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114 years old
Anglesey, Gwynedd
United Kingdom

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February 19 2020

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Body type:Athletic
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Emrys
Verses: Has to be fantasy based, and patience is required.
Playbys: Colin Morgan
Genre: Ancient, Fantasy, Television,
Member Since:April 23, 2019

There is a place on the east
Mysterious ring, a magical ring of stones
The druids have lived there once they said,
Forgotten is the race that no-one knows.


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About me:

Merlin Emrys


The Ancient ways are passing.


There is an evil in this world, that if unchecked, will lead to an imbalance.


The world we have known and fought for is ending. Now we must make a new world.

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emrys crow

Emrys' Realm





I am the last Dragon Lord

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The past and the future

Morgana-merlin - Edited


emrys name

The Special Ones


My little Fae friend

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A young Hobbit who is like family to me

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The original Queen of Camelot

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A friend from way back who means a lot to me

lucy3 - Edited

myrd emrys returns

A Blessing

May the Air you breathe give life,
For the Earth is one with you.
May the Water cleanse the soul.
As the Fire within burns true.

So in a world that often fails,
Let our Spirit guide us all.
For as we tread this path,
To friends, remain faithful.


My tale

Greetings, I bid you a warm welcome.

I am Emrys; a name given to me by the Druids. Some of you may know me as Merlinus, others even call me the wild man of the woods, but most of you will know me as Merlin. I am the last of the Druids, a Priest of nature, and keeper of the knowledge. Particularly of arcane secrets. I roam the hills and mountains learning all there is, and I find peace and solitude in the depths of the forests. There I talk to animals and plants alike, I know their secrets and they mine.

I have many spirit guides and helpers, they help me when I stray from the path that destiny has lain before me. They remind me of the magic that runs through this land from which I draw my own strength and magic from, for at times I am one with them. The knowledge within me has been passed down through time from the Ancient ones who walked these lands before me, and they wait for me in timeless lands beyond the mists that shroud the otherworld.

Even though the Romans have departed these shores, I fight to uphold the Ancients ways and traditions, I fight to keep the Saxons at bay, and the Christians from trying to bury he old ways. Above all I fight to unite the land again. once there was a King, a good King, a just King; Arthur, but he is long gone now, as is camelot.

I have many powers, all of which serve me well, yet the power of sight can at times be a benefit and a burden, for in these dreams I see many things. Times that will please and times that may be a nightmare. What I see does not have to be, so I will use all that I have at my disposal be it life or spell, to disperse these clouds of despair so that this land will be at peace again.

The Realm is still-magical, legendary beasts still populate its by-ways. Soothsayers, Magi, Sorcerers and Witches practise their beliefs here, whilst a new religion from the east, tightens its grip on the people. Magic flows through the veins of the earth, and this is used by many who know how to gain access to it, and it is a land criss-crossed by lines of power upon which standing stones have been set as a secret protection against invasions. But the power of the array was broken by the Romans who laid straight roads across the land, built walled cities of shattered stone and persecuted the followers of the old ways.

I now stand as a guardian to these lands; I wander from realm to realm, talk to the stones and the spirits that dwell in the forests, to keep the balance of good and evil.


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Lyrically Blessed




dead man walking.



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Emrys 's Friends Comments
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Feb 10th 2020 07:35

Happy Valentines Day
~Isolde x
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Dec 24th 2019 22:14

My dear Merlin.

Christmas Lights and Trees,
the light and therefore the sweet breeze.
Make Christmas feel jollier,
As the twenty-fifth of December attracts nearer.
May you’ve got a Merry Christmas,
And a beautiful new Year!

ʟεт`ƨ cεʟεвяαтε

Oct 25th 2019 05:45

Good Morning,
Good Afternoon,
Good Evening my Friend.

Today is the Day.
Today our Halloween Party will start!

This Halloween I’d like to tell you a thing or two, 
it’s okay to be the devil, 
it’s okay to have a tattoo, 
it’s okay to be an Angel, 
it’s okay to trick or treat too.

We are not Friends of long Posts,
so let us make its short.
We hope to see you at our Party!
Meet new and also old Friends,
be dressed and be scared,
and most of all, 
have as much Fun, 
as you can have 
and a wonderful and scary Time!

We would be happy to welcome you!

Love The Realms of Middle Earth.

нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 20th 2019 04:02

Good Morning my Friend.

There is something really amazing about you. 
Your unique Ideas and Thoughts that you bring to this World. 
Your smile, 
your laugh.. 
It's you and you are valuable, 
worthy and cherished.
Never doubt on that ever!

I wish you a good start into that beautiful Autumn Sunday, 
and a lazy Day.
Enjoy Time.

Love Verdarianna

нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 13th 2019 05:01

Happy Sunday my dear Friend.

You are amazing Person with unique talents. 
Have faith in your abilities.

I wish you a good start into that beautiful Auntumn Sunday,
and a wonderful Time.
Never doubt,
how wonderful and special you are!

Have a wonderful Day.

Love Verdarianna


Oct 7th 2019 14:16

Bravo Wizard!  Made my heart glad♥
Such awareness for the creation stirs us!
Be Well, my friend xxx
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 6th 2019 05:50

My dear Merlin.

Please dont worry,
things will get better,
I know that for sure.
Of course real and Family are coming at first,
and I hope, you will also find some Time for yourself,
to focus on yourself only, and to find some Minutes to be happy,
enjoying Life and Nature and things you love to do.

I am here for you always.

Love Verdarianna
нoɴ ɢαlαd➳loveѕ нer ғαмιly☆roмe

Oct 6th 2019 04:22

Hello my dear Friend.

The past Week may not have turned out as planned. But hey! 
It is Sunday. 
There’s Light ahead. 
A whole Week of limitless possibilities ahead. 
Stay hopeful, 
stay positive. 

I wish you a happy lazy Sunday and a wonderful Time.
Enjoy that magical rainy Autumn Day.
You are wonderful!

Love Verdarianna

Oct 1st 2019 18:18

Its good to see you again Bro. All is ok here on this end, had a lot of rl stress lately but that just life- smiles.
Hope your doing ok.

Oct 1st 2019 14:46

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