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22 years old
Alexandra Hills, Queensland

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May 30 2020

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Orientation: Bi
Hometown:Your Hometown
Religion:Christian - other
Education:No Answer
Characters: |Malyana| I'm Out Of My
Verses: |Marie|Romance|Ero|Crime|Mafia|Drugs|Abuse|School|
Playbys: |West| Mother F*cking Mind.
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Mafia, Open, Psychological, Romance,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 05, 2019

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About me:
When Malyana was born she was introduced to the military life, Her father was deployed fighting the Japanese she didn't see him to much but as she grew she began to understand why she couldn't see him as much as other little girls could. She would often get jealous when she saw other little girls and boys playing with their fathers. But she had her mother and her bigger brother, Sebastian. »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« Every other month her father would come to see her she loved these 7 precious days she had with him. She never wanted to be with her mother or her brother in these 7 days she always was around her father and she threw a fit if she wasn't. »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« Her mother held a darker past one of which she did not like to discuss or express. her mother had magic one of which became of a war, her mother was born to an angel and a demon. This mixture was of course forbidden but the woman who carried her went to earth and raised her little girl there. »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« Her father wasn't exactly normal either he had special powers only he and his wife knew about he was werewolf. Though the movies say they turn during the full moon that was not true for real life. her father could change whenever he wanted. »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« Being raised by a demon and angel hybrid and a werewolf she was raised with the love of everything mythical her favorite was of course a unicorn. she loved to hear the stories that her mother used to tell about her adventures as an angel. though she never knew they really happened she always thought they were made up. »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« Little did the young girl know she was meant for something far greater than any human. she had inherited her fathers powers as well as some of her mothers she had the powers of, Fire, Ice, Earth, Water, Wind, Acid, Transformation and Charge »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« She did not gain her powers until she had found out her father was dead something was triggered inside of her, her first power was charge. Ever sence she turned 7 when her father got home she would train her in combat and weapons it was his way of bonding with her and she loved it. »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« Her father was also very fascinated with cars and the race track so half of the week he was home he was working on a special racing car that he wanted to use to race when he got back home permanently. But when he wanted to be in the army for a while longer he knew he would be old to race after he got home. So he ended up letting her have the car. »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« After he had passed away she finished the car herself and started to participate in races mostly illegal street races caught her attention but she did do legal races as well. just her favorites were the illegal ones. »»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-««»»————- ☠ ————-«« |FLASHBACK| Her singing voice filled the halls of the big house her and her family happily lived in she was singing a little random things like "Lalalala" or "Boop boop boop" she was a happy little girl. This moment was amazing for her she was wearing a black dress that had red roses on it with white spots. she was running bare foot as well her long blonde hair was curled and pulled back. as she heard her mothers voice call her name, "Malyana Sweetie come down here!" her mothers voice called loudly, "Coming mommy" she called back happily as she quickly made her way down the stairs as she walked over to her mother and her brother there was a man standing in the doorway. the man was wearing a military outfit and holding a necklace she didn't notice it before but it was her fathers dog tag and the man seemed very sad, "I'm sorry madam...But your husbands dead" he says handing the necklace to her mother as her mother tightly gripped it and cried her eyes widened she was shocked, "No...No! he can't be dead!" she yelled at the man and her family her brother was also crying as tears streamed down her cheeks, "It can't be" she muttered as she hit her knees a strange green glow surrounded her as she punched into the floor it was much faster than any human and much stronger leaving holes in the floor as she screamed. her brother and her mother quickly picked her up and hugged her as the soldier at the door left. she was left heart broken and angry she wanted to kill whoever murdered the one thing she loved the most |END OF FLASHBACK|
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ᴀʙᴏᴅᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀᴍɴᴇᴅ

May 26th 2020 00:03

Abode of the Damned is a dark roleplay group that focuses on the fictional town of Eerie, Washington. This small, historic town had experienced nothing other than peace until the self-named hacker H3R0 began to take the town by storm. His attacks started on February 14, 2019; only secrets and past traumas of his victims being dug up to the surface for the town to scrutinize - as all small towns do. As secrets began to unfold the residents grew resentment towards each other, trust falling if not disintegrating before their very eyes. By June 2019, things quickly escalated when H3R0 claimed his first body. The anonymous hacker had begun to use his information as blackmail to pin the residents against each other to show just how far they will go to cover their own asses. Will you be able to handle the wrath of H3R0??

When joining Abode of the Damned you will be able to expect quality writing, dedicated members and owners, creative in character drama, and many darker (and potentially triggering) themes. We will not in any way shape or form censor our writers. Additionally, we would like to mention that we encourage POC roles and LGBTQ+ roles!

If you choose to join our family but don’t know where to start you can take a look at some of our wanted roles! In case none of them catch your eye or you would rather create your own character, we are more than happy to help. Please just shoot us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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