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Mutant X/ X Man/ Comics/ open

Not here for sex or Er*t*ca.

Not here for numbers but to RP.

Not here for relationships with anyone. Especially not breaking up couples.

Taken by Emma Delauro

37 years old
Seattle, Washington
United States

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August 02 2019

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Characters: Jesse Kilmartin
Verses: Mutant X
Playbys: Forbes March
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Crime, Heroes/Villains, Open, Suspense, Television,
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Jean E Grey

Jun 21st 2019 14:32

Mutual ene!It's is fine go for it..'grins. Oh I think you will like this... You know I make Photoshop edits I think I remember telling you long ago well I have 2official book covers now...
Jean E Grey

Jun 21st 2019 14:30

I still have Henry sweetie.'grins. ' ugh work I been working now off an on for almost 4yrs now. Is shift work an I hate it plus he wants did of me my day so am trying without actually doing anything to get her to get rid of me...otherwise things are ok. An is in process of moving house t present which is turning into a disaster...otherwise things 're the usual. Oh if you like phantom of the opera I have an Erik page too
Jean E Grey

Jun 20th 2019 14:47

Your welcome. If you have any ideas on how your character comes to encounter !one I am open to suggestions of any kind. I am UK timezone so I check in via mobile everyday an am online on my days off. Is in process of moving house over the coming weeks but will make sure ppl know. Feel free to read over the info on page as well as main starter which I keep there.
Jean E Grey

Jun 20th 2019 03:29

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