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⛓️Crushy Crash☠️

Feb 12th 2020 01:46

It was another typical day for the Czarnian, but she wasn't running with her titans anymore - and she had not for some time now. Crush had taken on the mantle of a bounty hunter and rounded up some of the city's worse criminals. Everyone thought and expected that she was going to turn out to be just like her father, but it wasn't the case. She had fought and clawed to be something better..something more than him, and she finally did; Crush was attired in a pair of loose fitted jeans that ended at a pair of black military lace-ups, a chain hung from a hook at the front of her jeans, rested over her thigh, and rounded toward her back pocket. An all-black hoodie covered her upper torso and the length of her ashen arms, fingerless gloves fit over the silhouettes of her hands and a bright red bandana had tied her onyx hair down the length of her back and was folded at the front of her forehead. Crush pulled her motorcycle into a spot in front of her favorite diner - the scent of grizzled meat and cheese already called her name as she dismounted the bike with the soles of her sturdy boots clacking upon the sidewalk. Soon enough she pushed her forearm against the glass swinging door and stepped inside. 

"What will it be? Freak.." An echo of laughs followed the remark, and Crush reached out the length of her appendage to grip into the man's shirt and yanked him forward with seemingly no effort at all. "Strawberry milkshake, cheeseburger and fries." She released the man's shirt and the crowd had silenced themselves. Crush herself had folded her arms upon the polished countertop and waited: The words Kill something labeled on the front of her hoodie. The woman had gotten used to the brand, and it was her own little slogan outside of the name that she adopted for herself; She didn't need to wait long for the frosty cup to be placed in front of her, such was needed in this Los Angelas heatwave - not that the temperatures actually bothered her. Because the truth was they didn't, but it was still a refreshing treat to be had all the same. She leaned forward to clamp her lips down onto the straw and started to siphon out the ice cream. A satisfied grunt muffled in the angsty Czarnian's esophagus. Even as the screams started to fill the streets outside, and the patrons had piled over themselves trying to get out of the restaurant. Crush was too indulged into her milkshake to give a damn, that was until she heard the tumbling of something heavy come crashing down on her brand new motorcycle. 


Crush squished the glass effortlessly in her appendage, coating herself in the liquid ice cream. She lunged through the pane of the glass door. "Now what in the actual f***?!" Black tattooed eyes surveyed a scene of slaughter, the streets changed to a bright arterial, bodies broken and dismembered all over the place. Crush herself had immediate incoming with a winged vulture or some stupid bitch! She didn't know and didn't care. She lunged upward and the points of her knuckles crashed beneath the aerial beast's jawline. The force of the Czarnian's punch had caused the head to tear and flip away. "Immediately she had taken the ends of the decapitated corpse and plummeted to the street swiftly with the back snapping like a pack of uncooked spaghetti. "Who else want's somma this! Ya wrecked my bike, and now I'm gonna wreck your face!" With that challenge some monsters had started toward her, and immediately the length of her boot lunged out to thrust her heel into the torso of one - the force of the impact would be equal to the collision of a steel wrecking ball. Flipping and tumbling painfully over the tops of abandoned cars it went. 

"Get her!!" 

Someone shouted over the fray, and with that a bunch had closed on her position. The Czarnian did what she did best, and lifted her fists up only to crash them down onto broad skull. The force of the impact caused the massive head to shatter rendering it to a broken shell of its former self; She lunged forward each step building momentum until the flat of her shoulder collided into the torso of some kinda hoofed demon. She felt arms curl beneath her muscular limbs, and she threw her head back to cause a sickening crack with that impact. She reached behind her to grip the shoulders of the one who snared her and launched it forward. The beast flew effortlessly beneath the Czarnian's raw power, causing a bowling effect with its other gnarly brethren. Crush rushed toward a light pole with a grunt parting from her lips, and she pulled the object from the street. "Batter up!" She flung the length of the pole into a rushing mass, the force of the impact had caused them to tumble and fly down the length of an intersecting street! The light pole tossed upon the ground, and she hopped up higher onto a nearby building - clearing 50 feet from the street to the edge of the building. 

Scarlet orbs examining the scene below, getting a better idea of what she was up against, and from what she could tell - it was bad. Some kinda ashy vortex had quite literally unleashed hell upon the roads, monster and abomination of every kind had taken it's mindless slaughter on people that she was supposed to protect. "Well, after this someone owes me a new motorcycle.." She peered down at more of the attackers and lunged from the edge of the building. Her fist crashed into the face of some kinda gargoyle, and she spotted a family..ugh, family. She loathed the very word. "Go..anywhere that isn't here.." 
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