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Open Verse. Lesbian. MATURE. No Twiligt, Harry Potter, Star Trek, or Disney/Nick Roleplay. Sexual and Casual Roleplay. Literate. ASK TO ROLEPLAY! Novella, Para, and Multi-Para Roleplay ONLY!

27 years old

United Kingdom

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August 05 2013

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Member Since:June 12, 2013
Status: Married
Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Assassin and assistant to Madame Vastra

I'm in your extended network.
Jul 23rd 2013 00:01

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About me:
Lesbian. Time-Traveling assassin from Victorian London. Looking for the Doctor, Strax, and Madame Vastra. Currently resides on 13 Paternoster Row in Victoran London. Jenny Flint is the assistant, maid, and wife to Madame Vastra. She was an orphan (as stated by Catrin Stewart herself) until she met Vastra. Jenny has been married to Madame Vastra for about 7 years. Ever since Jenny Flint helped her wife in fighting alongside the Doctor (in A Good Man Goes To War) she has been friends with the Doctor. Jenny Flint lives with Madame Vastra, and Strax who is another friend of the Doctor, in Victorian London where they are famous for stopping crime. ROLEPLAY RULES: 1) You must ask to Roleplay with me because if you do not then I will not respond. I only Roleplay in my messages. 2) Comments are for non-Roleplay purposes such as OOC. I will answer questions that you may have about my Roleplaying style in my comments. I may or may not respond to causual OOC conversation. 3) You must be literate if you wish to Roleplay with me. I do not have patience for people who cannot speak in english. 4) All rude comments in messages or my comments will lead to you being sent off of my friend list. I do not allow for rudeness. That includes OOC flirting. 5) I do not plan on sharing personal information on my real life. If you ask you will be sent off of my friends list without hesitation. This is a Roleplay account. 6) I am not affiliated with Doctor Who or Catrin Stewart in any way. If you ask I will simply ignore you. This is a Roleplay account. I have made an account for Jenny Flint for the purpose of Roleplay only. 7) I do not do Twilight, Harry Potter, Disney, Nick, or Star Trek Roleplay. Every other verse is fine, but no kid TV show or Movies please. 8) If you wish to Roleplay with me then please tell me everything about your character when you ask to Roleplay with me. That makes Roleplaying easier for me and you. 9) Please obey my rules. My character is strictly for Doctor Who but their will be some Roleplay flexibility as long as my rules are followed. 10) This account is made with the intent for Mature content Roleplay. I am not responsible for issues that may come up if you are Roleplaying with me and happen to be younger than 18 years old. 11) Read the biography carefully that is written above. That will tell you most of the information about my character, all other information can be found on the internet if you have questions on who Jenny Flint is.
Who I'd like to meet:

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ιмpoѕѕιвle clara

Jun 13th 2013 15:35

Oh! Hello There, 
Thank you for becoming my friend.
Clara Oswin Oswald, at your service!
You can just call me Clara or Oswin. 
Please when you get the time, read and sign my rules!
They're located in the blog!
I do hope that we can become friends or enemies..
I suppose that is all up to you and fate dearie! :)
Anyway, to end my obnoxious rambling.
Would you be interested in rping?

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