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(Not Harley Quinn) If you play with this clown it might cost you your life Bwhahahaha!

41 years old
Washington, District of Columbia
United States

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May 25 2020

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About me:
(OOC: Warning not for those easy upset or pissed off)

Most of you know of my family the Ace Clan of Hellfire and of my sisters

To truly understand me, you must first understand my father Bloodlust, He was proud male but when my mother his daughter (Bloodrose) was young the elders discovered the she had a rare power of foresight. She made prediction that a white fur female would take his place on his throne and rule Hellfire.

To say he didnt take the news well would be an understatement. He exiled her to the frozen wasteland on the outskirts of hellfire where he sold her as a sex-slave to one of his minions. Then day came when Skinner and Trapper where born, Skinner with black hair and fur that was like coal, next was Trapper with red hair and white fur. At the age of five he started to beat, skinned her everyday and rape her, Around this time I was born to Bloodlust and BloodRose on the rare times he let her returned home it was clear moonless night, I was taken from my mother in a fail attempt to hide me from my father because of his violent history with his female children.

About the time I was two, a sixteen old Trapper, Skinner found a looking glass that took them to other worlds. From that day foreword my beatings/tortures started, from time to time Trapper would return to save her other siblings and over the years I waited, praying, watching for her to save me. But she didnt and the beatings/tortures turned into beatings/tortures/rape and I came to love my fathers time with me.

In time I grew to hate her and all of my siblings for I blamed them for all that happen to me. When at a young age your nothing more than a sex object to your father. You tended to come with a lot of baggage and block out the bad parts while smiling.

But as one that varies from a violent sociopath to a goofy trickster. I tend to make up my past, as I for the people in it they are my family but I change the facts because sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... if I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! Ha Ha Ha!" I have been directly or indirectly responsible for numerous tragedies in Aces life such as the death of Jervis Tetch Aka the original Maddest Hatter and of course Skinner too.

After all like dear old pops said to me once if you can keep a smile while tragedy happens all around you its all good. Like other Aces I kill, steal and cause explosions, but unlike them I throw out the rulebooks hell I dont read Ha ha ha. But my father was taken from me and I was left alone, so I choose to go to the world my siblings live in to have fun.

And I did oh boy did I, I even confronted my mommy dearest, I do have an soft spot for small kids afterall I see them as inoccents for all you morons out there thats means they are the few I don't randomly kill. While I have and might not ever forgive my siblings I do play nice with them, but always with a smirk on my face for I might choose to kill them. A warning to BloodRose, Killer, Trapper, DJ, Dagger and too the rest this clown may cause death by fun.

this clown will show you what funtime is to me *pulls out knives and throws them at a guy tied to a chair stabbing him in the chest* Oops sorry about that.

If you play with this clown it might cost you your life Bwhahahaha! (I also on Myspace)

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