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Characters: the ordinary fawley.
Verses: potter verse.
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then Conceived in London, Thomas and Olivia Fawley give birth to an only child, Wesley, despite the anticipation of twins. Being born as a Fawley already paved his future, to be something greater, something more, that the sky’s no limit and if he reached for it enough; he could get anything. The Fawleys already had a reputation that was upheld, and for generations a family would continue to carry on influence and faculty that the predecessors before them had begun to sew. Unfortunately for Wesley, he hadn’t been given that chance. He was born defective, a squib, born of pure-blood but inherited misfortune. Wesley being their only child, Thomas and Olivia were unforthcoming about his malady.

He lived a healthy and suitable childhood, with no knowledge of his affliction. Thomas and Olivia both would discreetly perform magic when Wesley had attempted, to furthermore convince his subconscious that his behavior was habitual. It wasn’t until Wesley attended Hogwarts that Thomas began to become antagonized by his own guilt, that they allowed Wesley to believe a fairy tale, and they gambled for keeps on a long lived reputation.

A year later, Wesley was released from Hogwarts, making no progression in remedying his defect; despite the several attempts of persuasion Wesley persistently had tried, it was futile. It wasn’t long after the word spread, that Wesley Thomas Fawley, the only child of Thomas and Oliva Fawley was a squib; and a mockery to the wizarding family. Drowning in his own self-pity, consumed by a self-hatred that had progressively grew, he parted ways from his family, ashamed at what he convinced himself was a minor case of stage fright. He believed under pressure, he was unable to perform what was asked, and thus explains his lack of execution.

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