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I don't do mains. I will write with all of you.
The catch is that you will have to wait a month for my reply.
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[Derry • Legacy]

Sep 18th 2019 17:10

“You’re not a failure.” Lavender explained, turning her kettle back on. At least tea could settle some nausea. Or rather she hoped it would. It always helped her, why couldn’t it help him? “We all make mistakes, it’s a part of our lives.” She explained coming back into the living room and sitting on the couch next to him. “I’m sure Audra’s going to regret everything and if not, well, she really is more heartless than we all thought. But you’re not letting me or Georgie down.” It pained her to think about her little brother, now something in the ground instead of someone with a life and happiness. It pained her to think about, but she knew if Georgie was still alive, both their lives would have gone differently. “I’m sure Georgie is very proud of you.” She smiled softly, knowing that the kid was always excited about whatever Bill did.

Wherever Bill was, Georgie was never far behind. Lavender was often a little jealous over it, considering she was the odd guy out. Of course, that didn’t mean she didn’t have memories of tormenting Bill with their youngest sibling. But everything changed when Georgie died. The entire family seemed to have shifted, though she didn’t remember much of it. Her entire childhood was a black hole, something she wished she could clear up. Everyone else remembered their childhood, why couldn’t she? What happened to make her forget? The sound of the kettle made her jump, momentarily forgetting why she cared if she could remember her childhood or not. The brunette got her twin a cup of tea before coming back and handing it to him. “Drink that, it’ll at least make you feel less sick.” She explained, a soft smile on her face.

At Bill’s question, Lavender shrugged. She wasn’t one to do much else but work. Her friendships had all but vanished, though she wasn’t unhappy or even lonely. The brunette did a lot for her job and often times, that was how she found her joy. Or at least most of her joy. “I’ve been fine. Just waiting for my agent to get back to me.” Wasn’t that the story of her life? Half of the writing process was waiting for someone else to greenlight you, someone else to throw a better idea on the table so you could do something worth doing. “She said she’s got a killer case she wants me to look into. Can’t wait to see if it’s worth it or not.” Lavender laughed lightly, knowing that most of the time, it was. Of course, her publisher had pushed her to write about Georgie, but Lavender always refused. Opening up her wounds was a huge no. She’d never use her brother, either of them, for her own gain.

“Why haven’t you been sleeping? What’s really going on, Bill?” Lavender asked, knowing when her twin was keeping something from her. She knew he was holding something back, but she couldn’t pinpoint what exactly it was.

[Derry • Legacy]

Sep 15th 2019 06:56

Hearing Bill, actually getting a hug from him, made her remember all the things she had told him. The nightmares HAD be all in his head. Hadn’t they? She couldn’t remember much about their childhood, only that they were from Maine and now lived elsewhere. She didn’t remember much after Georgie’s death, only that their parents practically became reclusive. It wasn’t until they moved the entire family from Maine that they even seemed to remember they had two other kids. Even then, it wasn’t as if they really cared. They were left to do almost what they wanted, though they both turned out fine. Mostly fine. Lavender had nightmares too recently, but all were about the scar on her side more than anything else. The brunette figured it was a surgery scar but her dreams replayed the same, weirdly hazy dream where it was from something much more sinister.

“It’s okay.” The brunette hugged her twin tightly, trying to soothe him as best she could. She gave him another squeeze before letting him go. What did he have to be sorry for? It wasn’t like he hadn’t always done his own thing. Though they were twins, they were separate beings entirely and it had always showed. She welcomed Bill further into her home, making her way to the kitchen to get him something to drink and eat. “It’s not your fault that Audra’s showed her true colours.” She explained, wondering how it took so long. Audra had followed the money, but Lavender wondered if there wasn’t a part of her that was attracted to Bill as a person. If he lost everything, would she still stick around? At least for a moment?

“As for the nightmares, that’s all they are. Nightmares.” She frowned, looking at her brother. Were they only nightmares? They had to be. The things he described in those dreams could never be real. “That’s all they ever were, nightmares. Georgie….he died and it wasn’t pretty and anyone would have nightmares about that.” Or rather she didn’t remembered the exact details of his death. Lavender knew her baby brother had been murdered, but that’s as far as it all went. By who and how was lost to her. As an adult, she didn’t want to know anymore, the past memories being too painful. “Bill, this is probably stress. You were always a perfectionist, you….you’re probably stressed and need a good, home cooked meal and some sleep. You’re free to stay here for the night.”

Even if he didn’t want the offer, she wouldn’t let him go home alone. Not in the state he was currently in. And from the looks of an overnight bag, he had the same idea. The brunette tucked some hair behind her ear, forcing herself to smile. Her twin looked too thin, a road she had gone down more than once in her life. “What do you to eat? You look like you need something in your stomach.”

Sep 13th 2019 18:09

“Aren’t you excited?” Beverly Marsh asked her husband as the elevator doors slid open, revealing the large hall that led to lobby of the hotel. The red head was donning one of her creations—a strapless, black c*cktail dress that hugged her curves. It wasn’t the clothing she’d wear on an average day, but the occasion was special: She and Tom would be launching their new line that evening after months of hard work. “It’s going to be a great night.” Tom replied, stepping out of the elevator. “But I would have preferred you wore something less…revealing.” He added, turning to look at her with reproval. A frown creased her forehead as she stepped out as well and stood next to her partner. “Babe, come on…” she reached out for his hand, wanting to appease him. When Tom got mad—because of her, he’d always remind her—things got really ugly. That was the last thing she wanted that night. “It’s good for marketing. Our guests are going to love it.” She gave his hand a small squeeze and flashed a little smile his way that wasn’t reciprocated. “I just don’t understand why you had to choose the most provocative dress out of all your options. Is there someone special you’re expecting tonight, Bev?” His grip tightened around her hand as he spoke; gaze glinting with that familiar glint she didn’t like seeing. “Tom, you’re hurt—”


“Are you Beverly Marsh?”


The feisty redhead took Beverly aback, making her stagger as Audra launched her arms around her. As confused as she was, she was grateful that this enthusiastic woman had barged into their conversation, because Tom had released her and taken a step back to give the women some space. “Thank you so much!” Hesitantly, she coiled her arms around Audra’s shoulders and smiled, unaware of the male heading their way until he pried his wife away from Beverly. It was then when she recognized the woman before her and her smile widened, excitement evident in her features. “Oh my god, you’re Audra Denbrough, right?” Now she felt bad for not identifying her before. The woman had been in a lot of movies in the past few years, her face was practically everywhere.  Tom had always teased her about the striking resemblance between them, and he hadn’t been wrong. Audra’s hair was red with big, emerald eyes that contrasted against her fair skin. Both women could pass as sisters and no one would doubt them. “Wow, I can’t believe it, it’s such an honor. I’m a big fan.” Beverly said earnestly, one hand reaching out to take Audra’s while the other gestured security to let them know that everything was okay. The men gave her a nod and stepped backwards to give the two couples some privacy.


Starstruck by the Hollywood star, she hadn’t paid attention to the man standing next to her until Audra introduced him; the name bringing her a sensation of familiarity even before she looked at him. “Bill Denbrough?” She repeated, her head tilting to the right as she made eye contact with Bill. There was something about this man, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Beverly knew him, she felt it deep inside of her. Was he a childhood friend? She wasn’t certain. Then again, her childhood memories were very blurry. Focused entirely on trying to remember where she had seen him before, she didn’t notice Tom retracing his steps and standing right next to her to reclaim his wife’s attention until he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. Pulled out of her reverie, Beverly shook her head, released Audra’s hand and scratched at the back of her head bashfully. “I’m sorry, it’s just…you seem familiar…” She mumbled, her eyes still fixed on Bill. “Oh, that’s probably because he’s a famous writer.” Audra leaned to press a kiss to her husband’s cheek proudly. It could be it, but she still felt like she knew him well, as if they’d spent time together before.


“Yeah, that must be it.” There was no need to glance at Tom to know that he wasn’t very happy with the presence of this man, so instead of pressing the matter, Beverly decided to drop it for now. Instead, she extended her hand at the writer, a small smile gracing her lips. “It’s a pleasure, Mr. Denbrough. This is Tom Rogan, my husband and the other half of Rogan&Marsh.”  Her free hand pointed at Tom, who extended his hand towards Audra.


Sep 13th 2019 00:28

//Alright, no rush at all. I owe a few myself and hopefully I can work on them tomorrow as well lol
[Derry • Legacy]

Sep 12th 2019 21:17

The last time Lavender saw her twin brother was at his wedding. She didn’t approve of the union but went to support him. It wasn’t that she hated Audra, it was just that the timing of their relationship was too convenient for her. Bill was just hitting it big as a writer and suddenly, he was in love. It seemed suspicious but what did she know. Lavender refused to love people or get close to them. She focused on her writing, mostly about supernatural occurrences and missing persons cases. She used a pseudonym to distance herself from her brother. Hell, most people in her life assumed her last name was Greene and that she only had one, now deceased, younger brother. Lavender never talked about Georgie, except to say that she had a younger brother. People inquired how he died, but she never revealed that. She knew he was murdered, but by who she didn’t know. Her publicist wanted her to use it, say that was the whole reason she cared about unsolved crime, but she couldn’t. Using her brother’s death in that way seemed gross and wrong.

The brunette had moved to Canada during college and simply stayed there once her career began to take off. While she wasn’t as popular as Bill, she still had a following. Enough to keep her bills paid and her life comfy. Lavender lived alone with a cat named Henry, though she couldn’t remember where she got the name. She vaguely remembered her childhood, both friends and otherwise. She knew her friends hadn’t been kind people, but their names escaped her. Most of the time, she was convinced it was all a dream. Her childhood had never really happened, it was all in her head. She had scars on her arms and legs from hurting herself, and one on her side that she couldn’t remember getting. Lavender knew she didn’t do it but she wasn’t sure what had happened. Surgery scar, probably. It was the only reasonable explanation.

She sat on her couch, her laptop resting on her legs and her tea sitting on the end table next to her. The brunette was supposed to be writing, but she couldn’t think properly. All that was open was a blank word document and her music, softly playing some classical piece as though that would help her think. Her publicist hadn’t gotten back to her about the apparently exciting and huge case she had found. So, Lavender figured she’d work on something else. Except her brain was drawing a huge blank. A knock on her door made her jump. People rarely -if ever- visited her. Lavender liked her solitude, but she wasn’t opposed to visitors.

The brunette answered the door, partly shocked to see Bill standing there. She sent him a christmas card every year, mostly out of obligation, but they hadn’t fully spoken in a while. “Bill? You look like sh*t, what happened?” Lavender asked, moving aside to allow her twin to come into her home.


Sep 12th 2019 15:49

//Actually that would be interesting. Bill not remembering a thing, perhaps Richie is set to help him out. Like go over their events and remind Bill because they need the lucky seven. 

Sep 12th 2019 01:07

//F*** yes we do!
What age would you prefer writing Bill?
I've been around for two years and I can write any age really.

Sep 11th 2019 22:55

i usually keep rps in comments but if you prefer messages i'm okay with that!

Sep 11th 2019 01:00

We can start from adulthood then add some flashbacks from childhood if you'd like

Sep 11th 2019 00:54

I would love to discuss a storyline with you, I got time now if you want to discuss a storyline (:
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