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Mystic Hills, Georgia
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Body type:Athletic
Occupation:High School Student & Alpha of the McCall Pack
Characters: Scott McCall (AU)
Verses: Crossover of Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf, with elements inspired by the shows Supernatural & Buffy.
Playbys: Tyler Posey
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Supernatural,
Status: Single
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About me:

Scott McCall (The True Alpha).

This Roleplay is a Crossover of The Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf, with elements inspired by the shows Supernatural & Buffy.

SUBJECT: Scott McCall.
NICKNAMES: Scotty, Scoot, Boy Alpha
AGE: Eighteen.
BIRTHDAY: October 6th, 2000.
SPECIES: Bitten Werewolf (True Alpha).
OCCUPATION: Student (Senior).
FACE CLAIM: Tyler Posey.
RESIDENCE: Mystic Hills, Georgia (Crossover of Mystic Falls & Beacon Hills)

For the past five years, Scott McCall’s life has been about his mother, lacrosse, Stiles Stilinski, and himself. His father left him and his mother after his drinking got out of control and put his family in danger, which the only person he had other than his mother was Stiles, his best friend. Then if his focus wasn’t on those two people, it was on lacrosse. But even a kid so wrapped up in wanting to be a normal teenager can see that Mystic Hills is not a normal town, nowhere near normal. It all came to light the night that he watched his mother be attacked by a vampire, even though at the time Scott had no idea it was a vampire–just a freakishly fast and strong human. He was utterly powerless when it happened, his severe asthma made it hard for him to run if the attacker would run off, and he wasn’t particularly strong either. The attacker didn’t feel human, not with fangs or darkened eyes, but before his mother could even be badly injured, a woman came to their rescue. Talia Hale scared the other creature off with fangs of her own and red glowing eyes. That night changed Scott’s life for the better, at least in his opinion, because it opened his eyes to a possibility so crazy. Werewolves and vampires are real, Mystic Hills is a Hellmouth. That night made Scott want to become a werewolf, to protect his mother from the supernaturals in this town. If he as something more than a severe asthmatic, he wouldn’t be so afraid but could stand up and fight.

Scott went to the only person he knew that could make him strong, able to protect his mother and anyone else who needed him. Talia Hale did not want to give Scott the bite right away, she was afraid of it not taking for him and warned him against the dangers. Talia rarely bit anyone, knowing how hard their anger is to control for a bitten werewolf and the likelihood of it taking. But Scott proved he was desperate enough, understanding the risks and willing to take them. Talia then saw something special in Scott, something that could potentially be very rewarding for him–-if it were true. Once he became a werewolf, Scott didn’t have much trouble controlling his anger; actually, it took only a few months. Accepting that he is a werewolf and what those responsibilities hold as a werewolf came quickly to Scott, so did his ability to lead. While he remained loyal to Talia and her pack, he created his own little pack. The pack had originally just been him and Stiles, then Allison and the three of them would try to save as many people as possible together. But a group of teenagers couldn’t do much compared to anyone else. Then the Medea coven opened up the Hellmouth, allowing demons to cause chaos to the town. Scott needed more in his pack, Mystic Hills needed more good guys and more werewolves. One night, trying to save his mother and Stiles from a demon, Scott went from a beta to an alpha by his sheer force of will. They call it a true alpha and being one lead him to Bonnie Bennett, a witch who would serve to council him if needed. And in return, Scott would save her friends Caroline and Isaac Lahey by giving them the bite. His pack grows, as does the protection Mystic Hills needs.



Since becoming a werewolf, there has always been a few people by his side at all times. Stiles being number one, since Stiles has been there for Scott since they were little kids. Best friends since diapers, basically. Then came Allison, new girl and the first person he’s ever fallen in love with. Those two were by his side until he became True Alpha, which brought him to Bonnie Bennett. As a witch, she’s given him council he trusts and in return, Scott did something for her. He saved the Lahey twins from their abusive father by giving them the means to defend themselves, through the bite of an alpha. He barely knew Lydia before becoming an alpha, but she’s a calming presence in the midsts of chaos. These people are the ones he chose as his pack.

Scott owes his life and even his mother’s life to the Hale family, for it was Talia who gave him the gift of being a werewolf. Because of this gift, Scott has been able to defend himself and his mother from all the supernatural forces that come to this town. The Hales also taught him how to control his anger, keep him level headed during full moons. They taught him to find his anchor, how to be a true protector of this town. Despite him having his own pack, he still considers the Hales another pack of his.

It seems from the moment Scott became a True Alpha, Klaus Mikaelson has been a more noticeable figure in Scott’s life. The guy is always there, obviously intrigued by Scott, probably because of his so rare status. He’s extremely wary of Klaus, due to the stories he’s heard about the Original Vampire. Nothing good comes from Klaus, that much Scott figured out just by the strange vibe the vampire gave him.

Jackson’s been a pain in Scott’s side for years now, even before he became a werewolf and learned that Jackson’s from a long line of vampire hunters. Jackson was the captain of the lacrosse team, he was popular and knew it. He was always rude to Scott, making him actually angry towards a person which seemed almost impossible. Scott’s always friendly towards everyone. Even though Jackson’s never been much of a friend to Scott, the alpha knows he’ll still protect the hunter if his life ever was in danger.

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