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Opera Garnier, Paris,

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Verses: Based on Phantom of Opera verse but will play open
Format: Para, Multi-para,
Connection Needs: Friends with stoyrlines maybe possible love interest?

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The phantom of the Opera
.p>Since Meg has been at the Opera House she has been aware of the Phantom�s existence. With the exception of her mother Meg may know more about the Phantom than she is aware, but it seems the whole time she is putting the pieces together of a much greater puzzle. Are the Phantom and her best friend�s angel of music one and the same? Meg had asked herself this question the night Christine disappeared from her dressing room.

Meg always seems frightened by him by exclaiming on more than one occasion, �He�s here, The Phantom of the Opera.� Even though she is frightened she also harbors a secret fascination which gives her some courage as is seen when she discovers a secret passage behind the giant mirror in Christine�s dressing room. However, the only thing left behind of the mysterious Phantom is a mask which Meg takes and keeps as her own secret. Maybe he will come back to claim it? She does not know.

Raoul, Vicomte De Chagny

Meg and Raoul do not interact very much in the play. The only scene where she actually talks to him is when he is going down into the cellars to rescue Christine and Meg offers to go with him, but her mother stops her. Raoul is Christine's childhood sweetheart as Meg is told by Christine first catching sight of him remarks that he is handsome. Except for that comment and the offer to go down the cellars Meg and Raoul share no scenes together

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Paris, France
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Ballet Dancer
Characters: Meg Giry
Verses: Phantom of the Opera POTO Historical Period
Playbys: Jennifer Ellison, Misc Stage Actresses
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Movie, Open, Romance, Suspense,
Status: Single
Member Since:May 25, 2013

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Meg Giry

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Meg Giry is the only daughter of Madame Giry, the dance director, and is Christine Daaé's best friend. Early in the story, she and Christine would have been a small part of the ballet ensemble led by Madame Giry for Chalumeau's Hannibal. However, the shows star Carlotta becomes frightened by frequent accidents and refuses to preform. Christine takes her place and is a huge success. After this, Christine admits to Meg that she has been coached by an elusive tutor (The Phantom) who calls out to her. While strong in her support for Christine, Meg dismisses these claims. After Christine disappears, she starts to believe that the Phantom does have special powers. Part of this is due to her own mother's experiences with the Phantom as a young man. At the end of the story it is Meg who leads the charge into the Phantoms mysterious lair where she discovers not the Phantom who has disappeared, but his mask which she takes.

Outside from her role in The Phantom of the Opera, it is known that Meg is an amazingly talented dancer. This is probably because she loves being on stage more than anything else in the world, and this makes her want to practice, knowing that someday she will have solo parts, and get to be on stage longer. She craves attention about as much as she craves cheese danishes on Sunday mornings.

Though her frame is pleasing, and one would think that she would eat like a bird, Meg definitely does not. Even though she can't keep a secret and flirts shamelessly with any patron she can come by under the age of forty, Meg is a great friend to the other girls. When there are spats in her chambers between other ballet rats, Meg will be the one to step in, maybe shout a little, but quickly clear the whole thing up. The other girls look up to her, even though she is younger than most of them. .

She is brave, and sometimes cheeky to her mother, the managers, and La Carlotta. She has been known to sneak out of bed with her friends for the thrill of doing it, and making it no further than the lobby before turning back, and making everyone else do the same, for fear of Paris at night. Meg is courageous of course, but also not the brightest crayon in the box. She will often get caught for scheming too loud backstage and reprimanded for her brazen behavior towards the upper class. .

She never expresses remorse for her wrongdoings unless it involves her mother being disappointed in her, or a friend thinking she's betrayed them. When said instances occur, you can find Meg either in her chambers moping or down at the barre, working on her dancing with a fierce concentration. Overall, she is a lovable imp, about 5'2'' in height filled out well for her age, and someone everyone at the Opera knows, personally or infamously, whether they like it or not.

He’s here the Phantom of the Opera !


NICKNAMES: Little Meg, Tiny Dancer
ALIASES: Input info
DATE OF BIRTH: Input info
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Opera House, Paris, France

HEIGHT: Input info
WEIGHT: Input info

PARENTS: Mother: Madame Giry
SIBLINGS: Only child

Personality:Very curious, likes to gossip, has a tendency to lose her concentration, and often breaks her promise to her mother and blabs info about Erik when pressed by the corps de ballet
LIKES: Ballet, her best friend Christine, Opera, Cheese Danishes
DISLIKES: Carlotta
ADDICTIONS: Cheese Danishes
STRENGTHS: Excellent Dancer.
BIRTHMARKS: Input info
SCARS: Input info

Who is this Angel of Music?.

Christine Daaé

Christine Daa� is Meg�s best friend. When Christine first arrived at the opera house Meg�s mother Mme Giry took her under her wing treating her much like her own. Meg instantly took to Christine as well and they got very close. Meg considers Christine like the sister she never had.

They tell each other their secrets and Meg gets Christine to confide to her about the Angel of Music although Meg is not too sure about Christine thinking they are dreams or simply imagination. But as things progress it seems that Christine�s dreams might be more or something Meg had sensed to know already..

short quote here .

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Phantom Hybrid.

Dec 19th 2019 12:34

Hello there my name is Daniel, I am a half vampire and half monster.
Who works for the Phantom at Phantasma. It is a pleasure to meet you!
How are you?Would you like to discuss a storyline?
MM_Peter of Castile_MM-{Lord}-

Sep 6th 2019 01:38

By the way I forgot to mention my story main base of it is in France and Spain and the website will be the short version while wattpad will the the novel version once I am done.
Paris Opera Ghost

Jul 15th 2019 14:40

hahahha found on tumblr and knew you would appreciate it
Paris Opera Ghost

Sep 8th 2015 08:29

Paris Opera Ghost

Sep 2nd 2015 12:17

the puppater i call it... hope you like it meg...

Paris Opera Ghost

Jul 21st 2015 08:13

here you go meg i hope you like this edit

Paris Opera Ghost

May 26th 2015 02:19

The Phantom's Muse

Oct 27th 2014 20:05

Dread Pirate Philip

Aug 17th 2014 23:14


Meg Giry

Jul 16th 2014 17:16

I plan to keep as few comments on here as posible
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