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Rumplestiltskin son of a coward, raised by spinsters, the Dark One.
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Its Mr. Gold.every moment Ive spent on this earththats been my name..
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Magic is power.

Put a player here.

Novella/ Multi para


Owe ____ a comment.
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I am a difficult man to love.


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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Storybrooke, Maine
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Characters: Mr. Gold/ Rumplestiltskin
Verses: Once Upon a Time, OUAT, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Playbys: Robert Carlyle
Length: Novella
Genre: Gore, Heroes/Villains, Humor, Romance, Spar/Fighting, Television,
Status:In a relationship
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All magic comes with a price, dearie.

Mr. Gold is a middle-aged man who "owns" Storybrooke. His fairytale counterpart is Rumpelstiltskin. He is portrayed by Robert Carlyle. Mr. Gold is first seen in the Pilot, as Emma is checking into Granny's Bed and Breakfast. He is collecting rent money from Granny and Ruby, and wishes Emma an enjoyable stay. Then he leaves, and Ruby introduces him to Emma as the man that owns Storybrooke. Mr. Gold is next shown the night after Emma decides to stay in Storybrooke in the mayor's backyard. He congratulates her for being in high spirits. Regina, in return, replies that she has triumphed, but Gold tells her not to get ahead of herself, because he saw Emma and Henry together. He then says that she could have gone to him for help... for a price. He and Regina quickly get into an argument over Emma Swan, but Mr. Gold asks her to let him go with a "please" - a deal that had been made between them in Happily Ever After, that he wasn't supposed to know about. Regina lets him go with a stunned expression. A few nights later, Mr. Gold is locking up his shop. After he's gone, Ashley Boyd breaks in to steal a document. Mr. Gold catches her in the act and confronts her, but she pepper sprays him, knocking him out, and leaves. He then asks Emma Swan, a bailbondswoman, to help him find her. She agrees. She later finds Ashley's car on the side of the road and sees the girl ready to give birth. She is rushed to the hospital and delivers a healthy baby girl. Mr. Gold comes and asks to see Ashley, because he wants Alexandra for himself. Emma intervenes and, aftetr a brief discussion, Gold agrees to leave Ashley in peace. In return, Emma owes him a favor. Mr. Gold gives David Nolan directions to the Toll Bridge after he gets lost, thanks to Regina's intervention. He smirks when David remembers his previous life pre-coma in the hospital. Sheriff Graham finds him "gardening" as he is searching for the wolf that haunts his dreams. Mr. Gold smiles and tells Graham that some believed that dreams were memories of a former life, which does nothing to calm the sheriff's nerves. After the sheriff's death, he offers Emma some of Graham's old things, which Emma declines. After he learns that the mayor fired her from her position as deputy, he comes into Mary Margaret's apartment and shows her the town charter, which helps her realize that she could run against the mayor's decision to appoint Sidney Glass as the new Storybrooke Sheriff. When Emma is confronting Regina the next night, the office mysteriously catches on fire. Emma saves them both with a fire extinguisher, and they both are able to exit the building safely. However, it is revealed that Mr. Gold set up the whole thing. At the debate which would determine the winner for the public office, Emma publicly exposes him. Mr. Gold gets up and leaves the town hall. Despite her misgivings, she wins and is elected sheriff. Mr. Gold visits the station the next day and congratulates her on her victory, telling her that he had to give her a higher form of bravery - the townspeople needed to see her stand up to him, so that they would believe that Emma could stand up to the mayor, too. Emma is shocked and figures out that he had somehow managed to plan the whole event. When Emma is trying to help out two orphans, Ava and Nicholas, from becoming a part of the fostor system in Boston, she goes to his pawnshop in hopes that he would know who bought one of the orphans' belongings. Mr. Gold tells her who their father is without needing his name actually written down. Later, Mr. Gold collects the rent of Moe French and, when he fails to pay the money, takes Moe's flower shop truck. He is confronted by Regina, but he dodges her attempts at a conversation with a well-placed "please." Later in the day, he returns home to see that his house has been robbed. Emma Swan discovers who the thief was - Moe French - and manages to gather everything that he stole back, but Mr. Gold still insists that something was missing. He leaves the station after making several remarks regarding vigilante justice, which worries Emma. He buys duct tape and rope, has a brief chat with David Nolan, and leaves the store. He kidnaps Moe French and takes him to an abandoned wooden cabin, where he proceeds to beat him over someone he only refers to as "she." Emma intervenes before he can beat the man to death, and promptly arrests him. While in jail, Regina arrives with Henry as a bribe for keeping Emma away from them for thirty minutes. She and Henry go off to the ice cream parlor and Regina sits down in front of Mr. Gold at his request. She reveals that she convinced Moe to rob him and that she has the item he had been searching for so desperately. He asks her what she wants in return for his lost item, and she tells him that she wants his name. At first, he tries to put up a fight, and gives in, saying, "Rumpelstiltskin," as proof that he remembered everything about Happily Ever After, its inhabitants, and the Dark Curse. In return, Regina gives him a chipped teacup.

Legal Information
NAME: Rumplestiltskin
NICKNAMES: Dark One, Crocodile.
ALIASES: Mr. Gold.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Enchanted Forest

Physical Details
HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blonde.
WEIGHT: unknown
SCARS: He has no scars, but he has a limp.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Unknown (Deceased)
FATHER: Malcolm/Peter Pan (Deceased)
SISTER(S): None.
Other Family: Baelfire (Son) Henry Mills (Grandson)

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Milah, Cora, Belle, Zelena.

Traits: Cruel, power hungry, intelligent, impatient, greedy.
Disorders: Coward, power hungry.
Addictions: Power, Getting what he wants.
Likes: Power, being feared, Henry, Bae and Vidia.
Dislikes: Losing, and things not going to plan, losing his power.
Quirks: None.

OCCUPATION: Owner of Storybrooke/Pawn Shop
JOB DESCRIPTION: He owns everything.
EMPLOYER: Himself.
STRENGTHS: Intelligence's, power.
WEAKNESSES: The dagger, the consuming darkness within his heart.

So glad I don't give a damn.


Mr. Gold is the owner of the whole town, and a pawn broker. He is feared by all.

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Evil to the Core

Sep 3rd 2019 22:38

Please do forgive my lateness. 
I think I'm coming down with cold. 
Evil to the Core

Aug 31st 2019 20:48

I am well thank you for asking. :) 
I do have some kind of a idea. 
It's not much but I know I kinda wanna do something with young Regina. 
Maybe when Rumple teachers her magic? 
Evil to the Core

Aug 27th 2019 23:21

Hello there and welcome! 
How are you doing today? I do hope you are well. 
My name is Regina Mills as know as the evil queen. 
I would love to discuss a storyline with you whenever you are free. 
I do hope to hear from you soon, until then please take care. 

~ Regina ; 
Red Wolfie

Jul 3rd 2019 22:48

I have 8 pre-thought up ideas WITH starters if you would like to pick one?
OR we can discuss :)
Red Wolfie

Jun 21st 2019 19:20

Hey you... Yeah you!
Let's be friends I'm going to keep this short.
My name is Ruby but my friends call me Red.
You know as in Little Red Ridinghood.
Anyway yes I am the big bad Wolf.
Dorothy is the only one allowed to call me wolfie.
However I do not have a Dorothy.
I am open to other ships.
I really ship FrankenWolf, RedBeauty, CharmingWolf, RedSnow and RedQueen.
 WickedWolf is one of my favorites though.
ANYWAY thank you for excepting my add/adding me.
Drama will get you deleted!
I mostly play her by the show but one twist she has a daughter with Victor Whale. She also had a daughter with Peter. She does have a third daughter but that's another story.
Red Wolfie
Falling Snow

Oct 8th 2018 12:27

Everyone has a story, mine just always starts with a red apple. 

Hello and welcome, how are you today? I do hope you are well. 
I thank you so much for accepting my add! It truly means a lot. 
Would you like to discuss a storyline with me? 
I would love to get something going with you soon. 
Until then I do hope you take care and stay far from red apples. 

๒ǝᎪ𝓊𝔱Ƴ ™

Jun 16th 2018 09:11

Greetings, my name is Belle French.
Briefly known is Storybrooke as Lacey.
I am a lover of books and never judging it by its cover.
I am a multi-para to novella rper.
I would love to get a story line going with you.
Feel free to message back.
I use messages for OOC and comments for RP.
Mad Delusions

Nov 28th 2017 22:55

Nice to meet you Mr Weaver or are you Rumple? I get so confused sometimes especially when I take my meds, makes everything so foggy you know? Now shall we get down to business and have a tea party where we can plot and bond and all that fun stuff!!?!?
Books & Cleverness

Nov 22nd 2017 12:01

It was a very frustrating thing to not knowing who the hell you were. To only have bits and fragments of information that may not even be the truth. Though Belle nodded her head when he said that it would all come to her in due time, she really wasn't that convinced. Swallowing down a grunt of frustration she took a moment to rub her poor throbbing temples with her fingers for a brief moment. She certainly was not frustrated with Rumple, he seemed to be the only one who was actually willing to fully help her at the moment. So, she would take the help that she could get. Lowering her hands away from her head, her gaze slid down to his outstretched hand.

Belle's heart was racing a mile per second. Months ago, when she was first brought to the Dark Castle she would never imagine that this moment was just about to happen. Rumpelstiltskin, in all of his glittering glory, was standing in front of her with his hand outstretched. Music had just magically began playing in the background, softly turning the setting of the room into a quiet, almost romantic, state. She was very confused by his change in him and very pleasantly surprised. This was not like him at all.

Taking a moment to look down at his offered hand, her eyebrow arched as she met his gaze. If this was some sort of trick, she had not the least idea where it was headed. And if it wasn't a trick, if he actually wanted to dance with her then well then that was honestly even more baffling. She didn't make it a secret that she loved music and dancing, almost as much as her book. There was hardly a chore that was completed without her humming or twirling around as she worked. Had he really been watching her that closely though?

With a quiet laugh of disbelief, she placed her hand on top of his and cautiously took a step closer to him, offer her other hand to him.

The pace of her heart quickens as she looked at his hand but, again, saw no reason not to trust him. Nodding a little, she took his hand in her own and stepped beside him. A small electric pulse shocked through her as their skin came into contact. She starred down at their hands for a moment trying to figure out what had just happened. Biting down on her lip, she looked up back up at him and asked, "Where are we going that you think will help?"

(Thanks for the word count boost XD)

Mad Delusions

Nov 21st 2017 00:18

Alice? Tilly? Alice? Tilly? is it Alice or Tilly?
Bloody Rabbit I do not know, but to be honest I don't know much about my past, all kind of a haze. BUT I do know I am quiet lonely here in my rabbit hole and would love some company, maybe a tea party or two? So shall we cut all the bullsh*t and go straight into story line building and making some connections?

Mad Delusions
Ps, I do have both aim and line so feel free to give me your sn's!
my line is Ruby_Red

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