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114 years old
Gotham City, New York
United States

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November 22 2019

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Here for:Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Lebanon, Kansas
Body type:Athletic
Education:Post grad
Occupation:Angel of the Lord
Characters: *Rome*Castiel S&L
Verses: Criminal Minds / Supernatural
Playbys: Misha Collins
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Ancient, Crime, Crossover, Human, Romance, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:August 19, 2019

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Grad Year: Others
Student Status: Alumni
Degree: Enochian
Major: Non-Medical

From 1919 to 2019

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The Family Business
Lebanon , Kansas
Title: Member
Division: Winchester Family

Date Employed Eternity

Good night all

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About me:
Castiel was walking along the road when he smelled toxic waste over at the factory & Castiel had to figure out what they were getting rid of that made that toxic waste more potent then normal. Castiel soon saw the workers dumping dead bodies that were no longer buried 6 feet under the ground & he soon was spotted by two girls who yelled "Intruder Alert" & Castiel ran until one of the women workers flipped Castiel into a vat of toxic waste & thought they had killed him but instead he was rescued by a doctor before he drowned. Castiel soon was in the OR getting his face reconstructed & once his face was reconstructed the doctor unwrapped it to find that Castiel now had the look of the villain The Joker & now Castiel had to live his life as the big villain The Joker.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Nov 10th 2019 21:52

Hi uncle cas

Oct 29th 2019 19:21

Hello there handsome
Lilly Brook Hotchner

Oct 25th 2019 18:09

Thank you uncle Cas
Lilly Brook Hotchner

Oct 25th 2019 03:00

I was thinking of a uncle/neice connection.
Lilly Brook Hotchner

Oct 24th 2019 16:02

Hello Castiel, yes I am and it's very nice to meet you.  I would love to have a connection with you.
lisa braeden*

Oct 20th 2019 21:45

I am ok
lisa braeden*

Oct 20th 2019 20:05

Well it's nice to see you 
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 20th 2019 03:52

Good Morning my Friend.

There is something really amazing about you. 
Your unique Ideas and Thoughts that you bring to this World. 
Your smile, 
your laugh.. 
It's you and you are valuable, 
worthy and cherished.
Never doubt on that ever!

I wish you a good start into that beautiful Autumn Sunday, 
and a lazy Day.
Enjoy Time.

Love Verdarianna

нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 6th 2019 04:13

Hello my dear Friend.

The past Week may not have turned out as planned. But hey! 
It is Sunday. 
There’s Light ahead. 
A whole Week of limitless possibilities ahead. 
Stay hopeful, 
stay positive. 

I wish you a happy lazy Sunday and a wonderful Time.
Enjoy that magical rainy Autumn Day.
You are wonderful!

Love Verdarianna
Dark Room

Oct 3rd 2019 20:29

I bet many did.
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