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Was that expression towards me? These days I don't take chances. Rejection always takes me to a dark place. That causes months of unneeded Trama. So If you want me. It's up to you.

35 years old
Melville, Louisiana
United States

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January 28 2020

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Run NowCauselBreakingTheLawIs what I do Best

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Characters: Dysomnia just call me Dy
Verses: Old and Forgotten ones. Secret places of Lakes of tears from Heartbreak
Playbys: one round trip to Heidiland.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Romance, Real Life,
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About me:

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Who I'd like to meet:

Dysnomia was the spirit of lawlessness, daughter of the goddess of strife, Eris. She had numerous siblings, including Horcus, Ponos, Algea, the Hysminai, the Makhai, the Phonoi, the Androktasiai, the Neikea, the Pseudologoi, the Amphilogiai, Limos, Ate, and Lethe. They were all personifications of wrong doings or negative situations, such as pain, fights, murder, lies and forgetfulness. Along with her sister Ate , they appeared side by side in some texts and myths. In one of the accounts, Dysnomia is juxtaposed to Eunomia, a spirit of order and law.

And Since Ares® or Ares GOW as some called him as been gone. That is what this place has been like. Complete utter lawlessness as if chaos was trying to paint a Van Gough. But if you lost the love of your life to the mermaid who was even ten times more vindictive and insane than yourself. Wouldn't you want to see all go up in flames?

That is an odd thing of immortality. When we look back on our past. We lose no time. Since time is only there. To insure if we ever love a mortal. We must simply watch them whiter away. Is passion not our greatest weakness? No matter how we try to deny it. We all crave it.

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