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Characters: Danielle Fenton, Danielle Phantom, Danny Fenton, Danny Phantom
Verses: Danny Phantom, Open, crossover
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
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About me:
(Danny is the exact same, just change the pronouns) At the age of 14 Danni had a lab accident where she was violently electrocuted in her parents homemade ghost portal. It merged her DNA with ectoplasm and created the half ghost we all know and love.----------------------------------------------- I play Danni in her early 20's, 25 max. I am okay going younger but prefer to keep tings 18+. I like to think that her having a ghost core instead of heart would stop her aging in her prime. She would also have a lichtenberg scar where her heart would be over her chest and on her back. By this time in her life, her powers are much more stable. Her ghost powers are based in the ice elements and after much practice that is now the true base of her powers. The green ectoplasm is only usable in her human form, where the ice is only available in the ghost form. ------------------------------------------------- So being half ghost, she can't really die. That doesn't mean a bullet to the head will do nothing. It would probably just knock her out for the day and then make him switch forms to heal with a horrible headache the next day or two.--------------------------------------- I feel that Danny can be played in many different ways with varying forms of powers. She could be completely human just with the ability to see ghosts, or be the half ghost from the begining of the series just at an older age. I don't like to God mod and I understand that ghost powers could completely take control of a story or verse. I try to be very conscious of it and make sure she isn't overly powerful or infallible. ---------------------- I also have ideas for medieval and high fantasy verses that are based in Dragon age Inquisition so that things make sense----- Weaknesses! Huge weakness to electricity, lightening, and fire. Electricity completely shorts out powers and can put him in a state of panic. It reminds him of the fear of the lab accident. More to come :)
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โ„ฑแดผแดฟแดฎแดตแดฐแดฐแดฑแดบ โ„ฑแดฟแตแดตแต€

Jan 16th 2020 21:07

forbidden fruit
Apple apple dip dip. Wanna try it? tick tick. take a bite. c'mon, be bold! change the way the story's told!

Thank you so much for the add/request! The name is Evilette "Evie" Grimhilde/Mills. The daughter of the infamous Evil Queen. Yes, the one with the poisoned apples! When you're free, I'd love to set up a story-line and/or connection! I tend to dabble in dark disney, a/u descendants, and oc ouat.

First, would you mind taking a look at my rules and signing them correctly? I'd really appreciate it. 

If Line or Discord is easier for you, feel free to add me!
Both are on my profile! 

Hope to hear from you soon!

Have a wicked day!

-Evie. ♥


Jan 16th 2020 20:20

Hi horrible to meet you I am Mal daughter of Hades and Maleficent. Care to discuss? Ooc: FYI my Mal is a little op but of asked I can dial her down a bit. There are triggers like blood, gore, swearing.
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