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Into the Abyss

Character Class: Tank
Basic summary of abilities:
-Black Flame
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-High intelligence
-High strength
-High durability
-Below average natural speed (for superhumans and alike that is.)
-Enhanced reflexes
-Enhanced endurance
-Healing factor
-Defensive enhancement
-Offensive enchancement
-Weak to Fire and Frost
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Azariah Lillium

Relationship information to be added at a later date.Filler, filler, filler, filler, thriller, thriller, thriller, tiller, tiller, tiller, miller, miller, miller, miller. Much, much, much more filler. So much filler in fact that one would think that the author of this character and the one writing all of this had been stricken mad with frustration. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? How one can go made from such a simple thing like the images not aligning properly because there wasn't enough text in between the two of them. Funny, isn't it?

Alastor Grimm

Relationship details to be added at a later date.


Legends foretold a child born of the Hazumaki clan that would change the fate of the world through self sacrifice and transcend into something far greater than a man--a symbol. The child was told to be the last in a long line of heirs to bear the hate of the world and bring an end to the never ending cycle of life and rebirth. Born as a man and reborn as a god it was said that he would transcend into something far greater and at long last bring ever lasting peace to the realm.

Unknown to even herself Miyako was meant to be the final incarnation of the god born many many cycles known simply as "The Fallen". Her birth was a break in the cycle that had gone unchanged since the beginning of creation. Traditionally the Fallen's incarnations gave birth to a single son and when the cycle began anew that son would be born as the next incarnation. This is important as the legends always foretold that a male would be the one to stop the cycle. Could they have been wrong?

Born in the early days of 1518 Miyako was born as a daughter of the Rikugun. At the time she was the only child raised among the mercenary force's ranks. Times were harsh and every able body man and woman had to their part. Her father, Tengi, seemed to have the worst of it. Growing up her father was never around for more than a day or two at a time. What they lacked in quantity they made up with quality. They cherished every second they had together and made the best of what little time they had.

One of her favorite activities as a kid consisted of lazy days under the Sakura tree just north of the Rikugun's base of operations. It was a miracle in itself given the harsh environment they lived in. It was a private get away that she and Tengi would often escape to while he was there. He always made it a habit to point out how his daughter was more beautiful than anything else in this world, even the Cherry Blossom they rested under. It was at this time that she began dying her hair pink to live up to her father's claims.

Despite being raised in a mercenary group she never once saw the horrors of war first hand. Father never came home bloody and wreaking of death and none of the other's talked about their exploits. She wasn't even aware that she was surrounded by a bunch of killers. It was a very well guarded secret that carried on until her thirteenth name day. Father hadn't arrived the day before as he always did but rather late at night on her name day. He was covered in blood and exhausted from a hard fought victory.

Yet, she did not panic as most children her age would have. Instead she was overcome with curiosity. As inquisitive and intelligent she was for her age she naturally began to probe for information. She questioned everything from the blood to the fact that there were constantly guards posted outside of their living quarters. She questioned what he really did for a living and why no one ever talked about their jobs. Tengi naturally had no choice but to tell her the truth. Even then she seemed unphased by the harsh reality of it all. She simply found it fascinating how humans could do such a thing to one another without driving themselves insane with guilt. A trait that would carry well into her death.

She died the next year in the following month to that day. She didn't remember much of it. Only bits and pieces. She remembered feeling like her body was going to catch aflame. She remembered viciously attacking her aunt and mother. She remembered killing the guards posted at base. She remembered the flames of war engulfing their homestead and the horrified look on her father's face when he found it all. She wanted to beg him to get away from her but no words left her mouth. She was a prisoner in her own body being forced to watch as she destroyed all that she loved. It wasn't until just moments before her death that she regained control. Everything was cold and she was very much afraid. In her eyes her father looked like a demon come to drag her to hell. A demon that viciously attacked her with the intent of killing her. He apologized and wept as he frantically tried to stop the bleeding. The world faded to black and she felt alone and very much afraid. She could see, feel, or hear anything as she drew her final breath but deep down she knew that Tengi was still there holding her tight.

Twenty years after her untimely demise Miyako was born anew thanks to her father's efforts and Legato's genius. Reborn as a Humunculus, an artificial human created by man. True reincarnation was an impossibility so an artificial body with her likeness was bound to her soul. Through this she became virtually immortal. She would not age after a certain point and mortal wounds no longer bore weight. Timeless and the ability to heal from anything she became something more than human yet less at the same time. She was born with a new purpose and goal in mind. Her father wouldn't be around forever, no one in the Rikugun would. She alone possessed the power to bear the weight of time; and so she trained. She trained to surpass her father and take over the mantel of responsibility that awaited her.

Over the next twelve years she spent her time training her mind and body, growing ever closer to the warriors she came to know as family, and proving herself to be a worthy successor to her father's name. She embarked on missions and waged war for whatever person or nation could pay the Rikugun's fee. Even with all of her hard work and dedication to the cause Tengi still saw room for improvement and continued to groom her accordingly. At the age of twenty-six and unable to age further she had accepted her responsibilities and all they entailed. Yet, despite all of this she still found time to relax. She would spend lazy afternoons after the Sakura tree with her father and engage in long nights drinking with her brothers and sisters in arms. During this time she grew particularly close to Alastor and Aya.

All fairy tales must come to an end however and not all of them are happy. During a routine war effort she and her father split ways. She would stay with their army and command the troops while he left with his fellow hunters, or exorcists as they're better known as, to investigate the high spirit activity in a neighboring country. The war effort was easily won despite being outnumbered. Large quantities of soldiers could only account for so much when the enemy was better trained, better equipped, and lead by an embodiment of destruction. After she struck the would be god leading the enemy army Miyako awaited her father's return.

After a month of waiting she began to grow worried. It had never taken him this long to deal with a disturbance. Something must have been wrong otherwise he would have at least sent word by now. Frantic in her search to find him she had little patience for "poor memory" without the exchange of coin. They talked alright, they always did. When she finally found him she was presented with a choice: kill him and save potentially thousands or ignore him and condemn them all to death. This couldn't be right, her father wasn't like this. He was always so noble and kind. He was the picture of a saint in her eyes. Even with her underdeveloped talent for sensing energy compared to him she could feel the taint in his aura. She pleaded with him to come with her so the two of them could fix whatever the taint was together. It was too late for him however; he was nothing more than a puppet in someone else's game as she was all those years ago. See, Tengi had been betrayed with the group he sat out with. They ambushed him after they finished cleaning up the disturbance they were sent to deal with. Traitor, monster, fiend, many of these titles were used to describe him. He won, of course, but the battle took its toll on him. He was old now, slower, and waning in strength. What chance did he have to challenge a primordial in his state?

She knew the choice he would have wanted her to make. Tengi had always taught her that duty came before all else. Even if it meant killing the person she loved most in the world. He was, after all, the only living blood relative she had left. Her mother and her aunt were gone, by her hands no less. It was only poetic that she would have to kill the last of her family as punishment. In the end only one of them were capable of dying.

It wasn't until after Miyako struck the final blow that the Primordial revealed herself. She congradulated Miyako on her victory. She told her that she had done what needed to be done. Was this some sort of sick joke? Her reasons for turning Miyako's father into such a fiend would forever remain a mystery. She didn't take the time to ask her nor did she care. The aftermath of her fury could be felt across the world as Miyako erased any proof of the Primordial's existence. By time she was finished not even a corpse remained.

The events following her father's death remain one big haze save for a few. After she burned her father's body she told the Rikugun that she would be leaving. She didn't have much time left after all. She knew the conditions of her rebirth and the price that was to be paid so that she could remain herself. It was only so long before the seal wore and she lost herself to the nature of her species. She wanted to do what she could, for as long as she could.

Only two accompanied Miyako on her final pilgrimage: Azariah and Alastor. She had grown close to them over the last twelve years and knew she could trust them to do what must be done when the time came. It was never fully clear if Azariah was aware that she loved her significant other. She and Alastor could have shared many nights of secret passion together had it not been for her. If she and Azariah had not been akin to sisters she may have resented her for that. Alas, Miyako was not the kind of woman to betray her best friend's trust nor to make a hunter break his vow.

Many of the details such as how, or why remained unclear to her over the next year or so. She couldn't tell for certain how much time had passed since the three of them set out. Hell, after a while she had even forgotten why they set out in the first place. Miyako could see a very distinct look of fear in their eyes as they looked at her near the end of their journey. She had enough time to do one final act of good at least.

It was then that their journey brought them to a land plagued by the abyss that would later become the Kingdom of Aprea. Alastor told her to leave. The people here were already damned. If the deep didn't grab ahold of them whatever spawned from it would. Yet, she could not find it in herself to simply walk away. She could save them or what was left of them at least. He cursed her foolishness as the three of them found themselves trapped in the deep. Azariah would die soon if she couldn't figure something out. She wasn't meant to walk the Abyss after all. Miyako knew a spell, just one spell that could stop it from spreading further. As with many of the spells father taught her it came with a price. Casting it meant that she would be sealed in this place for the rest of time. It was as worthy fate as any. At least then she could save countless lives from both herself and the Abyss.

Alastor objected of course and insisted that there must be another way. He had failed to save her father-- he couldn't fail to save her too. He would have tried to convince her further to choose any other way if he were given the chance. At the very least she wanted to make sure that they were safe before she said goodbye. She the fool of a hunter in the back of the head knocking him unconscious. She tore a hole in the very fabric of reality and forced time and space to bend to her will. She could set them down just outside the refugee camp they set up for the survivors. They would be safe there. She said her goodbye to her unconscious companions and sent them on their way. All that remained was to cast the spell and get comfortable with her home for the rest of time. A great purifying light swept the land as the ancient and powerful magic sealed off the abyss with her in it. There she remained. Or perhaps...

Present Day

To be added at a later date.

Miyako Hazumaki

Legal Information:

Name: Miyako Hazumaki
Nicknames: Cherry Blossom
Alias: Crimson Destruction, High Queen of Aprea, Herald of the Deep
Date of Birth: 1/22/1518
Place of Birth: Unknown, assumed to be in the Kusagyumi Empire.
Father: Tengi Hazumaki
Mother: Umeko Hazumaki
Aunt: Yasu Hazumaki
Children: Emiko Hazumaki
Date of Death: 2/18/1532
Date of Rebirth: 1/29/1552

Physical Information:

Race: Fumejian Altumnus
Gender: Female
Hair color: Cherry Blossom Alabastor
Natural hair color: Black Alabastor
Eye color: Alice Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135lbs
Birthmarks/Scars: Scar on her chest where her heart used to be.

Personality Profile:

Miyako is benevolent yet cold-hearted, exceedingly loyal yet manipulative, and vigilant yet indifferent. While she is extremely loyal to her companions she cares little for anyone else. For her the lives of those under the Crimson Banner are all that matter. She feels a particular disdain for mortals despite once being one herself. After rebirth her view on the life of a mortal became indifferent and eventually one of hatred. Long were the days when she viewed life as something to be safe guarded and instead she sought to "cleanse" any that could be killed. To her, they were a virus that she felt an almost compulsive desire to exterminate. For example she could strangle a small child without breaking eye contact. Perhaps this was due to the deaths of her father as well as Alastor and Aya. While she was not around to watch the rest she knew all too well that they would eventually perish in the sands of time.

She is manipulative and cunning. While she would rather fight her way out of a bad situation rather than talk it out she has been known to use her intelligence to manipulate the situation to her favor if the results would be amusing. While she has often been called anti-social she is a very social creature. The list of people she actively chooses to socialize is very small however.

Miyako is very blunt with her choice of dialect and is often straight to the point as she has little care for idle chatter. While she would prefer to carry on an intelligent conversation with her partner she isn't afraid to resort to obscene language if she feels that will better carry her point across.

Above all she enjoys a good fight. Perhaps this is due to never being truly challenged or out of suicidal tendencies. She is a true immortal and she is fully aware of that fact. Bearing that in mind she often rushes head on into battle with little care for her own safety. She has never been known to be merciful to the defeated but rather ruthless and calculating. It is not uncommon for her to torture her victims first rather than killing them outright. Even if ending it would be as easy as stepping on an Ant.

She is fully aware that with time not even Auriel or anyone else under the current iteration of the Crimson Banner will eventually cease to function. In a way the thought scares her for what is she to do when the last person from the days of yore fades to dust?

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