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Characters: Darius Weller
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Feeling like a failure. -sighs; //Sorry everyone. Just going through some stuff.

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Slayer, The

Mar 24th 2020 19:02

I get it! I’m also trying to keep my sanity in reality. 🤣. I’m just making it known to all the people who think of themselves as almighty on this site 😂

Mar 17th 2020 01:45

Image result for lili reinhart gif

Hello there!
I want to write, and in order to do so I have to send out little intros, and I’m sure everybody hates them, but how else do you connect?

Sooo first things first,
My name is Elsa, but I’m not a Disney princess. In fact far from it.

Elsa grew up in a seemingly happy family. Her dad was a traveling truck driver, and her mom a small town weather woman on the news. When she was a freshman in high school, a good friend was brutally murdered. Long story short, Elsa quickly found out
Her father was a well known serial killer, leaving her with all sorts of daddy issues.

Els loves true crime, and is always trying to solve mysteries or put light on cold cases with her crime podcast she created with her best friend.

She is a first year college student majoring in criminal justice and journalism.

She is impulsive, sassy, fun, and loyal.

She has anxiety, and suffers from rage blackouts when she gets too upset.

She loves vanilla everything, reading, mysteries, and living each day to the fullest

Sɦɑ∂ღω Sωɑղ

Mar 11th 2020 13:26

Puppet Master
Something was wrong. She felt sick. She was never sick. It just wasn’t physically possible. Sure, Avygail got the occasional headache that went away as quickly as it came usually. Beyond that though, nothing. Her system was immune to human disease.  Hell, she wasn’t entirely sure what sick felt like, until now. And she didn’t like it one bit. Her head felt like someone had a vice grip on it. Similar to the headaches she got from time to time after waking up, but much more powerful.

 Accompanying that was a case of the chills.  Her slender form trembled and she fumbled for a robe to cover herself with. Fighting to pull it over her t shirt underwear with clumsy fingers. She was incredibly tired. Normally she didn’t need to sleep as long as she fed regularly. Avygail did it anyway because it passed the time and helped conserve the energy that she took in.  This was something different though. She felt as though she actually needed to do it. Avygail was sleepy, and a bit dizzy on top of that. The room was spinning slowly. As if she were on a carousel.

Trying to keep her balance was an issue all of a sudden. Her usual perfect dexterity gone. Balance that came not only from what she was, but years of training in Tai Chi. Wiped out as simple as that. Now she found herself stumbling forward while her head spun. Avygail placed a freshly manicured hand on the bed post for support. She didn’t even make it to the bed before everything went dark and her body crumpled into a heap on the cold wooden floor beneath her.

And then it rose again. Her eyes were blank and cold. The usual fire that flickered behind her turquoise hues was gone. Leaving a flat and distant gaze. She stepped towards the bedroom door. Her movements were still as fluid as ever but somehow more measured. Every movement precisely calculated. Her fingers curling around the doorknob. Each step forward to the front door after that. All of it was done as though someone else was in control. Because, they were.

Avygail herself was asleep still. Only her body was functioning. Her mind, her spirit were quiet. She could still process things such as not stepping out in front of a streetcar, or run face first into a building, but individualistic thought was on pause. One step, two, it carried on. Her legs moved in the standard rhythm but her consciousness was somewhere else. Out the front door now, standing on the sidewalk leading up to her porch. She waited expectantly. A van pulled up and helped her inside. Carrying her off to some unknown location.

They arrived soon at a large glass building. To everyone else it looked like a typical scientific research lab. Which of course was their cover. The lobby was rather large in size. Very open as well. In the far corner was a series of elevators. Beyond that emergency stairs. A bathroom. Above her an enormous crystal chandelier hung.  The crystals made the faintest clinking sound as the air moved around it. Most people wouldn’t have heard it, but her hearing was beyond that of a human.

The floors marbled in black and white. An elegant glaze coated in a shiny epoxy coating.  A single receptionist desk rested there. Rounded off and jet black. Nearly as shiny as the floor. Security sat behind it to monitor the cameras and direct people. Though he was far from the only one. Security was everywhere. Both in manpower and cameras.

Avygail was led past the series of elevators to one hidden behind a false wall. It required special keys. Two of them that needed to be turned in unison. As the doors opened the men escorting her removed the keys. Placing them in selected spots inside before pressing a button to make the doors close and the elevator itself move. It took them downwards.  Her body lifted up slightly as it jolted into motion. Down, down they went. So far beneath the surface of the Earth. They couldn’t be in Louisiana anymore. They would have hit water.

At last the elevator stopped. The heavy doors opened and she was ushered out. The scene there was far different from what lie above.  They moved down row after row of cells. Filled with all the things that went bump in the night. Vampires, werewolves and everything in between. All of them served as a source of experimentation. Possible soldiers and weapons to be utilized. Some were simply disposed of if deemed useless to their cause. This would bother anyone with an ounce of supernatural blood in them, but Avygail didn’t even flinch. Her mind simply didn’t register it. Not even the cries and whimpers from within. She heard it, but didn’t process the sounds.

The zombie like walk continued. Stopping finally in front of a lab. The walls were lined in white cabinets. Some of them with glass doors and Avygail could see various tubes and tools within them. The room itself felt very sterile. In the center of a room was a table suitable for a patient. Instinctively she climbed up onto it and began to lie back. Without hesitation the doctors and nurses around her started hooking her up to things. Needles were poked into her arm with strange liquid in the bags above. They tested her vitals as well. Other than the liquid it might have seemed like an ordinary doctor’s office visit.

But this was not an ordinary doctor visit. Most people would be panicking by now. Fighting against them. Struggling to get off the table and free of their contraptions and grabby hands. Avygail would be too. If she were aware of what was happening. Instead she simply lay there. Allowing them to do whatever they wanted. Pretty soon it became clear what one of the bags of liquid was. A sedative. Her eyes closed again and she drifted off.
Avygail Norling (1435748)
𝐵𝑖𝑘𝑒𝑟 𝐵𝑎𝑟𝑏𝑖𝑒

Mar 2nd 2020 07:00

Claire Novak was once a little girl with a normal family like every other child in this world. She had parents who loved her and who were there for her, when she needed them, and she felt loved and appreciated. As she grew older and became ten years old her dad Jimmy started to act very weird. The usual love she felt from his dad wasn’t there. Not the same way it used to, and her mom Amelia saw it too. She was complaining to him to at least show their daughter some love even if he didn’t show his wife either. The thing was that weird things was happening with him and that he was also acting differently. As if he was invincible and nothing could do him any harm. Little did they know that Jimmy decided to be the vessel of one of God’s angels.

After Jimmy left the house Amelia felt like she needed to find herself. Therefore, she left her daughter Claire in her grandmother’s care. After she died the girl went from group home to group home and ended up having a very rebellious personality. She ended up stealing and sometimes live on the streets not caring about anything in the world. Even when this angel Castiel showed up looking exactly like her dad, then all she could do was hate him. She felt like Castiel took her dad away from her and was wishing that he was dead. It took a long way for this angel to try and reach her, because he wanted to be there for her after what he had done to Claire and her mom. Eventually she found it in her heart to forgive him and accept his offer at helping her.

Therefore, both Castiel, Dean and Sam helped her trying to find her mom who she hasn’t seen for many years now. Unfortunately, it was a short reunion between mother and daughter. An angel called Grigori was trying to kill Claire, but her mom jumped in front of her to save her and sacrifice herself instead. She became an orphan and even though she grew closer to both Castiel and the Winchesters she needed to live elsewhere. None of them wanted her to become a huntress, because they wanted to protect her. A friend of the Winchesters named Jody decided to take her in as her own daughter. After she moved in there her adoptive mother tried to convince her of attending college and educate herself to live a better life than the Winchesters.

She honestly didn’t care what other people wanted for her. She lost her dad to an angel. An angel she had learned to love. Her mom got killed by an angel and the hatred she had for supernatural monsters grew stronger as she grew older. Nothing and no one could stop her. She wasn’t afraid and she felt like she could do this on her own. It would be better with some backup, but she needed to start somehow. Even though she lived a better life with Judy and felt happier with her than she ever had from her teen years, then there was still a hole in her heart. It could never heal, and the pain would always be there even if it became more distant with time. Everyone saw her as this helpless young woman who needed to be protected at all costs, but it was all getting old.

The truth was that they would never believe in her unless she started proving herself worthy of their trust. Therefore, she did what she had to and went out on her own bringing the few weapons she needed while walking out fearless. Her first opportunity came after Jody went on duty as the sheriff of Sioux Falls. It seemed like people were disappearing in the forest areas and she needed to figure out why. They were either disappearing or found with their bodies ripped open as if a huge animal had attacked them. At least that’s what the cops thought. She knew better and after being nearby the latest crime scene she was searching the area. As she didn’t have any backup with her, she could be an easy target for some creatures.

It was then she saw a cabin nearby where it was looking like someone was home. She peeked inside one of the windows and saw two men inside of there. Brothers maybe? She then went to the door, but before she could get any further, she got attacked by someone or something. It was a man with yellow looking eyes and sharp teeth. There was no doubt that he was a werewolf. “What do you think you’re doing here, blondie?” A smirk appeared on her lips as she kept her eye contact with him. “I’m here to kill you and your kind.” The man ran for her, but she pulled her gun and shot him in his shoulder and his arm. Before she could do anything more he jumped on her and pushed her to the ground. “So, you think that you can defeat us, huh?”

He was about to scratch her, but with one final shot she hit him in the heart and with no further sound he was lying on the ground dead. The two other men came out from the cabin and since that third guy was their brother, they got angry. She shot after them again, but this time she didn’t hit precisely and the two of them got her while pinning her to the ground. “Let me go… let me go!” She tried to point her gun at them, but the took it out of her hand and threw it to the ground. “You seem like a fighter. It would be a waste to kill you, but you can become one of us instead. How does that sound to you?” As his face was getting closer to hers, she spit at him. “There you got my answer. How does that sound?” The man was growling in anger as he scratched her immediately and she was screaming out in pain. “Welcome to the group.” Then they brought her inside of the cabin as they tied her up. One of them went to the kitchen to try and make some food while the other went out to get some woods for the fire. Meanwhile she just sat there while her body was hurting. It felt like she was losing control over herself very soon in anger.

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