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December 15 2017

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Religion:I will let you know . . .
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Genre: Medical,
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The fight for NET NEUTRALITY is not over.

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15 hours ago

Anyone looking for friends and a good writer add me
▪Wołf Ğiřł Teller▪

16 hours ago

Hey there! I'm Gabriella Teller, yeah my older brother Jax is head of SAMCRO now, more info can be found in my about me (More will be added:) I'm single and looking for SOA mains, enemies, friends and a love interest. Add and msg me on here i also have; Kik: vampireprincess95 Line: lovelywitch95 feel free to add me.
☣Distorted Solitude☣

Dec 14th 2017 19:31

We are all here to write. 

Maybe you are a college student?

You come here to help those study sessions from blending together.

Maybe you are a single parent?

You come here to get away from the kids.

Maybe you are in high school?

You come here to work on your creative writing.

Maybe you are a shy person?

You come here to "talk" with people the way you can't at school.

You are a nurse

You are a student

You are a gang member

You are a barista

You are a bartender

You are a stay at home mom

You are a stay at home dad

You are a model

You have no job and you live with your parents 

Some of these roles sound familiar?

One person's reality, is another person’s fiction.

We all come here to escape.

Here we can create, control, rewrite parts of ourselves.

We are all writers.

If someone’s character and yours won’t fit together in a storyline then speak up, but be respective.

If someone can’t reply right away, be understanding.

We all have hectic lives.

If someone writes more then you or less than you, don’t judge them on it.

I used to write only one paragraph. Now, I range from three to ten. 

Do you have a huge backstory?

Don’t be offended if someone asks you for a summary.

Be happy to share what you have created. 

 This is our escape

  This is our oasis. 

This is where we can have a positive let out. We are not here to get stressed.


Don’t Mock the Muse

∀LieИs eXis†

Oct 28th 2017 02:32

The world of RPME has finally witnessed perfection at its absolute finest, because I've arrived. actually, it's probably more accurate to say that it's witnessed the forthcoming of a complete and total disgrace. i sing and play in a band called blink-182. we suck, and we're ugly, but you know, we're honest -- which is something. i donno. If you guys see Mark or Travis around, tell them i need help unzipping my pants.
Beau Kingston.

Oct 23rd 2017 05:13

I guess it's time to welcome you back to my friends list.

We've been through a lot, huh? It's been a pretty good six years here, though we've had our ups and downs. Regardless, I'm still glad to be apart of this site, and forever grateful that you made it for us writers.

Sitemodel was a great site, but something just for us was what we needed.


Sep 12th 2017 05:13

Looking for friends so feel free to add me ❤

Jul 16th 2017 12:48

wish myspace had profile 0.1 like you guys have i hate the new myspace.
ℳαттч 🎤

Jun 18th 2017 02:45

Matt Healy
The 1975 || Bandverse

Hi Hey, Hello , Hola. whoever stalks "Roleplayers page"
I'm also looking my bandmate's and also some friends
so feel free to add me ♥
I don't bite unless you ask but hopefully don't so that well be good.

Melania Trump

May 16th 2017 17:26




Political, celebrity, real life genres.
Anyone who's an active, fun, friendly and literate writer for casual, silly or dramatic stories.

*Would love a Donald Trump or Barron Trump connection, or friendships in general :)
αnnie-яose ∂awson

May 14th 2017 19:27

Annie-Rose Dawson
(Annabelle,shortened name)
Looking for Titanic Verse Roleplayers.
Do not judge
DO NOT Bully.
I'm new so I want people to chat too
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