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115 years old
Gotham City, New York
United States

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February 24 2020

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GeneralBlue Diamond Symbolizing: Respect for women that he appreciates for being real and not being fake around him when he comes around him: http://picasion.com/

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Hometown:Lebanon, Kansas
Body type:Athletic
Education:Post grad
Occupation:The Joker
Characters: ℌ&ℌ|*ROME*TheJoker
Verses: ℌooves&ℌarlots|ROME
Playbys: Misha Collins
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Ancient, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Undead,
Status: Single
Member Since:August 19, 2019

   ℌ&ℌ|*ROME*TheJoker's Schools
Gotham City Acme Toxic Waste Factory
Gotham City, New York
Grad Year: Others
Student Status: Alumni
Degree: Murder of Castiel
Major: Non-Medical

From 2018 to 2020

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Joker Criminal Inc.
Gotham City, New York
Title: Boss
Division: Underground Joker Hideout

Date Employed 2018-Present

Good night all

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About me:
The Joker is the twin brother to Jimmy "Misha" Novak the actor from California Age: 115 Profession: Criminal in in his new reality, the reality he live in now. Hobbies: Vandalism, Robbery, Murdering people with an electric hand buzzer Personality: Extra, extroverted and sometimes introverted, witty, dry humor, ridiculous, chaotic, spontaneous, loving, caring, kind, dirty humor, sweet, dad like, philosophical, deep thinker, honest, loyal, likes attention, flirtatious. Possibly has a personality disorder, but doesn’t care what people think of his personality. Best Traits: His red clown-like smile Worst Traits: He can be self-deprecating, doesn’t always take compliments well, moodiness, too flirtatious sometimes. Often very hard on himself. Phobias/Disorders: It’s been suggested he has a personality disorder. Symptoms of Fatigue come and go. Issues with abandonment. Handwriting: Perfect signature, sloppy writing. Language(s): All of them. After becoming an angel, he suddenly knew all. Including ancient, dead and no longer use languages. As well as Enochian. Accent: He can sound exactly like his brother Hair / Eyes: Green Hair/Blue Eyes Height: 6’0” Frame: Masculine Sex: Male. (but doesn’t conform to gender roles) Orientation: Straight Likes: Repainting pictures with Green & Red paint Dislikes: People who make fun of him for being a dead-like clown who has become a villain who wants justice for his identity ____________________________________________________________________________________ Writer Personality: Age: 31. Profession: Broadcast Music Inc Song Writer & Singer Hobbies: At home beaded bracelet making, Roleplaying online with friends, Typing on my typewiter Personality: I do not want to talk about it cause I get angry very easily Best Traits: Hard worker, chaotic/disorganized (that’s good right?), um…kind and loving. Supportive. Compassionate and empathic. Accepting and nonjudgmental. Creative, perseverance, inner strength. Shine my light no matter what hell storm I'm going through. Worst Traits: Unfocused, tendency to wallow about things, over thinking, self-critical, lack of assertiveness when I should be assertive (working on it), struggle to talk about how I feel. Avoidance of things I shouldn’t avoid. Not talking much. Holding things in. Escapist tendencies. Day dreams too much. Bad at small talk. Phobias/Disorders: Unspecified Bipolar (it means I have some bipolar symptoms but not full blown bipolar), Anxiety, Panic and Depression symptoms. Phobias, let’s see. Well, I have social anxiety. Trust issues. Or sometimes random anxiety about things. I also have a serious medical condition. Handwriting: Best at writing in cursive or type writer print Language: English & Sign Language Accent: I have the ability to mimic all sorts of accents depending on where they are from. Hair/Eyes: Brown hair/Brown eyes Height: 5’6 Frame: My frame doesn’t matter to me. But I’m extremely heavy because of my medical condition. It’s a miracle considering how much I eat. Gender: Female Orientation: Straight Likes: Music, music is my life. Writing, rp and poetry. Nature, animals, Supernatural, love, kindness, learning new things, religion and spirituality, working, Misha Collins, reading, literature, Garth Brooks the musician, maple syrup, hot tea, fashion, open mindedness, meditating, nature walks, all the seasons, burgers, sushi, folklore, nerd and geek things (aliens). Stones and crystals, friendship, edits people make. Positivitea! FOOD. Dislikes: Disrespect and people crossing my boundaries. Verbal abuse, cruelty, closed mindedness, animal and child abuse, intolerance, rudeness, losing friends. Dishonesty. Illness and mental illness. When my body feels like hell instead of home. When people don’t communicate. Inconsistency and mind games. Most things with vinegar, I hate vinegar. My toxic traits, when I let negativity overpower me.
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Jan 14th 2020 18:08

That’s awesome

Jan 14th 2020 16:20

I’m ok kinda bored

Jan 14th 2020 16:09


Dec 27th 2019 19:40

Why don't ya just...make 'em go boom?

Dec 27th 2019 16:16

I'm doing good, thanks fer askin'! What about yaself?
claire novak*

Dec 9th 2019 19:40

I am good

Nov 10th 2019 21:52

Hi uncle cas
lisa braeden*

Oct 20th 2019 21:45

I am ok
lisa braeden*

Oct 20th 2019 20:05

Well it's nice to see you 
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 20th 2019 03:52

Good Morning my Friend.

There is something really amazing about you. 
Your unique Ideas and Thoughts that you bring to this World. 
Your smile, 
your laugh.. 
It's you and you are valuable, 
worthy and cherished.
Never doubt on that ever!

I wish you a good start into that beautiful Autumn Sunday, 
and a lazy Day.
Enjoy Time.

Love Verdarianna

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