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RP counts (Crossed out means you cannot choose them)
Kyoka Tengetsu - 0
Kaigeki Nagase - 0
Kenji Miyazaki - 0
Mitase Kakizaki - 0
Kaori Izumi - 0
Anji Sakurazaki - 1
Yamato Akashi - 0
Ayumi Asakura - 0
Aya Tatsumiya - 0
Hanzo Ayase - 0
Haru Orunita - 1
Kyosuke Shishigami - 0
Ako Maehara - 0
Akiko Maehara - 0
Keiichi Ishiwatari - 1
Daisuke Funamizu - 0
Eiji Takahashi - 1
Yasunori Okawa - 1
Katashi Tsujitani - 1
Kazuhiro Yamaji - 0
Alastor Kochiya - 0
Lazlo Yamamoto - 0
Zane Mori - 0
Tomokazu Nomura - 0
Takehiro Uematsu - 0
Hideyuki Konoe - 0
Chizuru Ishizuki - 0
Kajin Takamoto - 1
Kazekiri Fujiwara - 1
Hiro Morikawa - 0
Raigeki Mizusawa - 1
Kana Kakihara - 0
Kazuya Kishi - 1
Tetsuya Hikida - 0

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Song Dedications

Battle Hymn of Souls - Main Profile Song
A Walk Down The Trail - Dedicated for Galilea Valentine & Haru Orunita
Todoke Kanai Kimochi - From Kyosuke Shishigami to Hitomi Aria (Unrequited love)
Kanae no Kimochi - Dedicated for Kaori Izumi & Musiqa Zailvera
I Believe (Instrumental) - Dedicated for Ramona Mills & Katashi Tsujitani
夕秋の草の海~月詠草~ - Dedicated for ????
夏陽炎 - Dedicated for Shiro Mizuki & Eiji Takahashi
凛音天聖 - Dedicated for ????
澄空の唄 - Dedicated for ????
春風 - Dedicated for ????
東方神舞ノ月 - Dedicated to ????
Rocketeer - Dedicated to Genvira Lobo from Kazuhiro Yamaji
Smile - Dedicated for Katsumi Funaki & Kaigeki Nagase

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Addy Moscato

Jan 1st 2016 15:11

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sep 7th 2015 14:09

Ello dear. Thank you for accepting my add, I really appreciate it.
Lต๑ๅr W๏งh๊ง

Dec 8th 2014 15:11

Thank you for the help :) I think I want to rp with Tetsuya. Any of mine catch your eye? I dont have many but after they start rping I might get around to making more.
Lต๑ๅr W๏งh๊ง

Dec 5th 2014 22:43

First off thank you for the add, Secondly could you please help me filter through your characters. Which are still available and why they are divided in three categories. Sorry if I'm rude by asking I just need a little guidance..
Bane Multi Roleplayer

Jun 27th 2012 14:39

ooc: I'll send a starter in a moment
Bane Multi Roleplayer

Jun 27th 2012 14:32

Ooc: I was thinking about him with my Maryse? She's in my Models album
Bane Multi Roleplayer

Jun 27th 2012 14:29

ooc: Hello. I was wondering if I could r/p with Yasunori Okawa
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