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37 years old
Acton, California
United States

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February 17 2020

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Satan is a woman,ᴍᴏᴛɪᴏ ᴘʀᴇᴍᴀᴅᴇs premades   (5  photos)
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Characters: Jughead Jones
Verses: normal,magical, mature. 21 +trigger warnings, crime.
Playbys: C.S
Length: Para, Semi
Member Since:January 16, 2020

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Feb 3rd 2020 20:14

Freya Labonair

“Come lets be friends not enemies, I promise I won't bite”
Every werewolf has there beginning, I have mine.
My life begins as a young toddler  in Louisiana, I was born to two very loving parents, my life was taken from me when I was three years old, my parents both murdered but I was not aware my future would lead me to living with a family my ancestor hated.  I'm the doppelganger  to a witch, Anne de Chanteraine and she was executed in 1603 in Belgium and burned at the stake. her anguish started the doppelganger  bloodline including myself in the future. Her hatred punished the Mikaelson family who took me in who was a family of vampires, the original vampires.

I know unique of course but as a werewolf I activated my curse when I was only three out of self defense, Hey hunters killed my parents and I had to protect myself somehow being a small child. Deep down I never knew the future would give me and that I was a hybrid link between werewolves and witches within my bloodline, my father was the crescent alpha's younger brother  and my mother was from a darkened bloodline of  werewolves who intermixed with witches and my family died off at the will of a ancient witch out for blood.  

Well enough of that, I hope we can build a connection with one another. I love meeting new friends and blend in well with humans too ♥ 
Hope to hear back soon, 
Freya Labonair, Crescent Wolf of Atchafalaya
“I will choose my own destiny, I want to live a normal life.”
credit: james kriet
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