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This is the list of my girls you can play with, Once you pick one I”ll give you there info in PM.
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Here are a few of my males i can play. If you find any you like, feel free to hit me up ; and i’ll Send you there info.
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GeneralI’ve done the following things. Below are some kinks that I do enjoy so feel free to add them into the rp; surprise me.

Vampire rps like TVD aka the vampire diaries or Twilight, Harry Potter play, Inuyasha and wolfs rain. Werewolf play hunter and pray. Demonic play rp having to deal with demons or angels. Mafia rp. There is very little i wont do. If you have an idea, pop me a message; it wont hurt to ask.


I am a natural Switch, so I do play Both dominate and submissive characters. Sometimes they are a mix of the two.


Bdsm Light to medium, sometimes heavy if done correctly, Blindfolds, Handcuffs, hair-pulling, rough play. And much more, i’m Very accustom and diverse with the non vanilla side of life. As well as the more simple stuff like, neck kissing, hand guiding, bitting being bit, scratching. I love using my nails and teeth fyi. I’m sure there is more i will add when i think of them.

Dislikes:: Bathroom play, diaper play, baby play.

BooksPost style and sample. May be used as starter if you wish.

The years had been hard on her, even harder on the kin she now hunted. She had grown dull and cold to there plead. She was forced to go after the ones that were apart of that faithful day, the day known the dragon and human alike. However they now had a trick in there back pocket, they had her. The humans however really only had one goal, one desire; one target in mind. The one that led the fight that day, the one known as Raaze. Everyone else that was taken down along the way was just a plus. Sources had found that the man was now king in far off lands, so they sent her off on her marry little way. Using her wings the woman took flight. It took a good month of flying to get where she needed to go, of course having to stop along the way anytime she stumbled upon one of her kin. Normally dragons have no need to fear another dragon, they were semi friendly to there own kind; some could be territorial but most weren’t. Little did they know this was one shedragonic they couldn’t trust. Not only couldn’t the dragon race trust her, but anyone that crosses her master was in trouble.

A large shadow drifted in and out of the cloud cover miles above the ground. Miles above in the skies flew a rather large blue dragon. She was slightly larger then most female dragons, then again where she is from they were larger then most, genetics can be an amazing thing. Soft green eyes with hinds of gold scanned the lands below and the skies before her. She knew she was getting close, it would soon be time to land then just walk the rest of the way in. The cool wind felt amazing as it blew under her wings. She missed the chilled wind, the feel of snow under her feet; missed everything about winter and her homelands. Summer had come and gone in the lands, fall was quickly rolling in. This was the closest to home as she could ever get, the humans grasp on her was a tight one, when she wasn’t out doing there bidding; she was kept in the very place they broke her. Her mind seemed to drift back to her homeland.

Moments after her mind drifted away the silver band hugging close to her jaw would begin to warm up. It was a soft burning sensation as if to remind her to stay on corse. Growling she would shake her head as her muscles tighten up. A low hiss rolled out from her throat as her mind quickly shifted back to the task at hand. Elsa would fly for another hour before her descend would begin. Once she got close enough to the ground she would shift her body, flapping downward to create a heavy downwind as her body would begin to land in a large open field. Just as she was about to hit the ground her body would shift. Shrinking, her muscles contracting and condensing as her bones crackled and popped. Soon instead of a large dragon landing not he ground a beautiful blue haired woman would land in the grassy meadow with ease.

Soon after landing she would begin to walk, following the drawl the other dragon in the area was giving. It was amazing, dragons had an ora to them, a presence in which drew other dragons to them when they were near. This was something she used against them to find there location. As she walked the long blades of grass would brush against her tanned legs. Her mid back length blue hair lightly swaying behind her with each step she made. The woman wore a sleeveless light blue almost white dress. Two straps against her shoulders were the only things holding the top up. A low v cut in the front showed off some of her DD sized breasts. The gown itself fell in all the right ways, hugged her in all the right places; flattering her body and form rather amazingly well. The gown stoped just below her knees, two slits came up the sides of her legs half way up her thighs allowing easier walking. The female would continue on with her way, enjoying the feeling of the chilled earth against her bare feet.

Soon enough the woman would find herself walking on a stone road, this road would evenly lead her into the kingdom itself. As Elsa passed through the large doors and wall surrounding the kingdom her eyes would scan the area. She had to admit she was rather impressed with the kingdom itself. It seem well maintained, guards and the towns people bustled around. She did however get strange looks from the towns people, and even worse ones from the guards. She was sure the guards would alert the king of a strange persons presence if he didn’t already sense her here already.

Groups: Wolves Among Us,

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: All of my chars are hand made, i rarely ever use self made chars. The two I do use Are hiku and Sess
Verses: Harry Potter, Fantasy, Medieval, Fetual Era *Inuyasha* , Full Metal Alchemist, Apocalypse style rp,
Playbys: Lucy Collett, elle johnson, gemma atkinson, jessica jane, the rest I cant find sorry.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Anime, Crossover, Custom, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction,
Member Since:September 07, 2019

Please keep in mind anyone that makes me wait weeks on end for a post, or is wasting my time. Adding me to rp, then doesnt even say HI will be removed. This is a RP page, not an OOC lets just chat website.

NOTE> I am cleaning out my list tomorrow of anyone that doesn't chat or hasn't said anything since they were added.

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About me:
Hello all,

I am female born; however I do play Both males and females. I am interested in long term if possible, para to novel length. I may have bad grammar, but I make up with it in storyline and detail. I have 30+ characters If you wish to check them out here is the link https://didakingston1.wixsite.com/twilight-characters. .  

I do many styles of rp, post apocalyptic, fantasy, medieval, modern twist. I do several other as well. However I do not do simple life, slice of life. I get enough Life IN real life, I come here to get away from life Not rp it. I do I like there to be some Romance/Smut in the rp if possible. Heavy or light, just not strictly smut please. My Characters range from Humans, to werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, hunters, angles demons, nekos and more.

Feel free to hit me up if you dont wanna rp here, ask for my discord, or shoot me yours in pm; thanks. BElow is one of my many characters

Name: Elsa Nightshade

Physical Information

Age: 249

Looks to be 26

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: 160 mostly muscle.

Race: Dragonic species https://ibb.co/9vHW980

Eye Color: Green

Hair color: Blue

Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: Has tattoo of birds across her left shoulder blade. Along with this she wears a seamless silver choker necklace. The necklace itself has a sapphire emerald in the center.

Right handed or Left: Right handed

Weapons: claws, teeth, powers.

Dragonic powers: She has the power of ice/frost, creating ice out of thing air this can take many shapes and forms. From spikes, to freezing mist, to fog, spear like misses. Among other things her ice powers are her favorite go to.

Skills: good at herbal medical, good at making traps and using them, being silent and sneaky.


What does Your characters name Mean: The name means ‘God is satisfaction’

Health: pretty healthy considering the circumstances

Sexuality: Bi

Traits: She is sneaky, she learned to be able to sneak around and observe people or things from afar. She learned to steal, rather well actually. Instead of getting into conflict with people, she would observe there weaknesses; and steal what she needs when she got the chance. She can be on the shyer side, and rather submissive to the right person. But can also be bullheaded at as well.

Character History

Humans seemed to enjoy hunting, they enjoyed the thrill of the hunt; the glory they got when hey took one of us down. I couldn’t blame them, after all they got glory, fame, and females flocked to them as far as the eye could see. The war between dragons and humans raged on, battled won and lost on both sides. Some dragons were lucky, some dragons died during these hunts some excepted; but a select few got captured and put to work. When a dragon is captured and put to work a few things happen. First they cage them, muzzle them; and chain them. Pit them against there greatest weakness for ice dragons it was heat, fire. I was placed in the hottest pit in the deepest dungeon they could find. My body and mind being drained, going for days without food and water; without a soul in sight even if it was the humans the captured me seeing someone was better then seeing no one. Evenly you break, your soul is torn and your spirit diminished. Evenly they get what they want, it took years to get me to this point. By the time it was done and over with the war had long been over, but there use for me was far from threw.

They had come up with a nifty little device, an item that it placed upon there desired host. This sears your body, your mind and soul to there desire there will, there wants and needs. Your at there beacon call. There choice of item for me was a silver choker collar with a sapphire gem in the center. They learned to harness my power, my strength, my skills to do there bidding to do there will. why put themselves in danger if they can send a dragon to do there dirty work.

Our minds would be linked, when they shouted there commands, but i refused; with each act of disobedience their restraints seared into my neck; the pain called to the raging dragon forth. So in turn they get what they wished anyways; i just get punished for disobeying there wish along the way. Along my travels i ended up getting a tattoo from a tribal warrior of birds flying across my shoulder blade. A freedom I’ve lost, a freedom i long and desire for again; but will never have. At least something can be free. Though my heart sores with birds, my body remains in the shackles that I’ve now grown so accustom to.

Who I'd like to meet:

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ℳischievous◅ ✦ROME✦


»FROZEN ᴇᴍвᴇʀѕ«

oвѕcυre delιrιυм


cσurt sєєr.


(Don't Add Me)



「Big Beck Energy」

Justin Stewart


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⚔ Lord ⚔ Asa ⚔RES⚔

Sep 13th 2019 11:25

I thank you for the Wow moments there dear. But it is ok of a rp. I have others far better. Bit not as a original character as he (Asa) is. But they are different than the original. I rather like my characters that way. I can do any character you wish. I try to work with all characters.Be they original or not. 
⚔ Lord ⚔ Asa ⚔RES⚔

Sep 12th 2019 20:31

Greetings to you and thank you for the friendship. Now where can I start? Maybe my name would helpful to you. I am Lord Asa Blackthrone, I am what you can call a very powerful wizard,witch or what ever you wish to call me. When I was just a infant mother knew that there was something different about me.



My Father is Lord Henry Blackthrone and a very powerful and evil sorcerer and he is feared through out the many kingdoms. I was told that he faked his on death, reasons are unknown to all but him. Many says that he did it to learn more about the black arts , now he has returned and he rules his lands with a iron fist.. Now for my Mother.. She is a sorceress. She kind hearted and caring to all that lives within her realm, no matter if you are of royal blood or one the lives within the kingdom lands. She is also one that you dare not cross or it may be your last time you ever cross a woman and my mother..Laughs. Now I have one brother that is named Geralt and he is very powerful witcher, you may wonder what is a witcher? He could be called a bounty hunter of the supernatural world and he will even hunt down mortals as well. If the price is right. I have serveal brothers and sisters as well. They also are ones you wish not to mess with either.

Later in years my mother told me the tale of my great great grand father. His tale was far better than any bed time story anyone could have read to me. But little did I know that her words, was words of truth about the Dragon God. And it would become a big part of my life when I was 9 years old. On a island just off the shores of the empire. It seemed to call out to me when I sat upon a rock and looked across the ocean waters at it. You could tell it once was a beautiful city at one time, But now only thing left is the that small pieces of the ruins that litters the beaches.But I was told never to go there. That many great men has went and has never returned back, as well as small children and women. But you know kids and I am no different than any others, but I was a sorcerer. I have learned a few things in the way of spells and stuff like that. But what was to come I could never think of anything like that in a billion years.

I could not help myself.it was driving me crazy in the versions I was having of a older gentleman that came to me in my dreams, telling me to come there and never speak of this to no one, even my mother. Could this be my father? I think not, he was more in the lines of what my mother spoke about her great grand father, but he has been dead, way before I was even born. So one day when my mother was away on business, I adventured out to the island,was guilded by some type of force that lead me to a hidden cave. That is where my new life will begin.

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