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BIRTH NAME: Audrey Parker
GOES BY: Parker
DATE OF BIRTH: Feb 26, 1986
AGE|SPECIES|GENDER: 34, Human, Female
KNOWN RELATIVES: Mother (deceased), Father (deceased)
PERSONALITY: Sarcastic,Brave, Protective, Stubborn, Smart, Bossy
MARTIAL STATUS: No one has Yet to Tame
TRANSPORTATION: Harley Motorcycle
BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Ask and you shall find out

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Characters: Audrey parker
Verses: haven, resident evil, supernatural, silent hill, movies, tv, video games, undead,
Playbys: Emily rose
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Gore, Horror, Open, Supernatural, Undead,
Member Since:March 29, 2020

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Live Free

• coming soon • coming soon • coming soon • coming • Lives in Long Island, New York • Drives a Harvey Davidson Bike • Audrey frequently uses a stainless steel Walther PPK/s pistol chambered in the .380 ACP caliber, which is a slightly larger version of the Walther PPK, widely recognized as James Bond's choice weapon. This is a fitting small pistol for a someone who travels and needs a light and compact weapon. Despite this, Claire has also been spotted wielding a Desert Eagle pistol chambered in .357 Magnum

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May 25th 2020 09:11

Character: Brandon Connor
Display Name: Bloodhund
Verse: ResidentEvil/Silent Hill/The Walking Dead/Post Apocalypse
Writing: Multipara/Novella
Brief Greeting / OOC

Greetings my new friend Audrey! Thank you for accepting my friend request. My name is Brandon Connor. Bran for the frankly ones. It's nice to meet you. I would like to give some insicht information about my character and we can discuss a storyline of some sort. I am open to different verses if it comes to horror genre, movies or videogames are fine with me. My character is original, born in my own mind. Why do I write someone like him? For the shake of my pleasure, for the shake of the difficultly. I am non native english writer behind Brandon, that means typing mistakes will occur. Please accept that. I rp in comments/messages. Either way works with me.
The history of me

Brandon is a Special agent that worked with Leon S. Kenndy before. They were good partners, after their mission was over which was to destroy a lab full of tirants. With Brandon's brutal skills of killing and Leon's sharp shooting skill they were able to save a piece of America before the tirants killed all people. They didn't get along too well but got to be friends as they went on and fought the zombies. He is a tough guy who possesses both strong mental skills and great vitality, Brandon has a great advantage with weapons when surrounded by many enemies.

About his past is just a very little known. He was born in a hospital owned and operated by the umbrella company. Brandon mainly had no life, parents died, grandparents took him in and they were killed by stray bullets of a gang, when he was 17 years old.There was no funeral, not even a burial for his grandparents even not for his parents. His friends suddenly acted like he never was born, no body cried and finally they started to keep distance from him. Since then, Brandon is waiting for his revenge, filled up with anger and serious training, he became a coop and is travelling everywhere following the Umbrella emblem. Trying to figure out if his parents are really dead, and if they are, why? What did they do? or worse, what did they knew? A rumor of an outbreak spread and he headed out (to where-ever an outbreak is occuring), with his guns and his anger and his hatred for the Umbrella Corporation.
If there is something that you need to know besides this Bio, just take some moment and ask, I am friendly OOC. I hope to hear about you soon. With best regards:

The writer behind Brandon Connor
Fᴀᴍɪʟʏ Lᴇɢᴀᴄʏ

Mar 31st 2020 15:16

Duke was born into a very special family. The Crocker family which had a very special gift or curse depending on from which point of view you were looking at it from. This certain man saw it as a curse. He was living in Haven which was a small town in Maine and unlike the rest of the world weird things happened in this town. Everything used to be normal, but that was until Audrey showed up. Audrey Parker. Duke himself was a criminal in this town and he was smuggling all kind of illegal things for his customers and business partners and he usually got away with it. There were rare times where he had been going to jail, but the punishment was never harsh enough for him to stop what he was doing, and he wasn’t sure what led him to this kind of business in the first place.

He was living on a houseboat that wasn’t very luxurious at all, but he liked it and he had turned it into his own. He got it from his father in a deal he didn’t know anything about and as he had lost his parents and almost all of his family members at a very young age, he only had his elder brother left. After this Audrey came into town and lived upstairs from where Duke had his own bar. She saw something good in him and he found an interest in her. She was always working with a partner of hers and he hated his guts to the bone. In their teenage years they had many disagreements, but it didn’t take long time before Duke discovered his family curse. One troubled person named Dwight appeared on his boat to try and steal a journal and some weapons that his father left Duke.

He wouldn’t let that happen, so he hit him hard and got some blood on his fingers which made his eyes glow in a blue grey color. It gave him an incredible power to throw him off the boat and the journal told him a little about his family history. The last message from his father was to kill Audrey and he liked her, so why would he do that? Little did he know that she was the reason for all these troubled people to be around and that killing her would be the solution to end all the curses in this small town. It wasn’t until later that he figured out it could be the solution, but he didn’t want to kill her. Even though he denied using his curse at all he ended up having to. Certain situations forced him to use it to save families, to save his friends and the person who was once a criminal turned into some kind of a hero in this town even though he never wanted that.

There was only one person he was trying to be good for and that was Audrey, but no matter how hard he tried she always seemed to choose her partner at work over him. It was definitely not easy for him. Whenever he felt a troubled person’s blood on his skin it disappeared into him and it gave him this rush that made him want more and more, but he knew that it was something he needed to control and so he did. There was no way that he was going to let this curse take over his mind and body. Especially not if it meant killing people who didn’t deserve to die. What helped him relax from time to time was when he was sitting on his boat doing yoga and he could forget everything around him and only think of himself. Now that he wasn’t doing criminal activities any longer.

Audrey was a special person, because she seemed to be around for 27 years, then disappear for some time until she would take on a new personality and reappear for 27 years again with no memories of her former life. Always with the same face though. Her time was near and none of them wanted her to disappear. So, they were doing everything in their power to prevent it from happening. Duke was trying to find a way and he was the one who in the first place figured out what they were dealing with. Nathan had some kind of other method to go around and try to figure out a way to help her. Somehow, he lost his morals a little along the way and started flirting with a woman named Jordan who couldn’t touch other people without giving them pain. As Nathan was the only one who couldn’t feel this pain, he was making her believe that he liked her by kissing her and flirting with her in public.

One day at the police station Duke was there while talking with Audrey in a friendly manner and they both saw Jordan and Nathan standing in another room while saying flirtatious things at each other. It made Duke feel angry. It seemed like Audrey chose Nathan and here he was treating her like crap, when he himself wanted no other woman but her. His attention went to Audrey and he was looking back into her eyes. “Are you… are you okay? Do you want us to get out of here and maybe grab something to eat somewhere? You don’t deserve to watch this. I’m really sorry you have to.” There was annoyance and sadness in his voice. Even though he wanted her, then he also wanted her to be happy and she was happy with Nathan. At least he thought that she was until now.
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