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There was a time

I never once thought twice about my title

Now all I do is ponder.

Was I just a part of his spell?


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Characters: Princess Of Darkness
Verses: Those that Remain.
Playbys: Melissa Mcbride.
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
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About me:

Never dreamed all the ramblings of what I thought to be a mad man. To come true. He said he would end the world if she did not come back to him. I really don't get ending world over any one person. Much less her. But to him, it seemed to be all he lived for. And he was so cruel if he could not have what he wanted in life. Then no one would have a much a life worth living.

Then again I should have known better. When he told me about demons causing one of his former friends to die. Over the years I can not count a load of out character crap I have been told by people. You kinda just develop this sure yeah right attitude. Then one day when he showed me the news report. Something deep down inside of me. Just said get away from this guy. He's complete nuts or maybes he's not and demons plague him and those he cares about. Then, on the other hand, he was so charming and romantic. I often forget he was even still in love with exes, to begin with. Just the way he would write to me.

And I just told myself, ya know he is method acting. It is just a part of the process for him. To get into writing. Cause when he wanted to be. He could be such an amazing writer. I never really knew these Kim and Tina girls he liked so much. I just still sometimes wish. I could have been enough. And I still do not get how anyone can be so hung up. On exes from decades ago. So much so to the point to try and end the world.

I was torn on what I should do. If anything at all. If anything could even make a difference. I mean what can I do now? Help others find where to get state supplies? But if he could do this just on a whim. What will he do next? I can not say I have ever truly been envious of these girls. But I can say there is a part of me. That wonders what is so rare and one of kind about them. That he wishes to end the world if he can't have one of them. So I decided if I am going to go out as the last one. I want it to be on my terms. Nothing at all linked or tainted with him. And If I can somehow find one these girls. And reunite them. Can he reverse what he has done? I mean the beast has to rise up to fix it all right? So maybe really he was the one being used. And he is not killing off all those who mattered most to me. So many of them are gone now. And I hate to think about even one of them getting ill due to something he did.

So I suppose now is the part I explain to you. What was explained to me? When I asked how he was behind it. Somehow he is linked to ancient spirits of Wu, Wei, And Shu. And was able to conjure them to possess the lab tech who first released the virus. I know it sounds crazy. But he claims some of the most powerful demons are drawn to Asia and its culture. And also two very powerful demons play a part in the perversion of Anime. Or so he says. Since that is like a big thing over there.

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Mar 26th 2020 04:48

I knew a Leah that used to be a main of mine that accepted me as her daughter.
Was that Leah you or something?

Mar 26th 2020 04:43

so this person you knew, what display name did she have and what character were you?

Mar 26th 2020 04:35

Lol you did?
Well I use to RP Betty from Riverdale.
This character was from MySpace, been this character off and on.

Mar 26th 2020 04:20

It's Selena, why?
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