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Jareth presents as being proud, arrogant and mischievous, and at the start of the film delights in tormenting Sarah and demonstrating his powers to her. As the film progresses, he displays other traits, including building anxiety as Sarah progresses quickly through his Labyrinth. By the end of the film he is desperate to win, attempting to win Sarah over by insisting he will give her everything she wants in exchange for her love, fear and obedience.

He acts like a gang leader with his goblin subjects, expecting them to laugh at his jokes and quickly losing his patience with them. Despite the fact he treats his subjects poorly, they continue to serve him and obey him without question. He appears weary of their antics, and often seems more interested in following Sarah's progress in one of his crystals than interacting with them.

In the wake of Sarah's victory, Jareth is depicted as a sore loser, unable to accept his defeat at the hands of a young girl. He proved to be very domineering when given the opportunity, with his main goal following Sarah's defeat of him being to make her forget her own dreams and bend to his will.


Jareth has long, wild blond hair, and his eyes appear to be different colours as the pupil of one is permanently dilated.

His age is never given, however the novelization of the film implies that Jareth has been the Goblin King for a long time and overtly states that he is concerned by signs he is aging such as frown-lines and wrinkles. Return to Labyrinth states that Jareth was Goblin King for 1300 years, implying that he is either immortal or very long lived. Contradicting the novelizations' references to Jareth's fear of aging, Jareth appears eternally youthful in the Return to Labyrinth series.


Jareth wears eight distinct costumes over the course of the film, often being seen in black boots, long, ragged cloaks, loose shirts and form-fitting trousers. In most of his scenes, he wears a sickle-shaped pendant around his neck. He carries a riding crop in some scenes.


Jareth is shown to have a range of magical powers. He can transform into an owl at will, and uses this form to travel to the human world to spy on Sarah. He can manipulate crystal balls with his hands easily, and does so to impress Sarah at the start of the film. He is able to appear and disappear in his realm as he wishes, and appears to have telepathic abilities. He is also able to defy gravity, running through the Escher Room in his castle upside down.

In Return to Labyrinth, Jareth is shown to have created the Labyrinth in order to keep others from reaching him and his heart. He is said to be unable to travel to the mortal realm unless summoned, however this restriction does not prevent him travelling between worlds in his owl form.

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The Goblin King

Over 1300 years prior to the events of the film, Jareth met the sorceress Mizumi at a ball and they formed a relationship. They went from world to world, whiling away their time together. Jareth eventually tired of Mizumi, considering her dull and superficial. When they came across a few goblins living in a swamp, Jareth found them amusing while Mizumi was disdainful of their presence. Ignoring her wish to leave, Jareth chose to remain with the goblins and establish himself as their King. He created the Labyrinth as the centrepiece of his new Kingdom, and told Mizumi he would only allow her to remain with him if she could find his heart, which he claimed to have hidden inside the Labyrinth. Although she tried searching the Labyrinth to find Jareth's heart, Mizumi failed and Jareth left her permanently.

Jareth ruled over the goblins alone, alternately amused and frustrated by their idiocy. Jareth took it upon himself to answer the call of those who invoked the goblins when wishing a child away, challenging those who chose to recover the wished away child to run his Labyrinth. Such summons were frequent early in Jareth's reign as King of the Goblins, however they dwindled as the years passed. Eventually it became rare for Jareth to be summoned to earth to take a child, and he grew despondent, increasingly aware of the passing of time and his inability to find a suitable successor.

Long into his reign as King of the Goblins, Jareth was summoned by Sarah to take her infant brother, Jareth took the baby, and told Sarah she had to journey through his Labyrinth to rescue her brother from his castle. Jareth fell in love with Sarah as he followed her progress through his Labyrinth, and was both unsettled and amazed by the fact she was able to overcome his Labyrinth and prove herself his equal. Jareth was shocked by Sarah's ultimate defeat of him, and, although barred from going to her in his human form, watched her through her bedroom window in his owl-form after she returned to her own world.

In the wake of Sarah's defeat of him, Jareth started to lose his powers and lost control of his Labyrinth. Jareth blamed Sarah for his failing powers, and decided that the only way for him to recover would be to have Sarah by his side in some form. Unable to have the real Sarah, Jareth asked Mizumi to make an ablation out of Sarah's dreams that he could keep with him as a companion, in exchange for a promise that Mizumi would have the Labyrinth and its King if he failed to make the ablation love him. Mizumi created Moppet for Jareth, and Jareth took Moppet back to his Kingdom. For a time, his powers returned however they soon started to falter once again.

Unable to make Moppet love him, Jareth abandoned her and refocused his energies on how he could escape his debt to Mizumi and reach Sarah. He decided to abdicate, making Toby his heir. This freed him to travel to earth, where he found Sarah. Jareth manipulated Sarah into returning with him, constructing a dream-world for them both to live in forever. Sarah discovered that the Labyrinth was in danger of collapse, and persuaded Jareth to return them to his Kingdom so it could be saved. Jareth did as Sarah bid him, and saved his Labyrinth. Although initially intent on keeping Sarah with him as his Queen, Jareth ultimately allowed her to 'follow her own path' and return to her own world.

Jareth has the power to transform into an white barn-owl, and is first seen watching Sarah in this form as she recites lines from the play The Labyrinth.

Jareth first appears in the film in his human form when he is summoned by Sarah to take her infant brother Toby away from her. Jareth attempts to make Sarah give up her brother by offering her a crystal that will reveal her dreams, only for her to refuse. Jareth transports both himself and Sarah to a hill overlooking his Labyrinth and tells her she has thirteen hours to save Toby. He then vanishes, leaving Sarah alone on the hill-top to start her journey.

He is next seen in his castle, surrounded by his drunk, clumsy goblin subjects. He rises from his throne and begins to interact with his subjects through the song Magic Dance, which he uses to express his delight at having Toby in his possession.

When Sarah falls into the Oubliette, Jareth is perturbed by the speed of her progress through the Labyrinth. He declares that he plans to send Hoggle to fetch her and take her back to the start of the Labyrinth, and laughs at the thought of hindering her progress.

Disguising himself as a blind, shabby beggar, Jareth waits for Sarah and Hoggle in the passage leading away from the Oubliette, attracting their attention with one of his crystals. He does away with his disguise as soon as they appear, asking Hoggle to explain why he appears to be helping Sarah instead of taking her back to the start of the Labyrinth as he was ordered to. Quickly losing interest in Hoggle, Jareth approaches Sarah and asks for her opinion on his Labyrinth. Her flippant response causes him to lose his patience with her, and he sends the Cleaners after both Sarah and Hoggle as punishment.

Jareth's next significant appearance is an encounter with Hoggle, where he gives a peach to Hoggle that he orders him to give to Sarah. When asked if the peach will harm Sarah, Jareth taunts Hoggle and ridicules the idea that Sarah could consider "a repulsive little scab" such as him a friend. In parting, he tells Hoggle he will make him 'Prince of the Land of Stench' should Sarah should ever kiss him. He soon fulfils this promise, causing a trap door that leads to The Bog of Eternal Stench to open beneath both Sarah and Hoggle when Sarah kisses Hoggle in gratitude for him having saved her. Later, when Hoggle is about the drop the peach into the bog, Jareth's disembodied voice tells him "I wouldn't do that if I were you" and Hoggle returns the peach to his pocket.

When Sarah eats the drugged peach, Jareth is seen on the window-sill of his throne room, casting crystals out into the sky that travel towards Sarah and draw her into a dream-world. The dream-world consists of a lavish ball, where Jareth watches Sarah from the crowd. Jareth is elusive at first, deliberately hiding from Sarah as she wanders through the ballroom, confused and disorientated. Jareth dances with a number of women, however his attention is always focused on Sarah. Eventually, he approaches her and draws her into a dance, singing the love ballad As The World Falls Down to her as they move across the ballroom. Sarah is eventually distracted by the sight of a clock that indicates her time is running out, and she pulls herself free from Jareth and flees. Jareth watches her run from him, and is lost from sight in the crowd.

Following Sarah's entrance into the Goblin City, a guard enters Jareth's throne room to inform him that "the girl who ate the peach and forget everything" is making her way towards the castle. Visibly stunned by this news, Jareth calls out for his army to stop her and passes Toby to a goblin so he can be hidden. Jareth looks out onto his city from his Throne Room, watching as Sarah advances.

Jareth confronts Sarah in the Escher Room of his castle, trying to disorientate her by performing gravity-defying stunts on the stairways that fill the room. He sings the song Within You to her, attempting to convey the lengths he has gone to in order to meet her wishes. Entirely focused on saving Toby Sarah ignores him, ultimately reaching a precipice she leaps from in order to reach her brother.

When Sarah lands, she is faced with Jareth once again as he approaches her from a dark, shadowy alcove. Jareth attempts to make Sarah see what he has done to please her, most significantly taking her brother away when asked to. Sarah ignores him, and recites the words from the The Labyrinth necessary to defeat him. Jareth pleads with her, telling Sarah he is tired of 'living up' to her expectations and that she can have everything she wants if she will only love, fear and obey him. When Sarah is unresponsive, he offers her a crystal that he says contains her dreams. Sarah manages to resist the temptation, and defeats Jareth by declaring "You have no power over me." He crumbles before Sarah's eyes, the crystal he had held out to her shattering as he transforms into an owl.

Jareth is last seen perched on a branch outside Sarah's window, watching as she celebrates with her friends. Jareth flies off as they celebrate, silhouetted against the moon.

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Jack Dawson

Apr 22nd 2019 00:12

well it depends  if we are setting  up the SL to after  the first time Sarah and Jareth met then I might  have an Idea,  
I could have Sarah get trapped in his  world again or we could  try to brain storm and idea 
Jack Dawson

Apr 19th 2019 23:36

i would  love to
Jack Dawson

Apr 18th 2019 23:53

thanks so much for the add 
Fᴀᴇ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ

Mar 6th 2019 20:53

Dark is nite



Thank you for accepting my request. If you’d prefer an in character greeting over a generic out of character one, please let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to discussing a storyline with you whenever we can find the time.

Until then,


~prєcíσus thíng~

Dec 16th 2018 14:16

At Jareth's teasing words, Sarah playfully furrowed her brows as she glared over at him yet she found it rather difficult not to crack a smile at his antics. No matter how different he seemed to be now in comparison to when Sarah had known him as that foolish teenager they spoke of, his mischievousness was still very much the same. She then rolls her eyes with a soft snort as Jareth went on to affirm that he was indeed rude before flashing him a slight smirk. "I suppose some things never change, hmm?" She questions rhetorically with a teasing tone of her own while simultaneously arching a dark colored brow in his direction. "Oh, I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.." She muses sarcastically yet playfully before emitting a light laugh at his words. "Thank you, my love.. I know it will be quite difficult for the Goblin King to go a whole night without a touch of mischief." She states laughingly. It was then that she all but melted from the inside out as he then lifted her hand within his gloved one to brush her knuckles with his tantalizing lips. Mischievous or not, Jareth was and would always be the only man who could make her feel the way she now felt; weak yet strong all at the same time.

Sarah's attention that had been fully placed on the displeased Fae females was quickly eradicated as Jareth pulls her close to his side. She then slowly peers up at him, a small smile finding her lips at his words in which she nods slowly in acknowledgement of them. "Are they previous lovers by chance?" She whispers her question rather hesitantly, yet she couldn't help but be slightly curious. Especially since they had eyed her with such malice as they passed by, their words equal in nature. "I mean, it's fine if they are... I'm just wondering.." She muses with attempts to avert the attention from her obvious jealousy at the mere thought, yet feeling that she had perhaps failed miserably.

Sarah knew that now wasn't the time for nerves with being in such close proximity of the High King and Queen, but her heart hammered against her ribcage just the same. Even with Jareth's words that assured her she'd be fine, unease still found it's way within the pit of her stomach by means of yet another wave of nausea. She closes her eyes tight, attempting to sway the onset of her nauseousness with a quick gulp while internally reminding herself of the same. "You'll be fine, Sarah.." She chants in her mind over and over again as she slowly opens her eyes, her gaze flickering to that of her future husband. She then forces a small smile while simultaneously offering him a vague nod of her head. "I know.." She whispers before giving his gloved hand a slight squeeze.

As they slowly approached, Sarah was taken back with complete surprise as the elegant Fae Queen rushed towards them, scooping up her only son in a tight embrace. She stood off to the side, taking in the conversation between mother and son that then transpired with much amusement, finding the royal Fae to be sensible; down to earth even. Sarah found such to be highly amusing, especially considering she was a Fae, a royal one at that. She also couldn't help but find the High Queen's antics endearing in regards to her son, a notion that Sarah certainly envied Jareth of. Especially given the non-existent relationship she had with her own mother. Jareth's mother sincerely longed to see him, and concerned herself with his health. Sarah's on the other hand had saw it just as well to leave without so much as a goodbye, never to be heard from again; her career found to be far more important. Sarah was then pulled from thoughts she'd much rather forget by the deep, burly voice of the High King who quickly approached them; a smile upon his face that surely beamed with excitement to finally see his son after so long she was certain.

Upon Jareth finally introducing her, Sarah shoots a thoughtful, tight smile in the High King and Queen's direction while attempting at an elegant curtsey. "It's a pleasure and an honor to finally meet you both, your Majesty's." Sarah states, politely ignoring the High Queen's obvious astonishment that she was in fact human and not Fae. "Oh!" Sarah exclaims quickly with surprise as the Queen then pulls her into an embrace in which Sarah returns, slowly wrapping her arms around the Fae's petite frame. "The pleasure is all mine, I assure you." Sarah muses, her gaze averting to that of Jareth; bafflement clearly visible within her features.

The High Queen reluctantly pulled away from Sarah as the High King bellowed out his questioning in which Sarah gave a small nod of her head; a small smile playing upon her lips. "In the flesh." She states with sheer amusement within her tone, her being shifting towards that of the High King as he took her hands in his much larger one. Upon him congratulating her, Sarah averts her gaze to that of Jareth to scope out his reaction before returning her attentions to his father with a curt nod. "Thank you, your Majesty. I must say, I found doing such to be a piece of cake.." She inquires, her last words spoken slowly and with emphasis as her green orbs slowly avert to that of Jareth, a coy, teasing smirk slowly tugging at the corners of her lips. At the High King's whispered words, Sarah couldn't help but stifle a laugh, her attention once again upon the Goblin King who seemed slightly annoyed that the truth had come out, yet it had been the truth nonetheless. Such was more than evident by his annoyance alone. His denial only added to Sarah's certainty that such was true, causing her to flash a sympathetic side smile in his direction.

~prєcíσus thíng~

Dec 3rd 2018 07:47

Sarah's eyes slowly fell shut as the gloved tips of her darling Goblin King's fingers made contact with her fair cheek, an endearing gesture that she was more than happy to accept. She leans into his touch with a quiet sigh of content, her soft, green orbs slowly fluttering open to gaze within his mismatched ones as he spoke. "I love you, Jareth.." She says simply yet sincerely, cupping his gloved hand with her own and gently squeezes. "Shhh, you'll never have to know.." Her words leave her lips in a soft, hushed tone at his questioning as her index finger lightly brushes his bottom lip. She then slowly leans forward to place a soft, loving kiss upon his cheek, and then his lips.

"Oh? So you agree that I was a foolish teenager then? Very rude, your majesty.." Sarah teases laughingly with a shake of her head. "You're right, though....fate would have surely brought us together once again. So, I suppose it was beneficial that I was so foolish." She muses in a teasing tone once more before offering her beloved a playful wink. "I really don't think crashing the party with the Cleaners would make it any less dull... A mess maybe, but not exciting." Sarah states, narrowing her green orbs in Jareth's direction, a playful smirk finding her peach colored lips. "Let's just leave the Cleaners out of this one, shall we?" Sarah questions with an arch of her dark colored brow in his direction, sheer amusement etched within her lovely features.

Sarah's attention was only momentarily compromised due to the misspeaking of Hoggle's title as her eyes slowly avert from her future husband to the many sets of immortal eyes that were now seemingly upon her. She even discarded Jareth's excuse as to why such had occurred, her attention fully upon the hushed whispers that seemed to both envelope and unnerve her. Even the clear disappointment upon Hoggle's face at his misspoken title went unnoticed. "I'm sure it was.." She muses dreamily, her gaze still drifting around the room of Fae which she wasn't sure accepted or disapproved of her presence, and with the Goblin King himself nonetheless.....she could only assume a mixture of both. As her gaze then flickers back to Jareth, she was more than in awe of just how calm and collected he had seemed to be. It was as if being in the presence of a mere mortal at a Ball full of immotal royalty that he hadn't attended in decades she was certain didn't bother him in the least.

As Hoggle's proper title was being announced, the dwarf had certainly been oblivious to such....glowing, bright blue eyes in a shroud of darkness within a hooded robe seemed to be of higher importance at the time. Who had she been? And, why had her presence seemed so....odd; out of place even? Question after question seemed to invade Hoggle's mind as he glanced from one corner of the grand room to the other for even a glimpse of mysterious figure. He couldn't help but feel unease in relation to the harrowing presence he had so previously come in contact with, but since she....or it had decided to vanish into thin air, he didn't see any reason to cause an uproar. If only he would have thought against his initial decision, or so he'd soon find out later that he indeed should had....

As Jareth led Sarah across the dance floor, she had tried her best to keep her line of sight ahead of her. Of course, she found doing such to be very difficult due to the vast amount of whispers that seemed to flow around her, causing her heart to beat wildly against her ribcage. "A human?! Here?! At the Ball?! What is she doing here?! The gull of him to bring with him a mere mortal... Preposterous!" Sarah gulps quickly as she makes her way past a dainty Fae female that seemed to be one of those disapproving of her presence, her tone well over a whisper. Sarah could feel her alien eyes of the most peculiar color of violet that she had ever seen burning holes clear to her very soul. Her hair was dark, almost as black as night but held a sheen like that of the precious black onyx with porcelain, almost iridescent skin to boot. The awkward unease only intensified as she caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye of the Fae's female companion shaking her head full of hair the color of burning embers with disgust. Such causes Sarah to clench Jareth's gloved hand that much tighter, for surely he had heard and seen both of the Fae's distaste. Had they simply been jealous? Perhaps, they had even been the Fae that had vied for Jareth's affections in the past; ones he had spoken of, and not highly to say the least. If that had been the case, Sarah was certainly flabbergasted. They were the most beautiful, and elegant creatures Sarah had ever laid eyes on, and she couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy herself.

Sarah was more than relieved upon leaving the two clearly displeased Faes far behind and Jareth continued to lead her elegantly forward, only to falter in his steps a mere few feet away from the front of the grand room. Sarah's unease quickly renews itself within the pit of her stomach upon noticing the two Fae standing off to themselves in a very noble and honorable fashion. It took her mere seconds upon studying their attire of grandeur for Sarah to realize who they were....the High King and Queen; Jareth's parents above all. Such saw Sarah gulping the nerves that had formed within her throat quickly away; her heart now seemingly pounding within her ears. This was it, and there was no turning back as the duo seemed to peer at both she and Jareth with sheer curiosity etched upon their elegant faces. Sarah's mind was reeling with what she'd in fact say upon being face to face with the royals, but such was short lived as she was snapped from her thoughts and wariness by that of Jareth's questioning. "A...as ready as I'll ever be.." She muses, her words almost a choked whisper as she gives Jareth's gloved hand a slight squeeze with her bare, clammy one.

~prєcíσus thíng~

Nov 1st 2018 17:26

The warmth she felt from the kiss they had so previously shared carried over with his endearing words, bringing a soft smile of adoration and gratitude to Sarah's peach colored lips. She peered up at her sweet Goblin King with green orbs that harbored unconditional love as she listened with attentiveness as he spoke; his accent rich and titillating to her senses. Everything about Jareth made her feel things she had no idea a mere human could feel. He truly was a mysterious wonder. "Then for that, I am truly honored, my love.. You have no idea how happy you make me, and just by your endearing words alone. How could anyone ever see you as anything else than a rare jewel? I'm so humbled to have been able to to see the shine underneath of the diamond I've surely found.." She muses with sincerity within her tone, a soft sigh of content emitting from her as she simultaneously leans up to place a gentle kiss upon his smooth cheek.

At his words of reassurance, Sarah gives a vague nod of her head with understanding, and to assure him that she trusted the words he uttered fully. "If you believe it, it must be true. You do know your parents far better than anyone. I'm sure I'll love them as well. How could I not? They gave life to my very reason for breathing.." She coos with soft spoken words, returning his squeeze of her hand with a gentle one of her own as her gaze met his entrancing one.

She couldn't help but emit a light laugh at his words which were muffled as she leans forward to bury her face in the leanness of his chest. She slowly tilts her head upward, her chin resting upon his chest as she peers up at him; her green orbs glittering with amusement. "What should I say if it does other than that I was a foolish teenager with a foolish mind? Surely they'd understand my reasoning for rejecting you.." She teases, offering him a playful wink before yet another giggle passes through her glossy lips. "Oh, Jareth.. My darling Jareth.. If only I had asked you to take Toby when I was of age, and far more wiser. Perhaps things would have been different.." She explains, her index finger lazily dragging along the outskirts of his toned torso. It was then that she followed his gaze, her attention settling upon the magnificent sight in the distance; her future husband's childhood home. No matter how nervous she might very well have been, she couldn't help but feel a tinge of excitement; excitement at knowing she'd soon gain knowledge that she so desperately yearned for in relation to her darling Goblin King.

"That is very good news. Besides, I'm pretty sure a mere human would be the least of this party's worries if the Cleaners were to make an appearance." She muses with a nervous laugh before casting a slight smirk in his direction. Upon reaching the doors, her eyes settling upon the Fae who gaped back in return; Sarah was more than certain her heart would burst right through her chest as it pounded wildly against her ribcage. If just one Fae regarded her with such shock and surprise, she could only imagine how a room full of them might react. It was then that she silently voiced her concern by means of slowly peering up at Jareth; her wariness clearly visible upon her lovely features.

Upon making their entrance, Sarah couldn't very well tell if her heart was sinking due to her nerves and present anxieties, or soaring due to just how familiar the festivities within seemed to be. It was as if she had stepped right into her peach dream from so long ago, the only difference being that no face of elegance was hidden by that of a mask. The sound of harmonious music that infiltrated her ears was quickly drowned out by the pounding of her heart as all eyes settled upon the trio as the Fae she now knew to be the steward announced them to everyone in attendance. As the steward first announced Jareth with his given title, Sarah's orbs flicker slowly around the room; averting from one corner to the other as several sets of eyes seemingly gawked up at her. Unease then pooled into the pit of her stomach as she simultaneously gulped away the nerves that settled within her throat as the steward then announced her as the Champion of the Labyrinth. The buzz of quiet whispers that filled the room in relation to her title saw Sarah shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other. Oh how she hated feeling such a way, but it was then that she wished that there had been a chair nearby that would have very well freed her from her present anxieties as it had before. Yet, this wasn't a dream, this was real; the stares of both shock and awe....they were very much real.

Her anxieties were put on hold momentarily upon the steward finally announcing Hoggle, a presence that she had momentarily forgotten about due to her own onslaught of nerves. It was then that the wariness she might have felt surely couldn't have held a candle to what Hoggle might have felt as he was announced as the 'Prince of the Land of Stench'. Sarah's eyes widened at the title uttered by the steward, her gaze slowly averting to him as she slightly scowled. "That's not his title.. Jareth.." She whispers, elbowing the Goblin King gently in his ribs as her scowl of a gaze averted to him. Defeated by the notion of Jareth leading her forward, she simply sighs raggedly as she follows suit; casting a look of sympathy down at her dear friend whose face was the color of crimson.

"It's Hoggle; the Prince of the Outskirts of the Labyrinth.." Hoggle mutters sadly as he follows slowly behind his King and Queen; his gaze to the floor due to his present embarrassment. It was then that he brushed against material made of the finest satin, and he knew then and there that he had already made a mishap by running into a Fae. He faltered in his steps as he gulps quickly, slowly peering up upon the one he thought to be a Fae; his bottom lip quivering. "I's.. I's sorry.." He says with a tremble in his voice, his gaze upon the presence that loomed over him. "You should be, you disgusting creature. Or, should I say the Prince of the Land of Stench? It's fitting, I must say." The voice was feminine, but sinister in nature, yet Hoggle couldn't see the face of the Fae he had run into due to the hood of the robe she donned covering her head and face. Dread pooled into the pit of Hoggle's stomach as the blackness within the hood was illuminated by the brightness of two blue orbs; eery and mysteriously strange. Without another word, he quickly turns on his heel, his features twisted with fright as he scurries towards the direction of Jareth and Sarah. Upon reaching the duo, he releases a pent up breath by means of a relieved sigh before slowly turning his head to peer behind him. His eyes in turn widen as he glances around the room of conversing Fae, finding and much to his surprise that the hooded, and mysterious presence was nowhere in sight. 

~prєcíσus thíng~

Oct 15th 2018 18:50

Sarah's very breath caught in her throat by means of a quiet, sharp inhalation at the Goblin King's sincere words. A small smile then finds her peach colored lips at his gesture of placing a hand over his heart to reinforce his sincerity. Everything about her beloved future husband was endearing, and she was more than inclined to believe every word that passed through his tantalizing lips. "I'm looking forward to it, my love. I've wanted it to be real for far longer than you truly know.." She muses with sincerity of her own as her big, green orbs wander over his mysterious, yet handsome features with sheer adoration. "Sweet and true, my darling Goblin King.." She affirms with soft spoken words as she offers him a thoughtful, bright smile.

As always seemed to be the case, Sarah lost all sense of time as well as her inhibitions momentarily as she and Jareth shared a meaningful, loving kiss that surely sealed her aforementioned love for him. As it then broke slowly and naturally, she was reluctant in letting their act of endearment end as she leans in quickly to steal another kiss from his sweet lips before pulling back with a soft sigh. A ghost of a smile then finds her lips as the warmth of his hand even through the leather glove he donned could be felt against her own; her breath hitching in her throat once again as his odd hues locked with her own. "Nowhere near as lucky as I am to have been so humbly chosen in being the one to stand by your side, darling.. There's nowhere I'd rather be, and I'll remain by your side through it all. Until I breathe my last breath.." She states, emotion dripping from every word as she quietly chokes them out. Never had Sarah ever been rendered so emotional in the presence of another, yet this wasn't just anyone, this man was her future; her very destiny.

Sarah vaguely gave a nod of her head at his words as she gulped away the onset of both nerves and the return of her nausea with a quick, small smile pulling at the corners of her glossy, peach colored lips. "Of course; I know they're not used to being in the presence of humans. So, therefore I can't hold them accountable for what they believe of me or any of us for that matter." Sarah inquires, hoping that her acknowledgement and understanding of his parents would give the Goblin King slight peace of mind in introducing them. On the outside, she showed nothing but confidence in meeting the High King and Queen yet on the inside, she was literally screaming at herself to get a hold of herself and her nerves.

Perhaps for denying their son ten years ago by rejecting his offers to stay with him? To not fear him, love him, and doing what he says?" She questions in an almost teasing manner as a small smirk tugs at the corners of her lips whilst she shifts slowly towards the warmth of his being. Her light hearted teasing was meant to assure her dear future husband that he had succeeded in easing her wary mind, and she had surely hoped she had been successful as she leaned into his frame upon his arm slipping around her shoulders. Gooseflesh is left in the wake of his gloved fingertips stroking at her arm, causing her to let her eyes fall shut momentarily to relish in the feel of his gentle touch. At the answering of her previous question, Sarah yet again gulps quickly as her widened, green orbs wander over the castle that either Jareth couldn't seem to peel his eyes away from; it was as if he was seeing it for the very first time as she surely was. She was more than certain that childhood memories were what was taking hold of her very life's mind in the present moment, a thought that made her vaguely smile.

At Hoggle's words that earned a roll of his eyes from the Goblin King, Sarah couldn't help but stifle a laugh with a hand. Shaking her head; memories of when she had first met Hoggle invaded her mind. At first, she had thought it wicked of him to be eliminating the faeries in such a way, that was until she had been bitten by one of the mischievous, little creatures. Such was a thought that she was very much relieved that she had pondered upon, especially considering the upcoming circumstances. She was then snapped away from her thoughts as Jareth then took her hand and placed it in the crook of his arm, her heart now hammering against her ribcage as she knew what would surely transpire next. The leading to the castle where Fae of nobility and honorable proportions took part and gathered for merriment purposes. She already felt like a fish out of water, and she hadn't even passed through the doors yet. Jareth must have sensed her feelings of nervousness and unsettlement as he then teased her with words uttered so long ago. Sarah then playfully glares up at him with a slight shake of her head before emitting a small, nervous laugh. "Well, I surely hope so. I'd reassure myself by saying the same, but we both know what happened last time I said such.." She muses with teasing words before throwing a wink in his direction. Surely playful banter would have been enough to calm her nerves as the Goblin King slowly led her to the front doors that were more than intimidating; Hoggle following close behind, but it just wasn't so. Sarah's heart was pounding so hard that it could now be heard in her ears as she chanted in her mind, "I can do this; you've got this, Sarah. It's a piece of cake.." 

~prєcíσus thíng~

Sep 20th 2018 13:00

Sarah held her breath momentarily as the Goblin King's eyes swept over her form slowly, seemingly taking in every aspect of her as if it was the first time he had laid eyes upon her. She took such an opportunity to do the same in return, admiring how he dressed so exquisitely and with familiarity; his blonde, wispy hair with touches of vibrant blue falling around his sharp features with such elegance. Sarah had nearly forgotten how to breathe as she finally exhales her held breath by means of an amused sigh at Jareth's words. Her cheeks flush a deep crimson then as she subtly chews upon her bottom lip; whether the heat in her cheeks was from his words or just his mere presence alone, she couldn't very well tell. She assumed it was a mixture of both, especially as her very breath catches in her throat by just the subtle movement of him shifting closer. "Perhaps some other time. I prefer not to dream this night away, but to live it with my eyes wide open.. My peach dream come true." She muses, her words merely a choked whisper due to the realization that the Goblin King's odd orbs were once again taking in her form, causing her to gulp quickly; a ghost of a smile visible upon her glossy lips.

Vulnerability; sweet vulnerability was then what Sarah felt as Jareth's words left his lips in that hypnotic, accented voice that seductively enthralled her sense of hearing. Her eyes slowly fall shut as his delicate, gloved fingertips make contact with the smooth skin of her face, making it quite difficult for her not to lean into his velvet touch. Even with the barrier of leather that kept skin from touching skin, a slight tremble still manages to dance down Sarah's spine at Jareth's intimate gesture. He had the slightest clue of how just a simple touch could have her completely and utterly weak at the knees; a notion that not even the most detailed of words could explain. "Almost as beautiful, stunning, and breathtaking as you are, hmm?" She finally manages to question through the momentary loss of her composure as her big, green eyes meet his titillating gaze; the ache now to cover his lips with her own almost dizzying.

"All of my dreams already have come true, my sweet Goblin King.. You granted them the moment you confessed your unconditional love for me.. A lifetime with you as your wife and Queen are what dreams are made of.." She states sincerely with soft spoken words, pure adoration etched within her fair features as Jareth leaned affectionately into her loving touch. At his words that always seemed to have Sarah's heart skipping beats within her chest, her yearning gets the best of her as she slowly leans in to capture his soft lips with her own in a needful, gentle kiss. "Not nearly as much as I love you.." Sarah coos with soft, muffled words against her future husband's lips as she gently places a hand upon his toned chest.

Sarah gives a vague nod of her head at Jareth's reassurance that her nerves were for nothing, yet her forced smile that followed proved that the nervousness she felt wouldn't diminish soundly. For she'd soon be in a room full of otherworldly creatures after all; the Fae. Surely not all of them would be as welcoming of her into their festivities as Jareth's parents surely were, a thought that saw the onset of nausea within the pit of Sarah's stomach once more. Of course, this was no time for her to voice her worries, so she simply agreed. The kiss that he then planted upon her temple somewhat comforted her as she emits a quiet sigh, her green orbs now locked upon his mismatched ones-her saving grace, it seemed. "If you say there is nothing to worry about, then I must believe it to be so. I trust you.." She states with deepest sincerity as a soft smile tugs at the corners of her peach colored lips. Even with a subtle doubt lingering in her mind, Jareth's words were all that was needed to put her mind at ease. At least, in the present moment.

Sarah gulps the lump in her throat quickly away as an orb manifests itself upon the tips of Jareth's gloved fingers, her heart hammering wildly against her ribcage with knowing what was to be expected next. Her eyes slowly fall shut as she braces herself for transport with a quick intake of air through her nose that just as quickly leaves her glossy lips. If she had felt nauseous earlier, she could only imagine what their means of travel would cause if she hadn't heeded previous warnings to close her eyes. Sensing not even a hint of movement, she slowly opens her eyes to find Jareth gazing down at her; his expression more serious and almost solemn. At his words that seemed to be more of a warning than a reminder, Sarah arches a dark colored brow in Jareth's direction; clearly curious as to what the reasoning could be for her being forbidden to drink the wine. Not wanting to add to the unsettling feeling at the pit of her stomach, she simply nods with understanding; even if she didn't understand in the slightest. 

"You're asking me to excuse your parents? I'm the human basically crashing a Fae party here. And not just any Fae; :royal: Fae at that. I think it is them who will have to excuse :me:." Sarah teases before emitting a light laugh that easily gave away the fact that she was still slightly nervous. "I just hope that they'll like me.. That's truly all I'm concerned about." She states with a quiet sigh before leaning into his embrace, readying herself now for transportation. With that, Sarah's eyes simultaneously fall shut tightly with the crystal being tossed to their feet, her breath held within her lungs as she sensed the world whirling around her. In an instant, everything around Sarah was at a standstill once more; coaxing her to slowly open her eyes. What she gazed upon once opening her eyes left her both speechless and awestruck as she practically gawked at the sight before her; a castle. And not just any castle, but one that could definitely put any of the others she had seen or even read about in her fairy tales to shame.

"That... That is the High Court?" Sarah questions, finally peeling her gaze away from the castle and all it's glory long enough to acknowledge the Goblin King and his words. He had been so nonchalant in addressing the lavish castle as his home away from home while Sarah stood mere inches away from him; her jaw dropped and her green orbs glazed over with awe. Jareth's hand making contact with her own was enough to snap her away from her wonderment as she peered over at him, a small smile finding her peach colored lips. "I guess this is it, right?" Just as her question left her lips, Hoggle appeared at their side as if out of thin air, and much to Sarah's relief. For Hoggle's presence surely indicated that Sarah wouldn't be the only one to feel like that of a fish out of water. A human showing up to a Fae Ball was one thing, but Sarah knew that a dwarf showing up was a different thing entirely. She almost felt sorry for her dear friend, she knew he must have been nervous.

Hoggle couldn't help but quietly huff at his Majesty's words, even if he knew for certain that he was simply giving him a hard time for the mere fun of it. Typical Jareth, Hoggle thought to himself as he casually rolled his eyes yet nodded his head curtly just the same to acknowledge his King. "Well, you's can blame them ole faeries for that. They get worse everyday, I tell ya'..." Hoggle states with a ragged sigh and a vague shake of his head, his eyes shifting to that of the Goblin King as he cleared his throat. A ghost of a smile soon found the dwarf's lips as he took notice of Sarah; his dear friend whom looked just as lovely now all dressed up in elegance as she did in her signature attire. It was then that he took his place at Sarah's side opposite of Jareth, making sure he was out of earshot before whispering. "You's ready for this, Sarah?" Hoggle questions, arching a curious, bushy brow in her direction. Sarah sighs quietly with a simultaneous nod of her head. "As ready as I'll ever be.. If I can make it through the Labyrinth, I can make it through this. And this is far less intimidating." She muses confidently yet with breathy words as she exhaled pent up air from her lungs quickly. Hoggle leaves it at that as he slowly turns towards the castle with a ragged sigh leaving his lips.


Mizumi stood upon a hill that overlooked the High Court; her piercing, deep blue eyes taking in the scene below with callousness etched within her gaze. A devilish smirk plays upon her lips as the teardrop that marked her skin just below her bottom lip glowed eerily; her long, silvery tresses of hair that would have easily gave her away now tucked beneath the enclosure of her hooded, yet elaborately tailored robe. Even with knowing that a single word from her lips would keep her hidden from Fae and human eyes alike, keeping a low profile was a must.

"Anything?" She questions the night air before slowly turning her head just as Esker takes his place at her side. He vaguely shakes his head with a 'no' reverberating from his sown shut mouth. "Good, then we are ready to descend. You're to stay in the shadows of the gardens; not letting anyone notice your presence until you're needed. :If: you're needed, I should say. I'm sure we'll have no issues to challenge. We'll prove to be successful." She adds, venom dripping from her words as she narrowed her gaze in the direction of the castle; her otherworldly yet beautiful features twisted now with loathing. "Come, now; it is time to take action. Let us take the first step towards claiming what is rightfully ours. The sooner we get rid of that human wretch, the sooner everything else falls into place; and Jareth falls into my possession. He's sure to come crawling back; pathetic, and heart broken. His will more than shattered." Mizumi hisses her words, pleased with what would very well come as her smirk diminishes to that of a more solemn expression. She takes in a deep breath of the cool, crisp air through her nose, exhaling it slowly as her vile nature is put on display by her facial expressions alone. "You should have just given your heart freely, Goblin King. Now, I shall take it, and break it in two.. Time is officially up for you and your Kingdom.." Mizumi mutters her words into the night as she sets forth with sinister purpose.


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