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Legal Information
NAME: Luna Lovegood
DATE OF BIRTH:2/13/1981

Family Ties
MOTHER: Pandora Lovegood
FATHER: Xenophilius Lovegood

Negative Traits: Strange, speaks her mind (sometimes positive)
Positive Traits: Wise, loyal
Animagus: Tuxedo cat with orange eyes
Blood status:Pure-blood
OCCUPATION: Magizoologist


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Characters: Luna Lovegood
Verses: Harry potter, selective crossovers
Playbys: Evanna Lynch
Length: Multi Para, Para
Member Since:December 26, 2019

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вrαveнeαrt, cℓαra

Jan 21st 2020 19:24

//Oi! I hope this is sufficient enough! Do let me know if not, and I'll be more than happy to come up with something else for ya. ^_~

I need you for a thing... Those were the words the Doctor greeted his impossible girl with upon picking her up from her tiny flat in London. Any sane person probably would have stopped to question this thing before hopping into a madman's box and running away with him, but not Clara. She was used to it. It was pretty much their entire friendship summed up into one sentence. And she loved it. The thrill of it all, seeing and doing things that ordinary people only ever dreamed about at best. It was exhilarating, and it made her feel special. Important. Like she was finally fulfilling her purpose in life.
"So what's the thing?" She finally asked, a twinkle of excitement in her eyes as she took her place beside him at the console, fingertips resting idly along the edge. 
The old man hesitated a moment before turning to face his companion, a small smile forming across his weathered features. "We need to go under cover. Deep cover."
Clara's brow furrowed, mild confusion expressing itself openly upon her round face." Okay..." She paused, lips pursing together in thought. "What for?"
"The TARDIS keeps picking up on these signals..." He spun around to face the small screen that displayed all sorts of readings only he could understand. "I’ve been trying to decipher them, but something keeps getting in the way. Like it's blocking certain parts of the message... renders it almost completely pointless..." 
"But then I took a closer look." He continued,  a mysterious tone to his voice as he moved the screen closer to the brunette. 
Doe eyes instantly fell to the image he was showing her, attempting to make sense of it all.
"Magic!" He finally explained after a moment of silence. 
"Magic?" The words fell from her lips in a soft chuckle, but confusion still dominated her features. "Wha--- you can't be serious...." 
"Completely." He responded as if she had asked the most absurd question he had ever heard.  
Taken aback slightly, her gaze rose to meet his, analyzing his grey-blue hues for the truth she often found there. They had dealt with quite a number of absurd things over the years, so why did the idea of magic seem so impossible? Surely this wasn't the weirdest thing they ever encountered. That was when she decided to roll with it, whatever it was. "Okay... so what does it mean then? The magic readings?"
"I've traced the signals back to a school. We need to get in there, find out what's going on. There's something going on there that the TARDIS doesn't like...." His voice trailed off, becoming lost in thought. 
"Brilliant," was all she could reply with, mind still struggling to put together all the information she had been given. Briefly, she wondered why this was so important. The TARDIS gave off weird readings all the time. What was so different about this? Why did he feel so inclined to actually investigate it? Despite his nature to help those in need, he was being weird. Mysterious. That in itself, immediately rose a red flag in the brunettes mind. She knew that he suspected something deeper he hadn’t chosen to share yet. But she decided to let that go for now and simply enjoy the adventure that presented itself to them. After all, it had to be some pretty powerful stuff to reach the TARDIS and either way the dice fell, it was bound to be quite a ride. “What sort of school gives off magic readings?" She mused aloud.
"Hogwarts, I think that it's called..." The Doctor's eyebrows furrowed together, his spine straightening as he snapped out of his thoughts and began to set coordinates for their destination. 
Clara froze, eyes growing wide with the words. "Hang on," A manicured hand rose in the air, almost as if to stop him from saying or doing anything else. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" 
"You know it then?!" 
Jaw practically fell to the floor, the feisty brunette at a complete loss for words. This just got weirder and weirder by the minute... "Know it? I read about it in storybooks as a child..." She still hadn't moved, entire body seemingly frozen on the spot as the shock consumed her. "It's not... it's not real..." 
The Doctor scoffed. "Course it's real! Just because something is in a storybook doesn't mean it's not real!" 
Shoulders rolled back in a soft shrug. She supposed he did have a point there. Her life with him taught her that over and over. But her mind remained unable to wrap itself around the truth. How could a story be real? And how could she not have known about it until just now? Dainty fingertips gripped the console unit, both to steady herself and to keep from falling over as the TARDIS spun through the vortex, soon materializing upon the very grounds she had always dreamt of visiting as a child, that familiar vworp, vworp, vworp piercing the air and signaling their arrival. 
Stone cold

Jan 13th 2020 14:45


Lets make this short and sweet shall we? Seeing as most people hate them so don't even read them or reply anyway. 

Flora Carrow. 
One of the Sacred twenty-eight.
Elder twin. 
Cold hearted.
Daddy's girl.
Potion genius. 

I'm looking for storylines, I want to write. 
Up for the challenge? Then comment, mail or ask for my discord and I'll be sure to get back to you. 
Enshrined Beauty.

Jan 4th 2020 17:14

It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Belle or Lacey depending on if I’m under the curse or not.
I would very much like to discuss a storyline with you and possibly end up with a connection. *She smiles brightly.*

I am currently up to the start of season 7 and hoping to watch it soon (real life got in the way lol). I hope we can come up with something great, let me know when you are free and we can get something sorted. Please done be shy, messages or comments I don’t mind.


//I am not new to the verse or the character, I have been both Belle and Lacey on and off for many years now. If we have already spoken I am truly sorry just trying to make sure I reach everyone, I also know people can hate these but how else are we going to get to know one another?

Dec 31st 2019 19:27

Hello lovely! Yes! Let's discuss! I'm open to any and all storylines! Feel free to message me!
𝕭right Spark

Dec 27th 2019 09:47

Hi Luna. Your welcome. I would be happy to work out a storyline with you.
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