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basic information

LEGAL NAME | NICKNAMES: Finnley Tomas Petit.
CURRENT LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana.
DISTRICT: Warehouse District.
GENDER | SPECIES: Male. | Human.
DATE OF BIRTH | AGE: December 24, 1993. | 26.
SMOKE | DRINK | DRUGS: Yes. | Yes. | No.
EDUCATION | OCCUPATION: Duke University. | Forensic investigator for NODA.
SKIN color: Caucasian.
EYE color: Brown.
HAIR color: Brown.
Significant Other: Single.
Children: None yet.
PERSONALITY: Finn is nerdy, loves comic books and sci-fi movies. He is outgoing and loves making new friends. He is good at what he does and his team refers to him as Bones. Likes to go out and drink - had a bad case of alcoholism through university.

love information

Status: Single. || name: When I find him.
Taken: --/--/---- || Engaged: --/--/---- || Married: --/--/----
I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew. I f***ed your boyfriend and you didn't knew.

family information

(c) 2012, Violent Ends


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Characters: Finnley Tomas Petit
Verses: Nouvelle Orleans, RPG
Playbys: Louis Tomlinson
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Crime, Psychological, Real Life, Suspense,
Member Since:July 09, 2019

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About me:
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Finnley Tomas Petit -- forensic investigator.
Finnley Tomas Petit was born in the bayou in 1993. He was born to Ainsley Petit and Robert Branson. His mother found out that she was pregnant when she was 6 months along, and the two had long went their separate ways. Because of the late discovery, it is key to explain that Finnley was a crack baby. He was born addicted to heroin, and luckily he managed to survive his withdrawal phase as an infant. When he was born, he was given to the care of his aunt Carly, who was the sister of Ainsley, to be raised. When Finn was 8, his mother finally got custody of him after she got clean. It didn't last long. Men were in and out of their lives, and at such a young age, he watched his mother shoot up and get high multiple times a day. It was also a common occurrence that she got beat up.
When Finnley was 14 years old, he had had enough. The current fling that his mother was dating was brutally beating her. Afraid this actually might be her last fight, Finnley took it upon himself to make sure this man never touched her mother again. He went to her room where he knew they kept a gun, and he loaded it. Finnley was very smart, and he was keen on loading a gun. He ran back down to the living room and shot him square in the head, three times, executioner style. His mother helped him cover up his murder and after the cops bought it and his body was already cremated, all evidence vanished. Ironically, three weeks after the murder, their trailer went up in flames, destroying all further evidence involved in the case. The case went cold as no more evidence was available.

be careful of success, it has a dark side.

Remember when I said I was okay? I lied.

Finnley never showed that he was affected by the murder of his step-father, but it definitely affected his psyche. He was very dark with his humor, and he developed a severe obsession with death and blood. Finn was also very smart, with a GPA of 3.8. When he finally graduated high school, he enrolled at Duke University where he was accepted into their criminal justice program. He excelled at phlebotomy, forensics, and criminal investigation. After spending six years in North Carolina, he returned to New Orleans with his master's degree in Forensic Sciences.

Wanting to be close to his best friend, he decided to apply to New Orleans Detective Agency, where he quickly got hired as their lead forensic investigator. As he is not a police officer, he is the guy who does the dirty work. Solving murders was his forte; perhaps because of his history with murder himself. Since he had joined his unit, there wasn't a crime that went unsolved. He had a nearly perfect record, and it didn't go unnoticed. Many other surrounding districts had offered him plenty more money to come and work on their units, but Finn had his reasons for staying. Money was not an issue to him. Finn is not perceived as a violent person, but the more violent the crime, the more fascinating it is to him. People think that it's just in his job description, but there has to be another reason, right?

and suddenly, we were strangers again.

Sometimes the best way to stay close to someone you love is just by being friends, even if it hurts.

Although Finnley Petit was born and raised in New Orleans, he had lived in Orlando, Florida for a short stent of his life - nearly two years. In those two years, it was then that Finnley realized he was gay, and he fell in love with his best friend, Landon Harrison. Even after Finnley moved back to New Orleans with his mother, he always kept in touch with Landon. Once Finn was old enough, he went to visit him, and since he was going to college in North Carolina, it wasn't that far of a drive to spend a weekend near Landon. He attended his graduation and everything.

Finnley knew that Landon had wanted to go to college to be a police officer, so it only made perfect sense to him with his grades that he would go in forensic investigating. He seemed to regret everything when Landon gave him the call that he finally found a girl. Everything seemed to go downhill for Finn from there. It felt piled on top of each other - find a girl, get married, have children. That's where Landon's life headed, and Finn was left behind. The both were living in New Orleans at this time, both at the same precinct and on the same investigation team. Finn was Landon's right hand man when it came to investigative discovery. But he never felt farther from him.

to die will be an awfully big adventure.

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

The two were still close after he married April, but nothing like before. They acted like normal best friends, which is exactly what they were. Landon was fully aware that Finn was gay, but he kept his mouth shut and his hands to himself when it came to Landon. He knew Landon was happy with April with her and their kids, and the last thing he wanted to do was come between them and ruin their friendship. Finn had a short relationship in college that lasted nearly a year with a senior at Duke University, but he came to the realization that he was just trying to fill his heart with someone else when it already belonged to someone. Relationships never seemed to work out for Finn.

In the tragic accident of April's death, Finn was guilty for feeling like he still had a chance with his best friend. The thought actually disgusted him - how could he tell Landon that he had actually wanted to be with him all this time? He didn't want to use April's death as a scapegoat to admit his feelings. Would he be able to admit his feelings to him one day, or will he go on secretly by his side for the rest of his life? Only time will tell.

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Dec 13th 2019 16:43

Landon smiled when he heard Finnley's reply. He always knew that Finnley would be here for him and for his kids. He was always the one person Landon trusted with his whole heart. Finnley had to know that even if they didn't spend every day together nowadays. "You know sometimes you remind me of April. She really would kick my ass if she heard me doubting myself this way. She always told me how amazing of a father I was even when I thought I wasn't." Landon replied as he let out a sigh. It was hard for him to talk about April knowing that she was no longer there. He hadn't really talked about her or the accident since it happened. Sometimes he would pretend that it didn't actually happen. He shook the thought from his head knowing he couldn't think about it.

When he heard the waitress come to the table he smiled and looked up at her. "I'll have a cheeseburger and fries please. I'll also have a milkshake with my meal. Make it an Oreo milkshake, please. Thank you so much, love." Landon told the waitress with a smile as he turned his attention back to Finnley after she left. It was just like the old times. They used to come here all the time together and just talk. Landon missed those times. He missed talking to Finnley about everything and anything they wanted to talk about. "I'm really glad we can do this again Finn. I have to admit I miss this. I miss having you with me and talking to you about everything. You have always been the easiest person for me to talk to." Landon told him as he looked into his eyes. 

When Finnley started talking about seeing April's body when it happened he turned his head slightly. As much as he tried hearing anything about her death was hard for him. He could feel Finnley's hands on his own and he bit down on his lower lip gently. "It's just still so hard for me to talk about. There have been so many people calling me and asking me if I am okay. I never know what to say because I don't know what I am feeling. It's like this numbness is deep inside of me and it's consuming me." Landon replied with a sigh as he felt his fingers grasp at his hands. Anytime he talked about this he could feel his body tense. Would he ever be ready to talk about what happened to April? If he couldn't talk about it with his best friend, how could he talk about it with anyone else?

Landon listened to what Finnley was talking about and he completely understood. "I know how you feel. It's so different talking about death around someone else, but when it's deaths that happened to you it's hard. You never know what to say. So you have a way of keeping to yourself because it's easier than dealing with it head-on. Thank you though for being here. That's really all I need right now. The kids are going to love spending time with you again. I know they are still really young, but they love you. So they are going to be happy when they see you." Landon told him with a smile as he held him close to him. He could feel his heart racing and somehow he knew Finnley could feel it too. Even if he tried to hold it back, he couldn't. Finnley did something to him that he just couldn't understand and Landon just accepted it. 


Dec 13th 2019 01:19

Landon knew about all of the deaths that Finnley had to face every day. He had so many things he was dealing with. So Landon understood that it was probably hard for him to be there through Landon's too. Landon didn't want to do or make Finnley feel guilty for not doing something that was hard for him. "I don't want you to think that I am trying to make you feel guilty for not being there every day. I promise that's not what I am trying to do. I just need you there with me. I adore Nancy for being there for the kids, but she's not you. You're my best friend and I want the kids to know you more." Landon replied as he placed the palm of his hand on top of Finnley's. He knew that Finnley cared about him and he also knew that his kids would love him.

When he heard Finnley's phone start vibrating Landon turned his head to look out the window once more. A million thoughts were moving through his head like the speed of lightning. He didn't know what was going on but he figured Finnley would fill him in once he got off the phone. As he heard Finnley's statement Landon sighed. This was typical for them to take this long on stuff like this. He didn't see the harm in getting some food though with his best friend while they waited for the tests and results. "I don't mind going to get something to eat. How about that Diner that we love so much? You know they always have the best food." Landon replied with a smile. They always loved going to Lancaster's Diner because the food there was amazing.

Lancaster's Diner was their place and Landon felt kind of special to have a place that was only theirs. As they pulled into the Diner Landon smiled and reached down to unbuckle his seat belt. He couldn't wait to get something to eat and even more to talk to Finnley. Even though they talked on the phone, it wasn't the same thing as seeing him in person. He opened his door once they were parked and got out of the car. Once he was out of the car he closed the door and waited for Finnley so they could walk inside together. He didn't know where this was going to go, but whatever happened between the two of them he wanted to take things slow. "I swear, this place never changes and I love that," Landon told Finnley with a smile as he walked into the Diner with him.

When they finally got inside and found their seat Landon slid into one of the booths and waited for Finnley to join him. When Finnley finally scooted in beside him Landon bit down on his lower lip gently. He could feel the heat in his body rising but on the outside nothing showed. He was keeping his posture because he just wasn't sure if Finnley felt for him what Landon felt for Finnley. "Of course you can come to stay with me for a couple of days. I have an extra room you can stay in and I think my kids will love it." Landon replied as he rested his head against his. "It's hard thinking about it. I am going to be a single father and I have no idea how to do that. April was perfect at being a mother and kept me in line. Who's going to keep me in line now Finn?" Landon asked with a sigh as he looked down at his menu. "I think I am going to have a burger and fries. What are you getting love?" Landon asked him with a smile. 


Dec 12th 2019 00:32


Dec 12th 2019 00:28

Landon had to admit that it was becoming increasingly hard not to look over at Finnley. He knew if he wasn't careful those feelings that were now stirred up would come rushing back. When he heard Finnley suggest that he fill Landon in, Landon stopped dead in his tracks. Was it wrong for him to feel this way about someone else this quickly? If his kids knew about this he was sure they would not be happy about it. Who knows what they would think of him if they ever found out he has had these feelings even before their mother's accident. "Um, I guess it would be okay if he filled me in," Landon replied softly trying not to look at him. He didn't want to send him the wrong vibe and cause him to feel uncomfortable around him.

Landon cherished every minute that he got to spend around Finnley even if he didn't always say it. When Finnley walked by him Landon felt the back of his knuckles scrape against his arm and a burst of energy shot through his entire body. This was the way he felt around Finnley even before he met April. He never sensed that the other male had any feelings for him, but Landon also did a great job hiding his feelings too. So even if Finnley ever did feel anything for him, he could just be afraid to tell him because Landon had a hard time showing his own feelings. "Yeah, of course, we can go to your lab," Landon replied as he turned around to face Finnley who was walking out of the debriefing room and didn't even bother to look back at him.

Landon followed Finnley out of the precinct and continued to stare straight ahead. He didn't know how this car ride was going to go or what Finnley would even say to him. Hell, he didn't know what he was going to say either. He could start with why Finnley hadn't come over much since April's death. Was he afraid to see Landon upset? Landon wouldn't blame him if that was the case. He knew how much Finnley cared about him and about April too. Still, why did Finnley only come to see him a couple of times after it happened? These were all things running through Landon's mind as he got into the car. "Can I ask you something, Finn?" Landon asked his best friend as he closed the door once he was in his patrol car.

Landon pulled his seat belt out and buckled himself in as he waited for Finnley to get into the car. There was no better time to ask than right now. They were alone and both in a concealed place where neither one of them could get out. At least, not while he was driving them to the LAB. "Right, so um...why did you only come to visit me a few times since April's death? I mean I know you had work, but they wouldn't let you off more so you could come to see us? I really needed you a lot during that time Finn." Landon stated as he looked out the window. He didn't want to see Finnley's face when he heard that question. He knew that Finnley cared, but this whole thing really had been very hard on him and his kids more than he admitted.

When Landon heard his statement he smiled at how caring and considerate Finnley was. Landon didn't want to feel like he was jumping right into work again and had just forgotten about what happened to April. "Well, thank you for being so thoughtful about that. It's amazing how much you know me. Then again, I guess I am not surprised either. You have always had a way of knowing me better than I know myself." Landon replied with a small laugh as he continued to look out the window. It was a really beautiful night and Landon loved looking at nature's beauty. It was something that always seemed to calm him when everything felt chaotic in his life. It was as if he had some control over something while starring up at the sky.

When they arrived at the LAB Landon felt that same gust of energy move through his entire body as the palm of Finnley's hand touched the top of his hand. He almost forgot just for a second where they were going. It took him a moment to regain his posture as he slowly turned his head to look over at Finnley for the first time. When Finnley's eyes met his it was like looking into his crush's eyes for the first time. Almost as if it was the first time that both males had ever met one another. "Um, thank you, Finn. That really means a lot to me. I really need you right now and so do my kids. So, thank you for being here. I guess we better get to work now right?" Landon asked with a smile trying to take his eyes away from the male's so they could concentrate. 


Dec 11th 2019 16:07

I am so glad you liked it handsome.
I look forward to your reply.
-smiles and gazes at him-

Dec 11th 2019 03:35

I finally finished it.
I really hope you liked it darling.

Dec 11th 2019 03:34

After all the trauma that Landon had been through recently solving a case with his best friend seemed like an amazing thing to him. Landon couldn't wrap his head around what had just happened. One minute he wakes up to find his wife in bed with him, the next he gets the call about her death. Landon hadn't quite understood what had just happened. What had he done in his life to deserve this? Was it because he murdered his parents for raping him until he was 17? Maybe. Maybe this was his punishment for doing such a cruel and despicable crime. "I have to go now, Nance. Tell my kids I love them very much and their daddy will be home as soon as he can." Landon spoke into his phone to his friend and babysitter of his kids Nancy Andrews. 

Nancy and April were very close friends and April's death had hit Nancy just as hard as it hit Landon himself. Nancy kept all of her feelings inside to stay strong for Landon and his kids, but he knew deep down how badly she was hurting. As soon as he hung up the phone with Nancy he pulled into a parking space at the precinct and put his car in park. "Phew, okay can do this. It's just your best friend Finnley you are working with. You have kept your feelings from him since the day you met him. So you can do this now. You can work with him without making it obvious that there is something there." Landon whispered to himself as he hit the button to turn his car off. He unbuckled his seat belt and then opened his door. Landon got out of the car and then closed his door and touched the door handle to lock his car.

Landon made his way into the precinct until he finally reached the debriefing room. This was where Landon would meet up with his chief and with Finnley to discuss the case. Landon closed his eyes slowly and drew in a deep breath, then slowly released it. "You can do this Landon. It's now or never." Landon whispered to himself as he grabbed the doorknob and turned it. Once the door was open he released the doorknob and walked into the debriefing room. "Good afternoon chief. I see I walked in a little late. Maybe someone could get me caught up on where we are at with the case?" Landon asked as he caught sight of Finnley on the couch out of the corner of his eye. With one small glance, he could already feel his palms getting sweaty and his heart racing. Landon finally regained control of himself as he waited for an answer. 


Dec 10th 2019 17:39

It was perfect darling.
-smiles at him-
I loved it.
I should have a reply to you by tonight.

Dec 10th 2019 16:09

We can start with them being on their first case together after Landon's wife's death.
If you want to that is.

Dec 10th 2019 16:05

I'm right here love.
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