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Just to stress, I am VERY new to role of Liara and am currently learning and researching as much as I can. I am however a seasoned, multi para rper who is accustomed to taking on new characters and challenges. Any who add me need to bare in mind that I’m not a walking, talking Mass Effect encyclopaedia and learning could be a slow process.

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Urdnot Grunt

Feb 14th 2020 19:50

Krogan are red Asari are blue Even in blood rage I still like you. Happy Valentine’s Day, to the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.
Urdnot Grunt

Jan 14th 2020 07:01

Grunt was happy enough to watch Liara, admiring the curves and shape of her body, but as she stood in her under things and told him to close his eyes. Grunt raised his hands to cover his eyes, and closed them too, resisting the urge to look out of respect for Liara. When he heard her enter the water too, Grunt opened his eyes again and smiled, her form obscured by the warm water, but her shoulders were bare.

"Yeah, this was a good idea." Grunt wondered to himself again why Liara had never taken on a mate, but it was ultimately her choice. He knew he had little business asking, however...perhaps he could fill that role. "Even Shadow Broker's need time to unwind. There are better planets to do this at, to seek peace. Tuchanka is a harsh world." Grunt told her, considering other systems. "Like, Eden Prime, that Human colony. Elysium, maybe."

Grunt was sure to keep his distance so as not to frighten or scare her off, he didn't want her to think he was trying to take advantage of her here in this cave, but he couldn't help but worry about the feel of her body, her smooth skin, "No" he told himself mentally. "Stop" Grunt wanted to think about her, but he held himself back. "What else do you like to do to relax? I mean, I've heard and seen Asari dancing, I would guess the same things as everyone else does."
Urdnot Grunt

Jan 12th 2020 08:30

"I didn't think places like this still existed on Tuchanka. Most of the planet is harsh, desert. This is different. A rare place indeed." Grunt murmured, looking around the cave in some awe. It truly was beautiful. "Hmph." Approaching the edge of the pool, Grunt reached down to wave a hand through it, finding the water pleasantly warm, but not nearly hot enough to burn. Even an Asari would be comfortable here. 

As Liara called to him, a wide smile crossed Grunt's mouth. "I'm not getting into the water with my armor. I'm gonna take it off. Look away if you're shy." He warned her, setting down the pack near the edge of the pool, and his gun beside it, before Grunt began to remove the peices and latches of his armor, revealing to Liara (should she care to look) a strong body with a sort of "natural plate" armor over his chest and shoulders. Grunt continued to systematically remove his armor, setting all of pieces and equipment off to one side as he lowered his bare body into the steaming pool with a groan of satisfaction. 

Urdnot Grunt

Jan 10th 2020 12:39

"Ha!" A laugh barked from Grunt at Liara's challenge, and the Krogan rose to his feet. "You wanna race me? Alright, this should be good. It's over that way, other side of the cliffs. Race you! Hang on one sec," Grunt said getting ready, grabbing a few basic items, some lamps, more Ryncol, and a gun, then prepared himself. "Go!"

As they both hurried forward, Liara immediately began to stumble over the uneven terrain of Tuchanka, coupled with her already drunken state, and nearly feel more than once. With an amused smile, Grunt caught up with her easily, and scooped her up in his arms before charging forward away from their camp towards the area he was sure would have the cave system.

Laughing amused, Grunt had no difficultly hurrying forward and carrying the Asari in his arms as they rounded the cliff face, and in the moonlight he could see the opening of a cave into the rock wall, almost exactly where he remembered it being on the map. Grunt set Liara down as they approached the cave entrance and he activated a light, looking around. Some ways below, he could see a soft blue glow dimly illuminating a cave tunnel. "This way, Grunt said drawing his gun and walking forward. The tunnel opened into a wide underground cavern, partially illuminated by a small glow of luminescent cave fungus that glowed a soft blue, but still Grunt activated some of his lamps and looked around. 

The caves seemed empty, and he didn't hear anything else within except for the two of them and the occasional hiss of steam from nearby vents from the heat below that warmed the water. "Huh, I think this is the place."

Urdnot Grunt

Jan 10th 2020 10:55

Liara was too cute. It was all Grunt could do not to kiss her. He was entertained by her buzz, the fact that she was sitting on his lap was another issue entirely. He wasn't so distracted yet that he couldn't focus on what made her happy, Grunt listened to everything, committing it to memory. When seh turned the conversation to him though, about what she could do to please him, Grunt just laughed a little. "Heh, there's a lot you could do, just not right now." He explained, before shrugging a massive shoulder.

"I enjoy fighting. It's in my Krogan genes. I enjoy fighting, sparring, hunting big things and killing them with big gun. I enjoy drinking and I enjoy humor, I enjoy you and spending time with you, whatever we are doing. I like listening to your voice. I like the feeling of celebration after I accomplished something. When I brought down a thresher maw, when I became squad leader of Arhalakh company, when we killed the previous Shadow Broker. There are a lot of things I look forward to with you, but I can't say I enjoy them cause I haven't really experienced them yet." Grunt added fairly.

"I like being near you, talking to you, getting to know you." He had already said these, he knew it, but he wanted to re-emphasize that point again. "I liked it when you kissed me, I like thinking about you." Grunt answered, raising the bottle again to his lips and taking another drink of his ryncol. "You like swimming? I think there are supposed to be some natural hot springs somewhere near here. Water on Tuchanka is kind of rare, so we map out locations of natural water, I think there are some hot springs near some natural caves just a little ways over there, other side of the cliff wall. We could probably walk to it from here." Grunt scratched his chin uncertainly, trying to remember the exact location. "If not, take the truck out for a couple minutes drive."
Urdnot Grunt

Jan 8th 2020 11:31

It was obvious to Grunt that Liara was already feeling the effects of the potent drink. Instead while she looked up at him, he reached down and moved the bottle of Ryncol aside, instead replacing it with a bottle of one of her more human drinks. She was definitely amusing, but Grunt was starting to watch that she didn't have too much. Of course, he was still drinking from the Ryncol like normal. 

He had no doubt at all that Liara didn't have much history as far as dating or doing anything sexy, and smiled at her question. "Are you promiscuous? Heck no. I think you are the opposite. Not like a prude, but maybe a bit reserved." Grunt explained, taking another drink, moving now to pull her against his lap.

"I've heard that Asari can do that, there is a melding of the minds. Sensations, memories and emotions are shared. That sounds way better than any other species." Grunt was curious again, but he knew in time he would experience this. "What other kinds of things do you enjoy?" He asked in an attempt at nonchalant and casual, curious to make a list of the things she enjoyed so he could use them later to make her smile. 
Urdnot Grunt

Jan 8th 2020 08:44

At Liara's line of questions, Grunt laughed again, and took another drink his Ryncol filled beer bottle, and passed the actual bottle of Ryncol to her incase she wanted another small taste. He considered her question with a smile, and shrugged one shoulder. "Yes, but also no. No, there is no official rite or anything for a Krogan losing his virginity, but it's a common practice for a young Krogan, after he has sex for the first time, a lot of his buddies will take him out for a sort of party or another, drinks will be had, fights will break out, maybe they go hunting, maybe they try to out drink one another, or just compete and fight and have fun, it's sort of a coming of age thing, and not like a formal rite witnessed by the Shamans. So, yes, and no. This practice kind of lost popularity when the Genophage hit, cause for a while we were all having so much sex anyway trying to bolster our numbers, it was impractical to celebrate every single time. But now that we are free again and things have settled down, I have no doubt it will make a come back."

Turning his blue eyes to Liara, Grunt couldn't resist only a fleeting thought of Liara in an intimate situation with him before he silenced it, shoving it from his mind. It wouldn't do well to dwell on that just now. Maybe someday he would be lucky enough. "How about Asari? I mean, I've heard rumors of Asari....uh....promiscuity, but I don't think there's much to say about that. But I do wonder if your people have any mating rituals or bedding ceremonies?" Grunt was feeling more relaxed. He knew the Ryncol was doing it's thing. Even though he had two livers, and could stand an incredible amount of alcohol as it was, but he had also taken two large drinks of the stuff. It wasn't already getting him drunk, but he was definitely loosening up. 
Urdnot Grunt

Jan 7th 2020 07:06

When Liara agreed to trying the Ryncol, Grunt grinned a little, and carefully measured out the merest trickle amount into the cap, barely more than the tip of a pinky finger's worth into the cap, and handed it to her before he poured some into his empty beer bottle. " New beginnings." Grunt raised his bottle and took a deep swig of the burning alcohol. "Ah, nothing like a good kick in the guts from Ryncol." He added, setting the bottle back down. 

"You ever have much reason to celebrate before? You don't seem to have ever been much of a party goer, or anything. You seem more shy, bookish, but not boring." Grunt assessed, turning his attention back to Liara. "The parties you've probably been to though are most likely nothing like Krogan parties. We really make noise when we are gathering for a celebration or something." He grinned again. "Like, when a young Krogan completes their Rite of Passage and is accepted into clan, or when a new clan leader is named, or when a famous war lord dies and we hold a "funeral" for him, things like that." 

He had heard rumors of Asari and parties, he had lost count of how many he had seen dancing in nightclubs or running around in mercenary groups, but he also knew Liara was far from the both of those things. She was different, like him. 
Urdnot Grunt

Jan 6th 2020 11:26

It was true that Krogan had no customs of dating or being in a comitted relationship with another individual, but Grunt wasn't exactly "typical" among the Krogan. He was grown specifically to be among everything a Krogan could ever aspire to be, and he had many other unique features, being Tank-bred, blue eyes, a human "mother", and now, in a relationship with an Asari, one that Grunt knew he would never want nor desire anyone else. This suited him quite happily. 

"I might be rusty at it, I don't have anything to compare a relationship to." Grunt admitted after Liara had kissed him again. "Usually when I get this close to someone, it's because I'm gonna hurt them. With you, it's the opposite." Picking up his knife again, Grunt helped himself to more of his Varren, slicing away strips of meat and munching on it while Liara continued to eat her meal. 

Grunt reached instead to his pack now, and grabbed a bottle of Ryncol. It was a beautiful evening, and he was in good company. The sun had set on the Tuchanka wastes and the fire was burning brightly. Liara seemed just as happy beside him as he felt, and Grunt knew the defenses in place and the light of the fire would keep away most potential threats, he saw no trouble at all in opening a fresh bottle of the most potent alcohol in most of the known galaxy. 

"Do you wanna try it?" He asked holding the bottle up. "I won't give you much."
Urdnot Grunt

Jan 5th 2020 22:52

It was impossible not to be reassured by the Asari. As strange as it was to him, as difficult as it was to believe this was all genuine, that someone like her could ever have feelings for a monster like him, Grunt didn't doubt it. He genuinely believed she was sincere. Her words soaked into his ear, her hand was warm as it cupped the side of his face. The moment her lips met his though, Grunt froze, nervous, but keeping still, steady. 

His first kiss, with Liara. This beautiful goddess of a woman. Grunt never expected, never dared dream....not since he first met her did he ever entertain any serious hopes that Liara could ever return the feelings Grunt had for her. But here she was, kissing him. When the kiss broke, Grunt realized he had been holding his breath. He inhaled again, his mind oddly blank, save for a feeling of warmth, and gratitude. 

"I don't think anyone anywhere could ever compete with the first kiss I just received. No one is ever going to beat that or have a better first kiss." Grunt rumbled with a widening smile. "My heartbeat, it feels fast, but not intense. Fluttery. Like, I mean, is this butterflies too?" Grunt asked curiously. "It feels like it. I don't know what the custom is, or what the established rules or guidelines are....Shepard once told me about the human custom of "dating" when you really like someone and want to be invested in them romantically, getting to know them, I think that's the word I'm looking for. Yes, I wanna date you."
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