the power of a teleport portal, for SANTOS no home is too obscure.
He won't go come down the chimney, rather he walks in like he owns the place, 
He judges your decorations, he eats your cookies, and he thinks they're all a disgrace.

Presents lay beneath your tree, wrapped with love oh so real,
Fear not for their safety, he has come to give not steal! 
In fact, there he'll deposit a parcel of his own, 
A tiny blue box with a gold bow, subtle not overblown.

The cookies were sacrificed to sate his hunger, the milk washed them down,
But he could not stay, there were many more homes in just this town!
So he was gone as suddenly as he came, with a twinkle of his chin, 
Leaving behind his own present in your home, a mystery it's content within! 

Come the morn, perhaps the curiosity would be too much! 
A present addressed to you, too tantalizing not to touch.
Open if you wish, no trap would pounce, death was not the goal, 
Only to to insult you, because inside was a fresh lump of COAL! 

So was the mission of SANTOS, to judge everyone naughty enough to be alive, 
Next year he'll try to kill you all again, but that time will you survive? 


Mar 22nd 2018 12:17

OOC:  I'm open to that.  Have Storm God or somebody message me more details later?  I'm already behind on a few replies and trying to catch up, but we'll work something out.
Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Mar 17th 2018 13:21

  Something to consider. . . 

You know, when your insecurities are kind of reenacting the battle on Pearl Harbor, it's difficult to focus on the positives. Sometimes those insecurities target our weakest points, rendering us immobile and even stirring up some hesitance and judgment against ourselves that start tearing at the foundation of our confidence. Yeah, we all feel that way from time to time--it's human. Just remember, we're all equal and we all share the same feelings. Sometimes, you have to say enough is enough and fight against these warring feelings and try your best to find your confidence again. In this community, we're all individuals--we all share mutual interests and a love for writing. Never compare your work to someone else's--never compare yourself to someone else. We all have our own unique signatures. Run with it. Do what you want to do because you enjoy doing it. This goes for your investment in this community, as well as beyond the screen. How you feel about yourself in a negative light is usually a total contrast against how others feel about you. Don't let insecurities control the reins. Life is too short wasting time on thinking of the 'what ifs'.  

Just push yourself into your muse (or into anything you want to do in life) and focus on that alone. You can succeed like anyone else. You're as talented as anyone else. Never forget that and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, because the only person who knows what you can and can't do, is you.

You've got this. Don't let little insecurities destroy everything in life. 

Gιrl oғ Sтeel (SWORD)

Aug 4th 2016 17:15

Girl of Steel

"When people see that familiar red cape up in the sky, they expect to see someone else, someone familiar. This isn't his story though. It's mine."

Kara felt her strength return as The Mimic had managed to destroy Metallo's Kryptonite heart. She got up. "Alright I'll take care of the fire. Just be careful. Metallo is not to be underestimated." Kara stated as she supersped, and began to blow much of the fire away. She knew a lot of people probably had evacuated, but her job was to stop as much fire from spreading as possible. That was the goal of course.

Metallo just gave a smile to the hero. "Simple. I wanted to test Supergirl and see if she matches her cousin's strength. Although I do have to say, she is quite a novice hero." He said, groaning in pain.

"You just have no idea how long I've wanted to have a challenge," he continued, delivering a punch to The Mimic, or attempting to. Without his Kryptonite heart, he didn't know if he could even be much of a challenge for the two heroes.

"You might want to ask Lex Luthor about the hospital though, he told me to attack it. Not that the entire city of Metropolis would believe you," he added with a sneer..

Rao, someone needs to shut him up. Kara thought to herself after blowing most of the fire away, and then came over to Metallo, and began to deliver a punch to him. "Oh I think we'll be having a talk with Luthor, alright." Kara stated.

Lex Luthor was just as bad as Maxwell Lord himself. Both were billionaires. Both were the archenemies of the two Kryptonian heroes, and both had saw them as someone they couldn't buy off. She knew though that Metallo was telling the truth.

Gιrl oғ Sтeel (SWORD)

Aug 4th 2016 15:41

Girl of Steel

"To ask for help isn't a shame. The symbol I wear doesn't only mean the House of El. It means 'Stronger together.'"

Kara had just arrived from National City as her cousin sent a text. Clark had told her that he was headed to France to oversee a national problem. Kara had decided to keep watch in Metropolis and figured she would be able to help. She overheard a woman calling for help and being mugged. Deciding to take action Kara walked out of the hotel building and into the elevator just as she took off her civilian clothes, revealing the iconic S logo and then flew out, up through the roof and went to investigate the source of sounds. But the mugging ended as soon as she came, because The Mimic had been able to stop the mugger.

"Thanks for the assist," Kara said with a smile then heard another commotion. "There's a fire out on an apartment, come on we better do something!" She urged as she flew to the Josh Siegel Memorial Hospital. A fire at a hospital? That was unusual. Kara flew over there. "Keep your eyes peeled." She urged the younger hero, and then used her freeze breath, blowing the fire, but soon began to feel weak. "What the." She sank to her knees and Metallo appeared, with his Kryptonite heart intact. "I was expecting Superman, but you'll have to do. I heard you defeated Reactron." Metallo told her, and Kara got up, staggering a bit.

"Hate to disappoint," Kara said getting up, "But I've already managed to conquer this weakness a few times, using my opponent's strength against them. You'll see what I mean by it in a few minutes." The Kryptonian woman promised as she began to throw a punch, even though it was a weak one. Metallo simply caught her fist and tossed her away. "Fighting Superman, that would be close to an honor. You're nowhere near his status." Metallo told her coldly. Kara just smiled.

"You couldn't be more wrong" She replied glibly.

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