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"Sting like a bee."

26 years old

United States

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April 24 2019

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Body type:Slim / Slender
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Characters: BumbleBee, HotShot
Verses: Transformers
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
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Autobots Human

Sep 1st 2018 13:38

// Great! Well, like I said Rachel is Sam's sister. She has been involved with everything since the beginning. After the battle of Chicago, Rachel chose to go with Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots into hiding. She wasn't about to side with the humans who were now targeting them. Her decision has made her an enemy and traitor, both of which she truly doesn't care about. Sam on the other hand had gone on his own way. Sure it sucked, but she understood and didn't hold anything against him. Rachel however couldn't turn her back on her friends. With Optimus MIA, Rachel was playing peacekeeper among the handful of Autobots to the best of her abilities. When Optimus does return with Cade, he and Rachel don't exactly see eye to eye. More so the fact that Rachel has grown to not trust others, not to mention this wasn't her first time working with the Autobots. No matter what happens, she sides with the Autobots and fights along side them. For the most part she doesn't run away, instead running into battle without a second thought. She has also been known to be a bit of an agitator, which is mostly shown when she calls Megatron "Megaloser" or Starscream "Evil Flying Dorito". 
Reconnaissance[Decepticon Medic]

Dec 11th 2017 21:55

"A pleasure to meet you, Bumblebee! I have already meet your leader, Optimus Prime. Is it true from what my master said? He helped the Autobots against Starscream."
Reconnaissance[Decepticon Medic]

Dec 11th 2017 18:29

"Seems a thanks are in order. My name is Reconnaissance. I'm a Decepticon Medic. Assistant to Knockout and Intern of Shockwave. The pleasure is all mine too."
Optmus Prmє

Feb 7th 2014 21:33

OOC: You are welcome, Hot Shot. Thank you for the accept.
Sunstreaker D.O.T.M. [Movie Verse]

Nov 4th 2013 16:14

Sideswipe said you pranked him hardcore last time.
Sunstreaker D.O.T.M. [Movie Verse]

Nov 2nd 2013 17:20

I have seen you pranked Sideswipe and Red Alert, You must be brave, To prank my brother.
Sunstreaker D.O.T.M. [Movie Verse]

Nov 2nd 2013 16:50

You look like a Cybertronian Chicken.
Sunstreaker D.O.T.M. [Movie Verse]

Nov 2nd 2013 16:30

Nice to see you covered in feathers and slime. Did my daughters do this to you? Here I thought you were a better prankster then me and my brother.
Sky [Warped]

Aug 3rd 2013 21:30

ooc Thanks for adding me.

May 24th 2013 14:50

greetings.,i was hoping to have alliance with you.
because it has been awhile with my other friends who are agents from i.c.s. from the state of nyc.we have to work together if we are to survive the threat of dnmd and karr.
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