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Welcome to the Upside Down

Song: Leave A Scar || Artist:Maryilyn Manson || Dedication: Six

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LEGAL NAME | NICKNAMES:Subject 006. Six.
GENDER | SPECIES: Female | Superhuman
SMOKE | DRINK | DRUGS: Smoke | Margaritas | Marijuanna
EDUCATION | OCCUPATION: "Homeschooled" | Man-made Weapon
SKIN COLOR: Caucasian
EYE COLOR: Blue | Blue-Green
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
Significant Other: Billy Hargrove
Children: None
PERSONALITY: Subject 006: Is very temperamental as she does not know how to keep her emotions in check and as a result her powers can be chaotic, violent, and lethal. She is still learning and like Subject 011 she is new to normal interactions as well as general knowledge. She is withdrawn to strangers and will lash out if she feels threatened.

"I always thought I could do this alone. You showed me I don't have to."


Status:TakenBilly Hargrove.
Taken: July, 19th
Six met Billy while he was possessed by the Mind Flayer in the upside down. She was surprised to see him there, still alive but could sense the Mind Flayer inside him. Six was able to shut it out while it was still trying to gain power and a physical form in the real world long enough to talk to him and try to help him.

Six grew feelings for Billy when she saw what he had been through and when he shared the same memories she had of the Upside Down and what went on there. Six has never been in a relationship before and has no idea what she is supposed to do but she knows that she doesn't want to ever be without Billy beside her and will do anything to protect him.

Six doesn't want to show it but she also fears he will tire of her and in the end leave her as she is still convinced from those who raised her that she is not allowed to feel the happiness he brings into her life.

I Guess You Are Ok
The Special Ones


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Characters: Subject 006, 006, Six
Verses: Stranger Things
Playbys: India Eisley
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Horror, Supernatural, Suspense, Television,
Member Since:July 17, 2019


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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Subject 【006】"Six"

Subject 006 was born and raised in the Underground Facility to be groomed as a military weapon. She was subjected to psychological torture as well as physical by her handler when she did not meet expectation. Subject 006 showed great promise with her capabilities however the stripping of her brain stem as well as cutting into her brain resulted in instability to which she was unable to learn to use her capabilities at will for any extended period of time.

The only way to have Subject 006 successfully initiate any of her powers was by causing a spike in her emotional response, often times fear was used to do so. At 12 years of age, Subject was lost after demolishing the facility and escaping into the "Unknown" she had been sent into for recon missions. Subject 006 is reported as lethal and dangerous, her kill count 166 and climbing. Shoot on sight has been authorized.

Six has spent the last five years in the Upside Down surviving the monsters that reside there and eating raw flesh of animals and humans alike. She sees herself as a monster, suffering from the traumas of the labs that caused her mind to crack and replay for her each murder she ever committed at the command of the man she called Father.

Due to her feeling it safer for everyone in the real world, she lives in the Upside Down not because she has to but because she feels it is where something as brutal as herself belongs. Six fears for the safety of others and as such she has had no contact let alone human contact with anyone on the other side.

Subject 006 Training: Interrogation

You are what we made you.

Six was developed as a weapon to be militarized against enemies of the United States. She has extensive knowledge of human anatomy that allows her to inflict pain to the most vulnerable locations on the body without injuring vital organs or arterys. She is able to remove skin as well as limbs with surgical precision and shows an increased interest in archaic methods used such as medival devices or biblical images to torture and extract information.

Six has been known to show a fascination with what lies beneath flesh and shortly after her 65th kill she was prevented from conducting the torture methods she began to perfect as it made her handlers fearful of what she would be capable of in the future. Six was not limited to those she recived information from.

She was known for using children as an example to thier parents, inflicting brutal acts upon them with the promise of mercy if the parents told her what she wanted to know. The mercy she granted them was slitting their throats and allowing their parents to watch them bleed out, choking on their own blood until dead. She used woman and men in the same way depending on who she was interrogating and the importance of the ones they had weakness for.

Favored Archaic Torture Devices of Subject

Chair of Torture

The Rack

Brazen Bull

Iron Maiden




I am a Monster.

Subject 006 Abilities

"She feels everything."

Regeneration- Subject has shown phenomenal ability to heal from any and all inflicted wounds. Testing was as extensive as removing Subjects skin from the muscle to which it was able to re-integrate when left lying against the exposed muscle. Although Subject is able to regenerate anything from limbs to optics, it does take an extended time variable to the severity of the injury.

Physic Predication- Subject has show potential in physic abilities. She is able to see a specific length of time into the future as displayed during testing however the ability presented was very weak and short. Further Testing Required.

Telekinesis- Subject has the ability to move objects simply by wishing it in her mind. Subject has shown great promise in control of this ability although due to her treatments, it has proved chaotic. Subject can affect the earth below her, causing craters, cracks in the foundation of buildings, and causing a shock-wave that can extend up to a two mile radius. Further Testing Required.

Mind Manipulation- Subject has the ability to enter another mind and read thoughts, memories, and cause them to see the world around them differently. Subject has used this ability in interrogation to show a solider the death of his family. He believed he had been transported to his home country and witnessed the events first hand. Subject can make them feel as though it is real and has even been able to cloak herself to appear invisible to those she has manipulated. Further Testing Required.

Reality Alteration- Subject is able to traverse between planes. Subject has shown an advanced capability of opening crevices to other worlds and also travel through a median that allows her to locate targets as well as watch them. Subject shows great reluctance to do so since contact with an unknown creature in a place named The Upside Down. Further Testing Required.

Observation: Although Subject could be very powerful, due to previous treatment it has been determined that Subject is unable to control and has to exert most of its energy to use these powers unless an extreme emotional response is triggered enough to heighten power. This has been achieved but in end resulted in the Subject falling unconscious.

Due to the limited time restraint between uses, Subjects full capabilities is unknown. Subjects brain stem has been stripped and her brain dissected causing her to be almost empathic, she feels almost everything at once which causes her emotions to spiral out of control which also makes controlling her abilities almost impossible.

Subject also suffers from Night Terrors from Treatments that result in eruption of abilities, has been ordered only one hour shifts for a sleep schedule every six hours. Advise against same methods on further Subject's.

"I don't want to hurt anyone else."

Subect 006: Treatment

"You are nothing and will always be nothing."

Subject 006 is 5’2, 145lbs with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Subjects blood type is logged as AB-. Subject was subjected to physical and mental torture to heighten abilities. When not housed in a cage for a small dog in a closet, treatments consisted of the following approved methods:


Blinding with light


Bone breaking


















Oxygen deprivation


Pressure points

Rat torture


Sensory overload

Shinbone crusher

Sleep deprivation




Stress positions


Tooth extraction




Sleep Deprivation


Solitary Confinement

White Torture

No-Touch Torture

Threat Of Permanent or Severe Disfigurement


Pharmacological Torture

Exploitation Of Phobias

"I'll do better I promise."

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( F I D E S; )



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Nancy Drew Wheeler .

Aug 7th 2019 22:11

okay sure hun send me your bio on you character
Nancy Drew Wheeler .

Aug 7th 2019 22:08

Thanks for acccepting Hon lets plott when you can
Jᴀᴅᴇᴅ Sᴏᴜʟ

Aug 4th 2019 04:26

Do you have discord, love? It makes discussing so much easier -laughs;

Aug 2nd 2019 11:22

You're welcome! I'd be happy to discuss something with you. What did you have in mind?

Aug 1st 2019 02:17

Feel free to grab a prompt if youd like. :)
Monster 𝑀𝑎𝑠ℎ.

Jul 31st 2019 18:08

When you are ready lovely. 
Monster 𝑀𝑎𝑠ℎ.

Jul 31st 2019 17:34

Thank you for accepting // requesting,
I know there's a lot of Eleven's around here but
would you consider writing? There's so many ideas i'd
love to explore, Hope to hear from you soon. 


Jul 29th 2019 23:13

Yes I would! 

Jul 28th 2019 23:42

Hey thanks for the add! 
I’m new to the USD rpg 
and I’m making my rounds!
I hope we get to talk storyline
a mother's rage

Jul 28th 2019 18:02

i prefer comments for anything in character writing wise please and thank you!
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