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▪ The L Word
▪ The L Word Generation Q

Writing Styles
☐ One-liners
☑ Para
☑ Multi-para
☐ Novella

- Lesbian
- Extremely Selective
- Mature Content - R18

Mains that are Needed:
- Angelica (Angie) Porter-Kennard
- Alice Pieszecki
- Shane McCutcheon
- Dana Fairbanks (Can be a Ghost Version)
- Jennifer (Jenny) Schecter
- Kit Porter
- Helena Peabody
- Marina Ferrer
- Carmen de la Pica Morales
- Jodi Learner
- Nikki Stevens
- and more...

basic information

Bette Porter

Meaning of Name
French - Diminutive of Elizabeth meaning "Pledged to God"

• B
• Momma B
• Babe/Baby (By Tina)

Date of Birth
December 19 1986


Place of Birth
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Current Location
West Hollywood, California


Hair Colour

Eye Colour


Birthmarks | Scares
None | None





Angelica (Angie)

Neices | Nephews

Relationship Stuff


Relationship Status

Love of Life
Tina Kennard

Past Relationships
Coleman | Kelly | Alice | Jodi

Education | Employment

High School
Philadelphia High School For Girls


Art History

• Owner of the Bette Porter Gallery
• Director of the California Arts Center (CAC)
• Dean of the School of Arts, California University
• Owner/Partner of the Wentworth/Porter Gallery

Vanessa Morgan


Kit Porter
Pam Grier


Shane McCutcheon
Katherine Moenning


Alice Pieszecki
Leisha Hailey


Dana Fairbanks
Erin Daniels


Jenny Schecter
Mia Kirschner



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Maybe a little on the slow side. Want to get this layout finished however I am here and looking to get some connections going...

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Bette Porter

I’m afraid that I’m destructive.
That if I have something good,
I feel compelled to destroy it.

I am the biggest F**king a**hole in the universe
I guess thats how...
I am just some huge cosmological joke, is what I am!

My Childhood
Birth to Teen

You know my name but not my story. You’ve heard what I’ve done but not what I’ve been through. It’s not easy growing up an African-American Caucasian.

I was born on the 19th of December back in 1986 to my Father Melvin and my Mother Matilda. My Father was a business man who worked hard to keep the food on the table and a roof over our heads. My Mother was a stay at home Mom who looked after my half-sister Kit (same Father different mother) and I.

When I turned 5 I started school. A few days after starting, my Mother was killed in an car accident after dropping me off at school. With Daddy so busy it was put on Kit’s shoulders to look after me. Daddy insisted she be pulled out of school.

Growing up I admired Kit. She’d done so much for me throughout my childhood. However when I was 13, Kit ended up leaving home. Daddy was so annoyed that he pretty much cut her off. After that it was just Daddy and I.

The Next Chapter
Teen to Young Adult

Through the years I worked really hard and tried to focus on what I wanted to make of my life. I got a job and saved every penny I could towards going to college. Whilst I was in middle school, I gained an interest in Art & Photography. Daddy took me to the Art Museum almost every weekend.

Life was good. I ended up at Yale doing an Art History Major. According to Daddy, I was turning into an affluent ivy-leagued educated woman. He was wo proud of me.

Whilst at Yale, I gained an internship at a smaller Art Museum which I was so enthusiastic about. It was here too that I started my first relationship with a male by the name of Coleman. We only date for a few months before we both realized that we were gay. During our time together, I developed a crush on my Art History professor, Danica Palmer.

Eventually I came out as a lesbian and fell for my best friend, Kelly who was heterosexual. However Kelly rejected my advances and I grew extremely depressed that I was on the brink of suicide.

Graduation to Present

After I graduated, I moved on and began dating Alice Pieszecki but only briefly. When Alice and I broke up, remained very close friends. After the break up I threw myself into my work and bought a gallery space. I named it the Bette Porter Gallery.

I hosted lots of events at the Gallery and during one of my events, I met my future partner, Tina Kennard. The two of us had an instant attraction to one another. She was so gorgeous. I found myself staring at her and while I stared, I noticed she was missing her right earring. Tina supposedly put it back on and we got on with dinner. After everyone had gone I found Tina’s earring.

Later that night, Tina returned to the gallery to retrieve the lost earring that I’d kept for her. While holding my hand out, Tina went to pick it up and I kissed her. A few days later, she broke it off with her boyfriend and a few days after that, Tina and I began dating.

A couple of months later, I applied for the position as the Director of the Californian Arts Center. I managed to get the position and my career really took off. Everyone wanted me. Everyone wanted to be me. I was very successful and Tina and I decided we would try to start a family.

After a few years there and a break up with Tina because I cheated, I left and became the Dean of the School of Arts at California University. I taught many lectures and began dating one of the Teachers, Jodi but my relationship with Jodi didn’t last long as I realized I was still in love with Tina who had given birth to our daughter a few months before Jodi and I broke up.

Tina moved back home and went out working while I stayed at home with our daughter. Eventually I wanted more for us so I became a Co-Owner and Partner of the Wentworth-Porter Art Gallery with Kelly who’d come back into town. Tina, Angie and I were all set to move until Jenny (our next door neighbour) died mysteriously in our pool.

To this day I am still working at the Wentworth-Porter Art Gallery and doing so well. Tina and I are doing amazing and set to be married and Angie is growing up so fast.

I Love Tina... I have always Loved Tina

Tina Kennard
The Love of my Life

Tina is the love of my life. She always will be. We we’ve been together for years and even though we went our separate ways we found our way back to one another. This is our story…

To our friends, our relationship was strong. According to Tina I’m her ‘First, Last and Forever’. However from the beginning of our relationship we had troubles. You see Tina and met the night of a dinner event I held at my gallery, the Bette Porter Gallery. We were instantly attracted to one another. While we talked I noticed her earring was caught in her hair and handed it back. The whole night I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

After the night ended and I was tidying up a little, I found her earring that I swore she’d put back in her ear on the floor. I didn’t have a number for her so I had to wait until she contacted me. The next day she came into the gallery and collected it. That’s when I kissed her knowing full well she had a boyfriend.

Years after us being together, we attempted to start a family thinking that it would solve some problems however our sex life had taken a hit. Tina and I moved past this though. However my career at the Californian Arts Center (the CAC) started coming between us as I spent more time there than at home.

When we decided to have a baby, I urged Tina to give up her own career. That meant I was the sole breadwinner. MY Father, Melvin just tolerated my relationship with Tina and refused to acknowledge that the baby was his grandchild. So our relationship was on a thin line.

Tina eventually miscarried and it took a toll on me but Tina threw herself into working at a charitable organization. Our careers were making it impossible to spend time with one another or even have sex. At the same time I found myself attracted to a woman who was temporarily working as a Carpenter at the CAC. I tried to resist but was unable to hold back especially when she made a pass at me. That’s when the affair started which Tina discovered. Tina moved out and our relationship died.

Soon after realizing how stupid I’d been, I tried to make amends for my betrayal but found that our break-up with Tina was disrupting all other elements of my life. Tina though refused to forgive me.

Our friends seemed to take her side which puzzled me because all of them had had some sort of promiscuous fling but once Tina began seeing Helena Peabody, the group rallied around me in support as I found out that Tina was pregnant again. I started longing for us to raise our child together like we had planned.

Things were further complicated without relationship when I find out that my father is dying from prostate cancer and was refusing treatment which caused me to reach out to Tina and during the times we spent, Tina and I started growing close again. Even our relationship started to improve over this difficult time. Eventually Tina chose me over Helena and asked if she could move back in with me. That’s around the time Angelica was born and things between us were great.

Six months later our relationship starts feeling rather stressful again as we were feeling the stress of raising Angelica, my unemployment and Tina working for Helena at her film studio. It became apparent too that Tina had a renewed interest in men. I started believing that Tina was merely experimenting with me for 8 years so I had her move out.

When Tina ended up with this guy called Henry, I came to the conclusion that Tina was using Henry to get full custody of Angelica when Tina and I separated. Tina was Angie’s biological mother and was trying to integrate her into a heterosexual family. However at Shane’s and Carmen’s wedding, I started to have second thoughts but it was too late as Tina had received the letter from my lawyer. Tina kidnaps Angie and runs away in a hope to separate us forever.

About a year and a half later, while I was dating Jodi, Tina and my relationship went through some rough patches but we gradually became friendlier with each other. In the end Tina confessed to still loving me and when she found out about Jodi, Tina realized how much she wanted me back and began regretting ending our relationship.

When Tina learns that there is an affair going on between Kit’s Boyfriend and the nanny, she informed me. I wanted to keep this from Kit but Tina said we should tell her which caused a major stress between us. Things became even more complicated after a disastrous dinner party.

As my relationship with Jodi continued, I found myself longing for the life I’d shared with Tina and it wasn’t before Tina and I had an affair. Both of us were unsure if we wanted anything more than just sex. When Jodi confronts me about my distance, I wanted to admit to her that I was still in love with Tina.

One day, during rolling blackouts, Tina and I were trapped in an elevator on the way to our couples therapy. During our time in the elevator, we sat discussing our fears about our relationship and ended up having sex. That was when I told Tina that I still loved her and that I wanted to tell Jodi about our reunion after the Subaru Pink Ride.

Jodi was getting more and more suspicious and while on the Pink Ride, Jodi learnt of my and Tina’s affair during a game of “I Never” when Alice called me a ‘giant and gi-normous cheater’ for having cheated on Tina and on herself while Alice and I dated. This lead Jodi to jokingly ask if I’d cheated on her. When I didn’t respond, Tina ran away and that’s when Jodi realized that I was indeed cheating on her.

In private, Kit blasted me and reminded me of all the nasty things Tina and I’d went through over the years. It was then that I told her that I had always loved Tina. I mean Jodi and I never had a shot confirming that I was never in love with her.

After the truth was revealed, Jodi confronted me, brushing off Tina. I took her into the house trying to talk things over and nearly lost myself when Jodi attempted to seduce me. Back in the office, I admitted to Jodi that she and I wouldn’t work because Tina was my true love. At the end of the night, I ended up joining up with Tina and brought the pair of them back ot the house, back to our home.

I admired Jodi’s work and with that introduced Jodi at the public exhibition of a new piece of her work entitled ‘core’. However the piece turned out to be revenge against me. After the shocking humiliation, I returned to find solace in Tina. That night Tina and I attended the Lez Girls wrap party where our reunion and displays of affection are admired by our closest friends.

Tina ended up moving back in and we decided to adopt a second child. In preparation, we decided to extend the house which was rather expensive. Tina and I met with a birth mother by the name of Marci in Nevada who was expecting to give birth to a half African-American son. The mother’s family weren’t to keen on her giving the baby to a same sex couple but she was certain. Issues arise when our lawyer advises us that Nevada law doesn’t permit adoption to same sex couples. Tina and I decided to board Marci during her pregnancy but when we arrived at the bus station, Marci wasn’t on the bus.

Later on, I reconnected with my bisexual crush, Kelly Wentworth and we opened a gallery together. I had really strong feelings for Kelly but was extremely capable of remaining committed to Tina despite Kelly flirting with me. Tina didn’t really trust me though and started to fear I would cheat on her again but when Kelly made a move on me, I rejected her. I didn’t want to hurt Tina. I loved Tina and wasn’t about to loose her again.

A few days later, Tina got a job offer in New York and we decided to relocate there and start a new life together. I was so happy to do it because it would mean being able to partially escape from the claustrophobic bubble of Los Angeles.

From then on, Tina and I remained strong and she eventually was able to trust me again. We raised our daughter Angie together in New York and things got better and better between us. I’ve never been so in love with someone as I am with her. Tina is my world.

Was Mary f**king Poppins not Available?

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Aug 17th 2019 16:06

Tina had alot going on in her mind, the major thoughts were of her and Bette and what exactly they were doing.  The blonde did feel bad in some ways, because Jodi was sweet and didn't want to see her get hurt.  She had no choice in the matter, she was in love with Bette and she really knew it deep within her heart.  Bette was the only woman that Tina could see herself having a future with, things may have not always been perfect but she couldn't just walk away.  It would be the biggest mistake of her life, and Tina knew it.

Tina finished off her first cup of coffee, she headed over to the counter and ordered another one.  She went back to where she had been sitting and sat down.  She had been in her own little world, she just couldn't stop thinking of things. She missed Bette like crazy and knew that their daughter missed her too. She looked at her watch and then took a sip of her coffee, she managed to look over to the doors and noticed Bette walking in. She smiled the second she seen her and even more when she noticed that Jodi wasn't with her, she figured that Jodi wasn't far behind. Tina waved back at her as the dark hair was walking towards her.

Tina smiled hearing her words, knowing that the dark haired was thinking about her it made her feel good.  '' That's good to know, because I been thinking a lot about you too. '' She began saying, Tina arched her brow for a brief moment. '' Bette, it's not a crime to be seen together. For all anyone knows we could be discussing our daughter. '' She softly said '' It's not like I'm just gonna jump you're bones in front of everyone.'' Tina smirked looking at Bette, she couldn't help but smile. '' But I get it, it's better to be safe then sorry. '' Tina added. '' Oh and by the way Angus has Ang.  for the day. '' she replied, she knew that if Kit got a wind of this she wouldn't be happy.  Tina finished up her coffee and looked at Bette''  I'm hoping some how, we can have some alone time to talk. '' Tina said.

Aug 16th 2019 00:47

Tina woke up the next morning, feeling well rested. She sat up on the edge of the bed thinking about things, wondering how things were gonna go throughout the day. She couldn't stop thinking about Bette, and she knew that all she wanted was to be with her. Maybe apart from this being the Subaru pink ride, it would be a chance for both of them to talk about what was going on.  '' It's not like Jodi will be around her every second. '' She thought to herself, she sighed softly before getting up and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

Once Tina was all clean she wrapped a towel around her and headed back to her bedroom to get dressed. It was still very early when she noticed the time, Angie was sound asleep and Tina figured to let her sleep a little bit longer. Since she was gonna be gone all day she got a hold of Angus to take Angie for the day. Even though him and Kit weren't together, Tina still kept in touch with him and he was always good with Angie.  Tina roamed through her closet and picked out what she was gonna wear, once she got dressed she slipped on her shoes.  Gathering a few more things to take with her.  

Tina grabbed her stuff and headed downstairs, she thought about making some coffee but figured she would just grab one at the planet.  She was just about to sit down when she could hear her phone buzzing on the counter.  It was a text message from Bette, It made Tina smile as she read it. '' I miss you too, and can't wait to see you. '' She replied back, she wanted to say something else but she was afraid of Jodi seeing the message so she just kept it simple. She placed her phone back in her pocket and looked at the time, she knew that Angus was bound to show up any minute.

She headed upstairs and Angie was already sitting up on her bed. Tina smiled and kissed the top of her head, she helped Angie get dressed and put on her shoes. She then picked her up in her arms and headed downstairs and let Angie watch some cartoons til she had to go. Tina wanted to make sure that she had everything, so she double checked her bag. Just then there was a knock on the door, she went to go answer it and sure enough it was Angus. Tina left the keys with him and told him to lock up, She smiled and thanked him. She went over to where her daughter was sitting and hugged her giving her a kiss on her head and then on the cheek. 

Tina grabbed the rest of her things and headed out the door.  She got in her car and drove to the planet, she happened to be there before the rest of the gang.  She walked inside and ordered herself a cup of coffee.  She was nervous, but at the same time she was excited. She knew that some part of the day would be hard, not exactly seeing Jodi but for remembering And honoring Dana.  Tina took a sip of her coffee and just sat down at one of the empty tables, she waited for the others to show up.  

Aug 14th 2019 15:21

'' I'm not going.'' You could hear Tina say, she kept shaking her head as if she actually was talking to someone.  She wasn't, she was sitting on the sofa flipping through a magazine. She had just put Angie down for bed.  Letting out a sigh, she kept flipping through the pages. '' it's a bad idea. '' She thought, Everyone was going and Tina would be the only one who stayed back.  It would be to hard for her, she knew that what they both were doing was wrong and it wasn't fair to Jodi. 

Both Bette and Tina had agreed to go see a therapist,and not just any therapist.The one that they began seeing a few years back.  Unfortunately they got stuck on the elevator on their way to his office. That was when they both realized what they wanted, and the words that Bette said stuck with Tina. '' it's not an affair, for me it's like coming home. '' Suddenly Tina snapped out of it. '' I have to go. '' She mumbled, She wanted to but more importantly maybe it would give her a chance to talk to Bette.  

Finally Tina put the magazine down, she grabbed her phone and sent both Alice and Shane a text letting them both know that she was coming on the pink ride. She also mentioned about everyone meeting up at the planet bright and early, that way she could get her a coffee fix. After all she would need it, Tina knew that she wouldn't get much sleep as she had so much on her mind. 

Tina turned her phone off, and got ready for bed. She figured it would be a long night for her, it was still a little early but the way she was feeling she needed to laydown and relax. She climbed into bed and laid flat on her back.  Looking up at the ceiling she let out a soft but heavy sigh. She really couldn't stop thinking of Bette or what had happened between them, especially in the elevator.  '' Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. '' She thought, each time she thought of Bette a smile came over her face. She let out a yawn and closed her eyes, and before you knew it she had drifted off to sleep. 
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