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October 16 2019

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Orientation: No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Phantom.
Verses: Phantom:Requiem for the Phantom. Crime, Mafia, Fate, HxH, YYH, Open.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Anime, Horror, Mafia, Psychological, Science Fiction,
Member Since:October 09, 2019

"Dreams are illusions. All they do, is interfere with reality."

Grim dark themes. Crime, Mafia, Action, Mystery, and lots of murder.
Character is an assassin.

Discord friendly. Friendly admin, Not friendly muse.

Shares would be appreciated!

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About me:

Anything specific you would like to know about me, just ask, as it would take awhile to write everything about me.

However,Ill list a few things you should know about me.

-I have a life outside roleplay. Please understand that i cant be on 24/7.

-I constantly go on Hiatuses and lose motivation. If we start something and i dont reply, thats probally why. Dont be afraid to bump me and ask if we are going to continue, rather then wait for your messages to get lost in the inbox and eventually deleted.

-I perfer discord for smutt, But if we do smutt.. With some exceptions, i perfer females. Assume im "packing" if theres smutt of any kind. Id rather not put my preferences here besides that, so just ask me about it. Just be warned, Odd themes ahead.

-Discord friendly. Ask for it nicely and i might give it to you.

-I am an Otaku, this just means i like anime a lot. But i havent seen every anime you could possibly think of. I've seen alot of good stuff, far to many to list here.

1.No RP with people under the age of 16. Low tolerance for people that are immature. If we do dark RP and i sense that your immature, im highly likely to drop the role-play.

2.I do not send RL pics. If you even ask For nudes, your DEAD to me.

3.Proper Grammar. If you're replies do not make sense, or are just bad, I will not reply.

4.Only accepts LITERATE roleplay. don't know what that means? Then your not literate. I hope to be able to do Multi-para Roleplay at the least.

5.I Do NOT like it when you control my character or do any meta gaming, auto-hitting, auto dodging, etc.

6. I don't like death battles, period. No killing my character. I wont kill yours unless you want me to.

7.After you add me or i add you, and you don't say anything to me, I WILL delete you in 24 hours. After that, the time limit is one week of no talking before i delete. In addition, i do sweeps at least once a week, deleting people who haven't spoken. If ive been inactive, obviously, friend sweeps wont happen for a while.

8. NO DRAMA! Instant block. I don't want to know if you are going to kill yourself. I do not want to hear it.

9.No copy paste "hey nice to meet you" starters. I would rather you just say "Hi". Or start with a question. Start a discussion with me, not a one sided interrogation.

10. NO 100% IC accounts. If you refuse to talk to me ooc, i dont want to be on your friends list, period.

One last rule. I will NOT do all the work. You need to add to the roleplay. If it feels one sided, i will drop it.
If such things are done, I will Give you a warning before Stopping the roleplay. Or i may suddenly drop it.
Who I'd like to meet:

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