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Gonna be working on Bette's reply as soon as I can. Would love to have Shane ,Alice, and Angie connections.

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Aug 18th 2019 18:39

Bette looked at Tina and smiled. “You are right” she agreed thinking her statement about being careful today was a little over the top. They could be discussing Angie for all anyone knew. But still it was better to be safe than sorry especially with Alice, the Queen of Nosey. The Queen of getting into other peoples business. When Bette heard Tina mention about jumping her bones, that’s all that Bette wanted. She let out a small chuckle and brushed the strand of hair back out of her eyes then looked at Tina puzzled. “Are you not staying the weekend with us? I mean I can get Rose to watch Angie if Angus couldn’t” Bette mentioned.

Just then the two cups of coffee came over. “Thank you” Bette said grabbing them from the Barista and set them down on the table. They were really hot. “I’ll be right back” Bette said then headed over to the sugar stand. She grabbed a couple of sachets of sugar and a stirring stick then headed back over to the table. “Jodi and her sweeteners” Bette muttered once she’d got back. It was really tough for Bette. Every time the brunette looked at Tina she just wanted to kiss her, to hold her hand, to as Tina put it, jump her bones. Even Tina’s perfume was such an amazing reminder. She missed everything about the blonde. “Just wait” she thought to herself. “You’ve only got to get through this weekend”.

“Hey Tina” Bette heard Jenny say. Bette turned around and saw Jenny walking over to them, her arms open ready to give Tina a hug and not far behind her was Jodi. Bette took a deep breath and slowly let it out. It was getting to the point where she was starting to be turned off by Jodi because Bette knew that she could never fall in love with Jodi. It was Tina. It was always going to be Tina and no one could change that. Bette picked up her coffee and gave it a little blow to try and cool it down a little so she could take a sip but even that little blow didn’t do anything to the hot liquid.

After a few minutes, Bette noticed Alice and Shane walk in. “What time is this? You said 6am” Bette said giving Alice a hug then gave Shane one too. Alice smiled. “Sorry, Shane was having a hair crisis” Alice joked. Bette looked at Shane who rolled her eyes. Bette just grinned. “Has anyone seen Kit?” Bette asked looking around the group. No one in the group had seen her so Bette popped out to the office to see if perhaps she was there and sure enough she was. “Hey” Bette said standing in the doorway. “Hey Baby Girl” Kit replied. “You ready?”. Kit nodded, grabbed her phone then headed out the door and to the group, Bette following behind.

“So now that we are all here, shall we make a move?” Bette asked. She was always the organised one and liked everything to be on schedule. After making the comment, Bette noticed people shuffling outside to the awaiting vans. “So the front one is ours and the back one is carrying all the bikes” Jenny called out, skipping towards the van door. Bette looked at Tina and smirked. “Jenny did you pick up my bike from the shed?” Bette asked. Jenny nodded. “Thank you” Bette replied then climbed in. She so badly wanted Tina to sit next to her however Jodi took the spot. Bette was rather disappointed.


Aug 16th 2019 07:43

Sitting at the lights, waiting for it to go green, Bette felt a buzz in her back pocket. She so desperately wanted to pull it out and take a look to see who it was but sadly for her the light turned green and every light at every intersection was also green. Bette let out a sigh and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. Quickly she glanced at Jodi then back at the road. She wished so much that Jodi would have pulled out. Bette knew she would have to be really careful.

It wasn’t long before the pair pulled up outside the Planet behind a couple of vans with bikes sitting on the bike rack. “Looks like we aren’t the first” Jodi muttered. Bette looked at her and gave her a partial smile. Bette’s heart was racing. Just as she climbed out of the car, she remembered that she had a txt. Quickly Bette whipped out her phone and read over the message which was from Tina. She thought of replying back but decided not to.

As her and Jodi pulled their gear out of the trunk of the car, Jenny walked up to them, smirking the biggest smirk. “Bette, Jodi!” she said super excitedly. “You like?” Jenny then asked pointing out the vans like a game show host. “Very nice Jenny. I’m guessing we all owe you?” Bette asked. Jenny shook her head. “These are on me. Thought we could all travel together to the starting point and these, these bikes are hired for the weekend”. Bette looked at Jodi and noticed her nodding then look at Bette. “I’m going inside to get coffee” Bette mouthed while signing to Jodi.

Bette entered the Planet and looked around. Staff were still setting up the place and no one else was present apart from Tina. Bette gave her a little wave and smiled over at her. The brunette then proceeded to the counter and ordered a couple of coffees for her and Jodi. Once they had been ordered, Bette headed over to Tina. Luckily for them, Jodi was still outside which meant she could briefly chat with the blonde. “I’ve been thinking so much about you” Bette told her. “I couldn’t wait to see you today though you know we are going to have to be so careful”.


Aug 15th 2019 06:05

Bette awoke the next morning. She looked at her alarm clock and noticed it wasn’t quite time to get up. As she looked over to the other side, she saw Jodi laying there sleeping next to her. Bette rolled her eyes. She gently lifted Jodi’s arm and slipped herself out from underneath it and sat it down on the bed. The brunette then grabbed her phone from the night stand and her clothes then headed into the bathroom to have a shower and start getting herself ready.

While in there, Bette had flashback of the many times she and Tina spent in there together. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her breasts, imagining it was Tina’s touch she could feel and not her own hand. Soon her hand slipped further down and Bette tilted her head backwards. She began gently rubbing her own clit. The sensation amazing. “Mmm Tina” she thought to herself which was getting her more and more aroused. It wasn’t long before Bette felt herself hit climax.

Just after she’d finished, Jodi walked in. “Want me to join you?” Jodi asked. Bette switched off the shower and grabbed her towel. “Sorry I just finished” Bette signed. Jodi frowned but Bette just ignored it and grabbed her phone and clothes then headed back into the room. As she headed in there, her phone buzzed. She opened it and saw a txt from Alice. Bette quickly read over it then replied back. She then scrolled to Tina’s name and sent her a message. “Really looking forward to today. Hopefully we will be able to catch up. I miss you”. Once she’d typed the message Bette hit the send button and sat her phone back down.

Bette pulled on her panties followed by her bra then her top and three quarter tights then brushed her curly hair. Once it was brushed, Bette tied it up into a pony tail. She glanced over at the time and noticed it was nearly time to leave. Picking up her things, Bette noticed Jodi. “We have to go shortly” Bette signed. Jodi nodded. Bette walked out the room and placed her things in the car then started closing up the house. Once Jodi had her things in Bette locked the door and headed to the car, climbing in then started the engine. Together the pair headed over to The Planet to meet up with everyone as well as a friend of Jodi’s who was driving everyone’s gear to each check point.


Aug 14th 2019 06:09

As Bette sat there, staring at her gear for the pink ride, all her mind could think about was Tina and what had happened in the elevator. No way Bette regretted it because it felt amazing, it felt like old times and she wanted that all again. Bette knew that Tina was her real love, her one and only and it was getting harder and harder to deny that. She cared about Jodi and didn’t like what she was doing but she couldn’t help herself. She loved Tina.

Bette let out a sigh. She had to break it off with Jodi. As she sat there thinking about it, Bette had made the decision to do it after the Pink ride. She glanced over at the clock and saw how late it was. “I need to get some sleep” she thought running her hand over the back of her neck, pressing her fingers deep into the skin. “Here let me do it” Jodi said as she brushed Bette’s hand away and started to massage Bette’s neck.

Just as Jodi touched Bette’s skin she flinched and moved. “It’s fine” Bette signed to Jodi. Jodi looked puzzled. Bette walked over to her side of the bed and pulled back the covers. “I’m going to bed. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow” she signed as she climbed in and then pulled the cover up over her, fluffing her pillows. Bette didn’t want to stare into Jodi’s eyes. All of this was tearing her apart.

As Bette rolled over facing away from Jodi, she closed her eyes and instantly had Tina enter her thoughts. Bette loved the thought of Tina being the last thing she thought about when she went to sleep. She knew ending it with Jodi was the certainly the right thing to do. As she thought more and more about Tina, Bette let out a smile and uttered very quietly to herself “I love you Tina. We will soon be together again” then closed her eyes and allowed her thoughts of Tina to fill her dreams. Bette was excited about the next day and getting to spend some time with Tina and their friends.

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