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// Hiatus due to a family emergency. Luca, you know how to get ahold of me.

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Monochrome Magic
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Natalya Danielle Camden

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Twenty-four years old, Female


Atlantic City


Owner at Nat's Bakery

details | There really isn’t much to say about Natalya. She had a troubled youth and swore that she would do better for herself and her future family. When she was young, she lived pretty well with her father- or so she thought he was her father. It wasn’t until later she discovered otherwise.

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Dec 9th 2019 18:50


This is the MOP for our members where we will make announcements, post about activities, and where you will find all valuable information to be successful. Now that you’re here and beginning to get settled in, we’d kindly ask for you to add everyone in the group. You’ll never be expected to write with all the members of the group, but we do ask that you at least socialize and get to know as many people as possible (even though at the moment we are small, we are hoping to change that soon). 

Here is the link to the points blog(, it gives you a rundown on how to earn your points and be successful in the group. We aren’t asking for an outrageous amount, we know that everyone's time is precious. But you get out of it what you put into it and we want you to make this place your RP home. 

Below are your important dates to follow:

Your join Date: 12/08/19

Layout and Bio Completion: 12/22/2019

4 Connections Date: 12/22/19 

We are so happy that you have decided to join us. Welcome to Atlantic City!


Nov 18th 2019 19:50

The sounds of clattering dishes coming from the kitchen coupled with the loud patrons talking at the corner booth behind them made it difficult for Luca to hear Nat. He caught clips of her side of the conversion such as, “partner in crime” “raise havoc” and “call-in & hang out”. He nodded along, as he drank another beer. He knew he shouldn’t be drinking this much, but all the stress from the day was weighing on him heavily. If he kept knocking them back at his current rate he’d be drunk in thirty minutes. He needed to slow down. “Food!” he exclaimed when the waitress slid the extra cheese pizza on the table. This would help soak up the fiery liquid in his stomach. 

He watched Nat take an uncharacteristically large drink of her beer. Sure they could drink like Irish men, but she usually took it slow. He leaned in closer to hear her better as he picked up a slice of pizza to eat. The slice never made it to his lips. Her words hung in the air along with the slice. “She liked him”, as in liked him as more than a find? Surely he’d heard her wrong. He almost made a joke about it, until he saw the serious expression on his face. How was he going to explain how he felt to her without making things awkward? He knew this was a big step for Nat. Men, in general, scared her, asking them out terrified her. 

“Nat,” he said he name on a sigh. “I won’t lie and say I’ve never thought about being with you. I’m a guy.” He snickered nervously, “Plus, you’re beautiful, smart, carling, and one hell of a partner in crime. The problem is I’m in love with Elisa. I’ve been in love with her since we were kids. Any girl that I’ve been with has just been someone to kill time with, never anything serious. That’s because she’s always been who I knew I’d end up with. If you and I had hooked up then you would have been another place holder.” He wasn’t trying to be harsh, Luca was naturally blunt. Something that tended to get him into trouble most of the time. Lying to Nat was an option. He valued her friendship too much. “Try as might, as much as I push her away, she never gave up on me.” He dropped the slice of pizza back onto the pan and took her hand. “She wore me down. We’re together now. Please, don’t be upset.”


Nov 13th 2019 11:32

Hi. I'm just reaching out to everyone, so forgive me if we are already discussing.

I'd love to get a storyline going with you, and I'm sorry if we were discussing something and I cut it off somehow. I'm pretty much a trash panda when it comes to these types of things.

Just a brief bio on Ada:
Her father ran a pretty big drug rings growing up. She learned to fight to protect herself from his goons. Her hands are lethal, but she's kind soul. She owns her own company, working as a PI and does basic photography on the side. 

I'm open to any and all kinds of storylines.
If you wanna be caught up in some kind of hit and run? I'm down.
You wanna be a part of a bank heist? I'm your girl.
Should we meet in the club in some wild dance off? You aren't ready for that.

Okay, I'll stop buggin ya now. If you'd like to discuss further, I'm on LINE

Nov 8th 2019 21:24

Seeing Nat walk through the door made him sigh with relief, she was a natural stress reliever for him. The fact that he didn’t have to be the second in command of the Bellucci family and could just be Luca when he was around her took off a great deal of pressure. Sometimes he forgot how much he needed that in his life. To say he was thankful for their friendship didn’t do it justice. Seeing the residual effects her past hardships left on her, was difficult for him. He wanted her to enjoy life to the fullest. It was his goal in life to break her out of her shell and get her past her issues with men. She deserved to find happiness with someone who would truly appreciate her. Come hell or high water he would make that happen. 

He allowed her to take the menu from his hands and order them drinks, it wasn't as if he needed the menu now that she was there. She would keep his OCD at bay. “Today has been a stressful day, Nat. I have to go back to work once we wrap up here. If I don’t finish up tonight I’ll be in serious sh**.” It didn’t take him long to finish his beer and order them another round. It felt like they both needed to let off a little steam. “Nat, you do so much for them already. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I know you want to fix everyone, but you can’t. What you can do you are already doing for them. Plus, if anyone can help someone through this it’s you.” Luca knew all too well what it was like to beat yourself up over something you couldn’t change when you so desperately want to. That was the story of his life. 

They needed food to soak up some of these liquids if they were going to keep this going into the evening. Also, food would help assuage their stress. Growing up, his aunts were always cooking for his uncles. When he asked them why they told him it was the one thing they could do for their husbands that they knew would help to alleviate some of their stress. After he flagged down a waitress to order them a large cheese pizza with extra cheese, he reached across the table and took her hand. “Don’t stress yourself out over this. Let’s just enjoy this afternoon. Okay?” He held up his shot of tequila. “Here’s to new beginnings, kicking ass, grabbing life by the balls and living each day like it’s the last. Saluti!” He clinked his glass against her’s. 


Nov 7th 2019 19:40

Hey Nat! 

I'm so thankful you are my best friend. I think Winnie the Pooh said it best when he said, “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” Thank you for putting up with my crazy antics. 

-Your best friend for life: Luca  
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Nov 7th 2019 00:07

November's Updates!


First things first, we'd like to congratulate Brandon Nash for being our very first member of the month! It was an easy decision for those of us in management as we've heard amazing things about him and we've had the chance to witness those things first hand. With that said, next month we will have a group-wide vote for member of the month. Brandon is receiving a 10 point deduction for November and for December to reward him for getting motm and for exceeding his points. 

During the month of October there were some disasters that struck several of our group's members. Due to this, we chose not to remove anyone for not reaching their minimum points for October. Our top points earners are Bailey, Jace, Ada, Emma, Luca and Parker. They will be receiving a 1 time use 10 point deduction that they can use in either November or December. Mark, Danni, Natalya, Andi, Elisa, Kori and Lateef all met or exceeded their points requirements for October. They will be rewarded a 1 time use 5 point deduction that they can use in either November or December.

We are giving everyone until 11/12 at 9pm EST to have their layouts done and completely filled out. Please make sure that your photos match your playby, all of your links work and your information for your connections is up to date. We all know that October was a rough month between natural disasters, illnesses kicking in and a few members leaving the group. 

You made it through October though and now we are in the month of Thanks! So every Thursday in the month of November you can use #thankfulthursday to get 3 points each week. From November 20th through November 26th we will be holding our very first Spirit Week. This month we have also begun our weekly tasks. These are optional, but they are also a quick and easy way to earn points. So don't forget to check it out and send that task in.

Anyone who shares Alcatraz Bay in a RL/RP group on Facebook during the month of November will get 5 points each time. You can do this twice a day as long as the posts are 5 hours apart. Keep in mind, sharing the group 10 times will not meet your activity requirements for November as you do still have to post statuses and keep your 4 storylines going.

Starting this month, we are opening 2 group chats via Line. There will be an in character chat as well as an out of character chat. For the in character chat so long as you are actively writing, it can count towards your activity requirements. For every 3 replies of 6-8 sentences in one day, you will get 3 points. Just like when you send starters and replies from your page, you will need to take a screenshot for proof and send them in. Being active via Line will not excuse you from logging into your page and being active.

Thank you so much for helping make this RPG into a home!


Your Alcatraz Bay staff

SC Members

Oct 26th 2019 22:12

~Important Announcement!!!~

This announcement is brought to you from the desk of Danielle Bellucci!
First of all I want to say thank you for everything you've done while I've been on my hiatus. You guys have been wonderful and I can see ALL the hard work you've put in to not only be active, but to prove that you are some of the best members we could ask for. With that said, we've got a special points opportunity for you from 7pm PST 10/26 through 11:59pm PST 10/31.

Step 1 - 3 Points
Please check your Tumblr post and ensure everything is correct. If there is anything that needs to be changed, please send that information. If there is a spot that you didn't fill out prior, please send us that as well.
You will notice there is a spot with a question for you to answer, please give us 1 answer to receive the 3 points for this step. (Multiple answers will disqualify you for the 3 points.)

Step 2 - 5 Points
Write 1 paragraph (5-7 sentence minimum) about something you did for Halloween. Please include the answer you selected for the question on your Tumblr. You can write about a party, handing out candy, bar-hopping or anything else your little heart desires. It HAS to include Halloween & the answer you put on your Tumblr. 

Step 3 - 5 to 10 Points
Make a default of your character wearing the costume. For those of you who don't manip, you can always use a costume that has a mask, doesn't show the person's face or chop the person's head off. Lord knows that I (Danni) will be doing one of those options. If you default the photo between 10/26 and 10/29 and leave it up through 10/31 you will receive 10 points. If you default the photo on 10/31 you will receive 5 points. 

Step 4 - 1 point each
Send us your greatest Halloween pick-up line between 10/26 and 10/28 and we will give you 1 point per pick-up line. We will be using these between 10/29 and 10/31 in recruiting statuses.

Step 5 - Halloween Statuses
Use #spooktober on 10/27 to get 2 points for 1 status post.
Use #mancrushmonday on 10/28 to get 2 points for 1 status post.
Make a with your #pumpkincarving on 10/29 to get 2 points for 1 status post.
Use #womancrushwednesday on 10/30 to get 2 points for 1 status post.
Use #trickortreat on 10/31 to get 3 points for 1 status post.

Last but certainly not least...

Post a HALLOWEEN drabble of 3+ paragraphs between 10/26 and 10/31 to receive 10 points.

Sharing the group between 10/26 and 10/31 from a page other than your Alcatraz Bay page will count for double the points. During this time you can post twice from each page, as always you must screenshot the post for proof. Shares from each page must be on different dates. We also ask that for every 2 shares, you provide us the URL of the page you shared us from. 
*This is a specialized promotion and re-posting the statuses from a non-AB page will count for points.*

I know there was a lot to be said, BUT thank you for your patience and we hope you have a great week!

Sincerely yours,

The Alcatraz Bay Staff

Oct 26th 2019 19:28

It was a Saturday night around nine-thirty and the streets of San Francisco were filled with people walking the streets to get to their destination. Jace's just so happened to be Hustlers-- the Gentlemen's club he just recently started bouncing at. Even though he had tonight off, the gang had all made different plans and he had decided to swing in for a couple drinks. He stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets to feel around for his switchblade that had originally belonged to Dakota, the previous leader of the Vipers, and let out a small sigh as he continued walking forward. Even though it had been several years since his death, he still missed him dearly and occasionally wondered if he would ever live up to being half the leader Dakota was. He turned the corner to see that the parking lot of Hustlers was a little more than half full and spotted a couple new vehicles that he hadn't seen before or recognized. 

It wasn't out of the normal for a few new faces to show up to enjoy the show and drinks that Hustlers was famous for. Some even came for the pool tables and dart boards. A small smile curled onto his lips the closer he got to the entrance and knew that after a few drinks he'd be good to go. Upon entering, his eyes quickly adjusted to the dimness of the room as he scanned around to see if he anyone he knew, which was almost everyone. "Hey JC! What are you doing here on your night off?" He turned to see one of the bartenders he had made close friends with since he started bouncing. The smile on his face spread even wider as he made his way to the bar and perched himself on an empty stool. "Ah, you know… I just can't stay away from this place too long and figured I could use a few harsh drinks." He smirked and crossed his arms to lean against the bar.

Before he even had time to place his order, she was already starting to mix several different liquors into a glass after filling it partially with ice. "I knew you'd hook me up." He chuckled and glanced around once more as he then spotted a brunette with a face he couldn't put a name too. It was a point of his to know everyone who entered the club and curiosity started to sweep over him as to who she was. Once the drink was placed on the counter, he slid a twenty in place of it and made a beeline in her direction. He put on a charming grin after taking a huge swig of his drink and sighed out in contentment from the burn hitting the back of his throat.  "Hey there. You're a new face." He stopped a few feet away from her to give some space in between them and took another sip of his drink. "I'm Jace."


Oct 23rd 2019 20:57

With a deep sigh, Luca leaned back in the black leather armchair in his office. Today was shaping up to be a stressful day. They were short three cars for tonight’s transport and he had no new leads on the exotics his father demanded. Somedays he wished he ran the drug side of his family’s business, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. His brother, Paolo, was first in command which meant he ran the drugs. Andi ran the arms and Danni helped Andi and Luca with both of their sides of the family business. Drugs and guns were easier to procure than a 1969 Jaguar Roadster or a Ferrari 488 GTB. Disappointing his father wasn’t an option. He’d have to figure out a way to get the cars by tonight or find three other cars as equal to or greater in value. If he didn’t, Luca shuddered to think of what his father would do. The last time he’d failed to get what his father demanded the man looked Luca inside of a car compactor for three days, constantly turning the machine on and off with him inside. His father told him he wouldn’t be given another chance if he failed him again. 

He ran his fingers through his messy brown locks, practically pulling his hair out in frustration. He needed a break, a chance to clear his mind and regroup. The chirping sound that signified an incoming text on his phone from Natalya, his best friend, was a welcomed sound. He read her text, she wanted to meet at the cafe at noon. He checked the time on his Rolex, it was half-past eleven, he could make that. “I’ll see you there. I’m buying! Don’t even try it this time.” he shot off his reply back to her, then tucked his phone away in the back pocket of his jeans and grabbed his keys. He could walk to the cafe, but Luca loved any excuse to drive a car. “Tony! I’m headed out for a while. Tell Danni I’ll be back.” He practically ran out of his office inside Port Kings, if Danni caught him she wouldn’t let him leave. It was a ten-minute drive to their meeting spot. As Luca drove the short distance he thought back on how he’d met Natalya. They met in one of the worst possible situations, she was the witness to the murders his uncle had committed and Luca was the one called in to clean it up. Truth be told, he’d been ordered to take care of her too, but he couldn’t do it, Luca wasn’t a killer. He’d taken one look at Nat and decided to help her instead. 

The kicker was she had no idea who he really was. When he’d introduced himself that night he’d lied. To her, he wasn’t Luca Bellucci- second in command of the Bellucci crime family. Instead, he was Luca Romano- a twenty-six-year-old car enthusiast who worked a desk job at an import/export business. He’d give her his great aunt’s maiden last name, it was the first last name that came to mind that night. Lucky for him, his uncle had used a fake name when he’d hired those prostitutes that night. Natalya had no idea what Luca really did for a living or who his family was; he planned to keep it that way. It was a relief to have a friend on the outside, someone who didn’t expect him to act a certain way because of his family’s last name. Sure, it was difficult lying to her all the time, but if it kept her safe and allowed him to have a real friendship with her, then it was worth it to him. He parked his ‘79 Dodge Challenger outside the cafe and went inside to grab them a table. The place was bustling with its usual lunchtime crowd as he fought his way to a table in the back. He wasn’t trying to hide, he just liked his privacy. He pulled out his phone to shoot her a quick text that he’d arrived before he picked up the menu to look it over. They’d been there a thousand times so he knew the menu, he just needed a distraction. It was either look over the menu or start counting things until she arrived. Luca had a bad habit of counting objects when he was stressed, part of his OCD. 

Cɪᴠɪᴛᴀs Pᴇᴄᴄᴀᴛɪ,

Oct 17th 2019 01:10

To someone like Brandon Nash, there was something unfathomably inviting about the over-populated and naturally feral setting; from the mass of swaying bodies all liquored and drugged up to the chaos and inability to hear your own thoughts from both the music he was playing on the stage and the screaming of approval off stage all the way to the unpredictable and potentially dangerous essence left with the untamable crowd riled up and ready to let loose. There was no telling what could occur or really any chance of stopping it from occurring, there were over a hundred plus people squeezed in the building , without any doubt, surpassing the maximum capacity limit – anyone who thought law and order existed or would exist was sadly mistaken, the same went for sense of safety.  A hundred plus strangers joined together in a closed up space, with hazed mind-sets, angry or influentially impactful music blaring through their entire being as whole without any control? The only thing this could promise was a good proportion of issues, be it fist fights, car jackings outside, overdoses,, muggings, less often than not critical or fatal happenings and of course, one helluva experience.  To the twenty-seven year old up on stage, there was no beating it.

As he bobbed and weaved with a few friends to the beat of the music, he inhaled deeply, causing the embers at the end of his Newport to glow brightly and just as quickly, dim as he pulled it from the left corner of his pout and exhaled a thick tangle of smoke into the already polluted atmosphere. This place reeked of stale smoke, variety of ganja, cheap liquor and body sweat – an odor mixture you got used to after the few dozen times you attended a happening like this, the same went for the obnoxiously loud screaming from the female gender.  For awhile, he’d been lost in his own little world, half dazed in internal focus toward his passion to the extent, he’d almost completely dismissed everyone -  when it came to music, be it creating, writing, playing or even just listening, nothing else mattered to Brandon, it was like it brought him into his own personal form of Nirvana. 

The rest of the world had become distant yet familiar, like the steady beating of his heart against his chest cavity: adrenaline pumping the blood back and forth to the hive of his over-stimulated organ.  There was no bad vibes, no life complications, no anger or sadness – just the chaotic and overwhelmingly simulative energy  and the music blaring above everything, providing the soul a form of its own food, to anyone who’d had a bad week or even day, this would cure the emotional or spiritual tattering left behind.  In his opinion, what music couldn’t cure -- -  there was no cure for.

After the song faded off and another begun, he’d placed the cigarette back between his pout and turned his attention upward, a habitual doing after each song switched over. “  M A K E  S O M E   F U C K I N’ N O I S E, W E C A K E D  U P AND   H A V I N’ A G O O D TIME YET?  F U C K    Y E A H!” He shouted into the microphone, once placed close enough to his face.   His bloodshot optics scanned the crowd, a subtle twitch of approval being displayed by the chuckle underneath his breath. This was a sight for sore eyes, alongside the front sector of the place. “Lets get some people up here with us, “ twisting around one of his friends, he jumped down off the stage and began walking toward the flood of people, offering handshakes and greetings to some, invitations to others. He was just about ready to head back up to his original perch when he landed his vision on a brunette, appeared almost too young to be allowed in but through his body high’s influence, he could almost see the auora radiating off her. She looked like a good time, wasn’t too bad on the eyes and screw it, right there. Why not?

Offering a hand outward for her to take, in assistance of aiding her over the flimsy tape that marked boundries, just a few scant inches away from the stage, he flashed a Cheshire-like grin,  inclining forward enough for his voice to carry to her, barely loud enough to be heard but loud enough nonetheless“Wanna come up there with the cool kids?” He questioned, back-stepping slowly as he awaited her response. She would either join or not, choice was hers and one he’d loose no sleep over.
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