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About me:
Toad looks very much like his name sake his skin which changes with slightly with mood ranges from a dark olive to a yellowish green and is often coated in a slight coat of oily secretions (see powers section for details on secretions). His build is extremely lanky and supple making him capable of acts of contortionism and extreme agility (see powers). His hands and feet in addition to being slightly webbed, are abnormally large, his finger tips, palms, toes and the souls of his feet are studded with small dime size toothless sucker mouths that enable him to climb nearly any surface (see powers) all and all were it not for these obvious mutant flaws and a case of terminal shyness that causes him to slouch toad would otherwise be a handsome young man, his physique is that of someone that engages in rigorous physical exercise with a lean wiry build. Due to a strong inferiority complex and a case of terminal shyness toad often slouches or squats like his name sake though he is capable of standing and walking upright. His sense of style leaves much to be desired but fall shy of being an eyesore. While not fashion conscious he does tend toward clothing that is loose and comfortable allowing him to remain flexible, and often studded with pockets for storing gadgets tools and knick knacks.
Who I'd like to meet:
Toad has the following mutant powers: Immunity to drugs, chemicals and poisons: because his body naturally makes such a wide variety of chemicals that are excreted through the skin toad is immune to nearly all toxins, drugs and chemicals that alter the body’s chemistry. Increased Strength: Due to his unique musculature toad’s legs possess a surprising amount of strength far above and beyond that of a normal human, this allows him to support with his legs (but not necessarily with his arms or back) loads up to ten times his body weight. This makes for particularly strong and devastating kicks that are capable of crushing cinder blocks or splintering bone. Super Leap: Due to his super strong lower body toad can leap amazing distances though he has never fully tested the limit, so far his record is one hundred feet vertical leap and a horizontal leap nearly three times that. Immobilizing slime spit: A pair of special organs located in toad’s throat allows him to call up and spit a thick foul smelling ooze that seconds after entering the air immediately hardens to a tensile strength comparable with industrial grade cement requiring great strength to break. This foul loogie from hell is spit from a pair of ducts hidden beneath Toad’s tongue his range to date is somewhere along the lines of twenty feet, with pin point accuracy. Acid Spit: Another set of glands in Toad’s cheeks allows him to at will produce a highly potent and severely corrosive acid capable of melting inorganic and biological matter. Toad has learned to fill his mouth with this foul liquid, which is immune to the corrosive effects, and Spit a stream or fine spray into his enemies face causing horrific burns depending on the severity of contact. Increased agility: Toad’s supple skeleton and agility makes him amazingly flexible and agile, that coupled with a gleamed knowledge of gymnastics makes him difficult to strike in combat. Increased reflexes: though no where on par with wolverine or Spiderman toad does have accelerated reflexes or perhaps a heavy paranoia makes him aware of his surroundings and danger. Extendable Prehensile tongue: Toad has the unique ability to extend his tongue (to a maximum of twenty feet without injury which he often employs to grab things out of reach or in combat as a whip. His tongue has a surprising deal of deftness and strength capable of strangling a fully grown adult male. Wall climbing: due to the suckers on his hand toad can scale nearly any surface to which his suckers can affix a seal these suckers are under his complete control and Toad has refined this ability over time. When climbing he can easily supports nearly three time his weight without coming free of the wall.

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Mar 26th 2019 02:16

My mistake, it was supposed to post the picture not a weird-ass link.

Mar 26th 2019 01:57

Hello, are you ready to begin discussions?

Jean E Grey

May 7th 2016 12:58

if you have any ideas on how you and my jean cross pathways then feel free to write a starter and send it. jeans main rp starter for those unaware of her character is on the layout. all other rp starters i have for her is in blog section. i do hope that you are of legal age dear and do check through your spelling before you send anything. i do have other rp pages that i run but check into all my pages so i will see anything that is left and respond to it when i see it.
Jean E Grey

May 7th 2016 03:32

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