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Characters: Edward Volturi, Edward Cullen
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unrestrained by convention or morality

Home is a vague word for me, I had a home with my parents, a home I don't remember. I had a home with the Cullen's, true, Carlisle was good to me. I guess that's where this story will have to start off, with my adoptive family. Carlisle's wife, Essy, and her two daughters, Ali and Lydia, accepted me with open arms. It was incredible feeling like I could adapt to such a change in my life and manage to exist in a normal lifestyle. I admit, I prefered the company of others like myself, and it didn't take me long to get close to my neice, Essy's granddaughter, Lizzie and her fiance, Kellen. People didn't get it at first, what I saw in him. Kellen represented everything in me that I so badly fought to keep under control, my instincts. He not only became my best friend, but he became what I was driven to become, myself. Kellen was the closest thing to a brother that I would ever get, and I treated him as such. He was the only one that didn't make me feel ashamed of being a vampire, instead we were proud of it, better than everyone else for it. It wasn't long after we had all become a family that Ali had introduced me to her sister, Bell. I can't say it ever occurred to me to date before, maybe Bell was the first one to spark my interests, or maybe there was a stronger force that knew she would someday become the key to a door I would have never thought to open. Looking back I'm not sure I even loved her, I loved the idea of a mate and the greater chances at building alliances and our coven.
I married her, and soon she had our son, Edward Kellen Jr.

Things were getting difficult around that time, Kellen was having issues with a member of a rival family, Rose Volturi. They had attempted to kill him and he did the same. I had no real knowledge of what was going on, but in the middle of me being forced into domestication I started to crack and wanted to be a part of something other than my marriage. I don't know why I blindly gave away my allegiance, but even with my wife pregnant with my second son, I still allowed the fighting to go on. Maybe if it wasn't for the distraction I would have noticed that Bell was cheating on me with Kellen, by the time I had figured it out it was too late. What I felt was beyond betrayal, it was the deepest wound someone could cut into me. I confronted Kellen first, because for some reason the betrayal on his side felt stronger than Bell's. Bell was disposable to me, Kellen was my anchor. He told me the truth, I'll give him that much credit, and with that I confronted my wife. She lied like she always did, and it took me threatening divorce for her to tell me the truth. By then, I was completely emotionally disconnected from her, our marriage was over. That night Bell had gone to Anyanka Volturi, a member of Rose's family and asked her to kill her. That was when I met Anya, she came to me to ask permission to kill my wife, and though I granted it, she refused to do it. It made me question why someone I was supposed to be at war with refused to kill my own wife, Kellen's story seemed to have a flaw in it. Instead Bell attempted suicide and in turn killed our son she was carrying. Shock? No, that is far from a strong enough word, imagine losing everything you care about in one instant, one minute that could have otherwise been meaningless. I took Bell back, mostly because I was numb and at that point I didn't care what happened to me anymore. I had my son to think about, and I never wanted him to know the terrible family I had brought him into. That's when I made the Viteazul's, a new family with Kellen at my side. Bell was far from forgiven in my eyes, I couldn't even stand to touch her after that, but Kellen no matter what was always my brother. We sought out members, no, numbers, to help build an army to fight against Rose. Then it happened, the one night that blew my life up in my face, Rose came to me. It turns out you shouldn't blindly trust people, because people are so concerned with themselves that you will always be a second-or-lower thought to them. Kellen lied, something I wasn't entirely shocked over after he slept with my wife, but that was the night that I left with Rose. She made things I found issue with clear, Kellen had been plotting to use my family to kill them. There was no battle, there was no fight, it was all Kellen trying to gain dominance at my expense.
When he was irreplaceable to me, I was irrelevant to him.

I mended ties with Rose in time for her family to land themselves in a fight with yet another family. Ok, so I really didn't have anything to do with that one, but I still stuck my nose in. I went to the battle, and Rose and myself slaughtered everyone. I can't say I chose to fight for one side or the other, it was just a relief for me to cause people pain especially those that Kellen had made me lose, like my mother, who had sided with him. Yeah, I'm a bit messed up to kill my adopted mother, but I didn't mind being messed up. That was the first night I had ever killed another immortal, it was different than feeding off of humans. Humans lived short meaningless lives, vampires lived a thousand lives and never lost a minute of it to sleep. In my eyes, they were worth a great deal more, and I took every last life I could grasp. That could be when I started losing myself, I lusted the kill, and I didn't stop until I was satisfied. After that battle Rose took me to her family who happily accepted me into the Volturi, you know, now that I was a mass murderer. So after all that it wouldn't surprise you that when I finally was given the chance to take a long overdue honeymoon with Bell, she was so badly out of control at that point that she tried to kill me. She hated me, hated that I had broken ties with Kellen, that we lost our son, that I joined the Volturi who she so deeply hated. Maybe it was all my fault, maybe I was what had made her mental. Watching her husband's life revolve around nothing but yearning to kill couldn't have aided her fragile mental state. For years I plotted murder, and then I acted on others, I lived for it. In a sense, I chose the kill over my own wife. I don't know when it was that I snapped, the torn to pieces vacation home I bought us? When she sliced my throat open? Or the fact that she held my son, Edward, in front of me and killed him just as she had done to our other son. I loved Edward as much as I could love anyone at that point, but I had just joined a new family that would kill me if I stepped out of line, I had lost everyone else including who my wife once was. Edward was all I had, he was everything to me, and the last bit of glue keeping me together. It wasn't a hard choice to take her life, a sickening one, but not difficult. I used our own floorboards to sever her head and burned her body inside of our home. I would never give her the opportunity to harm anyone else, especially after seeing her slaughter the only bit of affection she had ever given me. Edward though, I couldn't let him mix with the ash of his foul mother. He deserved a greater home than I provided for him, a greater burial than that of his mother. I took him to his favorite spot on our beach and stayed with him until the last bit of his fire went out.
But that night would stay with me forever. When I came back home I was disconnected, distant, and so bitterly cold it was difficult to be involved in any family at all. Anyanka had left Aro and the family had fallen apart, I had nothing. So it wasn't a far-fetched plot when Anya had come to me and asked me to help her execute Aro to get control of the Volturi. I never really viewed Aro as much more than mindless, so we made a slow game of decapitating him. The stories of his murder hit Italy like a wave, a wave that took with it all the members of the old coven. I assume they fought each other to death and what remained went into hiding, it was irrelevant to me, none of them were worth me hunting down. I had the coven in my hands from that moment on, I had the power I so deeply deserved yet I was still so badly broken. I relied on Rose a lot, and thankfully she did her best to take care of me. I hung around while she raised her children since we were both alone, it didn't take long for an attachment to grow between the two of us and when it did we got married. I didn't love her, I didn't want her, I was so mentally broken at the time I don't think I could have loved anything. She was convenient, and she gave me something to live for. What sounds like a match made in socially-awkward-murderous-heaven, was short lived. Rose wanted a huge family and adopted the world, and I, I couldn't handle the thought of having anymore children. I grew uncomfortable with the relationship she had with her friend, James and continually accused her of cheating on me, maybe it was my accusations that pushed her. I caught her with him, and I wasn't so surprised when I felt nothing about it. There wasn't any pain, any hatred, just a dead cold inside of me. Her family meant nothing to me, she meant nothing to me, and I had no issue ending her life. I'd say that's where I gave up on love, but I don't think I ever had much hope in it to begin with. The choices I had made seemed to back up that theory.
I didn't know how to love someone. I had the one person who didn't abandon me after that to lean on, Anyanka. I moved in with her for a while, somehow her home always called to me more than my own did. Forks always had it's way of dragging me back. Knowing that I would have her to endure it all with made it slowly get easier to deal with, and a while after her next marriage I was able to move out and get back into life. After my son's death it took a long time for me to be conscious of the things going on around me, and it wasn't until I was completely on my own that I started realizing I might be losing my mind. All the years of loss and murders I had commited seemed to have a heavier effect on me than I had noticed. I didn't rest, I didn't hunt, I existed. Anya did all she could for me, and I relied on her so much that for the first time I actually felt like I could need someone. There was always something different about her, something so embedded in both of us that drew me to her. Whenever I could be with her, I would be.
But the impossibility of murdering her husband and being with her only made my depression deepen. That would be when I met Davina. Not that I was looking particularly, curious yes, not so ready for the commitment though. Not so ready to be past the idea of Anyanka. But she was so extraordinarily different than Rose and Bell that I thought it would be easy to be with her, and so it was. It was a rough time for me, tensions between myself and Anyanka's husband caused us to part ways, he had figured out how I felt about her and did all he could to tear us apart. Without Anya I started falling apart all over again. Davina and I had moved in together and got married, in what looked like the ideal picture-perfect marriage. But beyond the depth of those eyes, tucked away into the back of my mind was doubt about what the two of us would always be to each other. I didn't know her, no matter how much time passed I never felt like I knew her any better than the first night I met her, and I was so shut down that no one could get through to know me. I missed my family, I missed the wars, I missed having Anya around, it's not easy losing the last bit of family you had left. I couldn't help but still feel so very much alone. I was forcing myself to stay in the marriage, at least there I had something that felt permanent. It was a lie that lasted a long time. A lie that I wasn't the only one telling. She had formed alliances with the family I had gone to battle with so many years ago, and had a mate in their family. Infamous double life story, a double life that made me try to take my own. I left to go back to my island, mostly to prevent myself from killing her. She would be missed, I wouldn't, and I can't say I had anything to exist for to start with. I went to the one place, the one person, who had been entirely mine, Edward Jr's grave sight. I felt that if I were to give up I wouldn't have to feel the hatred that I so badly fought to discourage within myself, my death was the only way out.
So, I built up my own pyre and burned myself alive. The problem with becoming who I now am, is that my instincts were the most dominant personality trait I had. I don't remember much of that night, but I do remember my conscious state returning when I washed up on shore. I always assumed my body must have thrown myself to the water to prevent my death, maybe I just can't even manage to kill myself properly. A stronger side of me would later look back and wonder if Edward hadn't wanted us both to die over the betrayals of useless women and gave me a second chance. I returned home, only to have Davina confess that she had cheated on me with the same man again. That hit reminded me so of Bell, the constant proding at me begging me to retaliate as she screwed my brother. The ringing in my ears blocked out Davina and brought back all of the hatred I had for Bell. Only this time I had no anchor, I had no family, nobody to tell me to stop and control myself. I could only think of Anya, how she told me this would happen again, and how badly I wanted her dead for leaving me. I took my rage out on Davina, maybe she didn't deserve it, but my hands were marked again with another death. And I felt nothing when I burned her. Looking back I can't say it was even a marriage, just the best performance of my life, I even had myself conned into believing some part of me was content. I wasn't.
I was a wreck. I was empty. My only thought was to find Anyanka again. The best I could do was write her a letter and hope that someday she would answer it. Within days she had. Every bit of desperation to have that woman back in my life flooded my emotions. I guess in the end I never really did know how to be without her. Every relationship ended in death. And every death brought me back to Anya. The only good thing Bell ever did for me was force Anya to meet me all those years ago, who would have thought my wife would introduce me to the love of my life? I had always wanted Anya, from the day I had met her I wanted her, but she was as desired as I had been and in turn we were both always married when the other had been single. If I had more nerve I'd have dared to break up her marriage, but I thought she was happy, probably because I so dearly needed to think of her as happy to keep myself functioning everyday. It took about ten minutes of being near her again for me to realize that none of those feelings had faded, and that she was still the same woman I had needed for ages. I would have done whatever I had to this time, I was finished with hiding how I felt. I guess at some point knowing that I had used a marriage to numb myself from losing her, I realized I couldn't let this go on any longer. What I didn't expect was to have her throw herself at me and confess that she's always felt the same. She quickly became pregnant with our son, Kilian Demetri, that was hard to accept. Knowing no matter what happens, we have a son together so some part of her will always be mine, that made this feel much more permanent to me. So after things calmed down from his birth I proposed to her.
Because when all was said and done, my path was always to Anya. In the years to follow, I can't say my mental state improved much. I can't ever erase years of hatred and revenge. I can't ever erase the loss of my children. I can't ever erase the wives, the families, the friends I have slaughtered. I've learned to justify my actions though, I understand now why I did them. Love. Every act, every fight, every death has been because I loved and it wasn't nurtured or returned. How many times can someone be broken before they never quite work again? I'm guessing I hit my limit about halfway through this story, because I don't work at all. What I know though, is that as long as I keep trying to love, keep trying to get back all that has been taken from me through the years, they haven't won. I may have broken, I may have shattered, but I will not be swept away. And if my last act on this Earth is anything, it'll be tearing your feet apart and bringing you all down with me.
I will not be conquered.
EV; Edward Volturi
Full Name: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen Viteazul Volturi
Nickname: EV
Age: 320
Species: Vampire.
Skills: Mind reading & exceptional speed
Eye Color: Deep red
Scars: Small amount of burns left on his chest and back, several teeth marks on his throat and shoulders, and Anyanka's initials burned into his chest
Location: Forks
Diet: Human
Character Traits: Obnoxious, restless, honest and reckless
Hobbies: Car collecting, traveling, music
Children: Edward Jr. (Deceased) & Kilian Edward
Siblings: Adam Volturi (Deceased) & Kellen Vincent (Deceased)
Coven: No loyalties
Aim: NowBraceYourself

alecreations alecreations alecreations alecreations

Anyanka Elizabeth Volturi;
When you go so long through life without love you come to stop expecting it. Not that I ever did, for the most part I figured the vampire boyfriend selling point wouldnt fly with most women. I was alright with that though, I was happy alone. When I met Bell I thought those feelings had changed, I thought that maybe since I found the one girl interested in a rogue vampire maybe I could force myself to have feelings back. I learned very quickly that most love is based on deception and Bell, well she was the Queen of deception. The only problem was that I was the reigning King.

I felt nothing for her and thought that if love was lies and infidelity then I wanted nothing to do with it. Except of course for the issue of being alone again. This time it felt different, I wasnt happy like I had been the last time I was alone. I had that moment of false happiness and wanted desperately to have the real thing, not that I went on the hunt for it. On the contrary, I stuck to a very close knit circle of family, the closest of which was Anya. Anya became my best friend, I trusted her more than I had ever trusted anyone. She was the one person to try and get me through anything, and there was plenty to get me through. It took a long time for me to either accept or realize that I had been so desperately in love with Anya since the day I met her. She had always been the only one fearless enough to tell me off when I was wrong or to put me back together when those wrongs led me down the wrong path. Anya was strength itself. Anya was everything.

Theres a huge difference when a relationship is built off of a friendship. Theres already a foundation there, a rock that cant be disturbed. We already understood each other, knew each other better than anyone else ever could, we were already family. Anya was always my family, my home, so being married changed none of that, we were what we had always been. With Anya there were the changes that I had always been looking for, the want to be near her was amplified to a need to be with her always. But mostly I loved, I loved like I had never fully loved anything before her. For the first time in my life I was happy, more so, I wanted to be happy.

Anya wasnt the perfect happy ending in my life. She was difficult, demanding, persistent and stuck in her ways, all of which were the things I loved most about her. There would never be the picture perfect cabin in the woods ending. Anya was hard to love which may be why I did love her so much. She wasnt perfect and I was increasingly tired of people treating me like I should be, we were flawed together. I never felt like I had to be anything more than I was, I was allowed to be angry, allowed to be depressed, I never had to fake a smile for the sake of anyone else again. What always amazed me about being with Anya was that she never made me be anything more than myself, and that as broken and a wreck as I was that was exactly how she wanted me. Marrying her felt like the first step in the right direction in my life, with the decades of bad decisions I had finally made the right one. Anya was always where my path led in life, I was just too afraid to follow it.
Status: Married

To: Anyanka Boleyn

Dating Since: June 19th 2011

Engaged On: September 26th 2011

Married On: October 15th 2011
Kilian Edward Volturi;
Name: Kilian Edward

Parents: Edward & Anyanka Volturi

Born: August 16th 2011

Gift: Unknown

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Feb 12th 2018 11:15


My name is Alice Cullen. I am a member of the Olympic Coven of vampires who all stick to a strictly 'vegetation' diet. In other words, instead of nibbling off humans we live peacefully among them and hunt and drink the blood of animals. But what I've really come to speak with you about is a sort of special ability I possess. I sometimes have visions of the future, I never see something until the person it's about makes a certain choice. I've had a vision about you. The vision is all about how we'll talk today and I'll offer to discuss a storyline with you. I just haven't seen yet which choice you will make.I hope you make up your mind soon, I know I hope you'll agree to it!
( нαvfrυe )

Jul 6th 2017 01:21

I would like to thank you very much for taking the time
to add me to your friend's list, I promise not to sit around. :)

My name is Alexandrina Alexandrescu, please do call me Alex.
I am the daughter of Vladimir of the Romanian coven and his wife, Adria. Though, I am not a hybrid. I am still mortal in a way. If that got
your attention I would love to tell you more about my character
so we can get a storyline going and so on and so forth.

Of course I do know a few roleplayers who aren't quite into
the whole writing thing and that's perfectly fine with me
as well, I am looking for friends to talk to as well. :D

I do hope to hear back from you soon.
until then. . .

тemρesтuous яαge;

Dec 22nd 2013 00:08

I know I won't have time to send you this before I go,
Just 3 more days my love!
Christmas is coming early.

Not only do you have a beautiful wife who loves you,
and a son who is basically just a little version of you,
You also get this..

Because what would Christmas be with a brand new Bugatti?
A red one.

Thank you for another year with you in my life, I don't know how I ever went without you at my side. You have been the one at my side for the good and the bad, oh love, you know there has been bad for the both of us. You have inspired me to continue to grow into a better woman and I wouldn't want to be this woman for anyone else. You are easily my favorite part of my life and the one I love most. I can not wait for another year with you and all the years to follow.
Merry Christmas my love,
I love you. I love you always.

тemρesтuous яαge;

Dec 16th 2013 00:40

Whatever illusion of power she allowed herself to believe she had was quickly destroyed like a flame to silk. The press of his hands against her hip was enough to silence whatever fight in that had been brewing and she found herself on her back once more. The demand of his hands on her small hips was nothing compared to the demand of a once soft kiss turned dominating. The sudden pierce of his teeth to her bottom lip had her trapped somewhere between a gasp and a moan, the struggle to her hips steady becoming increasingly difficult. It was no use hiding how easily he had weakened her, she could feel her willingness soaking the soft skin of her inner thighs as if every inch of her were begging for him. She could taste the sweet copper of her own blood as her head fell to the side to allow for him lips to trace along her vein. With another gasp she raked her nails down his arms with enough force to break skin as he broke through hers with enough venom to set every vein on fire. She could feel it pulsing through her body as if her heart still had a beat until every inch of her felt consumed by him. But nothing was as consuming as the sudden force of his hips connecting with hers, she was pinned so hard beneath him she unable to move. With every thrust she felt her body coming undone as the pain of his thrusts became the fuel to her pleasure.

Her back arched into his body to allow for every inch of her to be consumed by him, she wanted to be entirely consumed to the point that she would not know herself anymore. She could feel her body protesting the force of his hands on her hips and the lack of mercy he had for her body which seemed delicate beneath his body. Her nails raked along his back and down his sides as she attempted to take a hold of the only thing solid that could keep her even slightly grounded. She felt his skin give away beneath her nails as she knew her skin was tearing beneath his. Nothing seemed to steady her body enough to force back what she had been holding onto so desperately. With his lips only inches from hers she let out a cry she did not know she had been holding in. His release was the finally shove over the edge and she went tumbling. Her fingers sank into his shoulders as her body tightened so painfully around him it sent a renewed ache through her body. Every inch of her skin seemed to vibrate like waves of electricity ran through her veins making it impossible to hide how hard her climax shook her. She could feel the burn of her body healing slowly though it barely touched the high he had left her coming down from and all at once she knew this was beyond sex. It was beyond a simple love because love could easily fade or drift away. What they had was beyond anything healthy or even remotely sane. They were on a destructive path in which neither of them would come back unscathed or in any way the same person they had been without each other. She loved him in a way that she was willing to allow every inch of herself to be consumed until every inch of her would never again be able to be touched by another.

Beneath the suddenly softness of his touch she could feel her body still humming with the lingering of her orgasm. Her throat felt raw from the screams she had no idea had been escaping her but she knew they been full of his name. Her fingers traveled slowly along scars that were already forming along his back and arms because of her. Without a word she pressed herself into the crock of his neck where her eyelashes brushed his skin as she allowed them to shut. There was something about the smell of him that offered a comfort she had not known for a long time. He smelted like the ocean and expensive cologne she had never smelled before. Before she could protest him moving from her thighs that had still been holding tight against his hips she was greeted by his lips and roaming hands. She wanted to protest his torture but she could not ignore how quickly her body reacted to him, as if she had not been touched for days all over again. But he had other plans as always and before she could open her mouth to shout, he had her mouth occupied with something she willing sank into. She fit against his body effortlessly as if she had been made to be pressed against him. He words were blurred by the presence of his lips still against hers and for a moment she did not answer. Her lips moved to press against hia cheek bone and then his temple until she had mapped out his face with her lips, a soft smiling now tugging at them, "Edward, I love you. You do not have to convince me of anything." Her eyes drifted to look him over for a moment before meeting his eyes once more, "However, those good looks do make it that much easier to love you." She nipped gently at his bottom lip before dropped her head down into her crook on his shoulder and arm. She had never been so content in her life as she was being so near this man. Everything seemed to come together when she was with him and as terrifying as it all was, she was not as afraid she had thought she would be. She would have been happy to be destroyed by him.

By morning they were forced to return to land where Edward was dragged off to make decisions on structural plans and things Anya didn't bother trying to understand. The house was coming together far quicker than she had expected though she was not sure why it shocked it. While Edward and her managed to waste away their days drinking crates after crates of wine the men seemed to take Edward's demands very seriously. Drifting away from the construction Anya made her way back to the boat and gathered up their discarded blankets that still littered the boats floor in hopes of passing the time. After a long shower spent mostly staring at the wall she dressed herself in pair of black jeans and white t-shirt that fell off her one shoulder, exposing the scar he had left her with the night before. As she made her way to the deck she realized he had not returned still and it did not look like he would be for some time. There really wasn't anything left for her to do but to wait and Anya was not entirely very patience though she did try. However her impatience must have shown as some of the workers boarded their boat to make their way back to land. They offered her a ride into the main land where she could shop and amuse herself.

The main land was as loud as it had been when Edward and she first arrived, only now in the daytime it seemed to be full of tourist looking lost and struggling with the language. She walked the streets slowly past street vendors and shops where nothing seemed to catch her eye. Many tried to sell her cheap necklaces or handmade items but she choose to purchase only tequila and cigars, which she was sure would amuse both Edward and her for the night. It was then that she felt eyes on her like she had been struck in the back of the head. Taking a hold of her newly purchased items she broke away from the crowds and into a quitter street with a calm she was not sure she should be feeling. She knew the voice that spoke her name before she even turned, "Caius, how long have you been stalking me?" He was joined by a fair haired woman named Heidi who she never paid much attention to before. The girl wasn't entirely intelligent but not many of the followers ever were. Caius narrowed his eyes as he looked past her and she quickly began to understand why they had come, "He is not with me Caius, I would have thought you have noticed after following me through so many streets." He did not seemed amused by Edward's absence nor did he seem to believe Edward was not near, "I assume by the smell of him on you that he will be joining us soon or am I to believe you have not seen him since you allowed him to burn our coven to the ground?"

She knew better than to act as if the scar on her neck was nothing but an old scar, she and him both knew Aro and her shared separate rooms, "I am afraid I will have to disappoint you again. You see I have already had my fill of him and felt it was best to make my escape. Silly me to believe no one would come looking for me in South America. I knew Greenland would have been a bet-" He cut her off with a growl that did not strike as much fear in her as perhaps it should have. He looked more annoyed than she had ever seen him and Heidi looked as if she was waiting to be told how to feel, "You are really going to attempt to lie to me? You are going to bring him to me. You are the reason he was able to enter our castle. You are the reason so many of the Volturi are dead. You may not have as much blood on your hands as the others, but you gave them the ammo to cause it." There was no denying it had been Anya who allowed Edward to enter the castle and there was no denying she had been the one to enlist his help in killing Aro. The only thing missing now was the fear of what remained of the Volturi. Their numbers were nothing compared to what they had been and the only Caius remained of the leaders. Marcus had fallen without a fight and Aro lay in the ashes of what once was her bedroom, "You'll have to excuse me Caius but I have no interest in your threats. I really should be going before he finds you first. You see, he doesn't like unfinished business and you dear are unfinished business." In a world full of intelligent men Caius would have stepped aside but instead he stepped closer to her with a clear indication that this would end in a fight, "Well if you insist.." And she threw the first elbow to his jaw with a sickening crunch she had been waiting centuries to hear. She had managed to throw him back and off guard but not long enough to avoid him returning her gesture and catching her in the side of the head. For a moment she saw stars but gathered herself up quick enough to duck away from his arms that grabbed at her. Heidi was screaming something she could not hear as they attempted to grip at each other's throat. His fist made contact with her cheek bone as her Louboutin clad foot made contact with his stomach and threw him back. All at once Heidi's shout began to make sense as the familiar scent of cologne clung to the air around her. She could see it dawning of Caius face too and it made it impossible to hide her smile, "I suppose this business is about to be finished."

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She wasn't sure what she had expected him to say after her speech but the feel of his hands on her body was always a shock to her even now. Even the lightest of brush of their skin was enough to cause her body to begin buzzing. He was the last match that threatened to burn everything she had remaining and she was not leaning it to blow it out. She leaned into his kiss as she let his words sink into her and pushing out whatever worries had formed before that moment. There was no deny this in the morning and there was no going back from this night. Every part of her had belonged to him the moment she had entered his study and saw him standing there. Perhaps her brain had not been in sync with her heart but she knew it now and that was no unthinking it. His muffled words made her smile into their kiss, a smile she was sure she had not stopped wearing for long when she was near him, "And I love you." Those words had very rarely left her mouth and only now were they ever so true. She loved him like she had done so for centuries though it had only really been a short while.

What has begun as soft words and careful touches quickly became tearing at clothes and torture from the mouth that had only moments before whispered such gentle words. In moments he had her purring more than his name, the feel of his tongue against her sensitive body was almost too much. She tried to grip the side of the boat but it was useless to concentrate on anything but trying to still her squirming hips. With every cut from his teeth he had her moaning in both pain and pleasure, a combination that seemed to come with being near Edward. No matter how much pain this may cause her, the pleasure that came with Edward was enough to make her stay and accept what disaster would come. Taking ahold of his shirt she didn't bother with the same gentle force he had shown her, he had her attention now and she didn't have to read his mind to know how badly they needed this. The sudden pull away from her body had her whimpering in protest but he didn't seem to mind, he had already led her hands away from where they had been gripping and to the zipper of his pants. She didn't need his direction to make her way to his cock but the feel of him guiding her somehow added to the excitement. She was never a woman to allow a man to dominate her but there was something about the way Edward gripped her hand and forced her to stroke him that had her moaning all over again. With her bra falling away she barely had a moment to sink into his kiss before her tossed her effortless on top of him as if she didn't weigh a thing.

In an instant their bodies were pressed together, the heat that pulsed from his cock was now pressed against her in a way she could not ignore. Their movement was slow at first, her lips leaving a trail cross his chest while her fingers wandered over his body, exploring it as if he was a map. She could feel the soft raised skin of old scars that ran along his front as well as one that seemed to spell something. Before she could be sure his fingers entwined with hers and he was in control of her again. With one yank they were pressed hard against each other and she took no time to begin to rock her hips gently against his. Everything about him demanded attention from his lips pressed hard against hers to the feel of his cock becoming slowly coated in her own cum. No matter how many times they had been in a position like this before the want and need she had for him only seemed to grow. There was never enough time with him, never enough skin pressed against skin and never enough times she could hear him moan her name. This time was no exception, only now she wanted him in a new way and she knew it was because of the words they had spoken only minutes before. His hands were clear proof that he wanted her too and as they demanded more she pressed her hips harder into his until he at last forced himself inside of her.

Her head fell back in a gasp as she gripped his shoulders tightly in attempt to steady herself though it was no use. She was tight around him, so tight that it made it impossible to relax around him and ease the ache. She wanted to whimper into the kiss but she could not bear to break away from his lips, they were the only things keeping her grounded in the moment. She wanted him like she had never had him before, she wanted him with a renewed desire that she knew was dangerous for them both. The moment he threw her onto her back she knew how much trouble they were in but she wanted him to make her all his. She wanted to be marked with him and only him so no other would ever dream of touching her, "Edward.." It came out in a breath as the grip on her jaw became a grip on her throat. Before she could even begin to resist he had her pressed hard against the floor of the boat with a force that made her see more than the stars above them. She gripped at his arm desperately, her eyes wide with shock of the sudden change in him. The force of his thrusts sent shivers of pleasure down her spine which was met with a hungry for the pain that came with it. He had never held any mercy in his thrust, it was as if he enjoyed torturing them both. Her inner thighs were already soaked in the both of them and his teeth pressed into her bottom lip was almost enough to distract her from how wet she. He didn't seem to feel her nails digging into her shoulders and drawing little lines of blood, but she did notice the movements of his hands. His fingers against her clit was rough and demanding, a demand she was more than willing to give into. Just as a cry of his name escaped her he found a new way to torture them and just like that the moan became a scream.

It was almost too much and she quickly realized she was not able to pull away from him, the grip hhe had on her throat was too strong. There was no relaxing around the added width that his fingers offered and there was no denying how quickly her body reacted to it. She had easily slicked his fingers in her cum, allowing them to slide effortless in and out of her along with his cock. But she didn't want to give in so easily and she didn't want the moment too end too quickly. With a sudden force she shoved hard against her body and was thankful for his surprise as it allowed for her to take control if only for a moment. He slipped out of her and onto his back with a force that made her feel suddenly empty and cold. Slipping between his legs she found his lips as she found his hands and quickly forced them above his head, "I love you" was all she could mummer before she made her way down the length of his body, her soft breast allowing his cock to slip between them. Anytime he brought his hands near she forced them away with for sole purpose to make him need her more than anything. Her own hands took ahold of his cock as she pressed her lips to his tip with a smirk. He was coated in their cum but she didn't care, her only concern was how slowly she could run her tongue along the length of him until he could take no more. She only stopped to tease his tip and occasionally make a mock snap of her teeth, a minor revenge for what he had down to her. Only when she was sure he could take no more did she at last take him deep into her mouth until she could bring him no deeper. Even like this it was difficult to take the entirety of him but it did not stop her from quickening her pace and tightening her lips around him.

Her tongue danced along the length of him and he slipped between her lips with a friction she only added to by moaning. She could feel him tensing beneath her but she did not stop until she could begin to taste him so near cumming it hurt them both. It was then that she pulled away and move to press her lips against her stomach where she tried to hide her smile. As she dragged her body up his she left a trail of nips and kisses along him until her lips found his once more, "I am yours now mark me.. mark me so the world knows I am yours." Her lips moved her press along his throat, "Every inch of me.." Her teeth closed down on his skin to break it just enough to draw the littlest bit of blood, "I am all yours forever." Her hips pressed against his once more, welcoming his cock back into the warmth of her body. He pressed easily between her slit and it took no time for her to cause the friction between them to start all over again. Her teeth sank deeper into her neck and this time she drew more blood and with more force until the smooth warmth of his blood filled her mouth. She had craved the taste of him since the last time she had him, she had never felt as satisfied as she did with him. She wanted to mark him as much as he wanted to mark her, she wanted any woman who crosses their path to know that he was not theirs for the taking. She had waited this long for him and she would not let him go without a fight.

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His lips against hers had a calming effect, like morphine making its way through the blood stream, she felt nothing but bliss. It lingered as he left her floating in the clear water so unlike her clouded mind. She wanted to ignore the nagging feeling that had been tugging on her since they returned the yacht. There was something about the distance between them that had her troubled. She pulled herself from the water and onto the dock where she laid, she wasn't ready to join him just yet. She could feel her hair soaking the wood beneath her but she didn't move to get a towel, the cold wouldn't bother her anyway. Out here she could be alone with her thoughts and all the things she was forced to hide when he was near. Somehow after seeing the destruction caused by Edward's own hands, she didn't fear being her with him. She knew he wasn't entirely stable but she couldn't recall a moment she last felt stable. For a moment she was beginning to feel a little less like she was at sea, like perhaps he steadied her world enough to let the nausea settle. Something about this island made that all different again. She had seen something about him she hadn't expected to see, she saw him weakened. That moment glimpse was enough to send her walls crumbling around her and she felt vulnerable all over again. She had fallen for him somewhere between the burning of what remained of her life and the building of a new. She had fallen for him like she had never fallen for anyone or anything before.

It wasn't as if Aro had been her only entertainment, in fact he didn't do much entertaining. It is amazing the type of people you can meet when you are running from your "husband". She had been entertained but never loved and never really gave them more than a smile and pretty words. She had left many starving in her wake and for a long time she was content with this. Now she felt starved and becoming disorientated by it all. She wanted to be pressed against his side but logic kept her pressed against the dock staring up at the stars above her. The greatest women in history were often undone by love, a thought that often played in her head. It had been the very thing that had kept her from loving those she was sure she could have been happy enough with for at least a little while. There was something about the way Edward looked at her that made her want forever. She wanted to build her entire life upon him and not just with him and it was terrifying her. She knew she was only making it worse but agreeing to stay when she should have left as soon as the day was through. She could have caught the next flight back to Paris and be through with all of this in time. Perhaps she would have returned from time to time just to test how much of him was out of her system.

But he was running through her veins and all reason was slipping away more and more each day. She didn't slip into bed until the sun began to lightening the dark skies and welcome the oncoming day. Slipping into the shower and washed away the salt and her thoughts of love before slipping into bed and back into range of Edward's gift. Her eyes had barely closed when the door slipped open behind her and the weight of his body pressed into the mattress beside her. She knew she should have pulled away but the morning felt like a better time to start resisting. But when morning did come he once again unknowingly prevented her will from growing and she collapsed into him once more. She could have lay there until end of time reminding herself "another day, I will end this another day" but he had other plans and responsibilities they could not ignore. The angry chattered on the beach had suggested they did not know who Edward was and how much he was willing to pay to have what he wanted. She couldn't help but smirk as she watched him dress, even after all this time he still looked like a dangerous man. She wondered how many workers would make it back to land as she listened to him leave the yacht. It took her a long time of rolling over several times before she gave up on attempting to rest more though she was sure she needed it. Alice had packed for her as if she was going on a beach vacation with short, soft and flowing dresses more fit for a honey moon and less for a complete reconstruction of a home. After digging enough she found a pair of jeans and a simple white top which she slipped on gratefully. She didn't bother with shoes as she made her way onto land only to be greeted by crates of wine. With a smirk she swiped two bottles and made her way to the beach.

She walked, drank and gathered shells for many hours in attempt to avoid getting in the way of the demolition. It was soothing to walk the island and for a moment imagine she was lost. But after time she found the still empty dock and another bottle preparing to great her. By the time she was at the end of her third bottle Edward was returning looking lost and mumbling to himself as if he thought she had heard the entire conversation. The sudden movement of being thrown over her shoulder was almost enough to force the contents of her stomach to make its way up but she held on for dear life, "Who suggested you were crazy? Eden? Eden isn't here.." She could suddenly smell her on him and she quickly looked around expecting to see her following but the girl was nowhere to be seen. His question confirmed that the girl was truly on the island and revealing something she did very rarely, "It wasn't mine to tell. Like my gift, we don't tell or show many people what we are able to do. You must've gained what remains of her trust." She did not protest as he pushed them away from the dock, "I've only seen it once. I wasn't prepared to see what she had to show me." The sudden quiet of being with him was threatening to ruin all of the self-control she had been gaining the entire day as she walked the beach. She had run the various scenarios with him in her head over and over again and every time she convinced herself it would lead to destruction. Now just being with him again was changing all of the endings and the fresh glass of wine was doing nothing to lock her emotions away again.

The moment he dropped down beside her she was scrambling away and attempting to end the silence around them. She should have known he'd have Damien Rice of all men cooing from his speakers and she was happy for the honesty in the music. She swayed mostly to the music but also because the wine was beginning to hit her hard. For a moment tossing herself in the ocean felt like the only escape route but he reeled her in before she was even cast off. The only thing that kept her from speaking was her sudden desire to press her lips to his. The seemed to fit perfectly, like the universe was testing her will by presenting her with the only man who could ever defeat her and make her fall in love at the same time, "I drink for more reasons than you could never know my love. Besides, I haven't been looking at them." She found his lips once more in a desperate attempt to silence herself though it would soon become a lost cause. She was gripping at the front of his shirt when he broke the kiss with a breath she nearly missed. It hadn't been a breath at all, it had been the very words she had buried earlier today. She had gone limp in his arms as the words played over in her head, the words she was having a difficult time sinking in. She wanted to speak but all she could do was stare and continue to grip his shirt as if it were the only things keeping her from drowning. She wanted to speak but no words came to the surface but she could have sworn her heart was beating beneath her chest.

"Edward, I love you." It slipped between her lips as a whisper as she was no longer able to force it down. She was suddenly drowning in a wave of emotions and panic, panic that drove her to sit up suddenly, "I don't know when it happened but I love you. I feel like I have loved you before I even knew you had existed. Now you are all that exists and please stop me.." She forced herself to look away from him and stare out at the empty ocean around them, "It is terribly lovely all of this. Out here we can be this I am afraid of the land Edward, I am afraid what this will mean when we are on land. I haven't been able to tell you and I so badly wanted to scream it. Love is kind of a terrible thing, it is so lovely and yet it manages to destroy the greatest of men and women." She looked at him at long last, a smiled on her lips despite her concerns, "Just don't go destroying me and I will promise the same. I love you, I love you more than I have ever loved before."

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She followed him without question, she would always follow him so long as he wanted her to. With France slipping away beneath them she settled in to her seat and let her mind wonder to thoughts of Edward. The images of his memories came forward and she memorized the happiness that once filled his face. His hands felt warm in hers and the soft circles his fingers made her entire body relax, "You have nothing to apologize for, I took you away from that house with the intentions to help you regain your sanity. It does not matter where we need to go to ensure that happens, just as long as you can find some sort of peace." She had turned her head to smile at him but the sudden jolt of his hand being pulled away made her face drop. She felt his finger brush over where a ring once sat and she could tell by his face that it had troubled him. A rush of disappointment went over her as she cradled her abandoned hand against her chest. For the rest of the fly she didn't pry at him or speak but instead left him alone with his own thoughts as she made the best of the mini bottles of alcohol. The sight of South America had confused her, she hadn't really pictured that this would be the place that they would end up. Edward looked so out of place with the locals and she wondered if she had looked just as strange. She did not notice the fishermen staring, her eyes were on Edward and the vacant water that lay ahead of them. It was not until they were stepping onto the yacht did Anya realize just how hidden away this place had been.

No one would have thought to search for Edward in South America, let alone in a rundown fishing town where you would then have to take to the water. The silence dragged on across the water and was not broken again until the approached an island that seemed to appear out of nowhere. From where they approached it seemed to be a fairly large island and judging by the darkness of it all it was also largely uninhabited. She couldn't hear even hear a nocturnal bird, nothing but the waves breaking onto the land and the side of their boat. Without a word she stepped gracefully from the boat and fell into step with Edward. He had found a path she was sure she would have walked right by and slipped alongside with him into the overgrowth. She wasn't sure what she was expecting to find waiting at the end of the path, but the shock of what she did see was enough to knock a gasp out of her. They had entered a clearing which she now realized had once been a front yard to a home that laid in rumble now. The crumbled mess of the home looked darker than the forest around them, it was as if the fire had burned out all of the lights in the clearing. She stepped nervously behind him, something told her this entire island had become a grave yard of Edward's past and those who were once in it. His voice sounded loud in the night, loud and distant. She continued to be his silent companion as she listened to him speak of rebuilding, a step she had no expected him to take so soon. Her mind did not wonder to long on the mention of "we", she didn't want to wonder what he meant.

When he reached for her she reached back without question, her fingers tangling easily in his as they continued past the wreck. At the edge of the sand she slipped her heels from her feet and continued on barefoot, a sign of respect taught to her by her mother. She had followed him to the bank of the river the rushed softly by as if it were trying to whisper so not to disturb the silence of the island. Kneeling down beside him she watched the watched the river as she silently listened to the softness of his voice. He spoke with such love that she could not help the ache that had formed in her heart an ache for him that made her throat tighten with grief. Her mind drifted to the image of Edward Jr. sitting next to her on the bench with the some fierce expression his father often had. He had mimicked Edward in so many ways, she could see it in that short moment, "A boy learns how to be a man from his father and I suppose more than anything a father learns everything from that boy." She returned the smile, a warm smile that said she understood the extent of him taking her with him. Reaching for his hand she tangled her fingers in his once more, squeezing his hand tightly as she continue to smile. As they made their way back to the boat she left her shoes forgotten at the edge of the sand, the softness of the sand that wrapped around the island felt comforting anyway. The yacht looked bright in the darkening night, bright and welcoming. The reappearance of Edward had her breaking into laughter for the first time in days, a laughter she could not seem to stop. He looked as gleeful as a pirate who had just found hidden treasure on an island just like this. Without a moment spared on a thought, she settled herself down beside him and snatched up a bottle of wine, "I thought I already told you why I am hear Edward, how could I leave you now? If you keep these coming I may be taking a bath tonight, though salt water will do nothing for my hair. I am staying for as long as you wish me to." She struggled with the bottle opener to open a bottle for him and a bottle for herself, they would both need it. With a smirk she clinked them together, "I few suggestions about the home actually and you know I will nag you with them until you at least hear them. But for tonight we will drink ourselves sick, agreed?" She brought the bottle out above the water and poured a little bit before bringing it back to her chest, "For the ones we've lost. Actually, I think I remember this song my father used to sing. He was an Irishman and my mother was English. Anyway, it was sung traditionally when parting from friends." It took her a moment to remember the tune of the song, humming softly to herself as she tried to remember.

Oh all the money that e'er I spent
I spent it in good company
And all the harm that e'er I've done
Alas, it was to none but me And all the harm that e'er I've done
Alas, it was to none but me
And all I've done for want of wit
To memory now I can't recall
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all

Oh all the comrades that e'er I've had
Are sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts that e'er I've had
Would wish me one more day to stay
But since it falls unto my lot
That I should rise and you should not
I'll gently rise and I'll softly call
Good night and joy be with you all

She forced him to drunkenly learn the words though it mostly was filled with laughter and clinking of the bottle. Morning was still hours away as eventually she found herself with her head resting on his chest as they stared up at a starry night. Their bottles were empty and despite their digging, there were none more to be found. In this moment she felt more at peace than she could ever remember feeling. She always felt something she could no longer deny, a love for Edward that was beyond anything she could continue to deny. It was also beyond anything she could say without a few more bottles and the promise he would forget by morning. Pulling herself off the dock, she rolled onto her knees slowly rose back to her feet, careful not to topple over. If she didn't distract herself she knew her thoughts would get too loud and eventually he would hear them. He didn't need this and she knew it, they both didn't need the complication with the risk of complete destruction. Without a word she reached behind her back and slid the zipper of her black lace dress down until it slipped easily from her body. He hadn't seemed to notice the dress falling to her feet and she took the moment of distraction to toss herself into the ocean. She was submerged instantly into the strangely warm water and it felt like bliss against her body. She felt weightless and comforted by the pressure of the water and the way it pushed her back to the surface. Her laughter broke through the night just as she did through the water, "You know, I don't think I would mind if they take their time. This water isn't too bad actually and the silence is nice. You should join me, I promise I won't shove you under and the fact that I even suggested I won't doesn't mean I considered it at all." She splashed water onto the dock with all her might but only managed to get his feet, "Besides, it isn't as if you have anymore wine to steal. I actually prefer your company more than my wine, fancy that. Now take it off and come in."

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