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Characters: Richard Kimble
Verses: The Fugitive 2000
Playbys: Tim Daly
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Crime, Mafia, Medical, Open, Television,
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About me:
Richard is the son of Stuart Kimble and his wife Ruth Kimble. He is their oldest out of two kids. Richard got a younger sister named Maggie Kimble, to whom he is really close. Growing up both him and his sister proved that they are very smart. Growing up the siblings were always inseparable and it carried to their adulthood as well. The two were always over protective of each other. Richard, however, was more over protective of his sister so, then she of him. Like their father they too kept friends inside their family only as it was easier that way. Richard had an alright childhood growing up but things changed one day when his mother got sick. It devastated the whole family, which made them more united then ever, if that was even possible as they already were united to begin with. Richard like his sister and the rest of the family hoped that his mom would make it, and survive. Yet, unfortunately, it didn't happen as she ended up passing away. Which took a toll on the family. Richard ended up working Summers by the pier to help his family. Especially since his dad became closed off due to that. Richard's and Maggie's aunt and uncle moved in to help. From their dad's side while the rest of the family helped them whenever they could. Richard was taken to work by his uncle David Kimble, from time to time from whom he learned things. Like building homes and fixing toilets, and things like that. However, that and his work in the pier only took place during the summer, but the rest of the time he, like his sister went to school and got the needed education. They tried to help their dad after school, both before and after homework but their dad and the rest of the family didn't always agreed, and were rather they do other things and stay out of the way.

Which Richard like his sister, listened and did just that. He also proved himself no matter what, even after the death of his mother, even if deep down it was rather hard for him to do. His sister was the same, so not as smart as him but still smart in her own right, which made him proud of her as was the rest of their family. Who was definitely proud of both. So of course neither of them was perfect and made plenty of mistakes that they learned from. One day, Richard decided to see if he could do a hard surgery so he operated on his sister's doll Chatty Cathy. Despite the fact that it made her cry and complain. He tried to convince her that it was fine but she complained about it and told on him to their dad, which got him in trouble. Richard was grounded for it. He tried to apologize but with no luck at first. Eventually his sister forgave him. Partly at least. They became friends again and as close, despite the fact that his sister didn't fully forgave him for that. Richard went to the army after he graduated high school early and then once he came back he enrolled to med school, despite his family's insistence not to, because for them it wasn't a worthy job, which made him and his dad debate but Richard still went to Washington to study. However, he and his dad were still close and continued to talk about baseball. There was never a moment when Richard was younger or older that he wasn't close to his dad, except after he operated on his sister's doll.

During his years in med school in a hospital in Washington he met a great professor with whom he became friends with, despite the fact that it was kinda frowned upon, as well as him acting like a know it all, that pissed her off and many others. Even if Richard still managed to save patients as an intern.

(Still working on it but I can to already)

Who I'd like to meet:

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