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there lovers and friends and other people
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if you want a guy or girl as a request then send a message and put in the subject line as request♥
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Girl friends here vvv
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Elijah's girlfriend. Elijah; baby you took my heart and put it back together again like it was nothing your my true love and i can't wait to have our son together i love you so much
picture or riley and lana
about her here

Boyfriends here vvvv
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Adam is Khloes boyfriend,they grew up with each other their parents are best friends and they are best friends they are dating and no one knows yet but when they do they will have to sneak to see each other.Khloe: baby i love you so much and i can't wait to one day be your wife and the mother of your babies i have never loved someone so much in my life your my world and i can't wait till the day i can call you my husband
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Kacen is Nates boyfriend. Nate: baby we have been best friends for the longest time and U'm so glad your my boyfriend now i love you so much
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Jake is Lydias boyfriend. Lydia: Jake you and me have know each other since we were in the crib together and i am so glad you asked me to be your girlfriend i love you so so much
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Eddie is Rachels boyfriend. Rachel: Eddie baby since i met you my life has not been the same you are so perfect in every way i love you so much and i cant wait to be your wife♥


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About me:
Couples&Friends&Family Pictures
Requested guys and girls must have requested someone to see pictures
About my guys and girls Here comment pictures in display album if you want to role play with them All Charters are looking for FRIENDS
Skyler is a father of a baby boy name Aiden he has been hurt before by two people but he is falling for a girl name Kale who helps him take care of his son he is looking for more friends hes single but not looking
Sarah is single and is 18 she loves Bvb she shy at times she is really flirty shes bi but is way into guys more but still likes guys
Alex is a loveable guy hes very romantic guy hes a single father of a gorgeous daughter name kimmie hes single and looking for a cutie guy or girl to help him with his daughter.
Khloe is Taken By Adam she is a very shy girl but flirty but loves her boyfriend more than anyone she sneaks around alot cuz his parents dont let them act how they use to before they started dating and even tho all they want to do is cuddle in bed
Nate is Taken and a dorky guy he loves playing video games hes romantic and loves cuddling with his boyfriend he loves him so much
Amber is a 17 single heartbroken girl who wants to find mr. right shes been hurt more than once but thinks there is someone out there for her she is a very bubble person
Elijah is Taken By Paige and is expecting a son hes in love with his girlfriend and do anything for her
Lydia is Taken By Jake and in love with him she is loveable person
Collin is single but is crushing he plays basketball and loves music hes a emo who plays sports he loves to show off the girl or guy he is dating off
Katie is sigle and crushing she is shy but flirty when it comes to someone she thinks is cute she loves tats and concerts
Alec is Taken by Avery he loves to show his girlfriend off hes a big flirt and love to party and a romantic
Mariah is single and looking shes loves to dye her hair she shy but is a loveable girl she would love to show off a guy if she finds one
Tyler is Taken By Xavier he is in love and trys to keep to his boyfriend all the girls and guys in his school like him cuz they want to be his but he dont like them
Cat is single and shy she dyes her hair all the time shes really flirty but when she has someone she dont flirt with anyone but them
Joe is taken By Kat he has 2 kids with one on the way he is a family guy he loves his family so much
Emily is single but likes someone she is very shy but can be the most flirty but open person there is she loves guys
Justin is single and looking he tends to keep to himself but would love to meet someone to fall in love with and friends
Liz is single and looking she dyes her hair alot she is a very open girl she loves to show herself off and would love someone to show off and show her off
Aiden is taken By Kelsey he has 4 kids 2 girls and 2 boys he is a very loving person and loves to be around his family and best friend
Ellena is single she is a very bubbly girl she loves to shop and wants to have a cutie to call her own
Micah is 21 and single and looking he is shy so he dont talk much when hes around girls but once he gets close to them he cant shut up
Rainy is 20 single and a very weird girl she changes how she is alot like what she likes and all she would love to find a mr. right or mrs. right.
Andy is single and looking he likes girls and is in a band he loves tats and loves to sing
Ryan is sigle and crushing hes shy and only really open with the guy he likes
Rachel is taken by Eddie she is in love with him she hopes to one day marrie him
Niall is Single and looking for a girlfriend he sings and loves sports

Who I'd like to meet:

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тяεεfιηgεяs - HAITUS - BACK 11/12

Sep 5th 2014 17:06

Hello. I was wondering if you would like to role play? :3
нεarт aттack❞

Jan 19th 2014 19:00

нεarт aттack❞

Nov 24th 2013 00:58

idle worship [multigirl]

Jun 12th 2013 22:06

Roleplay ?
Rachel Casillas ✌️

May 14th 2013 18:54

Ohh hellurrr there(:
I'm Rachel
As you may know first convos are awkward,
Well i'm really out there and outgoing.
So haiii.
Lets be friends? :)
I do pc4pc.
If you have aim add me elephantsarecool14
or if you have Skype add me Vivi14al
I mean if you'd like


Apr 27th 2013 00:58

Pick a guy and girl please.

The Modern Racket. [Multi]

Apr 21st 2013 19:41

Alright, would you mind starting?
The Modern Racket. [Multi]

Apr 14th 2013 12:48

Hey, could I rp with Tyler?

Apr 8th 2013 17:06

Role play?
We Should be Lovers (MCRP)

Sep 27th 2012 16:13

Jamie smiled wide and kissed Alex deeply. "I love you so much...." he whispered.
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