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"A hero is not a god or an idea. A hero lives here on the street. Among us. With us. Always here but rarely recognized. Look in the mirror and see yourself for what you truly are. You're a New Yorker. You're a hero." Female
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Characters: Karen Page
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About me:

Okay, gonna have to say this. Me--/--Drama

Also, IF YOU DON'T HEAR IT FROM ME DIRECTLY, I DIDN'T SAY IT! Please, come talk to me if something negative happens.

That is me, the line in the sand and drama. I am on one side which is drama free and drama is on the side that I dearly want it to stay where it is.

This is a drama-free zone. None, nada, nope. Talking things out is encouraged but any wild antics that make me or those around me feel bad...? Yeah, not appreciated nor wanted.


Thank you very kindly for your consideration.


Karen's gun of choice is a Llama III-A

I consider Karen as being part of the or the Amalgam Universe but Au'ed. The universes never seperated and so a new comics universe was born.

I like to roleplay from a slow burn to something darker and/or romantic. Open to all ideas. Multi-Li RPer. I have had issues from a brain injury, but I've been clawing my way out of it slowly but surely; day by day. I do well, and I am literate. Also, looking for serious RP. Will add but if something doesn't come from it, I will delete after 2 months.

For help with editing my posts; I use:



I am seeking literate writers who don't have to match my posts in length.

What I do seek is that they can:

1. Demonstrate a sense of their character.

2. Sense of the surrounding area they are currently in. I.e. smells, sights, sounds...etc.

3. That they don't shift my character in any way.

4. That they can undoubtedly make their posts enjoyable and readable.

5. That they comprehend I am not my character.

6. I want to weave a story with people.

7. Good grammar and organizational structure are important.

8. That you can include something to the post to move the story forward.

9. That smut with a character might invariably happen, in a long going story-line with a person who has agreed to do so. I will not spring it on anyone without previous discussion. Also, just because I may play out darker themes does not mean that I am incapable of playing out general threads where I respect your character's history and portrayal.


On Discord, I will talk about pretty much anything you are comfy with but do not spring on me:

a. If you suddenly send me full or half nudes of any kind that I did not ask for. *I am speaking of IRL people.*

b. I under no circumstance am your potential girlfriend.

1. Hugs and such are cool but no acting like we are dating.

2. Talking about your life and your problems are also cool.

c. No drama in my Discord or my RP *unless the drama is properly reserved for the actual RP we are writing together at that particular time.*

Any of the above will cause an instant block.

Yes: I'm good with violence (within reason), romance (consensual themes), fluff, very dark themes (within reason), dark themes, light themes, hurt/comfort and gen.

Crossover friendly, will eagerly find a way to make it work out in a logical manner.

Maybes: Crack (within reason)

No: vore and nonconsensual themes.

Uncertain? Please, ask and we can talk it out. You can feel free to talk to me about any of it. I'm easy to get along with and easy to talk to when it comes to your concerns. If a line or thread is going in a direction that you do not feel comfortable with, alert me ASAP. If you are a single line player, please let me know who your s/o is so that I may remember to incorporate them into any threads where they may pertain.

Who I'd like to meet:
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22 hours ago

There was that unmistakable sound of someone walking. Boots, they were definitely wearing boots. Even though the nightlife sounds were all around her, one can always detect what boot falls sound like in the dark. A mildly lit cherry to a cigarette was flaring now and then as the figure approached — stupid streetlights weren’t on or had gone out in that stretch so it left that part of the sidewalk in a serious gloom — nevertheless the unknown figure stopped just before reaching the light of her stoop. There another drag was taken, she’d hear the slow exhale that followed — but it was his voice that mattered most. It was slow burning but had the edge of a blade winking in the dark. “Well look who it is. Big bird..” The voice said teasingly yet the form didn’t move forward. “Didn’t know Big bird could get away with wearing something like that.” A tease or a jab, who knew but it was in regards to her outfit and the skin she was flaunting since you know, that giant muppet is in a show for kids and she looked like she was forged for the early stages of a wet dream..

May 28th 2020 17:53

ᴀʙᴏᴅᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀᴍɴᴇᴅ

May 25th 2020 18:48

Abode of the Damned is a dark roleplay group that focuses on the fictional town of Eerie, Washington. This small, historic town had experienced nothing other than peace until the self-named hacker H3R0 began to take the town by storm. His attacks started on February 14, 2019; only secrets and past traumas of his victims being dug up to the surface for the town to scrutinize - as all small towns do. As secrets began to unfold the residents grew resentment towards each other, trust falling if not disintegrating before their very eyes. By June 2019, things quickly escalated when H3R0 claimed his first body. The anonymous hacker had begun to use his information as blackmail to pin the residents against each other to show just how far they will go to cover their own asses. Will you be able to handle the wrath of H3R0??

When joining Abode of the Damned you will be able to expect quality writing, dedicated members and owners, creative in character drama, and many darker (and potentially triggering) themes. We will not in any way shape or form censor our writers. Additionally, we would like to mention that we encourage POC roles and LGBTQ+ roles!

If you choose to join our family but don’t know where to start you can take a look at some of our wanted roles! In case none of them catch your eye or you would rather create your own character, we are more than happy to help. Please just shoot us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀᴘᴇᴅ ᴄʀᴜꜱᴀᴅᴇʀ

May 25th 2020 16:28

Bruce had to admit he had admired that Karen didn't seem to have any fear about not being completely honest about her name when they met but it wouldn't been too hard to figure out that she had been lying. The name of "Paige Angel" after all had sounded like a name that would been plastered on marquees for the old public 1970s-80s adult film theater presentations. Besides her actual name had sounded more natural anyway. While most billionaires would have sought an end to her budding journalism career, Bruce wasn't the type to ruin lives or professions of people who were simply trying to make for themselves in their profession. If anything though granting an interview for Karen probably would made other journalists he personally knew like Vicki Vale or Lois Lane jealous it had not been them getting an intimate up close interview like this.

Then again were their other motives for granting the interview? Bruce didn't think they were but then again Alfred had pointed out that he had dressed up for the affair. Rather then casual he looked very formal as if he was going to a gala or hosting own of his own here at the mansion. Nevertheless, Bruce's thoughts were disrupted by the sound of a car peeling up as he had made his way to the front door. He had arranged for Karen to be picked up as she had no vehicle of her own yet which Bruce had assumed that Karen utilizied a taxi or Uber to get to the mansion the first time around. Smiling wide he saw she had worn a dress much more formal then the outfit she had worn when they had met with her blending in with the wait staff who had been on duty during the previous event being held at the mansion. Opening the door the moment the bell rang he locked eyes with her. She was absolutely stunning what she wore tonight that he had almost let an audible "wow" escape from his lips.

"Well you look great Ms. Page. I am sure you are anxious to get to our interview." Bruce spoke in a welcoming tone. Truth be told had he had been interrupted due to his "other job" the interview would cut short. Hopefully that wasn't going to happen tonight with his proteges filling in for him. "I hope you're hungry Alfred has prepared a meal for us." As he had escorted her inside. He had to admit he had his eyes scan over her and the dress noting the dress had clung to her curves. He had to wonder if she had cared in the slightest that he had taken notice of her in that way.

"Did you wish to do the interview now or would you like a small tour?" He said as he picked up on her being overwhelmed by the view she was getting. The mansion of course had been intimidating to any visitor for the first time. The family had alot of history with him being the last of the Wayne family and probably to stay that way its legacy would die with him. "We can always start with the collection room if you rather wait or would rather to get to the questions you want to ask?"
Molecular Acceleration

May 25th 2020 00:14

takenfemales123 lily collins gif | WiffleGif
Good day or even good evening.
My name is Tamora Mitchell, the oldest child of Paige and Henry Mitchell.

My powers were bound when I was a baby after accidentally setting the nursery on fire, however when I turned seven they were unbound.
I went to both normal school as well as classes through magical school where my uncle was the head master. 
Yes, I am a witch and whitelighter but it isn't something I just go around telling people. No need to risk starting the witch burning back up.
Anyways I would love to discuss a SL or even banter.
Oh and I do love doing crossoverover storylines!
If you have discord mine is That Other Stilinski#1022 
Feel free to add me.

Mary Jane Watson

May 23rd 2020 23:53

Hey there stranger,
Thank you for adding me! I am very excited to meet new people and form lasting friendships with them, so I hope we can become close! Now as for how I play MJ, I am pretty open to storylines with her. I like to follow the older comics as much as possible. I can either play her as a teenager so she fits more into the MCU verse or I can do an older adult version of her. I am open to fun au storylines as well! So, if you would like to start a storyline and connection don't be shy!
♥ MJ

Discord: Lilac and Gooseberries#4767

May 22nd 2020 17:14

“I can’t do this,”

Adverse words struck a chord, nullifying any optimism left inside him. Attention lifted and centered on the journalist of the newspaper company, New York Bulletin. Her struggles were an unprecedented issue surfaced through years of anguish. He knew of her ongoing pursuit for the truth, like every other journalist. It was an unfortunate circumstance when seeking out the truth came at a hefty price; the price of freedom and liberty. Nonetheless, Rogers knew about that detrimental situation when facing the likes of Fisk or Hammerhead; members of the Maggia Crime Family in New York City.

A ludicrous sensation ruffled his mindset, bewildered by the everlasting effect she endured moments ago. He underwent slightly fatigued when facing a French assassin; someone he’s rekindled often in numerous bouts. His name was George Batroc. Someone hired him to murder Karen Page. When he uncovered his whereabouts, he unveiled vivid detail about a flash drive she possessed in her hand. Turned out this information is crucial to Fisk and Hammerhead, who operated in the five boroughs of New York City. “Yes, you can.” He responded affirmatively.

“Know strengths and weaknesses. Never make yourself any lesser than you already know. Going after the main goal takes time and effort. There’s going to hardship. Struggles. Obstacles put in the path to measure your determination.” He sighed, as his arm extended out to her. “Overwhelm the odds, and show you’re more than what meets the eye.”

May 22nd 2020 00:09

Frank & Karen"Oh I have no doubt you do recognize it, still a little dumbfounded that you did it."
"I think you know what it means." He stated knowing full well she wasn't that daft that she wouldn't know what he was talking about, "I might be." He stated a little on the deffensive side, "So just cause I tell you to go that to you means that I'm just going to forget you? That i'm going to just be able to sit.." he stopped himself because that was what it had meant, he didn't want her hurt yet he kept going back to her against his own advice.

"Though going by those little devices that you have on yourself, it would seem I'm not the only one worried about you." He stated before he rubbed a knuckle alongside his nose before he was moving it to adjust his hat a little more. "Red's idea?" He stated now a little unsure if he should be here because last thing he wanted was Red breathing down his neck. Choir boy could be insanely annoying when it came to his morals and well now with everything going on with Karen he was sure that also would put the male on edge if he knew that Castle was there.

She probably wouldn't be to happy to know that he had Micro watching her but it was at a distance. He didn't have anything in her home to watch her, that was a little over the line for Frank. He just had him watching the outside of her place and the paper and Murdocks place, he just wanted to make sure she was really safe. Micro was against it at first said that Frank should let it go, but he couldn't let her go.

He wasn't sure what it was that caused her to take the step back, but it had happened and he wasn't going to move forward, unless he knew it was something that she wanted from him. One thing that he would never not have for this woman is fierce pride.

Frank arched one of his brows for a moment at her comment, before he let out a huffed laugh that really didn't hold any mirth in it, "Oh I have no doubt you do recognize it, still a little dumbfounded that you did it."

At the look that she gave him he just replied with a shrug of his shoulder and his own look that stated, 'i don't want to make things even harder on you', dark brown eyes never leaving her face.

He wanted to argue with her about it all but in the end he just nodded, "I'll come in for a bit but I'll more then likely go to the place, Micro picked for me to lay low in." He replied before he stepped inside turning to face her he pressed his lips together, there was a lot of pain there between them, pain that he put there.
Unforgiven /1617803 TheDarkCorners /1597008
Ruby Arias

May 21st 2020 21:56

Ruby looked at her when she said that and shook her head slightly "Well one of them is trying to get away so you can take him down if you like" she shook her head after that seeing how she wasn't the hero of the city that was Supergirl she just helped out when Supergirl had to deal with others like she was doing now. Ruby like Kara wasn't a Meta though unlike her Ruby was only half alien and that meant that she had her human side as well but it also meant that the things that harm Kara didn't work much on her.

She sighed and shook her head slightly bounding them with chaines she found in the alley and she sighed again lost in thoughts. Ruby had her mask over her eyes but other wise she looked like her usual self at the moment. When more of them came at her she sighed and using her soeed to avoid them and used her freeze breath to knock them down and her heat vision to make them drop their guns and knives. 

Ruby had a feeling that Karen could handle herself so she let her take care of those attacking her while Ruby took care of the rest with a sigh "They never learn" she rolled her eyes at that and shook her head slightly knocking more of them down and using her martial arts when needed as well. 

Ruby wasn't sure if anyone else saw her but she hoped not because she wasn;t ready for the media to know another super hero was in town as specially because her mother Reign had been the terror of the towm for so long and World Killers like her were feard,even though she was only half like her mother but still she wasn't a villan nor would she ever allow herself to be.

May 18th 2020 22:22

CHURCH BELLS THUNDERED with enough force to rattle the very heavens. It was impossible to tell if they were truly chiming or was it another onslaught to is migraine. KURT WAGNER had had trouble resting his conscience the past few nights and this night was no exception.

MATTHEW MURDOCK was gone, the DAREDEVIL had fallen and, while his work as his alter ego was worth its weight in gold, Kurt kept his distance. The politics of mutants interacting with anyone, heroics or otherwise, never proved fruitful for his people. Truthfully, to disassociate himself from him and THE DEFENDERS alike was for everyone’s best interests. Kurt could handle external threats…but what of the ones that lurked in the light, using its vibrance to blind the uninitiated?

With Murdock’s death, it meant open season on everyone who was slightly against the curve. His enemies were now the mutants’ enemies and with the mutants now migrated to their own nation of KRAKOA, those who weren’t so fortunate were caught in the crosshairs. As a devout Catholic, he felt a holy-bound duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

But that in and of itself was the problem.
Was he to protect those like himself or all those under oppression? Humans had never been kind to him because of his appearance, but to return that evil would go against his very own teachings. Still, it was not an easy battle to fight, knowing, again, the humans were the reasons there were those oppressed to begin with. Still, if there was any merit to continue on with the fight, it was KAREN PAGE.

It wasn’t public knowledge; it was hardly known at all, but she, too, was a victim of WILSON FISK’s orders. [The only reason Kurt was able to know was because of THE PROFESSOR’s usage of CEREBRO.] It was a private attack in her home in the dead of night. Had it not been for Daredevil’s interference, then…

While she was no mutant, her suffering was just as bad, was it not? Was she not able to receive deliverance like any other of God’s children? And, most importantly, should Kurt, a humble disciple, be the one to make the judgment call?

He’d made the mistake of following Moses’ footsteps in the wrong direction and would not commit the same sin again. He couldn’t decide for himself; he would use the Father to lead him.

The church was as welcoming as it always was, but the setting was far from homely. Murdock’s passing wasn’t too long ago and it felt as if his very soul still haunted the pews. Kurt hung from the ceiling supports and was all but invisible to the souls that sought deliverance from Hell’s Kitchen. The darkness was a curtain and he was in its shades; once he closed his eyes, it was nearly impossible to find him.

He…wasn’t certain he wanted to be.

It was a fool’s errand, looking for Karen without so much as a phone to tap, but a calling led him to return to the last place he’d seen her. A wing and a prayer, really. For now, though, after saying a silent prayer to himself, he’d BAMF!ed to the floor to appear to the not-surprised MOTHER MAGGIE.

“You aren’t startled?” Kurt asked, knowing in most his years some of his closest friends had yet to be used to his appearances.

“As one of God’s children, Mr. Wagner,” Maggie turned to face him. “I’ve never anything to fear when you’re around. Peace be with you.”

“Und also vith you,” he added with a nod. "Unfortunately, zough, Mozer, I'fe no time for pleazantries; please -- haffe you zeen Miss Page? I...fear she may be in danger.”

His hung started to drift to the side, plagued with terrible thoughts of what’s happened and, worse, what’s to come.
“This is about those mutants, isn’t it?” Kurt needn’t respond to know that’s what he was referring to. “It’s a real tragedy, how it takes such violence for us to see we’re really alike in more ways than we think.”

The truth was it was almost monotonous, how often it happened. Two mutant children were executed in a show of “justice”. Masks were worn out of fear of the current pandemic, but, to hate-mongering humans, they only saw criminals. Now armed with “suspicious activity” bullets flied and two more children were lost.

After further investigation, it was revealed the mutants were just 6 and 7 years old, respectively — far too young for any abilities to manifest. There was no imminent threat. And the shooters? OFFICER CARL HOFFMAN. He was acquitted. Shortly after, the funeral was held on a large display and covered by various news sources. The company that buried them was a small business in the Bronx, Dignity Funeral Chapel. It was run by a man and wife, John and Elizabeth HOFFMAN.

Carl Hoffman’s sister and brother-in-law.

If Fisk had Carl on his payroll, safe bet his sister was, too. This was no ordinary act of survival on Carl’s part, nor was any justice carried out.

It was a message.

All of Fisk’s enemies would be taken out. Karen was to be no exception.
“Bleaze, Mozer Maggie,” There was a desperation in his voice that was thick as his German accent. “I… I need to make zure she's zafe. I... It's zee least I can do.”

“And what will you do with her once you get her?” Maggie’s question was an earnest one, but was met with silence. Plausible deniability. Kurt didn’t know which city officials to trust and he wouldn’t bestow such a burden on her. “Ah, I see…” She paused before sighing; Kurt could only surmise she, too, was still dealing with the loss of her son. “I’ll help you, but I will reach out to her on my terms.”

Plausible deniability.

Danke! Bleaze -- bleaze, tell her to meet back here tomorrow. Doesn't matder zee time. I'll find her.”

“Of course, Kurt. And, Kurt,” she called to him before he could turn to leave. “Do be careful.”

Taking her hands in his, he placed a small peck of gratitude on her knuckles and flashed a humble smile.


And, in a BAMF! of smoke, Kurt was gone - awaiting the time for Karen to arrive.
n i g h t c r a w l e r .
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