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Characters: Lucy Stevens
Verses: Supernatural, Detective Pikachu, Pokemon, Crime
Playbys: Kathryn Newton
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Crossover, Romance, Suspense,
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About me:
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Lucy Ann Stevens

Searching for a real story....

A Lucy. Ann/b> Stevens/i> was a girl

Lucy worked as a fluff columnist at CMN television headquarters. Unsatisfied with her menial job, she always sought out bigger stories, but to no avail. Suspicious of detective Harry Goodman's announced death in a car crash outside of Ryme City, Lucy and her Psyduck stumbled across his son Tim and demanded information from him. Tim, who had an estranged relationship with his father since childhood, didn't comply. Despite having minimal evidence, Lucy theorized Harry's death was arranged by Roger Clifford, only to be dismissed. Tim, along with a talking, amnesiac, deerstalker-clad Pikachu named Detective Pikachu, eventually approached Lucy for assistance. Lucy, Psyduck, Tim, and Detective Pikachu infiltrated the PCL research facility and learned that scientists were experimenting on a Mewtwo, who had been recaptured after escaping 20 years earlier, and apparently hired Harry to aid them. The group was then chased out of the lab by several Greninja and escaped into a field of colossal Torterra, during which Detective Pikachu was injured. .

Lucy and Psyduck stayed behind while Tim and Detective Pikachu were lured into the forest by Bulbasaur so Mewtwo could heal Detective Pikachu's injuries. Before it could reveal its true motives, Mewtwo was captured by Howard Clifford's Ditto, disguised as his son Roger Clifford. After Detective Pikachu left Tim, believing he had betrayed Harry to the vengeful Legendary Pokémon, Tim regrouped with Lucy and they returned to the city.

While Tim reported his discoveries to Howard, Lucy impersonated a reporter to inform the mayor of the situation with the R substance, but she was dismissed. Meanwhile, Howard, revealed to be the actual mastermind behind the events, betrayed Tim and transferred his consciousness into Mewtwo, using the R substance to fuse the consciousness of people into their Pokémon, claiming it was the best way for people to evolve. Despite her attempts to warn the public to not have their Pokémon breath the gas, Lucy fell victim to Howard's control and fused with Psyduck. Tim, Detective Pikachu, and the real Roger worked together to subdue Ms. Norman and break Howard's control over Mewtwo.

Mewtwo, grateful for its rescue, returned the citizens and their Pokémon to normal while Howard was arrested. Roger realized Lucy's theories were correct and hired her as a genuine reporter, with her first assignment being to cover the full extent of Howard's plot.

Psyduck was Lucy's primary Pokémon, and is often seen outside of its Poké Ball. It is constantly seen with headaches, which causes Lucy to try and keep it calm. Psyduck was first seen spying on Tim Goodman when he arrived at his father's apartment.

Ut Psyduck was next seen beside Lucy when she first met Tim. Later, when Tim went to CMN, Psyduck was seen in Lucy's "office". It accompanied its Trainer to Howard Clifford's secret lab. During the celebrations in Ryme City, Psyduck merged with its Trainer when the R substance was released in the city.

I get this ache... And I, I thought it was for sex,d
tear everything to.
f***ing pieces

I am the alpha, I am the omega (What?) I am the alpha, I am the omega (Ah!) I am the alpha, I am the omega (Ay!) I am the alpha, I am the omega

Name: Lucy Stevens.
Alias(s): None
Species: Human | Pokemon trainer
Afflicted by: her dreams. | 🐾
Infected by: Nothing| Herritage
Bloodline: Unknown
Loyalty: Strong
Rank: Intern, possibly apprentice
Age: Apperance: 21| Years
Hair: Color | blonde
Eye Color: blue.
pokemon Form: psyduck.
Pet Name ( kitten , sweetcheek, sweetface, dollface, red , ).

Lucy has currently been promoted to work on TV, after solving multiple cases and proving her boss wrong. Instead of apoplogisig, she automatically got a promotion, to her own joy..

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