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𝓈𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓅 𝑜𝒷𝒿𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓈

Oct 3rd 2019 18:01

Lavender vaguely remembered their father hitting Bill. It explained why Zack was never around after that. Their good, wholesome parents never officially divorced but their mother moved them away from Derry. After that, she was an ace at remembering. She could remember her high school friends, all three of them, and she remembered college. It was like everything picked up after Derry because Derry was a black hole. Bill mentioning the memory made her remember what happened, but only in a fuzzy sense. She couldn’t remember everything, but she did remember the scar. How it was gotten, but not who gave it to her. Whoever had gone into that creepy crackhead house, with the switch blade. The brunette felt like their face was in her mind, but she couldn’t see it.

“What clown, Bill?” She asked, though she was already remembering some stuff. A clown had seemed to terrorize them, but not in a way that would make them laugh. It wasn’t someone hired to keep the kids in line, but rather someone who got joy out of it. Someone who wanted to do it. She could only remember a face, that sinister one that made her wonder if all clowns were secretly this sadistic. The brunette couldn’t remember much more than the fact that sometimes the face popped up and it made her wonder if there was more. A secret only Derry could harbour. It wasn’t a great place, it wasn’t a scenic Maine town that everyone could come to and enjoy themselves. There was a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, having arrived at the first mention of the name of the town.

“I remembered my scar. I can’t remember who did it, only that they cut me really badly.” Lavender revealed, her voice just above a whisper. “They left me for dead. I guess I got away or someone found me. The pain though….that was the worst part. Feeling myself die.” She hated having a near death experience that she never knew of until that day. As a teenager she was almost murdered, but she couldn’t remember it. And it wasn’t because of a head injury. It was the town, taking the memory away but there wasn’t an opportune moment to remember.

“Derry is a poison and it’s gonna poison you if you go back, Bill.” Lavender explained, looking at her twin brother. She wanted him to stay, but couldn’t make him. She couldn’t demand he stuck around, she could only warn him. “Something horrible is gonna happen, I can feel it. I didn’t think of Derry until today, when you mentioned it. I don’t think that’s a coincidence, I think that’s what the town wanted.” Lavender knew a town couldn’t want anything, it wasn’t an entity. But somehow, she knew Derry had an agenda. It had one when they were younger and had one still today.

“Please don’t go. Please stay away from that place.” She could feel some tears welling in her eyes, knowing that they’d eventually fall if she had to keep it up. Lavender couldn’t demand, but she could ask. She could try her hardest to convince him that it’d be bad for him.
𝓈𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓅 𝑜𝒷𝒿𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓈

Oct 1st 2019 20:07

Lavender was going to explain that she was fine, lying to avoid letting Bill know that she had a scar she couldn’t remember. Before she could think of a good lie to Bill, he was out of the room. She sighed, leaning against the back of the couch. Their childhood was a big blur, something that bothered her. Or it used to. Now she wasn’t so sure she was bothered, considering her twin wanted to go throw himself in danger again. He wanted to go back there. Derry where something horrible had happened before. She could simply feel that something horrible had happened there, something that shouldn’t have happened. Suddenly, Lavender could remember. At least some of it.

The light was blinding, the pain in her side was dull now, but had once been unbearable. The pain had previously been the worst thing she had ever felt in her entire life. She suspected that childbirth, something the teenager had never experienced, was less painful that the hell she was going through. When she looked down there was blood. So much dark red stained her shirt and the ground beneath her. And the puddle was slowly growing. She was cold, almost freezing in the summer sun. Everything faded in and out. Lavender opened her mouth, meaning to shout for help but the only sound that came out was a weak moan.

In the distance was a house, not her own or one she recognized, but it was beaten up. Lavender could see the faint outline of someone going inside with their switch blade. The switch blade with her blood all over it. They were leaving her for dead. Panic was setting in, the brunette didn’t want to die. Not this way. Not alone on the street, hoping that someone could see her, practically struggling to breath as she panic.

The sound of a glass breaking in her kitchen had alerted her to reality. Lavender shoved the memory of being stabbed and left for dead out of her head as she made her way there. Bill looked worse than before, though she knew that was what came with Derry. The place was a stain on the world. Just hearing the name had triggered something inside of her, triggered a memory that had been so buried underneath all her other memories. Why would anyone want to go back to the town that did that?

“Bill? Are you okay?” She asked, careful not to step on any broken glass. She placed her hands on his shoulders, staring at him as she tried to ensure that he wasn’t going to pass out on her kitchen floor. She filled up another glass with water, giving it to Bill and motioning to him to drink it. It was what he needed. “What’s wrong? You look paler then when you arrived? What did you remember?” She asked, unable to explain how she knew he had remembered something. 

Sep 30th 2019 16:55

Richie was one of the few who left Derry, after finishing high school in fact. He was not about to stick around and wait for the clown to f u c k with him again. He had to admit he missed his friends and yet when he flew to Los Angeles it was like a distant memory to him. The close friends he thought were family like distant acquaniences at most now. Everything about his childhood and teen years including that one specific summer was a blur. Very few things stuck out to him that he could barely recall, Eddie being one and Bill Denbrough. Bill was the leader of the group, the stutter that Richie would playfully pick on him for. 

Moving to Los Angeles he found a small apartment with several other people and roomed with them. He went to college and majored in theater, taking acting along with voice lessons. Richie loved being in front of a crowd, getting laughs, making everyone have a good time. Getting people to forget their lives for just a moment was worth it. After graduating he got a job at a comedy club called The Funny Bone. He had a small spot on certain days for stand-up and little by little his career flew off from there. Little did he know even Eddie Kaspbrak had become a fan of his through television and snuck over to Los Angeles to see a few of his shows on some nights. 

His life wasn't all so bad, although there were times he wished he had more friends than fake people who would occasionally use him. He'd married and gotten divorced what seemed like a million times by now. He lost friends in his years but he had his comedy gig... and that was enough right? Right? Sitting at the club one day twenty-seven years later Richie picked up. "Richie Tozier? It's Mike, Mike Hanlon." He spoke and in moments Richie was vomiting his lunch up out of fear. It was like a flash as Richie had to head out to Derry, Maine again. A place he could barely even remember yet was his hometown. 


Arriving in Derry, Maine he headed straight over to the restaurant and stood outside. "F u ck, I could go.. I don't have to do this s h i t." He growled as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Come on Tozier, you can do this." He assured himself before forcing himself to walk in and bumped into someone. "Watch where you're goi...... Bill?" He grabbed onto the man and smiled warmly seeing an older Bill right in front of him. He had to admit Bill seemed lost and confused as if he didn't recognize Richie himself. "It's Richie Tozier." He smirked before blinking, his smile faded. "Everything okay pal?" He asked before Mike walked around the corner. "Bill... Bill. Rich. Hey man." He nodded.

"What happened over there?" Mike asked seeing that Bill had freaked out and made a run for it. "Did you see something?" He asked curiously as both men perked a brow at him. Richie let go of Bill, as if not to freak him out. Staring back at the boy Richie titled his head to the side and watched carefully. "Was it the clown?" Mike asked softly before Richie turned over to see him. "The clown?.... The clown..." His eyes went wide realizing what he was really there for, to end this clown that terrorized them for months during that one summer. "Mike..." The raven haired jokester sighed. "Are you sure we can do this?" He asked feeling fear strike him, that was something Mike didn't want any of them to feel because when they did Pennywise had a bigger hold on them.
𝓈𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓅 𝑜𝒷𝒿𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓈

Sep 29th 2019 18:03

Lavender’s heart dropped when he mentioned Georgie, remembering how he was pretty sure that their younger sibling was alive. The brunette never believed their brother was alive, even though there was no proof that he wasn’t. And after all this time, she was certain he was dead. He wouldn’t have been able to survive in the sewers, not this long anyways. Not with the damage done to him. Lavender scooted towards Bill, shaking her head. “Bill….” She spoke softly, knowing that it wasn’t easy to talk to Bill about this subject.

“Bill….Georgie’s dead. He’s…he wouldn’t be able to survive in that town all alone and hurt.” She didn’t know why her mind wanted to say in the sewers, but it did. No one could survive in the sewer system, either here or in Derry. “You can’t go back looking for him, because he isn’t there. His grave is there, but he’s…he’s gone, Billy.” She knew how touchy the subject was and didn’t want him to go back there, just to be faced with the sick reality. As children, she knew he had wanted to believe, but she could never do it. She couldn’t live in a world where good things happened to them.

“I can’t go back there. I wanna remember what happened but…but not by going back.” Lavender admitted, looking away from her twin brother. She couldn’t go back there. It was too much, it held too many memories for her. Memories that she felt were better left forgotten. There was a dark hole in her memory, but that wasn’t really a bad thing. Was it? As if on some type of cue, the brunette felt a pain in her side where her scar rested. Something happened there, something that wasn’t self-inflicted, but she wasn’t sure where she could have gotten it. Surgery? Something else? Was it a childhood injury? The scar never hurt, but when Bill mentioned Derry, it seemed to trigger something. The pain wasn’t unbearable, but it wasn’t comfy either. She took a deep breath, holding onto her side for a moment before it became more tolerable.

Lavender could remember Mike, the torment that he had endured at her hands and the hands of other people. She couldn’t remember those people but she knew that she wasn’t alone. She wasn’t bullying people on her own, she knew that. But the brunette couldn’t remember much about anyone else. She knew Mike needed an apology from her, but going to Derry was too much. Lavender couldn’t go there, face those demons once and for all. She couldn’t go back to a place that still haunted the darkest parts of her mind.

“Bill….I can’t go back there. I have a job, a life here. I can’t pack up and leave.” Lavender knew it was an excuse, she knew her fear was controlling her but she couldn’t allow herself to be back there. If she went back, something bad would happen. She could feel it inside her, that something awful would happen if either of them went back to Derry. Lavender didn’t know why Mike wanted her back, but she couldn’t think of a reason she needed to be there. They were never friends, least as far as she could remember. “You shouldn’t go either. Take a vacation but don’t go back. That town is bad.” Infected was what Lavender wanted to say, but she couldn’t think of why it would be infected. She couldn’t really think of why it was bad either.

Sep 26th 2019 19:05

She had mastered the art of pretending that everything was okay. Her marriage…her whole life was a façade. Tom and she seemed to be this perfect couple with the perfect job and the perfect house, living a life that most people would envy, but their reality was far, far away from flawless. It was nice at the onsets of their marriage, now it was just a nightmare she didn’t seem to be able to escape. Holding back a sigh at the blatant flirtation between Audra and Tom, Beverly put on a small smile and waved Bill’s concern off with her hand, mouthing an “It’s okay” back at him. She took advantage of Tom’s distraction to talk to him a bit more, try to see if she could remember where she knew him from.


“No, I don’t think…” Tom’s arm slipped off her waist and she took a step towards Bill. “This probably sounds stupid, but I really feel like I know you from….somewhere.” Her eyebrows touched as she frowned, trying to remember where she had seen him before. She was certain it hadn’t been in a poster glued to a bookstore pane. This familiarity was much more than that, she knew it—she could feel it. For a moment, she considered mentioning her childhood, but she knew it’d be in vain because he’d probably ask for more details and she barely remembered a few things about it. When he mentioned that character in one of his books, her eyebrows lifted and she gave him a curious look, lips parting to ask about it but in that moment, Tom stepped between them to introduce himself to Bill.


Startled, she stepped back and held onto his arm, noticing the tension between the two males. She squeezed her husband’s arm and pulled from it gently, urging him to let Bill go. If he hurt someone like him, they’d get in BIG trouble. At Audra’s invitation, Tom finally released Bill and turned to Bev. She immediately recognized the look in his eyes. Tom was always looking for anything that could benefit them, benefit him. Hanging out with such a famous actress like Audra would open some doors for their business. It wasn’t like they needed that, Rogan&Marsh was pretty famous already, but her husband always craved more. “What do you think, Bev?” He inquired, giving her a small smirk. “I don’t know, baby. The event is starting soon and we have to make sure that everything is ready.” Tom let out a sigh. “Why don’t you go take care of that while I take care of our guests?” Nodding, she leaned in to press a kiss to his cheek, and then turned her attention back at Audra and Bill. “If you’ll excuse me, I got stuff to do. See you later.” Before turning to disappear around the corner, she glanced at Bill discreetly one last time.


She could feel her nerves building already. Going straight to the bar, she fished a glass of wine and sipped from it. It was always like this every time they had a new launching. She was excited, eager to show the world her new creations, her hard work.


Sep 26th 2019 13:55

No worries man, I totally understand.
I'm here for you.
I'll try my best to get you a reply soon though.

Sep 26th 2019 03:30

I loved your starter!
I seriously can't wait to reply to it.

𝓈𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓅 𝑜𝒷𝒿𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓈

Sep 22nd 2019 13:18

“If you failed, I failed. It’s always been that way.” Lavender answered with a shrug. They had been in the same classes, had the same assignments and if one of them got something wrong the other was bound to have done the same. She was glad they weren’t identical, considering their mother probably would have made them dress the same as well. It was a thought she often had, happy that her brother wasn’t her sister. Lavender liked being a twin, simply because there was one person that understood her. One person that could make her smile on even the darkest of days. “That’s what I’m for, Billy. We shared a womb and then a room and then a house; I know more about you than you think.”

She smiled, laughing lightly. They had shared a lot, even if they didn’t always get along. The brunette knew her twin inside and out, or at least she tried to. When Audra came along, it was like being pushed away. But no one pushed her away, no one stopped her from protecting the only sibling she had left.

Derry. Why did the town put such fear in her? Lavender couldn’t remember much about their childhood, no matter how hard she tried. It was like after Georgie died, her memory had been taken away. It was like she fell asleep, waking up a few years later when the entire family was moving away. She had scars on her body from her time in Derry, but those healed. Now if she could only pick open the scars on her mind, they’d be in business. She’d remember why the simple name of the town she grew up in made her feel like she was about to walk into hell. Did something so traumatic happen that she couldn’t remember? Something even her mind refused to let to the surface? If it had, she’d have some recollection, someone would have reminded her. She knew Bill would have reminded her. But every time they talked about Derry after they left, Lavender would get upset. She never knew why, she always figured it was from the pain of having lost her baby brother, but there was more than just heartache. She would feel a dull throbbing, much like she did now, on her side.

The brunette touched her side, knowing that underneath her sweater was a long scar. Lavender couldn’t remember where she got it or if it was self-inflicted, but it was there. The pain vanished almost as quickly as it showed up, but the brunette kept her hand there. Just in case.

“Horrible things might happen if you do go back there.” Lavender said, her voice barley above a whisper. The town they grew up in couldn’t be too terrible, but that was the feeling she was getting. Like when you’re waiting for the doctor to give you the bad news. “Why would you want to go back? What could be waiting there?” Deep down, she felt like she knew the answer, but she could properly form her thoughts. Her brain felt like it was running faster than she could listen to it. “Bill, what about the movie? What about the ending they want?” Lavender wasn’t sure if that could convince him to stay but she could try.
𝓈𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓅 𝑜𝒷𝒿𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓈

Sep 20th 2019 18:39

“I’m jumpy every day.” Lavender laughed lightly, though she wasn’t sure if it was funny or not. She was nervous enough already, though she always credited her upbringing. Her parents had raised three kids until they had two, then they forgot they were parents. All she could remember after Georgie’s death was going to the hospital to get help. After moving to a new city, her parents finally realized that their first borns weren’t in great shape. It took a while to get fixed, and Lavender was sure she’d never feel 100% better, but she wasn’t in as bad of a state anymore. It still got to her though, not knowing what really happened to her little brother. Not knowing what really happened during her childhood. No matter how hard she tried, it would never come to her. It was always a giant question mark. Often times, she tried to ignore it. Maybe if she didn’t pay it any mind, it would go away. Most days, it did. While most people around her could rattle off the names of their childhood friends, all Lavender could do was pretend she had done. Or maybe she really didn’t.

“You should have gone the true route, those stories never have a happy ending.” Lavender smiled, knowing that Bill was better at making stories up. She could spew facts, make them sound pretty and make people care, but her twin had a knack for giving people a creepy, albeit fake, story. She liked it, even if the endings were often anticlimactic. Who was she to judge though? Lavender couldn’t make up stories to save her life, though she tried. It never went well. So much so that her publisher refused to even give it a chance, considering the brunette how found her niche. “They just want a feel good ending, Bill. It’s not uncommon. I’m not saying I don’t agree with you, but I get what they’re saying. They always happy endings, as if life is in some sort of bubble.” She agreed, the urge to remember more about her own life growing strong.

The brunette did remember doing his homework, though they’d both get in trouble for it. “I couldn’t let you fail, who would look after me?” She asked, laughing lightly. Lavender had wanted to claw Bill’s eyes out half the time, often slamming her door in his face but still doing his homework. He could drive her insane, but she didn’t want to see him fail. Never did she want to see her twin fail. Even now, she liked to buy all of Bill’s books and said she was a fan in interviews, keeping the fact that he was her twin brother a secret. She never used her real last name in her writings, distancing herself. If people knew they were twins, she knew they’d ask her to write with him. Something Lavender didn’t think either of them wanted.

His words about Derry made her heart stop. The town name sounded familiar, she knew that was where she was from, but why did it fill her with fear? She felt her blood run cold, like he had mentioned whoever killed Georgie. Once more the question arose in her head. Who had done that? Did the person live in Derry? It was likely, considering that’s where the three of them were from. “You’re not really thinking of going back there, are you, Bill?” She asked, almost in disbelief that people were still living there. She knew it wasn’t a big town, there weren’t many families, but Lavender couldn’t believe people stuck around there. “He makes Derry sound like an infection.” That was exactly how she felt though, like the word itself was going to taint the quiet life she had made for herself.

“Bill, why would he want you to go back there? Did he explain?” Lavender wanted to remember more about Derry, but also, it scared her. Getting your memory practically erased and then having it come back was a terrifying thing. Maybe they forgot because it was easier, less traumatic to forget than to have all these memories cluttering up your brain.

𝓈𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓅 𝑜𝒷𝒿𝑒𝒸𝓉𝓈

Sep 18th 2019 17:10

“You’re not a failure.” Lavender explained, turning her kettle back on. At least tea could settle some nausea. Or rather she hoped it would. It always helped her, why couldn’t it help him? “We all make mistakes, it’s a part of our lives.” She explained coming back into the living room and sitting on the couch next to him. “I’m sure Audra’s going to regret everything and if not, well, she really is more heartless than we all thought. But you’re not letting me or Georgie down.” It pained her to think about her little brother, now something in the ground instead of someone with a life and happiness. It pained her to think about, but she knew if Georgie was still alive, both their lives would have gone differently. “I’m sure Georgie is very proud of you.” She smiled softly, knowing that the kid was always excited about whatever Bill did.

Wherever Bill was, Georgie was never far behind. Lavender was often a little jealous over it, considering she was the odd guy out. Of course, that didn’t mean she didn’t have memories of tormenting Bill with their youngest sibling. But everything changed when Georgie died. The entire family seemed to have shifted, though she didn’t remember much of it. Her entire childhood was a black hole, something she wished she could clear up. Everyone else remembered their childhood, why couldn’t she? What happened to make her forget? The sound of the kettle made her jump, momentarily forgetting why she cared if she could remember her childhood or not. The brunette got her twin a cup of tea before coming back and handing it to him. “Drink that, it’ll at least make you feel less sick.” She explained, a soft smile on her face.

At Bill’s question, Lavender shrugged. She wasn’t one to do much else but work. Her friendships had all but vanished, though she wasn’t unhappy or even lonely. The brunette did a lot for her job and often times, that was how she found her joy. Or at least most of her joy. “I’ve been fine. Just waiting for my agent to get back to me.” Wasn’t that the story of her life? Half of the writing process was waiting for someone else to greenlight you, someone else to throw a better idea on the table so you could do something worth doing. “She said she’s got a killer case she wants me to look into. Can’t wait to see if it’s worth it or not.” Lavender laughed lightly, knowing that most of the time, it was. Of course, her publisher had pushed her to write about Georgie, but Lavender always refused. Opening up her wounds was a huge no. She’d never use her brother, either of them, for her own gain.

“Why haven’t you been sleeping? What’s really going on, Bill?” Lavender asked, knowing when her twin was keeping something from her. She knew he was holding something back, but she couldn’t pinpoint what exactly it was.

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