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About me:
 photo acda8f75fdb63cbb00ac81d88c235031_zpscqwzym0k.jpg Nathaniel De La Vega First Born son of Maxwell and Julie De La Vega a Nephilim Siren he is and one of the strongest and wise Nephilim out there besides his twin sister Olivia De La Vega, Nathaniel is known very well to be very cunning and smart, he strikes his enemies in the heart right after he attacks there mind and love ones. Nathaniel has been in many fights and has one them all thanks to his training by his father and mother. Nathaniel is the eldest and Strongest Nephilim he being the first of his kind and learned much not just from his father the first Seraphim but his Mother the first Demon Siren. Nathaniel also lived with the Jinn for many many years to learn their ways and their powers, Nathaniel was the first of the Nephilim so it was up to his to be the strongest and it took alot of hard work and also lots of training, He was the first Nephilim to beat all Greek Gods in Combat and also the Egyptian Gods in War, he also lived for 12 years with The God raw and became a servant to be humble and to show respect. Nathaniel is the only Nephilim besides his Twin Sister to be loved and respect by all the gods Even Hades and Hel and Anubis Consider him to be a friend to them.  photo man-of-tai-chi-1200-1200-675-675-crop-000000_zpshkkbbx6y.jpg A Wise and great Warrior Nathaniel is a Nephilim worthy of the respect of all Gods and Even Lucifer himself would not lift his Angel Blade towards Nathaniel out of respect neither would Nathaniel, as Nathaniel is the eldest of 13 brothers and sisters he himself knows the burden of hurting family and not throwing a fist to them out of anger. Nathaniel lived in hell for a year to keep his some what friend Lucifer company and learn the ways of Hell, Lucifer respected Nathaniel for wanting to know Lucifer's Prison or so called forever home.
Who I'd like to meet:

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