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31 years old
Mc Intosh, New Mexico
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August 26 2019

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GeneralAlright, this is for new friends on here as basic as I can manage: •I do prefer to write para and higher for all my stories, however the odd ball one liner is not going to be snubbed. Also I will tailor my writing to that of whomever I am writing with, so if you do not do para that doesn't mean we cant try out a line. •I don't do OOC drama. I recently deleted a longtime writing companion for bringing his real world issue with me into my status RP with another. I do not put up with bull sh*t so be safe don't try to pull any. •I am an adult, a mother and a wife. I don't mind mature RP however unless I am in the mood or have known you forever I will not RP sex. This is because I am not here to help you get off, don't like it? Delete me now. •I have many characters and I enjoy writing for all of them. There are long back stories for most of my characters especially the older ones. If you do not like the way a character acts then do not interact with that character anymore. Don't like that my infant dragon character is too young to be able to use speech? That's fine, but do not start any bull sh*t about it. Refer to the I don't put up with bull sh*t line. •Just because one of my characters is nice, mean, beautiful, innocent, evil, etc. does not mean that all of them are. Please do not judge all my characters based on your interactions with one. •In RL I can be rather pleasant, even kind. However I can also be a real bitch and I have a list a mile long of people who will vouch for it. Do not try to start anything with the RL writer behind these characters. I don't deal with trolls, drama queens, bull sh*tters, ass holes, or nosey strangers. Lets be reasonable. All you need to know is I write and I'm a taken female. •If you are new to my friends list and I have not already sent you a greeting message expect one soon. You will have one month to reply. No reply after a month means you will be deleted. This just means acknowledge that I have messaged you and we can discuss a storyline. I am sure that I will think of more as I sit here and write but for now that is all. Also you need to know that my replies will be sparse and probably no more then a single paragraph as I have a busy life and only have phone access excepting the rare occasion. Thank you and I look forward to writing with you all.

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Characters: Vlad (the vampire), Joan (the ancient Dragoness), Godivinia (The dwarf Dragoness) + others
Verses: Open Verse.
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Any, Casual, Crossover, Custom, Fantasy, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:
Generally I am a very laid back person, but I do not put up with crap. I am here to Role play and create colorful and intruging story lines with other like minded people. I am a woman, but I do have male characters. So never for a moment get swept off you feet while role playing with said characters and ask for any personal OOC information. All you need to know about the RL me is; I am a woman, I am happily married with a beautiful daughter who is my first priority, and I do not put up with OOC RL drama on my Role playing profile. Thanks I will be posting descriptions and background information about each of my Characters in Blogs as I come up with or am inspired. I Role Play in messages, and prefer para or higher, also I write in third person, and expect anyone who writes with me to do the same. I will update my stream with information pertaining to weather I am busy with RL, and I would like to keep the comment section strictly for OOC updates i.e. "New photo album posted", "Thanks for the add" and so forth, also swift moving reply such as para or less. Photo comments can be IC. Thank you hope to write with you soon.:)
Who I'd like to meet:
Other individuals who are interested in creating stimulating story lines and role playing strictly for role play sake. I am not interested in meeting singles or trying to hook up with anyone, should a friendship grow between us that is awesome but I am not going to hook up with you so don't even try. I'm nice but screw around with that and I can be a real bitch.

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