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"Just a bit more than a standard artificial intelligence. I'm Mr. Stark's personal assistant an' royal Irish pain in th' arse."
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About me:

Basic Info

x Full Name: Alexios of Sparta
x Nickname(s): Eagle Bearer | West Wind
x Race: Greek/Spartan
x Date Of Birth: April 17, 458 BC
x Astrological Sign: Zodiac Sign (Aries) Headstrong
x Age: Over 2400
x Place Of Birth: Sparta, Greece.
x Current Residence: Unknown
x Species: Human-Isu hybrid.
x Gender: Male
x Eye | Hair Color: Brown | Brown
x Height | Weight: 6' 1" | 200lbs
x Family / Siblings: Myrrine (Mother), Kassandra (Sister).
x Occupation: Mercenary
x Significant Kills: Aspasia (dead), Kleon (dead), Amorges (dead).

Basic Info

A lexios (458 or 453 BCE – 2018 CE), also known as the Eagle Bearer or West Wind or Keeper, was a Spartan mercenary who fought during the Peloponnesian War. During his travels as a mercenary, Alexios came into conflict with the secretive Cult of Kosmos, an organization intent on controlling the entire Greek world. He later opposed the Order of the Ancients, who sought to hunt him down, due in part to his nature as a Tainted One, and also for him allying himself with Darius. For his opposition against the Cult and the Order, Alexios is considered one of the early precursors to the Assassin Brotherhood. He was the older half-brother of Kassandra  and, through his mother, Myrrine, the grandson of King Leonidas I of Sparta. Although raised by his step-father, Nikolaos, Alexios was the biological son of Pythagoras. He was also the father of Elpidios, an ancestor of Aya, one of the co-founders of the Hidden Ones. Childhood Alexios was born in Sparta to Myrrine , the daughter of the late King Leonidas I and the philosopher Pythagoras, whose lifespan was extended due to the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus he possessed. Shortly after his birth, his father departed from Sparta on a quest to learn more about the Isu and the staff he possessed. As such, Myrrine was left to raise Alexios alone. As a baby, Myrrine brought Alexios to the acting Pythia, who proclaimed that the child showed a lot of promise. At one point, Myrrine later met and married the Spartan general Nikolaos who, despite Alexios not being his own flesh and blood, raised him as one of his own. Alexios would later gain a younger sister, Kassandra. Owing to his ineage as being a grandson of Leonidas, great hopes were placed upon him to live up to the strength and valor of Leonidas. As such Alexios was trained to fight at a young age by Nikolaos.  While training in the woods near Sparta as a child, Alexios was presented with the broken Spear of Leonidas, an Isu weapon, as an heirloom by his mother. Afterward, Alexios wouldn't let go of the spear, even in his sleep, telling his parents that he needed it "to fight the monsters in [his] dreams." Alexios also participated in the agoge, learning there about various things, including the Gortyn Code. Exile In 446 BCE, the Pythia Praxithea at Sanctuary of Delphi prophesied at the decree of the Cult of Kosmos that Alexios's younger sister, the baby Kassandra, would bring about the fall of Sparta. In order to prevent this, Kassandra was to be sacrificed at Mount Taygetos, despite Myrrine's pleas for Nikolaos to stop it. As a priest was about to drop Kassandra, Alexios attempted to stop the sacrifice but instead pushed the priest and Kassandra to their apparent deaths. Alexios was condemned as a traitor to Sparta by the ephors, who urged Nikolaos to execute him immediately. Nikolaos, being adherent to Spartan law, reluctantly complied and held Alexios by his hand and dropped him down the mountain despite pleas from Myrrine. However, Alexios survived the fall and escaped to the beach with the spear. Refusing to be found by the Spartans, Alexios fled out to the open sea in a boat, with an eagle following him. A storm later turned Alexios's boat overboard and he woke up on the beaches of Kephallonia. There, he was greeted by Markos, who took him under his wing and tasked him to do errands for him. Life as a misthios In 431 BCE, Alexios was confronted once again by the Cyclops' thugs who gave him a bruised nose. After taking care of them, Phoibe stopped by, telling him that Markos requested to meet him at his newly-bought vineyard. Coming across Markos in his new vineyard, Alexios expressed his disbelief at Markos's purchase of the vineyard even though he still owed him drachmae. Calming him with the promise of more, he directed him to collect from Duris, a merchant in Sami who owed Markos drachmae. In exchange for helping Markos to collect his debt, Alexios convinced him to give him a horse, which he named Phobos. Before Alexios could depart, he and Markos were stopped by Euterpe, a farmer who informed them that Phoibe had been kidnapped by the Cyclops' thugs and was being held at Ktimene Beach. Making his way to the beach, Alexios stealthily dealt with the thugs and freed Phoibe. Assured that Phoibe was alright, Alexios then traveled to Sami to locate Duris and collect his debt. In doing so, he discovered that Markos had bought his vineyard with money he borrowed from the Cyclops. Once Duris had been dealt with, Alexios returned to Markos at the Temple of Zeus, speaking to one of Cyclops' thugs. As Markos and Alexios devised a plan to deal with the Cyclops Markos, laid out his plan to repay the Cyclops by stealing his obsidian eye. Alexios infiltrated the Cyclops' estate and stole the eye. Upon returning to Markos, he insisted Alexios hold onto the eye before telling him that a group of bandits had arrived on Kephallonia. He believed the bandits were there to work with the Cyclops and suggested Alexios deal with them. Alexios then went to an abandoned house the bandits were squatting in and killed them all. To his surprise, the last bandit was executed by their real employer, a man named Elpenor of Kirrha. Furthermore, Elpenor stated he was looking for Alexios and hired him to recover Penelope's shroud from Ithaka. Subsequently, after Alexios recovered the item, Elpenor hired him to assassinate a Spartan general nicknamed the Wolf in Megaris. Finding The Wolf Requiring a ship to reach Megaris, Alexios learned from the shipmaster Telemenes that the Cyclops had a ship and had returned to Kephallonia. Thus he confronted him in Kleptous Bay, interrupting him torturing a one-eyed man. After mocking the Cyclops by sticking his obsidian eye up a goat's backside and then killing him, Alexios rescued Barnabas, captain of the Adrestia, who agreed to transport him to Megaris. After bidding farewell to Markos and Phoibe, who gave him Chara her wooden eagle, Alexios informed Barnabas of his contract and was surprised to learn that the Wolf was none other than his father, Nikolaos. Arriving in Megaris, Alexios met Stentor, the adoptive son of Nikolaos. As he asked to met the general, Stentor hired him as a mercenary to fight the Athenians in the region due to the Peloponnesian War. After defeating the Athenian army, Alexios became know as the "misthios with the broken spear". He confronted Nikolaos alone but decided to spare his life. Regretting to have thrown Alexios as a child, Nikolaos decided to quit the Spartan army and revealed to Alexios that he wasn't his father. Before leaving, he tasked Alexios to find his mother for more answers. Arriving in Kirrha, Alexios met Elpenor and showed him Nikolaos helmet to prove he accomplished his mission. As the discussion went wrong, Elpenor flew while his guards attacked Alexios. As he survived, he decided to track down Elpenor in the region. The Cult of Kosmos Going to the Sanctuary of Delphi to question the Pythia about her family, Alexios met the historian Herodotos who seemed to have knowledge about the Spear of Leonidas. When he spoke to the Pythia, Alexios discovered that the oracle was under the control of the Cult of Kosmos, who forced her to tell the prophecies they wanted. Talking alone with the Pythia Alexios discovered that the Cult had a meeting under the Sanctuary and that Elpenor was a member of the Cult. Finding his hideout he fought and killed him. On his corpse, he found a mask, a robe and a strange shard. With the mask and the robe, Alexios went to the meeting of the Cult in the Sanctuary of Kosmos. In the middle of the room was a Pyramid composed of the same type of shards he found on Elpenor and felt compelled to complete it. During the meeting, Alexios learned that the Cult had infiltrated virtually all of Greek society: economy, religion, politics, arts and sports. They even had Cultists in the Delian League and the Peloponnesian League. He also discovered that the Cult was hunting his family to control the bloodline. Deimos, the weapon of the Cult, entered the room, tossing Elpenor's severed head and stating the Cult had a traitor in their midst. To find the traitor, she tested the members with the Pyramid: her hand on one face, the accused's on another. When it was Alexios's turn, the two saw memories of their childhood. Alexios realised that Deimos was Kassandra. Disturbed, Deimos decided to let Alexios go and accused Epiktetos as the traitor, killing him against the pyramid. During the confusion, Alexios took a shard of the Pyramid before leaving the hideout. After that, Herodotos convinced Alexios to join him in a trip to Athens for reporting to Perikles the informations he gathered. Before sailing to Athens, Alexios met Herodotos at the Lion of Leonidas at Thermopylae, where his grandfather died during the Battle of Thermopylae. There, the two touched the Spear of Leonidas and relived the king's last memory during the battle. Understanding it was an artifact of an ancient civilization, Herodotos talked to Alexios about an ancient complex on Andros island. Alexios was convinced to visit the island: once there he was able to open the Isu-built gate with his spear. Inside, he found a mold corresponding to the spear and using the shard he took from the Pyramid, he upgraded the weapon. Leaving the Ancient Forge, he was confronted by his sister, who accused him of throwing her from Mount Taygetos when she was an infant. Alexios tried to tell her the truth but her indoctrination by the Cult was too strong and left her brother with a threat to stay out of her way. Alexios returned to the Adrestia to tell to Herodotos what he saw and they began their trip to Athens.

Long Story Short,

The long story short is after working with Athen's leader, Perikles and the Sparta army Alexios hunted down the Cult of Kosmos.Extra storyHe also aided his biological father with locking Atlantis. Alexios had to kill a minotaur, a gorgon, a cyclops, and outsmart a Spynx. He ventured into simulations of Elysium, Hades, and the past of Atlantis to learn more of the Staff of Hermes. He also aided Darius in destroying the Order of Ancients. A group of people hunting human-isu hybrids they call "tainted ones". Alexios had a son with Darius's daughter Neema who they named Elpidios. Neema was killed by the Order. Alexios was given the Staff of Hermes to hold onto and give to "The Heir of Memories" a woman named Layla Hasan.

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Feb 14th 2020 11:19


Feb 14th 2020 10:17

sǝlpǝǝN puɐ suıԀ

Dec 17th 2019 21:07

Good Evening!

The Name’s Rey. I do hope to start a connection discussion soon! Don’t feel rushed to reply to me, though. We all have a life outside of here, so I completely understand busy. I do start radiation this week, so I might poof! Don’t worry. I will be back so you can enjoy my smartass attitude. 

Let me know what you’d like to do! I’m open for nearly anything, let’s make it interesting.


Rey Lullaby

ɖıʂɱąƖ ɠơɖɖɛʂʂ

Dec 17th 2019 20:29

Sorry it took so long to get to your writing prompt!

Winter in Greece was no different than any other season. Everyone still worked and played all the same, it was just cooler than the normal hot and humid temperatures of the summer. It was also the season of "Christmas" and "Yule" and all other holidays that were celebrated during this time of the year. 

Though, there was one thing most could agree upon. It was cold, well for those that didn't care for it. Bronwyn had been traveling along side Alexios for some time.  A bit of a friendship built between them. Witty remarks and sparing between the two Greecian's was made it interesting for the two of them to be around one another. 

Camping out had been their thing most of the summer and when the cold air began to sweep down from the North they built up a tent and started a fire. No snow ever fell from the sky, no. It was too warm for snow in the winter of Greece, but even so, beings use to the heat of the summer sun felt chilled in the winter. 

Alexios built a fire and kept it roaring with flames while Bronwyn set herself away from it, leaned up against the trunk of a dying tree. Golden eyes watching him stoke the fire to keep it burning for the night to keep the warmth coming while they slept later on in the tent. Her mind was blank. No thoughts made themselves known as she watched the fire peek up and lick at the air when he would push around the sticks and logs to keep the fire high. 

After a moment, Alexios would glance over at her. Maybe he noticed as the muscles involuntarily twitched as she zoned out and thought it to be a shiver from the cool air surrounding them. 
"Hey, come here."  He called out to her. 

Bronwyn's head suddenly jerked upwards at the sound of him speaking. Optics fixating on his face now as she tried to quickly register what he had just said to her. "Hm?"  Her first response before she cleared her throat and smiled. "And why should I?" She said almost teasingly. 

His eyes narrowed slightly towards her. "It's getting cold. You seem like you're shivering over there by yourself."  Reaching his hand out towards her, he motioned for her to come and take it, maybe even to sit next to him. 

Shaking her head, the goddess smirked and closed her eyes. Arms crossing as she nestled back against the tree.
  "No, no. I am quite fine. I don't mind the cold. I prefer it actually...Snow would be nice right about now..." Her tone was drifting between playful and serious, but she truly didn't mind the cold. Thrived in it as her other form. 

Alexios did not take her answer as he cleared his throat loudly and gave a stern look, as well as his tone
. " Don't tell me you're not cold, now come here."  His hand was still held out, waiting for her to listen to his request. 

The tone is what made her eyes open and really look at him. Inhaling deeply, the goddess stood. Dusting off her skirts for a moment, she took one hesitant step and then finally rolled her eyes and went to Alexios. Slender hand reached out and took his as he helped her to sit down beside him.  Without a word, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Rubbing at her bare flesh on her side, her flesh reacted to the warmth of his hand and goosebumps formed before a shiver went up her spine. 

"See. You were cold." He chuckled teasingly, looking down at her with a smile before his eyes went back to the fire. 

"Hush. You're hands are just very warm from poking at that fire."  She retorted as she elbowed him gently in the side. She smirked before nestling into the Spartan, allowing his body heat to warm her. Even though, she was warm felt rather nice. 

Dec 11th 2019 16:19

ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Dec 5th 2019 01:06

Ares rolled his eyes. Family was such a foolish thing to wish to see. Spartan children were to be tossed away if they were too weak yet here Alexios was posturing and distrusting. Ares was manipulative yes, but he would not wish to harm one of his own children, Alexios being a child of HIS city. "You have spent too much time in Athens, boy," Ares growled, "You're about as paranoid as Achilles when Connor found him. If you were my enemy,... 'Alex' you would be dead. You may protect Atlantis and live in the woods but surely you're able to take a look into time. Did you not think I would make sure you did not run into the other Alexios? I am a god. Not a fool." The Isu's eye started to glow indicating that he was insulted by Alexios's questioning of if Ares was a fool.
ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Dec 4th 2019 23:54

He slithered to the side once to the left and twice to the left. He was posturing. Perhaps manipulating the Spartan was going to be a little more difficult than he thought. Sure Earth’s people thought of the Isu as gods. But most science as indeed indistinguishable from magic to a savage. It was simply because he didn’t match the physiological norms of an Earth Borne, similar to the Tainted One who stood before him. Alexios possessed certain, ‘gifts’ uncommon to human kind after all.

“Maybe I require entertainment,” the God of War responded, “And what if it is? Do you not want to see what it can do Alexios. My boy, my warrior. I would think your curiosity would lead you to action, like a true Spartan. Or will you make idle threats like Kratos and kill a man whom you know will eventually reform and return?” He smirked, “I must admit the idea of you murdering might turn me on but… there things that peak my curiosity that I must admit. Should I give you the ability to travel with me to another world like this one… what will you do with it?”

ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Nov 16th 2019 03:14

Right? Ares dealt in war and dark impulses.  These days he lived as a mortal would in a small suburban house away from his family. Had it not been for Zeus’s many conquests. He mulled over his thoughts and yes. He wanted that other timeline for himself but with Alexios suspicious of him the boy could screw that up royally. So he would consider a new tactic.

The god stared him in the eyes in the blood drenched 3 piece suit he wore and appeared to conjure something that looked very much like the staff that Alexios’s own father had given to him with slight differences in appearance. It was the same type of staff Ezio had encountered only it was pitch black and seemed to take in light.

“Right and wrong are always decided by the victors,” Ares sighed appearing to be somewhat ashamed of the Spartan Mercenary, “What I offer you is another adventure… that would not affect your time here. To exist out of time and above and beyond most of us forgotten gods. A chance to see how things could’ve played out differently. While I’m sure you have come to terms with most things in your old age I would be willing to bet that same adventurous man still lives within you somewhere and what I offer holds no consequence to this place or your office but a chance to step out and see the world as I do.”

ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Nov 16th 2019 01:45

Ares simply smirked. Truth be told he loved wars and lies but living as long as he did the wars of today bore a striking resemblance to Hera throwing her fits whenever Zeus decided to pork a mortal woman. Wars of today were so predictable. When Alexios asked about another life Ares stayed silent. Sure he had the power to take Alexios there to be with his sister however he wanted to see how this interaction played out. “And what do you think of the current war my child,” the Isu asked his eyes glowing creating a bit of light to make him hard to read though it was mere curiosity, “Which of these fools do you think will finally win the day? You are all but children to me though you have lived longer than most of your kin so why would I not wish to assist you? You’re about the only person I can identify with.”

Ares the Deceiver and god of war slithered behind Alexios now kneading his shoulders like dough. A tactic to calm the younger warrior, “Child you may not be in your eyes,” the Isu spoke, “But child none the less to my kind. Your life is but a blink of an eye to us. I must say you did a better job than Hercules or Perseus. You always seemed more…. Down to Earth if you ask me. None of that pompous bravado most heroes have. What say you Mistieos?”

ᴀʀєѕ ♈️ ๓คгร

Nov 16th 2019 00:30

Was this revulsion that the Isu sensed in Alexios or fear. He could not tell. It had not been easy for him to escape the fate of his kin. Still here in Alexios’s domain of Atlantis the Isu couldn’t help but smile. Like a true Spartan he was resisting Ares’s dark charm. Spartan’s were obviously trained not to under estimate their opponents and they would always know when something truly repulsive was knocking at their door to either fortify their defenses and go out like a true warrior or high to the very end.

Ares advanced curious to see the half breeds reaction and stopped chuckling, “Oh come now,” he said playing with a flicker of energy in his hand, “Do you think I intend to harm you? I’ve got better things to do than that. Like perhaps find your sister who shares the same fate that you do. You see, the Cult was right on one thing… you were both the chosen one and in another life it could’ve been her pulling you out from the darkness. Not that I had anything to do with either of you. I’m here to rectify that mistake child. How many I be of assistance to you?”

Ares head tilted as if he were looking at a mere fly. For a Spartan he had to play himself up since it was after all his city and they did worship him. In reality though, Ares was powerful but about as friendly as Barnabas if he let himself form bonds with anyone.  The Isu pulled a pack of Newports out of his pocket and lit a cigarette then holding the pack out to the man who had lived forever after his heroic journey.
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