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Open to any verse such as myth, sci fi, fantasy, comics, modern, etc. para/semi writer and multi muses

28 years old

United Kingdom

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January 25 2020

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Sci fi/fantasy characters  (14  photos)
New album to include RP characters of almost any genre
Warlock  (4  photos)
(Images are from certain sources but physically based on Nate Grey. More about him will be added in time..
Red Dwarf  (5  photos)
characters from red dwarf!
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Generalanime, sci fi, fantasy, comics, illustration, comedy, mythology mainly into Warhammer, Destiny, Magic: the gathering, star wars, Game of Thrones, comics, marvel & DC… more to come
MusicDisturbed, Linkin Park, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin,
MoviesStar Wars, Marvel, Lord of The Rings, Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribean, Prometheus, Hitchhicker's Guid to the Galaxy, Clue, Titan A.E., Spaceballs, Serenity, Star Trek 2009, Ridd*ck, Season of the Witch, Ender's Game, Europa REport, Cowboys & Aliens, Van Helsing, Count Dracula: dead and loving it.
TelevisionThe 100, warehouse13, sanctuary, Big Bang theory, Grimm, only fools and horses, red dwarf, suite life series, Doctor Who, Allo Allo, Fringe, Revolution, Firefly, Star Trek, Stargate, Total Drama series, More to come.
Books2312, Humanity's fire Triology, Leviathan Triology

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Here for:Networking, Friends,
Connect with Artists,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Post grad
Characters: Great Archive
Verses: Crossovers, Comic, Star Wars. Any for creative ideas!
Playbys: Any
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Ancient, Open, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:July 08, 2012

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Grad Year: University
Student Status: Currently Attending

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need sleep, getting late so night all

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About me:
just someone wanting to write stories with serious writers, preferably fantasy, sci fi mostly for more creative ideas. Like drawing writing stories, watch movies and and dvds. Certain type of stories, tv and movies I like would have certain qualities such as fantasy and science fiction. Omething that is exciting to see what happens next, also like moments of humor for laughs. Male and female characters in albums more to come...
Who I'd like to meet:
People I can get along well, understanding and not those being jerks. I'm a myspace-veteran, been roleplaying for almost a decade and like to have fun making role-play stories. I want to make interesting brainstorming ideas for stories between canon and original ideas, crossovers are most welcome!

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Aug 19th 2019 12:28

Thanks. She's a technopath,so she's a lot better at Robotics and AI than ordinary people are.

Aug 19th 2019 12:27

Thanks. She's Draconian and reptilians all have yellow eyes,they just normally hide them.

Aug 7th 2019 10:40

She nodded remembering the  house engulfed in flame her parents on the other side of the flames but having been too young to understand the connection between the fire and her emotions. She could only control them when she was calm and focused. She used her circlet to speak. "My family died in that fire and it's my fault. She said touching the burned scar on her cheek like it was her very own mark of Cain. A mark to show her sin.
Reegan Sofia Spencer-Wesker

Dec 27th 2018 04:23

Hi lets ring in the New Year right send me your real life birthday month or role play and i will make  you gifs.. also posting new years resolutions   and a January  posting soon..
Whatever your 💓 desires mcrp

Aug 21st 2018 06:08

I made a folder for lizzy and conner for now but if change stories I can change pics whenever we need
The Phantom of the opera

May 15th 2018 11:49

ok i read your  Rules they sound  pretty easy to follow
Aria Marie (S&L)

Mar 10th 2018 12:21

ooc: its ok dear, its just a random starter for one of my characters Hope I rp her ages 5-20 so i sent you the older version of the starter. Her bio is in my blog if you wanna read it hun.
Aria Marie (S&L)

Mar 10th 2018 12:08

Hope looked around the woods, of course she wasn't allowed to be out alone, especially with rogue wolves around but she let that part go and just wanted to see the world without her father or mother watching her every move and dictating what she could and couldn't do. Of course she was (Whatever age we discussed) now and felt she could take care of herself now. She had gained better control over her witch abilities and could fight off any...well almost any attacker since her aunt Bekah had trained her as well as her mother. While her light brown eyes scanned the trees, brush and leafy plants around her she felt calm and sat down just listening to the wild life around her.
Aria Marie (S&L)

Mar 8th 2018 09:45

Hello there!

I have two bios one is an original character I came up with and the other is Hope mikealson from the originals. however i rp hope my own way. they are both single and looking. if you'd like to rp please feel free to shoot a starter in comments or msg me for plotting ideas.

-Admin :)

if you need a LI let me know and i can rp her, considering changing from hopeamber since no one is wanting to talk or rp.
Dom Toretto

Oct 16th 2017 13:26

Hello. No problem. I hope so too. Alright will do.
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