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About me:
Alaric Saltzman was once an powerful witch, and friend to Silas, an man who was a more powerful witch than him. He was aware of the love affair between his friend and his fiance's handmaiden, Amara. He admitted, he had feelings for her as well, but knew to stay away. She wasn't his to claim, and nor was Silas was hers to claim as he was already engaged. But it seemed the two found away to go behind the fiance's back, but it didn't end well for them. Qetsiyah found out on their wedding night, and put Silas under an immortal sleeping spell, which he would awake two thousand years later, thinking his true love was dead. Alaric was given the immortal spell by Qetsiya, in revenge, so that he would live the immortal life with her. He managed to get away, and after the first thousand years, befriended the Mikaelson family. They welcomed him into the family, and it didn't take long for Esther to figure out, that Alaric didnt age. He eventually confessed, and she soon made a spell, to change her own family, giving them the immortality that she believed would keep them safe. But she ended up making a mistake; she made them into the first vampires, the originals. That became her own downfall when Klaus killed her by accident and the family fled, knowing Miakel would chase them, and rid of them for good. It would be another thousand years before they would reunite in modern day New Orleans and Mystic Falls.
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Nova Athens Scotia

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Richard Kimble

F O X.


Neville Longbottom.


James Azrael

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ลกฮฑrฯ‚ฮฑลกโ€ รฏฯ‚ รŸ๏พšโŠ•ฮทdรฏฮต


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๐”–แด€ษดษขแดœษชs ๐”ข๐”ฑ โ„ญษชษดษชs

Dec 5th 2019 23:27

There's been a peace inside of New Orleans for seven years, ever since the Mikaelson's were separated, each of them taking a piece of the Hollow with them and vowing never to set foot near one another again. But times are changing and family can't be separated forever. The pull of the Hollow is stronger then ever as it tries to reunite the members of the Mikaelson family, succeeding first with Klaus Mikaelson who visits his brother Elijah in France, and then with Rebekah. Water turns to blood as the plot ever thickens. Freya and Vincent believe they have found a way to keep the Hollow from re-entering Hope Mikaelson, but this spell requires the family uniting once again to bring her to wake. It's risky, but it may be the only way to defeat this horrible evil once and for all. But with this solution, there are two problems. Hayley Marshall is missing and Elijah has been compelled to forget "Always and Forever" and in that compulsion has forgotten who he was, thust rebuilding a new life for himself. Determined to avoid the Mikaelson family at all costs, he brutally shot Klaus' down. In his claims to not care about the family, or Hayley any longer, he's destroyed any hope his brother once had. Defeated, Klaus returned to New Orleans claiming Elijah was not in France, but Freya's tracking spell proved otherwise.

Having found her brother, Freya took Hope to France in an effort to bring Elijah home once and for all. Elijah's mind was set in stone - he would not be returning to New Orleans, not even at Hope's request. But Antoinette's heart was softened for the child. Hope's tears were real, and Antoinette knew the young girl desperately wanted to be reunited with her mother. In that, Antoinette succeeds in what no one else has. Elijah has agreed, for her sake, to return with his family. His only conditions are that Antoinette will join and fight alongside them, and no harm will be brought to her by Klaus, or any other family members. In agreement, Hope and Freya give their word and bring Elijah and Antoinette back to New Orleans.

Once home, and also reuinted with Kol, Freya and Vincent cast their spell, protecting Hope from the power of the Hollow. The pieces of the Hollow leave the four siblings and in their attempt to reunite and failing, the Hollow forms and vanishes without a trace. Confused, yet relieved, the family is once again reunited, now able to reside together once more. Cheers and celebrations commence, until they hear a figure moving towards them - Aurora de Martel - newest host to the Hollow.

Will there never be rest in New Orleans? Can the Mikaelson's defeat the Hollow once and for all? Is everyone doomed to perish and die? That is up for us to determine.

Come join us in a fight to remember! Audition today!
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