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Orientation: No Answer
Hometown:Hellfire, Demon World
Body type:Athletic
Education:No Answer
Characters: Trapper Ace
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Any,
Status:In a relationship
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For the third race, your queen offers an lullaby

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About me:
Greetings, my name is Trapper Ace, I am a cat demoness and the rightful new ruler of Hellfire!

I was born long ago, many years too remember, yet... I remember growing up, I would never forget. there was a Demon who ruled Hellfire long before I was even born, his name was Bloodlust, all feared by his name, one day one of his mates gave birth to a Succubus demoness, since she was his first born she was named after him, Bloodrose- but however, since she was a female she was forbidden to take his thrown, furious that she wasnt a male he locked her up as a sexslave where he raped her, till she gave birth to a female with pure white fur, with was none other than myself, again even more furious that he had yet another daughter, he took me away and bandished Bloodrose to the frozen waste lands of hellfire as a sex slave for one of his generals! as for me, all though out my life he would Rape me, skin and beat me perhaps only reason he kept me alive was of my grandmother, she took care of me and my sister skinner,

however, till one dany the elders had gotten word unbeknowest to me that Bloodrose had the power to foresee the future as she predicted that one day I would take my father's place as rule of Hellfire, ofcourse he wasnt too happy by this news that a female would take his place as he sent out to kill me, but it was my grandmother who hid me and my sister to save us but.. my father killed her instead! that night my sister and I both ran away from there when we made it to the human realm, we lived in a city of Gotham, where I had met a lone- charming man named Jervis Tetch A.k.A The mad Hatter, I eventually mirried him and gave birth to twins named Alice and Lewis, but only when they where about 5, Jervis was killed I tryed to go on for a long time, I then met a dark emperor demon named Legion, and I slowly fall in love and married with him, he and I had 4 kids Skinner jr, Shadow, Tai and Kari! I love them all!

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