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On any information regarding your Gods The Helljumpers thanks you for your cooperation
Mission Weather
- overcast 10℃
- light rain 9℃
- dense fog 10℃
- heavy rain 8℃
Zodiac ✪ Aspects ♈♉♊♋
Thirty-Fifth Edition N⁰ 999257 - Alaska - US TODAY in Archer Everything is shrouded in darkness and when everything comes to light at the end of the day everything shall be revealed.
Lord Vamps

History Where to start? His history... Well no one really knows Vamps history; however a better question to ask would be what part of his history do you wish to know. One thing his known for is destruction and mayhem, I am sure he will do it in the past, present and future. He seems to be fond of carnage and from what he says he his often betrayed by those closest to him. That's a brief but short history.

Bold Italic Emphasize Underline strike strong

Present Day What does he do now you ask? Well.. he does whatever the hell he wants truly, no matter what it takes. However he seems to always have an ear to the floor when it comes to Gods many soldiers believe he hates them others say he just likes to clash with them and often. He seems to have taken a liking to using explosives recently. What else is there to say... Oh and he likes to random magic tricks but be careful though those magic tricks aren't always safe.

He's.. well he is a rumor, drifter whatever you wish to call it. Going from place to place he doesn't really have anywhere to call home as many have. Growing fond of anything isn't his forte. He is also reported to like reading books and is said to have one of the largest libraries in the world; however no one has ever actually reported seeing the size of it before or know where it is at.

Birthdate: Doesn't have one
Birthplace: Darkness, Space, Void
Blood status: Toxic to those who dare to drink
Marital status: Married to the job?
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair | Eye colour: Red | Crimson and Ocean Deep Blue
Fears: Not having enough explosives
Weapon(s): Four Swords, Two guns and whatever he has up his sleeves not limited to flowers and all the way up to having explosives. One time he has even taken out a car.
Fav. Attack: Explosions
Occupation: Hunter, researcher, Kingdom ruler, recruiter, the list goes on but those are the most recent
House: Helljumpers
Loyalty: Helljumpers, Independent Fleet, Dreadnought Horde, M
Family: M, Symphonia Luka Vamps, Euphemia Miku Vamps, Cornelia Yuuka Vamps
Personality: Explosive, magical, taking charge, anti-social, hot headed
Military Reports

Dreadnought Horde Training Days The Dreadnought clan is one of the most fearsome schools of military training to ever be heard of. They put special forces and marine units to shame in almost everyway possible and at times its simply unbelievable. But meeting some of the people from there will quickly change your mind. Of course the most advanced class everyone wishes to get into even from their starting days as a freshmen are the Helljumpers. This people are like the heroes of legends we all read about in manga, anime and books. Extradinary indivuals who go out of there to make everything right and help out whenever they can. They aren't to be underestimated and heres why.

They have been reported to have been trained by some of the best in the business and even had powers passed down to them if they didn't already have powers in the first place. These people go toe to toe with Gods, Immortals, famed vampires and the list goes on and yet they survive. Persist and continue to push forward until the day they can truly call themsleves a Hellrider. Spitting in the face of hell and following their leader into a blaze of glory.

Memories of Last Year
When they need the big guns they call us in. We will burn all to ash. Oh and we are offer cookies and food and baths and bubbles and fire and weapons if you are looking to join! Quick ad on lock down! So, how do you think I did..? Wait stop typing everything I say!

Helljumpers is a specialized class for the best of the best to literally combat everything from simple humans to the upper divine divisions of enemies. They are located within the school known was the Dreadnought clan which is housed in the country known as The Independent Fleet. A military country that grew so strong that it constantly outputs elite hero units.

The Independent Fleet started out as a simple guild or merc outfit for hire and eventually grew large with each victory. The original members of the Fleet went their seperate ways when it became a country mainly at what they wanted to do. One established the Dreadnought Horde School, one went into advising others went to just doing whatever they wanted even inviting people into the country.

The schools model is. "We only fear not having enough enemies to kill."


Helljumpers are known to be fearless and are ready to jump into battle in the thick of it. At a seconds notice they armed to the teeth and ready to engage all the time. They are known to pierce through defenses with relative ease.

Launching from space or other means, they are prone to fighting anywhere at anytime. Each time they goto battle they are known for victory and causing destruction like their leader before them. Some are even known to dye their hair like his.


The leaders and many others are known to dye their hair a dark or bright red in honor of their leader. They are also known to like burning things and have a hot head. Even the ones most calm seem ready to strike at anyone at anytime.

Other classes see them as slackers when they say they are just laying around, and hate how arrogant they appear to be when in battle. Talking about how they are the big guns, even if they are they others don't like it even a little bit. However they get the job done and no one could complain about that.

Loadout Skills
Best Subject: Explosives
Worst Subject: Water
Favorite Subject: Blood
Favorite Professional: M
Least Favorite Professional: The Goddess Rain
Weapon Skill Level Score
Bombs: A; Medical Abilities: E; Charms: E; Defense Against CQC: C; Magicial Ability: F; Sword Skill: A; History of Weapon Use: A; Magic Use: B
Overall Kill Score and Descruction Caused on a daily Basis
If you would prefer to use this section for connection links, you can add links as per below. Otherwise, just remove this information. Name here Name here

The third target, was recently found while heading to operation M.O. Going from town to town, city from city, she was good at covering tracks for a long while she eluded the Agents of Dread for a long time. Being in the area at the time, Vamps collected some information on her before immediatly engaging his target in effort to recruit her.


L, the first target and recruited person from an Asylum she was recently taken from said place and it was left completely in ashes. The little arsonist seems to be good at her job, Vamps plans on putting her to good use, and hopes that she's a good pyromanic.


Lillian was a contract hit, along with her friend but both of them were soon captured by Vamps. Lillian proves to be unstable but possives strong telekinesis powers due to some strange science. However they were soon killed off in the middle of the night. Everyday she is practicing her powers and learning to use them differently. One step out of time of course. She seems to not like being touched so much, even from from people close to her.

Symphonia Luka Vamps

Symphonia is the first child of Vamps and has matured of age long before many of you were first thought of. She's as prone to killing as her father; however unlike her father she really has no problem killing anything. To the point she killed her own twin sister with her bare two hands. Shortly after killing her sister, she killed her mother as well with the same hands and showed no signs of fatigue nor damage. Skilled in close quarters combat, she is someone you don't want to fight on a bad day much less a good day. If you ever see her all we can suggest is that you back off immediatly and don't attempt to taunt her in anyway. She is also easily made jealous and that was her stated reason for killing her parent and sister. Although many theories she killed them simply because she could and no other reason. She now spends her time mainly off planet and likes to mess with her father's plans whenever she can.

Euphemia Miku Vamps

Like her predecessor before her to also stake her claim at Vamps's name. She too had killed her twin sister; however in a completely different manner. She drowned her to death without mercy and took complete delight in watching her die slowly and painfully. Once she finished killing her she two killed her mother and went off on her own after that. Fond of water she can usually be heard singing in the rain, even from a far. Most likely if she is singing she is busy drowning someone to death, so watch yourself around water. Especially if you hear her voice, it supposedly sounds better then mermaids attracting sailors to their doom. She excels at using water to her advantage and since their is usually so much of it around she can use AoE damage easily.

Cornelia Yuuka Vamps

The most tactical of the one's to kill their sisters and mothers; after some time their seemed to be peace between the families and no deaths had occured for a long while. That was until Cornelia convinced her sisters on a rainy day to go out and play. Telling them that someone who can grant all their wishes will come only if you can pass her battle trail. Each of them eagerly ran off to go get their wishes granted many of whom just wished to be stronger. Watching them from a far with her gaze, she lead them all to one of the older sisters she heard about from her father. She watched as each one got killed and laughed amused by each one of them dying. After they all died, she went on to kill each of their mothers using only a butter knife and a few gallons of gas. Still regretting what she done unlike the other two she spends her days pondering why she did it and drinks heavy liquor to help her mind forget.


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