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Going to be with Michael Samuelle and only him.

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Characters: Nikita
Verses: La Femme Nikita TV Show
Playbys: Peta Wilson
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Crime, Mafia, Open, Psychological, Suspense, Television,
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I just sent one more starters. Two left. Which I am working on. Would anyone like to discuss a storyline?

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About me:
Falsely accused of killing a police officer, Nikita is sentenced to life in prison. Soon afterward, she is recruited into Section One when the organization fakes her suicide. As the only truly innocent recruit into Section, her compassion and sympathy constantly conflicts with the often ruthless orders she is given. After spending two years being trained by Michael, Nikita learns to use her beauty as a weapon and becomes an expert in martial arts and ordnance.

Initially reluctant to kill (she uses creative measures to avoid having to commit a murder during her first mission), she eventually becomes more efficient at doing so. As field operative level 2, she is used in a wide variety of capacities, from "valentine operative" to assassin, despite her moral qualms, but manages to hold on to her humanity while working for the organization. Eventually, she and Michael become romantically involved, a development that threatens not only their standing in Section One, but their very lives.

Their relationship is seen as a threat by Operations and Madeline, and they use a mind-altering method on Nikita to rid her of all emotions. Michael manages to reverse the process, but Nikita's performance takes a more professional tone. In the 5th season, Nikita works directly for Center and evaluates all section One staff. Nikita discovers the real reason she was taken into Section —her father was Mr Jones, the head of Center, the organization that controls Section. His plan was to make Nikita take over as head of Section One and eventually Center. In the series finale, he sacrifices himself to achieve these goals.

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Mar 26th 2020 06:07

Life for Karolina Dean was perfect. Too perfect. She was the perfect daughter, or at least she tried to be. She tried to help her mom with the church, she tried to do well in school. Even though she doesn't have any friends because of it, it didn't matter. Karolina was used to being alone and the perfect daughter. She used to have childhood friends. But they all drifted apart after Nico's sister, Amy, passed away. She even asked Destiny Gonzalez what was like to rebel, because she had never done it before. To her, Destiny was the cool person because she was brave enough to rebel. But Karolina would find out later that it's not cool to rebel or run away. That was what had cost Destiny's life. 

Everything changed when Alex Wilder decided to get everyone back together. Chase Stein, Nico Minoru, Gert Yorks, Molly Hernandez, and Karolina Dean. Everyone thought the idea was crazy. They all thought there was no way they can all just be friends again like nothing had happened. Amy was gone and there wasn't any way to fix itheir bonds and friendship. So everyone denied Alex's invitation to get together. Yet they all ended up at Alex Wilder's house because he sent everyone an old group photo in a group text message. After seeing the photo, the other kids felt nolstalgic about the times that they spent together. So, they all went to Alex's place. It was also the night where all of the parents get together for their group called PRIDE, and the kids stumbled upon it by accident because Alex was trying to get a coaster for their drinks. Curiosities arose when they all saw Destiny Gonzalez went into a box that automatically opens and shuts. It was made by Chase Stein's father, Victor Stein. 

When Destiny Gonzalez didn't show up the next day, Karolina and the others finally realized what their parents actually do in their PRIDE meetings. Using human ceremonial sacrifices in their meeting. Destiny Gonzalez was a runaway, so she didn't matter. Since no one was loooking for her, which was why PRIDE made her as a sacrifice. It was also why she was missing. At first, the parents thought it was Molly who saw their meeting because she used her phone to take a picture with flash. But later, she let it slipped that all of the kids knew about their parents' PRIDE meeting and what they do in there. Plus, Alex and NIco found out that their parents own the police in their pockets. Because they pay the police to keep things quiet.

Which was why they all ended up on the run as fugitives. They found a shelter that gives out food when they were all tired, the kids went inside. When they all got a bowl of soup, they saw the banner. It was PRIDE, paid by their parents. "Oh hell no!" said Chase. "Come on, soup is soup. I'm starving." Said Molly. "I agree. I'm hungry." Said Karolina. Finally, they took their bowls of soup and sat down. When they're wondering what to do next, that's when Alex point to something. "Don't look now, guys." He said. Everyone looked up, and there, it was a security camera. "What do we do now?" Chase asked. Everyone all looked at Alex hopefully. Alex scratched his chin, trying to think of a place that they could go. But he doesn't, because he had never been outside of the luxury of his house before. 
нellѕ αɴɢel (Hiatus)

Mar 25th 2020 16:01

My Name is Rachel Gatina

and I will not sign it away.

Welcome into my dark, but wonderful tiny World my new Friend. How are you today? It is a pleasure for me meeting you.

I think, since I am not a Friend of long Intros, I will tell you a bit about myself.

Like you already know, my Name is Rachel Gartina, well.. my Human Name, my real Name is Gorgon, and I already rocked the old Egyptians, until it came to a Point, Anubis, you may know, which was a old Egyptian God, could not handle me anymore, too many I drove Crazy with my Actions and so on, so he decided, sending me to Hell. Seth, witch you may know as Lucifer, should have his Fun with me, handling me.

First, it of course was not that easy for me. Demons tortured me, and had their Fun with me, but I was strong, and in Time, I became Lucifers best. Since I can switch Bodies, what I miss to do by the way, he decided, giving me a Chance, by sending me back to Earth, being his Ruler there, trying to catch this and that Souls.. and well so on...


Enough about me, I dont want to bother you with any more Details, so if you are interested, after you read what I wrote, I would love to talk about a Sl with you, whenever you find a Free Minute.

Until this, I wish you a magical Day, and a wonderful Time.

Love Rachel
discord: in work / Multi Para & Up & active writer / est. 2020
ѕwαɴ ɢιrl

Mar 25th 2020 15:11

thank you love,

you are the best,

but you already know that.


ѕwαɴ ɢιrl

Mar 25th 2020 15:07

if you give time until tomorrow,

I will. :)

ѕwαɴ ɢιrl

Mar 25th 2020 14:52

yes :)

ѕwαɴ ɢιrl

Mar 25th 2020 14:47

no i am fine with your idea,

and surprise me. :)

ѕwαɴ ɢιrl

Mar 25th 2020 14:40

awwww yes please,

lets do that.

ѕwαɴ ɢιrl

Mar 25th 2020 08:10

No Love,

I am fine with everything.

ѕwαɴ ɢιrl

Mar 24th 2020 08:00

My Name is Isabella Marie Swan

and I will not sign it away.

Welcome into my wonderful tiny World my new Friend. How are you today? It is a pleasure for me meeting you.

I think, since I am not a Friend of long Intros, I will tell you a bit about myself.

Like you already know, my Name is Isabella Marie Swan, but you can call me Bella. Since my Mother has a new Boyfriend, which is a Football Star, we both decided, that it maybe would be better for me, to live with my Father for a while, so I can finish my School. So.. now I am back in Forks, excited how Peoples will be.

As a Child, I often was here, whenever Summertime was around, but with Time, I did not visited my Father that often anymore and so, I am not really up to date what is going on in that beautiful little City called Forks.


I am really excited, as I already said, what will come along my Way here, who I will meet and if I maybe can make new Friends, also meeting old ones of my past, what would be wonderful. At least, I gave my Teenager Life a new start here in a new old City, being open for all and everything and being ready for the Adventure my Life will bring me.

If you maybe like being a part of my new Life, being a Friend or Connection, talking about a wonderful Sl we both could have, I would be happy hearing back from you.

Until this, I wish you a magical Day, and a wonderful Time.

Love Isabella
discord: in work / Multi Para & Up & active writer / est. 2020

Mar 20th 2020 21:50

Venessa had been through a lot in her life, she had been born in the Enchanted Forest to a prince and a good witch and she had grown up to be a warrior as well as a huntress getting food for the village she was born in and that was her job there.

Things were good in life until Cora Regina's mother showed up and told Venessa to come with her or she will kill her mother. Venessa didn't fall for it and so out of anger Cora crushed her mother's heart in her hand killing her and then left laughing.

Venessa then learned the ways of dark magic to try and get revenge on Cora after she changed her mother's body into a tree. When her half sister Regina did the curse to send everyone to the land with no magic Venessa sent herself there first and made herself a new life there.

She was all around the world now and she found herself in New york and was then was pulled into an alley by 4 men and they watched her "It's not safe here at night alone darling" one of them said and she rolled her eyes to this "Walk away boys" they all laughed as one of them showed her his gun and she smiled "You think that scares me big boys? I have seen worse" she then teleported behind one of them with dark purple smoke and when she showed up she moved her hand and he was on fire.

She then looked at the other three as they attacked and she fought them with martial arts until two of them attacked her from different sides and she just froze them in place like they were frozen in time and she smiled "not nice boys" she then put her hands together as they hit each other and killed each other that way. The third and last one she walked up to and had the wall become like branches and pull him into it as she sighed "I hate having to use dark magic, always so messy" she shook her head slightly and then heard foot steps coming her way.

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